Wandering Wednesday: Quilting Can Be Funny Stuff

Quilting Can Be Funny Stuff

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt!

Ah, fellow quilters! We are the people who cut perfectly lovely, large pieces of fabric into tiny pieces, just to sew them back together into large pieces again. We obsess over shades of green or blue. We also know that there are several shades of black and white. Our homes are full of fabrics and tools, and sometimes an unhealthy helping of lint and escaped thread snippets. We spot other quilters like hawks spot mice, and can yak away for hours about cloth, patterns, techniques, and the millions of ideas stashed away in our heads. Our thread collections are copious, we keep the makers of plastic storage tubs in business, and we use our irons ten times more than anyone else on the block. People who live with us have a lot to put up with. How can we NOT find a lot to laugh about (or at) in our pursuit of creating quilts?

I frequently see humor in this craft, and am glad that so many other people do too. Today I invite you to take a short tour and chuckle along with some great quilt humor offerings.

Funny Stuff

Behind every quilter is ... a big pile of fabric.

In 2005, UK quilter Wendy Bland’s husband Roy wrote a great piece about wishing his wife had a hobby. He loved his fishing, and was thrilled when she took up quilting. Roy wrote a piece titled Be Careful What You Wish For, which he prefaces by saying, “I was asked by my wife Wendy to write a humorous poem giving a Quilter’s husband point of view, for the Furness Shoreline Quilters magazine which is her local Quilting Group. Now I’m no poet, let alone writer so I took the easy way out and gave up on the project. The usual EAR ACHE ensued, so I thought NOT a poem, I’ll tell it as it is.” Her absorption with the craft may have driven him a bit crazy at first, but it seems to have balanced out, as together they now run the website Templates for Patchwork and Quilting by Roy and Wendy Bland.

Writer and humorist Rob Hopcott shared a very witty piece in 2008 simply called
Quilt, quilting and quilters jokes and stand up humor. It would appear that the quilters in his life also knit, but his global tour includes quilts knit by robots in Silicon Valley, and Italian quilts made of spaghetti. Reading this one, I was struck that perhaps writing humor is a lot like quilting, a bit of this and a snip of that, perfectly placed for balance and best effect. I know you will chuckle over his observations.

How about a book to help us cope with our obsessive behavior? Well, I found one, called the 12 Step Program for Quitting Quilting, published by Phrenic Advancement. My local library did not have a copy, but their ad is a fun read, and I love their tagline, “Send someone down the road to recovery without the quilt trip.” Take a look at their ad, and note that all the even-numbered steps to quitting quilting seem to be, “make one last quilt!” For the word freaks among my readers, Dictionary.com defines phrenic as relating to the mind or mental activity.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comDid you miss me? As many people do, I took a summer break for a few days to enjoy the great weather and activities. Now I am recharged, and ready to rock and roll, as well as cut, stitch, and press!

Minnesota All State Services Shut DownAnyone living near me knows that I am not the only one taking time off. Here in Minnesota, we have a full government shut down going on since July 1st, as the governing parties cannot agree on a budget plan that keeps things going. So I was not able to enjoy one of Minnesota’s terrific state parks (all closed due to shut down.) And parks are the least of the things that are not happening, with tens of thousands of workers laid off in all state offices. I am ready to go teach all the elected officials how to quilt! After all, quilting is about putting pieces together, and making things work as a whole. As quilters we have great plans and visions, but we expect to compromise and adjust constantly. It isn’t like we know exactly how the finished quilt will look. It isn’t really about the perfect shade of green or blue. Sometimes we scrimp and save, reuse and adjust. We know that not all of our points will be perfect. While a quilter may strive for perfection, it is not usually achieved. But we trust that the finished piece will have value and beauty of its own, as well as provide functionality, like warmth and comfort.
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6 Responses to Wandering Wednesday: Quilting Can Be Funny Stuff

  1. Pam Gonzalez says:

    Well my hubby always wants to know “when are you opening your fabric or book store?” Maybe I should ask him when is he opening his hardware store? We “cleaned out” the basement this week and I never saw so many tools(many of the same),nails,screws,paint brushes,paint cans,wood & too much more to write about!! So my books & fabric are my tools of my trade!! For myself that is.

  2. Sarah says:

    I think teaching politicians to quilt TOGETHER would be a great thing! SO much divisiveness now, it is one thing to campaign on a hard line, but we expect them to BEND a bit too.

    Hmm, spaghetti quilts… funny stuff

  3. Shari says:

    Hi Mary

    Teaching politicians to quilt if very well said. You certainly have a way with words! And it doesn’t hurt to remind quilting guilds of these truths either!

    Now I’m off to explore your other links – think I’m ready for a laugh.

    Hope MN admin gets it’s act together soon!

  4. Martin says:

    Nice links, but you are funnier! Secret Dealings, I Am the Curious Quilter and I Approved This Message, and the CQ Glee Club pieces all have them beat hands-down!

    If you go teach the politicians to quilt, be sure to film it. I can see that going viral in a heartbeat.

  5. Donna says:

    I love the image of Madame Hopcott tending sheep and making mayhem with fabric! Thanks for sharing.

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