p.4…To Inspire

Bark, a play of light on texture.

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Pixelations. Textures. Colors. Light.

So many things around us are made from smaller pieces; color and texture can be found in everyday things. Inspiration for quilts is everywhere! Shown on this page are a few things that either inspire me, or show how I view the world piece by piece.

Where do you find inspirations? Are you also drawn to other arts and crafts that make whole things from small pieces? Do you look to the woods, beach, or other natural settings for color inspiration? Do flashy lights or high tech gear spark your imagination? Please share!

Colorful Mexican Tiles.

Simple toys.

Pebbles by the creek.

A stone garden wall.

Frosty snowflakes.

My garden paths are a patchwork of pavers.

Rice terraces, timeless studies in man-made waves of green.

Color and texture are everywhere in a garden!

Space holds amazing inspiration.

High tech - slick on the outside, intricate on the inside.

Glorious stained glass, old and new.

Mosaics, old and new. Early versions of pixelations.


Kaleidoscope images! Suggested by reader J. Johnson.

8 Responses to p.4…To Inspire

  1. J. Johnson says:


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  3. Jennie Olsen says:

    Butterflies, hummingbirds, cardinals, etc…..

  4. Christa says:

    poetry, fantastical creatures such as fairies and gnomes, my grandma’s quilts, craftster.com, kids…..

  5. Teresa says:

    Nature, Flowers and Sunsets inspire me.

  6. Sarah Schultte says:

    All my quilt making friends!

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  8. Brenda says:

    Math. I find inspiration in Geometry, in the elegant perfection of Mathematics. Euclid’s Orchard is a great example, also try the Fibonacci Series!

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