Here We Go Again! The July 2012 PSQ Charm Swap Begins

July PSQ Charm Swap BannerThere’s a Billy Joel song that goes “You may be right; I may be crazy.” It has been stuck in my head while I set this up, and I confess to having moments when I think I am a lunatic for doing this. Ha! I am in great company–all of you! It seems that a whole bunch of us love these little fabric charms, and the various quilts they make. We all may just have a streak of lunacy in us. So, here we go again!

The July Postage Stamp Quilt Fabric Charm Swap begins today. You can sign up to swap, or request a Newbie Gift, anytime between July 6-22, 2012. Read on to learn more! OK, if this is your third swap, you might think you can just skip to the end and sign up. Well, you could, but you might miss some of the redefined swap details included here!

Even if you didn’t take part in a previous swap, you are most welcome to take part in this one. And if you have been here before, I am comforted to know that my obsession is shared. There will be four swaps altogether this year, the last one is in October, so lots of opportunities to grow your own collection of unique little charms.

Please get a friend to join the fun! The lunatic in charge of the swap still believes that the more, the merrier, and the more charm variety.

flickr 2012 PSQ button and linkAnd, put your collections and progress shots up on our Flickr pages! We have 25 photos so far, and there are a couple of really fun variations shown there.

A favorite Postage Stamp Quilt.

Are you tired of seeing this picture of a PSQ that I made with over 4,000 two-inch charms?

What is this all about? Postage Stamp Quilts (PSQ’s) are made with small square charms, ranging from 1″ to 2.5″ before sewing. Most quilters strive to make one with as few duplicate fabric squares as possible, but there are some really striking quilts out there that have alternating solids, or lots of repeats. A lot of people are like me, they collect fabric scraps or charms with the plan to make a PSQ sometime. The goal for this year is to get people to actually MAKE a postage stamp quilt.

Me? Obsessed? HA! My collection of two-inch treasures reached well over 40,000 charms, and I started stitching them up a couple of years ago. I have finished six of them, with 3-4,000 charms in each. If you are new here, or just want to prove to your family that SOME people have more piles of charms than you, read more, and even more, about my journey to use my collection.

Postage Stamp Quilts Playing with Color

There are many ways to play with little fabric charms!

Something NEW! Help a New Quilter start a charm collection! Newbie Gifts are included in the swap this round. I hear from new quilters who want to make a PSQ quilt, but do not have 100 fabrics to cut charms from. Many of the experienced quilters who took part in the January and April Charm Swaps have expressed an interest in donating sets of 50 charms to them. This is NOT a swap, it is a gift. If you are a new quilter who cannot swap, but would like to start a charm collection, sign up below. If you are a quilter with charms to spare, please sign up to donate a set or two. Details below.

I am repeating the basic rules for swapping below, but also want to refer you to the main Postage Stamp Quilt 2012 Swaps and Challenge page, and the FAQ’s About Postage Stamp Charm Swaps.

One note for returning swappers: I am not a meanie, really, but if your partner(s) still hasn’t received their April charms from you, I will not be matching you with a new partner this round. Fix it, and you can join! Email me if you have lost your January swap information.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHow to Swap PSQ Charms

Preparing your Charm Sets to Swap Sign Up to Swap Newbie Gifts! Puzzled? Find help!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comPreparing Your Charm Sets To Swap:

Pick your size, 1.5″, 2″, or 2.5″ charm squares, get out your scraps, and start cutting. Cut some for you, and some to swap. Please use only 100% cotton fabric that is suitable for quilting. When you hold it up to the light, you should not be able to see through it. Homespuns or flannels should not be used for this swap. Hopefully, your fabric has been pre-washed before cutting, but that may not always be possible. Be sure to use good cutting practices while preparing your charms, no selvedges, no ripped out stitch holes showing, and so on.

For this swap, if you are interested in one inch charms, please cut two-inch charms to swap. You will have more people available to swap with, although you will have to quarter the ones you receive.

Novelty Charms

Novelty charms are fun in these quilts!

Keep cutting. Fussy cut some fun novelties. Solids, stripes, plaids, prints, metallics, embellished, almost anything goes. Bust up as much stash as you want. Cut up strips and charm squares that you are not using. Keep cutting, as charm swaps will also be offered in July and October.

Make sets of 100 to swap. Count them out into stacks of 100, hopefully with no duplicates in each stack. (Large-scale prints may read as different fabrics when cut into small charms, which is acceptable.) So every set of 100 charms will have no duplicates, and is a UNIQUE set. If you cut 400 squares from 400 fabrics, you have four unique sets. If you cut 400 squares, 4 each from 100 fabrics, you have four matching sets. OK, that may sound confusing, but think of it this way: with unique sets, you could swap them all to one person, but with matching sets, you would swap one set to each of four people, so no duplicates came through!* Don’t sweat it, just holler if you are stuck. If you have 100 charms to swap, you will get 100 charms back. If you have 1,000 charms to swap, you can get 1,000 charms back. But remember, there will be more chances to swap later this year!

*Note: A UNIQUE set has each one different. Two UNIQUE sets have 200 different fabrics. If you only have one set, with all different fabrics, it is UNIQUE. TWO MATCHING SETS means that you have two sets cut from 100 different fabrics, but each set is the same. The sets match each other. A goal with postage stamp quilts is to have few or no repeats, so ‘coordinated sets’ – say with 4 each of 25 fabrics, are not acceptable for this swap. That said, however, some duplicates are acceptable in Newbie Sets, read below.

Keep some for yourself. Set aside the number of these stacks that you want to keep for your own stash! After all, they are YOUR little treasures!Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSign Up To Swap!

Now that you have cut and counted, you are ready to sign up to swap. I will be matching you up to one or more other swappers, and emailing you both so you can share mailing addresses. With a little help from a friend, I will be getting those emails off as fast as I can, but please do not worry if you do not hear before July 28th! Once you have the swap info, you should contact your partner/s and arrange for mailing your charms and get them out within one week.
Rainbow CharmsSWAPPERS! Any time between July 6 and July 22, 2012, leave a comment below, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer)

  1. Your first name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. Are you willing to swap with people in other countries? (Often more variety, but slightly higher postage rates may apply.)
  4. What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms.
  5. How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap.
  6. NEW! How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
  7. A brief comment about what you are making with your little squares. Please, start sewing asap, do not just save charms!

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By joining the swap, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your swap partner/s.

If you swapped in January or April, an effort will be made to give you different swap partner/s this round, to help you get more diversity in your charm stash. But this will not always be possible, so please just enjoy what comes your way!

OK, I know I am repeating myself here, and I said this before up there, but: If you did not send some of your partners their charms last round, you are on Santa’s Naughty List, well, actually Mary’s Hold List. I need you to clear the air with your former partner before I will give you a new one. Sorry. I am not trying to be cruel, just fair.

NEW QUILTERS! Any time between July 6 and July 22, 2012, leave a comment below, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer, you can copy and paste sample below and type over my info)

  1. Your first name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. What size charms you are collecting, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please request 2 inch charms.
  4. A brief comment about what you are planning to make with your little squares; or share some comments about progress on your project.

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By signing up for Newbie Gift/s, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your donor/s.

Here is a sample SWAPPER comment, you could copy it and replace the info with your own:
1- Mary.
2- St. Paul, MN, USA.
3- Yes Int’l.
4- two inches.
5- three matching sets, and two unique sets
6- two Newbie gifts.
7- my seventh PSQ, BUT all I seem to do lately is organize swaps and not sew, so this quarter I will SEW!
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comNewbie Gifts!

What is a Newbie Gift?

Two Inch Treasure Frames

There are many ways to use PSQ charms, even if you do not have thousands of them.

A set of 50 fabric charms in the size requested. All fabrics must be suitable for quilting, with no homespuns or flannels. Preferably, all 50 fabrics will be different, but, since these are probably ‘overstash’ from a seasoned quilter, some duplicates will be acceptable. (After all, the new quilter can save them to swap in July!) In no case shall a set include fewer than 25 different fabrics, so two of each.

Who Donates Them?
Any quilter with charms to spare! As you probably know, most quilters are very generous people. They may be stash-busting, or have duplicates to share. Or they just may take delight in helping stash-less quilters become fabric addicts!

Who Can Receive Newbie Gifts?
Any quilter who has insufficient stash to create a charm set of 100 different fabrics! But please note, if you sign up to swap, you cannot receive a Newbie Gift. While you are waiting for gifts in late April, you might enjoy my PSQ tutorial.

How Do I Participate?
Follow the directions in the Sign Up section, above! Donors, use the SWAPPER instructions. New quilters will find their own instructions there as well.

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHave fun! Keep watching for more Postage Stamp Quilt goodness. And thanks so much for taking part!! Oh, and do not forget to start SEWING the charms together. Collecting is fun, but a finished quilt is an accomplishment.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSignature©2012 by The Curious Quilter,, All rights reserved.


About thecuriousquilter

Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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181 Responses to Here We Go Again! The July 2012 PSQ Charm Swap Begins

  1. ~ Julie ~ says:

    I would love to receive a “Newbie Gift!”

    1. Julie
    2. Fairview, Utah USA
    3. 2.5″ charms
    4. I’m hoping to be able to make a Fading Charms quilt!

    Thank you!!!


  2. Denise Woollard says:

    4.1.5 inch squares
    5.10 matching sets
    6.3 Newbie sets
    7. Currently collecting charms to make a K.S.postage stamp quilt- I have made a mini (18×18 inch 1/2 finished PSQ )

  3. rutigt says:

    1. Gun
    2. Alunda, Sweden
    3. Yes, int´l
    4. 2 inch
    5. 4 matchin sets
    6. One newbie set
    7. Trying to make a Rainbow PSQ, have began sorting the squares and pieced some together!

  4. Narelle says:

    1. Narelle
    2. Queensland, Australia
    3. Yes please
    4. 2 inch
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. Hope to, will let you know when I’ve done some cutting.
    7. I’ve started sewing my charms into blocks of 100 and am planning a small quilt with 12 blocks (3 x 4) joined with sashing and then a border.

  5. Kathy says:

    1. Kathy
    2. Florissant, MO, USA
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 2.5 Charms
    5. 7 Matching Sets
    6. 1 Newbie Gift
    7. My goal is to make a king size quilt. My quild had a charm challenge and I did a small quilt with 300 charms. The quilt was the perfect size to keep my legs warm in the car. Of all the quilts I’ve made this little one is my favorite. My friends are always giving me 2 1/2″ charms to help out my collection. This is my first swap with you guys and I can’t wait to see what the mailperson brings. LET THE FUN BEGIN!

  6. Raelene says:

    1. Raelene
    2. Victoria, Australia.
    3. Yes but some Oz’s would be nice
    4. 2.5 inch please
    5. 5 matching sets
    6. 1 newbie set
    7. I am sewing my charms into blocks of 16 charms, hoping to make a king size quilt.

  7. Andrea Smith says:

    Hi am a newbie to swaps and would like to know how to sign up to receive my newbie gift. maybe by October I can actually participate in a swap, we will see. thank you for the opportunity to learn about postage stamps quilts, and swapping.

  8. 1. Pam
    2. Atlanta, GA, US
    3. Yes
    4. 2″ please
    5. 2 matching sets
    7. I use mine as leaders and enders and have put them into baby quilts and lap size quilts.

  9. Marianne says:

    1- Marianne
    2- Florida
    3- Yes to international
    4- 2.5 inch
    5- 5 matching sets
    6- none as of now.
    7- Still collecting charms before I begin sewing.

  10. 1. Patricia Faye
    2. Lakehills, TX USA
    3.. Willing to swap with people in other countries?
    4. 2 inches.
    5. 7 MATCHING sets of 100
    6. Sorry, no NEWBIE GIFTS to share.
    7. Working on a king-size quilt. Have 2 blocks of 100 together, but need lots more!

  11. Andrea Smith says:

    Newbie Andrea
    Yes to USA/International
    Would like 2.5 inch or 2 inch squares
    Newbie gift Please
    Am new to the swaps, would like the newbie gift Please
    Am hoping to make a twin size postage stamp quilt when I have enough Squares

  12. Donna DuMouchel says:

    1- Donna D.
    2- Hemet, CA, USA
    3- No thanks
    4- two inches AND 2.5 inches.
    5- five matching sets of each size
    6- one Newbie gift
    7- Making a “Scrap Vomit” quilt with the two inchers, and a Split 9-Patch with the 2.5.

  13. Stacey Kibler says:

    1.Stacey Kibler
    2. Darien,WI USA
    3. 2 in
    4. Not sure if I will be adding on to a project I am currently working on, or start a bigger PSQ!
    So excited I can’t wait!!

  14. Mickey Peters says:

    Mickey P.
    I’m a newbie!!, I would love to receive a newbie gift
    1. Mickey
    2. Biloxi, MS, USA
    3. 2 inch
    I am totally new to quilting. So I do not have a STASH to work from. While visitng a local quilt store with my daughter we saw a PSQ of 1 inch squares. My daughter fell in love with it. I would love to make it for her in a oversized twin. So any assistance in gathering fabric and pointers on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you from Biloxi!

  15. Sonja Doyle says:


    I had so much fun with the last swap I have to do it again!. I haven’t started to sew them together, however I’m really addicted to collecting them and will start sewing this time around.

    2.Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
    3.Yes, I’m willing to swap with different countries.
    4.I would like to swap, 2.5, and 2 .
    5.I have 10 MATCHING sets of 100 in both 2 inch and 2.5 to swap.
    6.I can share 3 2 inch NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
    7. I’m creating 2 quilts, one to cuddle up with on our couch, and one for our bedroom.

  16. frykwoman says:

    From Vashon Island, Washington. USA
    Yes, willing to swap all over the world!
    I only have 1.5 inch squares to swap (sorry, didn’t get the rules soon enough…)
    I have 3 identical sets of 100 in 1.5 inches each.
    I can share one newbie set of 100 in 1.5 inches.
    The quilt I’m making is wonderful– king sized bed quilt- I’ll send along pictures soon!

  17. Mandy Weaver says:

    1. Mandy
    2. Princeton, Texas, USA
    3. yes willing to swap with people in other countries
    4. 2.5
    5. 4 MATCHING sets
    7. I’m part of the original group and love all the cool fabrics I have received! I am sewing them into 16 charm blocks to make a king size quilt.

  18. Felicia says:

    1- Felicia
    2- Clayton, CA, USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 1.5″ and 2.5″
    5- 5 matching sets of each
    6- 1 newbie 2.5″
    7- just getting started collecting…no idea

  19. Andi says:

    I would like to sign up for a newbie gift please. I just discovered PSQ’s and love the concept and look!! So far i have made an Americian Girl sized quilt for my neice, and have one 36sq block done. I have been cutting up old clothes to include in my quilt so if anyone has ‘questionable’ fabric they dont want i would love it! I can tell this will be addicting and im sure by the time the next swap rools around i will have plenty to swap!! Lol!

    1. Andi
    2. Ft Worth, Tx
    3. I am doing 2.5 squares please
    4. So many plans! I want to make a cuddle quilt for the couch, a king size one for the bed, a lil hug for my new grandaughter, a hug from home for my Navy son, plus extras for whoever wants one!!

  20. merrie says:

    1. Mary
    2.Akron, MI
    3. USA only
    4. 2″ squares
    5. 12 matching sets
    8 unique sets
    6. 6 2″ sets for newbies
    6 2.5″ sets for newbies
    7. i am making a lap quilt or whatever size it turns out to be of blocks of 36 of a color..the light backgrounds will be used for the borders…so far i have 16 completed blocks and several more started…hopefully after this swap i can finish them and make more complete ones..

  21. Susan says:

    I am collecting newbie gifts, as I have very little fabric.
    1. Susan
    2. Portland, OR
    3. 2.5 inch squares
    4. I want to make a lap quilt. I originally had planned it to be random, but seeing other people’s colorwash quilts has me leaning in that direction now. I have not started sewing yet, as I want to accumulate enough squares to first establish some sort of rough plan. Thank you to everyone who is willing and able to share with us beginners! And thank you Mary, for organizing and facilitating this. What a great opportunity!

  22. Rockgranny says:

    1. Stanislava
    2. Croatia
    3. Yes
    4. 2,5
    5. 6 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets
    7. I’m sewing them into 36 charm blocks hoping to make my king size quilt

  23. Judy Purman says:

    1. Judy
    2. St. Paul, MN
    3. charms from all over the world please!
    4. 2 inch
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets
    7. making a double bed sized quilt -random pattern.

  24. Myrna Horton says:

    1. Myrna
    2. Rigby, ID, USA
    3. 2″ charms
    4. Would like to make PSQ

  25. Myrna Horton says:

    I’m just starting to sew for PSQ; what FUN!!

  26. says:

    1. Bunny Eisele
    2. Roggen, CO, USA
    3. This swap I would like to stay within the USA
    4. 2.5″
    5. 20 Matching sets
    6. 5 newbie sets
    7. This is my 3rd swap with this group. I have all the charms from the other swaps in 16.5″ blocks now. This swap should put me at enough blocks to make my top. I am totally addicted and I’m sure I will continue to swap and make more PSQ’s !!!

  27. 1- Caryl
    2- Austin, Texas
    3- Yes International
    4- 1 1/2 inch squares
    5- 2 matching sets
    6- no newbie gifts this time
    7- Just getting started on a postage stamp quilt. I’ve made several 9-patches from my tiny squares. Will eventually start putting together blocks to make a queen size quilt.

  28. Grace Miller says:

    1. Grace
    2. Stevens, Pennsylvania
    3 Yes, International
    4 2 inch squares
    5 15 matching sets
    6 two newbie gifts
    7. I am working on one with florals and another with all the differant charms I have received.

  29. Sheri Rhodes says:

    1. Sheri
    2. Rhome, Texas, USA
    3. Yes to International
    4. 1.5″ and 2.5″
    5. 10 Matching sets of 1.5″ AND 10 Matching sets of 2.5″
    6. 1 Newbie 1.5″ gift and 1 Newbie 2.5″ gift
    I am just starting my collection and have a tiny 1000 1.5″ squares. I want to do a quilt with 1.5″ and 2.5″ squares combined. I think a Batik would be simply beautiful.

  30. Angel Read says:

    1. Angel
    2. Okotoks, AB Canada
    3. Yes International
    4. 2.5 inch
    5. 13 matching sets
    6. 5 newbie gifts (matching)
    7. I’m making a quilt and probably a tote bag depending on how many I end up with. Just tossing them in a box and pulling them randomly. It’s pretty fun that way.

  31. D J says:

    D J (a lady)
    Broken Arrow, OK USA
    Yes to international swap partners
    50 (fifty) sets of 100 count 2″ charms in each set with no repeats in any set
    A. SETS 1-8 match, sets 9&10 with a few changes (1,000 total)
    B. SETS 1-8 match, sets 9&10 with a few changes (1,000 total)
    C. SETS 1-7 match, sets 8-10 with a lot of changes (1,000 total)
    D. SETS 1-10 matching (1,000 total)
    E. SETS 1-9 match, set 10 with a few changes (1,000 total)
    Thought to include this info to help Mary sort partners.
    20 newbie sets of 50 count 2″ charms with no repeats (1,000 total)
    Trying to finish my first PSQ this fall and begin one for my daughter who fell in love with the colorful charms. Thank you, Mary, for doing this swap, you are an angel among us!

  32. Valerie says:

    Lowell, MA, USA
    International = yes!
    What size charms you want to swap:: 2 inches.
    10 Matching Sets
    2 Newbie Sets
    I have not yet started my PSQ (I know, I know, but have 3 UFO’s I am trying to finish first!) but plan to make a queen size quilt.

  33. GA Quilter says:

    1. Willie
    2.Cornelia,GA (USA)
    3. yes
    4. 2 inch
    5. 10 matching sets newbies this time.
    7.Have finished # 1 that is at long armers,working on # 2,a 36 square (6×6 ) then bordered with
    1 1/2 inch strips of black.
    Thanks again Mary for helping all of us to be lunatics like you.

  34. Umm-Yara says:

    1. Kristin
    2. Boras, Sweden
    3. Yes, international
    4. 2 inch
    5. 5 matching sets
    6. —
    7. I’ve just started swapping pieces and in the end I’m going for a queen size (possibly king size:) quilt. I’m so looking forward to starting on my new quilt! Thank you so much for doing this!

  35. Cathy Kieser says:

    1- Cathy
    2- E. Peoria IL USA
    3- Yes International
    4- 2 inch
    5- 30 sets of matching, some may randomly have a few different ones
    6- Will pass this time, as I got my 7 year old granddaughter addicted and she wants to start one too!
    7- presently working on a psq with my granddaughter so she can cuddle with one when she comes to visit me and know that she helped put it together.

    • A perfect project to suck her in, oops, I mean to introduce her to quilting!!

      • Cathy Kieser says:

        YES, it was funny that when I have her help me with it she says “grandma, this is really addicting”. I think I pulled a good one! And I just inherited my hubbys grandmothers sewing machine that will be perfect for her to practice on. Thanks Mary, it is quite addicting, and glad there is no cure or therapy we need to take to get rid of it……

  36. Molly Stovall says:

    1- Molly
    2- Rowlett, TX
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- two unique sets
    6- no newbie gifts
    7- twin size postage stamp quilt using white as an alternating fabric between the patterned/colored blocks.

  37. Rene says:

    1 – Rene’ (female)…..would love to swap with the guys too!
    2 – Phoenix, AZ
    3 – Yes – International
    4 – 2 inch
    5 – A = 10 sets of matching
    B = 10 sets of matching
    6 – Not this time
    7 – Hopefully starting a queen or king size PSQ in the next couple of months. Currently cutting and looking at different patterns……

    Thanks Mary 🙂

  38. 1- Linda
    2- Coralville, IA USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 10 matching sets
    6- two Newbie gifts.
    7- This is my first PSQ! I’m making a queen size with no sashing or borders. I’ve got 20 blocks finished as of today and need to make 56!!

  39. This is my second swap.. and having way too much fun
    1) Barri
    2) Woodmere, NY
    3) International Okay
    4) 1.5″
    5) 15 matching sets.
    6) 3 newbie sets of matching
    7) haven’t started sewinf.. Am in the middle of a project that needs to be completed before I start.. I also need to check for duplicates.. Can’t wait to start..

  40. Mary Davis says:

    1- Havplenty.
    2- St. Louis, MO, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches & 1.5 inches.
    5- 3 sets of 2 inch; 3 sets of 1.5 inch. My sets will include some matching but over half will be unique so not sure how to classify that. changed to 5 sets 1.5
    6- no Newbie gifts at this time.
    7- Working on two psq’s now, one is Perkiomen Daydreams with 10,000 squares of 1.5″. I am having a blast!

  41. Janice says:

    1) Janice
    2) Ridgecrest, California, USA.
    3) I am willing to swap with people in the USA and other countries?
    4) I have 2″ squares
    5) 10 MATCHING sets of 100 and 2 sets on 10 matching newbie gifts (20 sets of 50 total)
    6) I am just getting started on my first PSQ. I have tons of 2″ squares that are cut, but need to be divided up into sets and I have tons of scrap fabric that still needs to be cut. I am hoping to make a queen size quilt. Really excited to join in a swap.

  42. Newbie
    1. Terry
    2. Russellville, sc
    3. 2 or 2 1/2
    4. I would love to make a psq. I have only finished 3 quilt tops so far, but this is the most relaxing hobby yet!!!

  43. Bobbi says:

    As a newbie, I am SO grateful for the opportunity to begin to collect some of these little pieces even though I don’t have any to share. I love postage stamp quilts, but I don’t have a stash or the budget for much fabric. Thank you so much for considering us newbies in this swap. Hopefully I will be able to return the favor someday soon. 🙂

    1. Bobbi
    2. Bozeman, Montana USA
    3. 2.5″
    4. I don’t know what I want to make. Postage stamp quilts are great! I’m also thinking I might like to make a scrappy Irish chain with these charms for the chains, and a solid for the background.

  44. Amy Kinard says:

    1. Amy
    2. Santa Cruz, Ca.
    3. Willing to send anywhere
    4. 2″
    5. 10 matching sets
    6. 4 newbie gifts
    7. I am eventually going to make a PSQ for myself with any and all colors and patterns. But for now, I am starting a lap quilt for my Grandmother and will be using 2″ charms as well as strips. For her I am doing all blues and purples since they are her favorite colors.

  45. Iris says:

    My first PSQ Charm Swap and I hope to have everything right:
    1. Iris
    2. Koeln, Germany
    3. Yes, international
    4. 1.5 inches
    5. five matching sets
    6. sorry, no newbie gift
    7. My first PSQ, and it is going to be a lap quilt. I hope “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends” as the Beatles put it.
    Thank you Mary for organizing this swap!

  46. Ria says:

    It’s so tempting to sign up for this again, but my fabric stash is still a little on the low side for doing the proper swap, and it doesn’t seem right to request a newbie pack when I already did that last time. Instead, I’ll just look at all the wonderful things that everyone’s making! 😀

  47. 1. Evelyn
    2. Weston, Idaho
    3. Not this time
    4. 2″
    5. 10 matching sets
    6. 5 newbie gifts
    7. I am making 13″ blocks that go from light to medium to dark to medium to dark diagonally. I will post on my blog today and on Flicker when I get some sewn together.

  48. Betty Grove says:

    I continue to receive the notices about the swap; however, I have never received the name of my new swap partner or any response to any of my inquiries. I have a great friendship with my first swap partner, but I am really confused as to why I never hear from you. I appreciate the enormity of your undertaking, but it has been over four months and I still haven’t heard. Can you clear up the mystery? Many thanks, Betty

  49. Becky Galambos says:

    2.Florissant, Missouri USA
    3.yes to international
    4.2.5 inches
    5. 8
    6. 2
    7. I want to make a large sized postage stamp quilt, so far before swapping I am at about 1000
    charms. My goal is at least 2,500 charms.

  50. caroltipton says:

    2. Carol
    3. 2.5
    I would like to make a king size quilt
    I’m a new quilter. And hopefully I will be able to the new year. I hope I will have scraps to return the favor.
    Thanks so much for allowing me to join in the fun.

  51. twistedquilter says:

    1- Beverly
    2- Michigan,USA.
    3- Yes,Yes, Yes International
    4- 1.5 inch
    5- 5 matching sets
    6- 1 Newbie gift
    7- Still collecting, can’t seem to decide on which pattern to use

  52. Melissa Williamson says:

    2.Ferris, Texas USA
    3 No international please
    4.size charms 2 inch
    5. 6 mostly matching sets of 100
    6. 2 NEWBIE GIFTS to share.
    7. A Queen sized quilt
    Thanks for all your work!! I was late to the game last time so only had one set ready. This time I feel I’m more prepared.

  53. Brenda Houston says:

    1. Brenda
    2. Columbia Falls, MT USA
    3. Yes to Intl
    4. 2.5″
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie 2.5″ gifts
    7. Collecting for my first PSQ. Size depends on my ambition! Excited to see all the different fabrics! Thank you for doing this swap!!

  54. Frances Nager says:

    Newbie gift
    As I am a new quilter I do not have enough stash to join a stash.
    would like to collect 2.5 inch

  55. Marcia Lee says:

    Your first name. Marcia
    Your City, State or Territory, and Country. Packwaukee, WI, USA
    Are you willing to swap with people in other countries? (Often more variety, but slightly higher postage rates may apply.) Not at this time.
    What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms. 1.5 and 2.5
    How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap. 3 Matching
    NEW! How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share. None at this time.
    A brief comment about what you are making with your little squares. Working on collecting specific colors for the pattern I chose for my PQS. Cool! Thanks for being such a wonderful host!

  56. Barbara Kibler says:

    1. Barbara
    2. Ypsilanti MI
    3. Just USA please
    4. 2.5
    5. 3 UNIQUE sets of 200 squares and 8 MATCHING sets of 100 squares
    6. 3 NEWBIE GIFTS to share.
    7. from the april swap I made a cover for my living room sofa. Currently working on an “eye spy” for the car with all the kid friendly prints I have received. Plan on making 4 Christmas gifts with this trade. Having a wonderful time …thanks Mary

  57. frykwoman says:

    Sorry to do this, but I have a correction.
    Vashon Island, WA.
    Yes, International
    2 matching
    1 newbie
    PLEASE NOTE: This is a correction!!!!
    Thanks ahead for your patience

  58. becky meclock says:

    1. Becky
    2. Farmersville, Texas USA
    3. yes
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 4 MATCHING sets of 100
    7.This my second time to swap and am making a queen size quilt

  59. Pam says:

    1. Pam
    2. North Chesterfield, VA USA
    3. Not this time
    4. 2 inch
    5. 5 MATCHING sets of 100
    6. 3 newbie gifts
    7. Working on a couple of baby quilts and 1 queen size PSQ.

    It’s my first time with this type of exchange. I can’t wait to see what I get!

  60. AJ Lambert says:

    1. AJ
    2. Bryan, Tx, USA
    3. Yes
    4. 2.5, 2, 1.5 (yep, all of them! I’m working on a couple quilts)
    5. 7 matching sets of 2.5, 15 matching sets of 2 and 1.5
    6. No newbie gifts as of this time
    7. I’m working on three different queen sized quilts. This is my first time, which is why I have so many to swap. I’m going through my remnant fabric and cutting everything up!

    • D J says:

      I could only stuff so many dog beds for the SPCA with my remanants so I cut them up & they made 6,000 charms to swap/share. This is my first PSQ so I need all the help I can get. B/CS native here! Welcome to the crazy world of PSQ! Lotta nice folks in here, especially our host, Mary, she ROCKS!
      DJ (female)

      • AJ Lambert says:

        Awesome. We might have to get together and chat sometime. And I’m a female too, so I understand your signature. I’m not quite to 6000 (I don’t think) but I am getting there quickly…

  61. Brooke says:

    1- Brooke
    2- Barnes City, Iowa USA
    3- Yes, International
    4- Two inches
    5- Three matching sets
    6- One newbie gift.
    7- This is my first swap 🙂 Working on my first postage stamp quilt. I have started piecing charms together, but seem to have a lot of duplicates from my own fabric stash!

  62. Whitney says:

    I’m a newbie!!, I would love to receive a newbie gift
    1. Whitney
    2. Augusta, ME, USA
    3. 2.5 inch
    4. I am making a queen size postage quilt

  63. Lee says:

    1- Lee
    2- Calgary, AB Canada
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5″ squares
    5- 2 matching sets
    6. still collecting and working on one PSQ not sure what size it will end up.
    Thanks Mary for all your great organizational skills.

  64. Hilachas says:

    I was a Newbie last time. Now I’m ready to join the swapping.

    1. Irene
    2. El Paso, Texas, USA
    3. I will swap internationally.
    4. 2.5 inch charms
    5. 5 matching sets of 100
    6. No newbie gifts
    7. I am planning my first postage stamp quilt. I haven’t started sewing yet since I only have 300 charms so far.

  65. Allison says:

    1. Allison
    2. NH, USA
    3. yes to international
    4. 2.5″ charms
    5. 6 matching sets
    6. 1 newbie gift of 2.5″
    7. I’m making a quilt for my Dad, he says he likes scrap quilts the best, and what could be scrappier than a PSQ? 🙂

  66. sjtwxgirl123 says:

    1. Amy
    2. San Angelo, TX
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2.5″ charms
    5. 12 matching sets
    6. I’m a newbie to this swap, but I did a big millennuim quilt swap many years ago.
    7. I’m a scrap collector, and my stash is dwindling as I use it. I usually make tumbler or pyramid charm quilts.

  67. Martin says:

    1 – Martin
    2 – Tennessee
    3 – Yes! Love those exotic choices
    4 – 2″
    5 – 6 sets
    6 – Well, having made quilts for all my nieces, perhaps I will make one for ME!

    Many thanks! Every quilt is different, they are always fun and easy to put together, but very satisfying.

  68. Catherine says:

    1. Catherine
    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3. 2″ please
    4. Newbie gifts from last time have been sorted and mixed with mine… I think I’ll mix them all up again for a random look. I got pkgs from Sweden, all over the USA and Austrailia and just about exploded with child like enthusiasm every time I opened them. I hope to have a few newbie gifts for giving in October’s swap.

  69. Turtle says:

    1- Tanya
    2- Port Orchard WA, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- three matching sets
    6- no newbies this round
    7- this is my third swap round and i am sewing them into 6×6 square blocks till i get enough to make a queen sized quilt. 🙂 ROund 1 is sewn, still working on round two.

  70. Debbie says:

    1- Debbie
    2- Roswell, NM, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5 inches
    5- four matching sets, and 1 unique sets
    6- no newbies this time
    7- my first PSQ. It’s going to be for my mom. I’ve been cutting blocks like crazy and plan after this swap to start sewing them together in 10×10 block squares.

  71. Astrid says:

    I had so much fun participating in the previous two swaps, so I’d love to join again.
    – Astrid
    – Mauritius – Indian Ocean
    – Yes to Int’l
    – 2 inches; 10 matching sets
    – 2.5 inches; 11 matching sets
    – Newbie sets; two inches – 3 sets
    – Newbie sets; 2.5 inches – 4 sets
    – Still collecting charms in both sizes. My plan is to make two queen size quilts, but right now I’m hooked up with two birthday quits – the first one has to be finished before August 20. A little bit panic here… 🙂

  72. 1- Nina.
    2- Boraas, Sweden.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- five matching sets, three matching sets and three unique sets
    6- one Newbie gift with two inches.
    7- Want to do a bigger size on a PSQ-project, so far I have done small projects as pencil cases and binder covers!

  73. 1. Jen
    2. Freeport, PA, USA
    3. Prefer only US this time please.
    4. 2-inch squares
    5. 6 matching sets
    6. No newbie sets as of this comment (may update later).
    7. Still planning on a throw size quilt to maybe as large as a twin size. I will probably begin sewing them together after this swap.

    I just want to say a big thanks to Mary for organizing this swap. This will be my third time and I can’t be more pleased with the results!

  74. Samantha says:

    1. Samantha
    2. Pottsville NSW Australia
    3. Yes to International
    4. 2″ and 1.5″ charms
    5. 2″ charms: 20 matching sets + 16 matching sets + 2 matching sets (38 sets in total)
    1.5″ charms: 10 matching sets + 5 matching sets (15 sets in total)
    (NB These are all fabrics not swapped in the previous 2 Curious Quilter swaps)
    6. 5 sets of 2″ newbies
    7. Making a random 2″ PSQ and a 1.5″ PSQ with every second charm a neutral. However, now I have “the bug” I am also planning a colourwash type one in both sizes too!

    I have also participated in the last two swaps and want to thank Mary for the absolutely fabulous job she does behind the scenes. I’ve personally had the best fun, collected fabrics from all over the world and made lots of new “email buddies.” I can’t wait for the fun to begin again!

  75. kimr says:


    2. Connecticut, USA
    3.Yes, Int’l
    4. 2 inch
    5 8 matching sets.
    6. 1 newbie set.
    7. I am saving to make a queen size quilt. Thinking about the fading charms idea–or one with alternating white squares. I need to get a design wall so I can start laying them out and playing! I usually use the guest bed, but with the summer visiting rush-I had to clean that up! 🙂

  76. sjtwxgirl123 says:

    Quick question…my 2.5″ squares are straight rotary cut, but I noticed Moda has come out with mini charm packs that are 2.5″, and also Jelly Rolls are 2.5 “. However, Jelly Rolls and Charm packs have the pinked edges rather than straight edges. How do youy all feel about the pinked edges on charm squares? It would be so easy to cut lots of sets from packs of 5” charms or Jelly Rolls, but the edges would be jagged. Just wondering…


    • I have used charms and strips before despite the pinking and not had any trouble. My thinking is that if it bothers the person you swap with, they can reswap them later, or just choose not to use them.

      Do double-check the width of strips, even Moda ones are off a bit sometimes which could be a problem.

      • Cathy Kieser says:

        Me personally, I dont think the pinked edges are very accurate. Always hard to tell where to measure. I prefer the straight edges. The pinked edges are just hard to know where you start measuring. Just my opinion

      • Astrid says:

        Thanks for coming up with this question. I got some fabric swatches last year and some of them are beautiful blenders (2.5 inch), but they all have the pinking. I have not added them to any of the sets I have ready for this swap, but if swappers don’t mind, I consider them for the October swap? I have a WIP where I’m using a Moda jelly roll and when piecing the strips together, I always measure from the outer edge – the tip of the pinking…It doesn’t look like it will cause any problem…

      • Rene says:

        The Moda pinked edges may cause additional opportunities. I’m pretty new to quilting, as others may also be, and if someone didn’t point the issue out, I would not know I had unwashed charms in the mix. If the other fabrics/charms are pre-washed and these are not, how will the quilt wash up? Will these areas pucker more than other areas? Also, will the pinking allow for the solid 1/4 inch seam or will these charms have a potential to pull away at the seam area where the inside of the pinked area is?

      • these are small pieces, shrinking should not be an issue. The only issue I see with unwashed is if they are intensely dyed (like deep red or black) and might bleed. I would not worry though, just use what you have!

    • D J says:

      Pinked charms work well when using the edge to measure & they do not fray as easily. Note: when ironing, iron flat first before L/R or Up/Down or the edges crimp. I only swap straight cut 2″ charms though. Moda 2.5’s sometimes do not measure exact: but like Mary said, The corners are very forgiving, so I fudge it in place & if it looks too “wonky” I discard it to the 1.5″ stash to hide the previous seam holes. Just sayin’…

      • And again, I say, if you have them, check their measurements. If they are pretty accurate, include them in your sets (hopefully not ONLY them) and let the person getting them decided how to use them.

  77. Janet says:

    1- Janet
    2- Yukon Ter, Canada
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- two unique sets
    6- one Newbie gifts.
    7- my first PSQ,
    Last swap I sent out four sets and only received two back. Somewhat disappointing.

  78. Angela Bacon says:

    Yes please! This is my first swap and I hope I’m not too late!

    1. Angela Bacon
    2. Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
    3. Yes International is great
    4 wanting 2″ squares
    5. Two matching sets of 100
    6. No newbie gifts this time
    7. I’m hoping to make a postage stamp lap quilt… Something for the couch. 🙂

    • Angela Bacon says:

      I forgot to say the matching sets are of 2″ squares!

    • Angela Bacon says:

      Ok I have a correction… I went a little crazy cutting today and I have FIVE matching sets to swap not two. All two inch squares. I don’t know if I should email you separately but please just drop a quick line or reply to this if you see this and make the change. Thank you and so sorry!!

  79. Lizzie says:

    1. Lizzie, requesting a Newbie pack.
    2. Hara, Jämtland, Sweden
    3. 2.5 in charms, but I am so thankful I would be happy with any size available
    4. I am hoping to get a postage stamp quilt started. If I become too impatient, I may want to finish it before the turn of the year as a mini quilt to mark my progress!

  80. Looking for newbie gifts to finish my husbands pillowcase!
    Alta Vista, Ks
    2″ charms


  81. Lucy says:

    1. Lucy D.
    2. Kokomo, Indiana, USA
    Yes, I’ll swap with other countries.
    1.5″ (two matching sets), 2″ (two matching sets) and 2.5″ (one set for my 6yo daughter!)
    I am making children’s quilts with children. I am flexible, if you need me to set up differently. Just let me know. I appreciate you getting us going on this…FUN!
    Thank you, Lucy~

  82. Sharon Smith says:

    I am a newbie quilter and would love to sign up for a set!
    Summerville, SC, USA

  83. Virginia Hendricks says:

    I would love to receive a newbie gift! If possible 🙂

    1) Virginia
    2) Washington, PA
    3) 2 inch charms
    4) I’d like to try to complete a bedsize quilt.

    Thanks so much!

  84. Susan Carson says:

    1- Susan
    2- Snellville, GA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5 inches
    5- 5 mostly identical sets but with a few unique charms in each (so none of the sets match exactly but I can’t call them unique)
    6- 5 Newbie gifts 2.5 in
    7- a second PSQ, and I’d like to try something like tote bags or pillows, etc. for Christmas gifts. So excited to be able to take part in the swap, and to pass along newbie gifts this time!

  85. Nancy says:

    2- Conyers, GA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- one unique set
    6-This is my first swap Working on my first postage stamp quilt. I have started piecing charms together, but seem to have a lot of duplicates from my own fabric stash!

  86. Angie says:

    1. Angie
    2. Purcellville, VA
    3. Yes, International
    4. 2.0 & 2.5
    5. 10 matching sets each size
    6. no newbie gifts
    7. I am making a large PS quilt with the 2.5 and smaller quilts with the 2.0.

  87. 1. Mary
    2. Zumbrota MN USA
    3. yes to international
    4. 2.5 inch
    5. 2 sets each having 200 different charms
    6. 4 newbie gifts
    7. Finished my first PSQ twin size quilt & ran out of charms from the April swap 😦 Ready to get more so I can get started on my second one!! Thanks so much Mary for the opportunity to explore & participate in this form of quilting – I’m having a blast!!

  88. Hooray! I swapped in January but not April and I want to swap now!

    1. Victoria
    2. Gilmanton Iron Works, NH USA
    3. USA only please
    4. 2″ charms
    5. Eleven matching sets (Made 12, but keeping one).
    6. Two Newbie Gifts, (International Okay for these)

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!! -Vic in NH

  89. Oops!
    Forgot to say that my 2 Newbie Gifts are also 2″.

    And Happy Friday the Thirteenth, everybody!
    Vic in NH

  90. Hueisei says:

    I would love to receive a “Newbie Gift!” thanks.
    1. Hueisei
    2. Malaysia, Intl
    3. 2.5″ charms
    4. I’m hoping to collect it for the PSQ quilt or swap.

  91. Yvonne says:

    1. Yvonne
    2. NSW, Australia
    3. Yes,International
    4. 2 inch charms
    5. 7 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts -2 inch
    7. This is my first PSQ. I have about 700 squares sewn into blocks of 8 so far.

  92. Jqluo says:

    1. Jqluo
    2. Penang, Malaysia
    3. 2.5″
    4. I want to make a quilt with tiny charms. I have around 200 charms but I still need around 600
    ++ more. I don’t have many fabrics, so I got this fun swap from my friend and I wanted to request for the Newbie Gifts.
    Thank you very much.

  93. Alberta in N GA says:

    1. Alberta
    2. Martin, Georgia USA
    3. Yes to international swapping EXCEPT for newbie freebies
    4. I have 11 sets 2-inch charms, and 10 sets 2.5-inch charms
    5. All charms are MATCHING
    What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms.
    How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap.
    NEW! How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
    A brief comment about what you are making with your little squares. Please, start sewing asap, do not just save charms!

  94. Alberta in N GA says:

    1. Alberta
    2. Martin, Georgia USA
    3. Yes to international swapping EXCEPT for newbie freebies
    4. I have 11 sets 2-inch charms, and 10 sets 2.5-inch charms
    5. All charms are MATCHING
    6. I have 5 sets of 2-inch charms for Newbie gifts.
    7. I have started one quilt…. have plans for at least one 2.5 inch quilt and 2 other 2-inch quilt… so am busy, busy, busy

  95. Kathy Rideout says:

    1. Kathy
    2. Alberta, Canada
    3. Yes to international swapping
    4. 4 sets of 2 inch charms
    5. all sets are unique
    6. 1 set newbie 2″

  96. Ida says:

    I would like to participate as a “Newby” this time.
    1. Ida
    2. Texas, USA
    3. would like 2 1/2 inch size
    4. plan to make a quilt…not sure what layout yet.
    5. Thank you!

  97. Alison Nevin says:

    1. Alison
    2. Cleves, OH
    3. Y to international
    4. 2.5″
    5. 5 matching sets
    6. 2 Newbies
    7. PSQ,

  98. Jean Nieuwenhuis says:

    I would love to receive a “Newbie Gift!”

    1. Jean
    2. Delavan, WI USA
    3. 2.5″ charms
    4. I’m excited to make my first small charm quilt!

    Thank you!!!

    • Barbara Kibler says:

      Welcome Jean…hope you have as much fun as Stacey and I are having!

      • Stacey Kibler says:

        I’m excited to have her do this with me as well 🙂 Now we can have Mother Daughter nights to work on the same project 🙂

  99. Karin says:

    1. Karin
    2. Cape Town, South Africa
    3. Yes to Int postage
    4. 2 inch
    5. 2 sets
    6. No newbies
    7. No idea what I will make

  100. Robin Harvey says:

    1. Robin
    2. Stanley, NY, USA
    3. Would love to!
    4. 1.5 inches
    5.10 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets – am flexible on size… Do you want to let me know what you need?
    7. My goal is to make a queen size PS quilt

  101. Evelyn Haupert says:

    1. Evie
    2. Los Angeles, CA, USA
    3. I would love some international stamps!
    4. 1-1/2″
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts
    7. Right now I’m working on the blocks. I have 70 done but don’t know yet what size quilt they’ll turn into. 🙂

  102. Miyavi says:

    I’m a newbie to quilting. I love to receive the “Newbie Gift!”
    1. Miyavi
    3. 2″ charms
    4. I only have scraps around 2 ” to make a quilt. I love to receive the gifts to start the quilt. TQVM.

  103. Narelle says:

    Hi, I have already replied (early … 4th comment I think) but would like to add to No. 6.
    I have 2 matching sets cut ready as newbie gifts.
    Also for No. 3, I love to swap internationally but I don’t mind if I get another Aussie either 🙂 Looking forward to this next swap.

  104. Linda Burch says:

    Mary, Just want to thank you for all the hard work and the time you put into this swap. All went well last time. I only had one quilter tell me she didn’t get the package so I had to mail another. No problem though because we emailed and chatted. This swap is good for making e-friends who quilt!
    1. Linda
    2. Hamilton Square, NJ USA
    3. This time USA only please
    4. 2 inch
    5. 20 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts
    7. Just finishing triple irish chain and starting PSQ. My seven year old granddaughter loves to play with the squares and lay them out on the floor. This swap I am giving charms to her so she can increase her collection.

    • Seven is a great age to start sewing! Show her the tutorial sometime- she will be ready to chain soon. PSQs are great beginner tubes because they look great even if all the corners don’t match perfectly.

  105. Kathleen says:

    1. Kathleen
    2. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    3. International OK
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 5 MATCHING sets of 100
    6. None this round
    7. Looking forward to meeting them all, then seeing what they suggest.

  106. Lyn Smith says:

    1. Lyn
    2. Brisbane, Qld., Australia
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 2″ & 1.5″
    5 .4 matching 2′
    1 unique 2″
    1 1.5″ set
    6. 2 newbies
    7. Still joining 2″ charms together- alternating light & dark. Not sure what size it will end up.
    Thank you Mary for organising another great swap.

  107. Amy mccullough says:

    I already signed up, but saw there are lots of newbies this time. I can add two newbie packets to what I have to trade. Thanks! Amy from San Angelo, TX. (signed up July 9).

  108. Chelsea Wilson says:

    I’m a newbie! This will be my first PSQ!
    2. Roscoe, Illinois
    3. 2.5″ charms
    4. I want to make a quilt for my bed!

  109. Mindy Roberts says:

    1- Mindy
    2- Sherman, TX USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 9 matching sets – A FEW repeats from April
    6- Will let you know asap
    7-2 projects- A watercolor that will take some time to get all the right colors but thats ok as I have lots of projects going right now. & A PS quilt…really liking a pattern I found called “Confetti”– plan to get started after this round of swaps and when the kids are back in school!

  110. catskillquilter says:

    1. Elizabeth
    2. Florida, U.S.
    3. yes international
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 12 matching sets of 100
    6. 5 newbie sets
    7. My goal is to make (multiple!) scrap quilts for family members.

  111. Ada dalley says:

    1. Ada
    2. Newfoundland Canada
    3 .Yes international
    4. 1.5
    5.10 matching sets plus 5 added 7/23
    6. newbie sets
    7. Goal is to get 2 quilts made one for each daughter

  112. Julie Clarke says:

    1. Julie
    2. Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.
    3. Yes international.
    4. 2 inches.
    5. 2 matching sets.
    6. 1 newbie gift 2 inches.

    Still collecting for a PSQ but have used some of my swap charms in my current leader and ender project which uses 4 patch made with 2 inch squares. (PSQ will be my next leaders and enders).

  113. Julie Clarke says:

    PS: It was me who didn’t receive the parcel from Linda Burch. I am very grateful that Linda sent me a second swap parcel. ( My local post office told me small parcels often go astray).

  114. 1- Carolyn
    2- Lanoka Harbor, NJ, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5″
    5- Two matching sets
    This is my first swap and I am super excited. I am collecting to eventually make a quilt for myself, I already made a pink and brown baby quilt with 2″ for a friend. I love all the little squares all together!

  115. Vena Stevens says:

    1. Vena
    2. St. Charles, MO
    3. yes international
    4. 2″ and 1.5″
    5. 5 matching sets of 2″ and 3 matching sets of 1.5″
    I am working on my first PSQ with 1.5″ squares and getting gready to start my second PSQ with 2″ squares

  116. strivaria says:

    1. Angie
    2. Hattiesburg MS
    3. I’d love to swap w/ international partners.
    4 1.5″ charms
    5. I’ve got 5 matching sets of 1.5″ charms
    6. I’ve got 5 newbie sets of 1.5″ charms
    7. I’m still a bit of a newbie at this sewing fabric together in pretty patterns thing, so my aim is a little more small scale, like a throw to keep on the couch for use when it starts to get really cold around here.

  117. CAROLYN MULLINS says:

    5.24 MATCHING SETS OF 100

  118. Phyllis Davis says:

    1. Phyllis
    2. Beckley, WV
    3. Yes, international
    4. 2 inch charms
    5. 24 matching sets of 100
    6. 1 newbie set of 2 inch charms
    7. This is my first swap; I received newie gifts last time. I plan to make a queen size quilt — a big job but I’m up for it!

  119. Helen Craw says:

    1 Helen.
    2- Taylorsville, UT
    3- Yes Int’l. (would love to swap with someone from Sweden)
    4- two inches.
    5- two matching sets
    6- noNewbie gifts.
    7- my 1st Postage Stamp Quilt

  120. Aldina Craig says:

    2.Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
    3. 2 inch charms
    4. I would like to create a double bed quilt. A friend has ignited my interest again in quilting and I just love the idea of the postage stamp quilt, especially the swapping and its connecting to others with a similar passion.
    I would like to sign up for a newbie pack.
    But I would also like to sign up for the October swap.

  121. Erika Rutten says:

    1- Erika
    2- Krommenie, The Netherlands
    3- Yes, international
    4- 2.5 inches
    5- three unique sets
    6- –
    7- I have made many quilts, but never a PSQ, I love scrap quilts. Nosw it’s time to start my own PSQ. I have been collecting 2,5″squares for some time, but could use more variety.

  122. Satu says:

    Hope I am not too late, just arrived from vacation, two weeks without internet was kind of refreshing.
    Here is my info:

    1- Satu
    2- Finland
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- three matching sets
    6- no Newbie gifts, sorry.
    7- my first PSQ!

  123. Shannon says:

    1. Shannon
    2. Yucca Valley CA USA
    3. No int’l please
    4. 2 inch charms
    5. Just one set this time!
    6. No newbie sets
    7. I just started collecting these and I am not quite sure what I am doing with them yet, but I see lots of patterns I like!

  124. Juliet says:

    1. Juliet
    2. Wales, UK
    3. Very happy to send international
    4. 2 inches
    5. Just one set – left over from the last swap (it will have overlaps with the sets I sent out then)
    6. No newbie sets this time, sorry
    7. Still hoping for a king-size duvet cover, made of half-inch hexagons

  125. Nicole Bakke says:

    I would LOVE to recieve a newbie set! 🙂 Please help me!
    1. Nicole
    2. Janesville, WI USA
    3. 2 inches
    4. Not sure yet what I want to make first. Still brain storming because so many things I love!

  126. Betty Grove says:

    1. Betty
    2. Aurora, Colorado USA
    3.Yes, International
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 1 unique set and 3 matching sets
    6. No newbies, sorry
    7. My first PSQ, but oh how I love it!

  127. 1. Connie
    2. Boise, ID
    3. Yes, International.
    4. 2″
    5. 2 UNIQUE sets
    6. No NEWBIE GIFTS right now, sorry.
    7. I’ve been watching your blog about the PSQs since January and wanted to participate then, so finally popping in and making the commitment! I love large quilts so am hoping to make a king or queen sized bed quilt for myself…or my mom, we’ll see who gets it when I’m finished.

  128. Marianne says:

    I’d like to update my signup: I will be happy to send a small stack of fabric scraps, all very nice, to a Newbie (US only). They are NOT cut into squares, the Newbie would have to do this!

  129. Ann Testroet says:

    1. Ann
    2. Seattle WA USA
    3. Yes, Intl. would be fine
    4. 2 inch squares
    5. one unique set
    6. no newbies
    7. want to make a queen size quilt top

  130. Sue Dodge says:

    1. SueD
    2. Nebraska USA
    3. Yes
    4. 2.5, 2, & 1.5
    5. 8 – 2.5” matching sets
    11 – 2” matching sets
    14 – 1.5” matching sets
    6. Not this time
    7. Still working on my 1.5 psq. Getting closer to queen size!

  131. Bonnie says:

    1. Bonnie
    2. Old Station, CA, USA
    3. Yes, International
    4. 1.5″
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. 2 Newbie gifts 1.5″
    7. Plan to make a queen size quilt for myself.

  132. Pam Losely says:

    I know it’s the 23rd but I didn’t get to sign up till then.
    2.Culpeper VA USA
    5.2 unique
    7. I know I am a day late. If I can’t get in on this swap I will have more sets by the next one.Thanks

  133. Tina Beard says:

    I know I am a week late, but I am new to the swap idea. I can set out and wait till a new group begins.

  134. Havplenty aka Mary says:

    Are you still assigning partners? I have not received my trading partners for the 2″ squares yet and just hoping I didn’t miss an email.

    • Still assigning on the 2″ charms, there are a TON of them!!

      The 2.5 assignments and newbie matches are almost done going out.

      Took a week last time to get through them all, should be a day or two less this time (nice to have Barbara helping!)

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