p.2…Sunflower Bag

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The Sunflower Bag is based on one of Phil Beaver’s wonderful applique designs.  It uses my hand-dyed fabrics, and is on a lined, denim bag.  Beaver’s applique patterns are wonderful to use, check out his website!

A garden to carry with you.

Sunflower in detail.

Sunflower in closer detail.


2 Responses to p.2…Sunflower Bag

  1. Shane says:

    Is Phil Beaver still in business? His website seems out of date.

  2. I know he is still holding workshops at various sites, found one on the East Coast in May 2010. I wrote his webmaster and received a reply to the effect that he had no communication from Phil about updating instructions, but he forwarded my questions on to him. Personally I am hesitant to order from sites that do not use a service like PayPal. There is a phone number on his “ordering instruction” page, might be worth a call! Good luck, Shane.

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