People who make quilts, be they traditional, art quilts, or anything else, understand that it is not always about the QUILT.  The process, the colorplay, the fabrics, the textures, and many other things are part of making this creative process so enduring.  Not that the finished product isn’t wonderful, but for this quilter, the process is so much more fun.

Sometimes my view on quilting, and the antics that go with it, takes an irreverent turn, and I write about that too! Nothing in my life includes visions of creating perfect quilts, idyllic sewing rooms, or even following directions.

But with every project I work on, I find myself coming up with questions.  Big ones, trivial ones, intriguing, and mundane.  I am tackling some here, and if you have questions too, I hope you will share!  Perhaps the answers, if discovered, will enlighten us, or even inspire us to try something new. Come along for the adventure!

– Mary Wilbourn
Seasoned seamstress, costumer maker, home decor sewer, quilter, fabric dyer, gardener, cook, Scrabble™ nut, rock collector, nonprofit worker, writer, music lover, and mom to grown kids in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Hi, kidlets!

The Curious Quilter welcomes your questions and comments. Please Email me, or leave a comment below!

Are you a teacher, parent, or someone who works with kids? I write for the Free Spirit Publishing blog as well!


12 Responses to About

  1. Ginette Rostedt says:

    I have followed your blog since its inception. Always interesting. Love your 2″ treasures. I choose “WOOF” option.

  2. Ginette Rostedt says:

    Never visited this site before. I will go back to get the “FABRIC TAKE OUT BOX” pattern. Thanks!

  3. Dan Reising says:

    enjoyed meeting and playing with ya today in Boggle Bash

    Dan R

  4. Hi Mary!

    Just an update that I have made contact with all my swappers in your wonderful Postage Stamp Charm Swap and still need to send out three packages, hopefully they will go out tomorrow, work pending.

    Thank you for hosting this swap for the world…

    Charmed, for certain now!


  5. James Sanders says:

    Hello Mary how are you? I would like to make a Postage Stamp Quilt. Do you still have 2 inch squares available for purchase? Thanks James Sanders

    • HI James! At the moment I am not selling any two-inch charms. I encourage you to sign up for the next Postage Stamp Charm Swap. If you do not have charms to swap, you can be a Newbie and get gift sets of 50 charms from several other quilters.

  6. I am going to be doing the charm swap for the postage stamp quilt. I am doing the 2,1/2″ ones and currently have 4 Unique sets, but I have a lot of 1,1/2 inch strips I can cut into squares, but I don’t work with smaller than 2,1/2″ size. If I make some unique sets of 1,1/2 inch squares/charms…can I swap them for 2,1/2 inch squares/charms in return?

  7. Marie says:

    I am so excited about this charm swap! I’m pretty new to quilting, I’m messaging all my fabricoholic friends! I’m a newbie with a stash!
    My 2.5’s will be done tomorrow!

  8. Laura Williams says:

    I am so excited at finding your blog. I too love collecting small quilt pieces. I collect 2 inch size ones. I came across your site while looking for something different to do with 2 file boxes full of squares. Looking forward to signing up for your next exchange.

  9. YVONNE MARTIN says:

    Hi Mary….will there be a swap coming up this Spring? I have been cutting squares as I work on my projects since the last swap that I’m sure drove you mad!! Hope the domain problems & any other glitches have cleared for you since last Fall. This lovely Spring weather has stirred the desire for focusing again on my 1st PSQ. Thank you lady. 🙂

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