My Blog has Amazing Readers

All you quilters out there who are playing along with the Postage Stamp Quilt Swaps and other fun, many thanks! Somehow I thought that the response for a July swap would be low, given that the majority of swappers are deep in Northern Hemisphere summer and distracted by all sorts of things (like vacations, forest fires, power outages and flash floods). But six days after opening the swap, we have nearly 100 responses already! I see many new names there as well, which is exciting.

2012 PSQ Challenge Flickr (c) sfcarsonTo say that love for little fabric charms is addictive—and contagious—might be an understatement. Reading through the swappers, well, we have people sharing from 1-50 sets of charms! Welcome to my obsession, all of you.

There are several new photos on our Flickr pages, showing the variety of things people are doing with their charms. Again, you guys are amazing! Sometimes, when I look really closely, I can see charms that came from me in the photos, and it makes me smile. Sure, you can do a postage stamp quilt on your own. But I am reminded of the saying that “it takes a village to raise a child.” It seems that we are a community of quilters, cooperatively creating PSQ quilts.

A personal favorite among the Flickr offerings (so far!) is Susan Carson’s Summer Garden Quilt Top. Susan is a relatively new quilter, but she certainly has an excellent eye for color and creative use of charms. If you haven’t shared on Flickr yet, I hope that you will very soon. Or email me photos to insert for you, if you prefer.

And, if you haven’t signed up for the July PSQ Charm Swap yet, you can do so through July 22,2012. To join, cut your charms and enter following the directions on Here We Go Again, The July PSQ Charm Swap Begins. I look forward to seeing your name on that list!
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WhatKidsNeedtoSucceed by Free Spirit PublishingKnow a teacher or someone who works with kids?

That other blog I write for and manage has another nice giveaway going on, all you need to do is leave a comment. Hop over to the Free Spirit Publishing Blog and enter to win a copy of the great resource, What Kids Need to Succeed. You can enter through noon CDT on July 18, 2012. Feel free to tell them that a quilter sent you.
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9 Responses to My Blog has Amazing Readers

  1. Martin says:

    I love Susan’s “summer Garden”! Really nice colorblocking!

  2. Narelle says:

    My mother hadn’t heard of past stamp quilts so I took her for a sight see in the flickr group yesterday … she was amazed! Gorgeous quilts and lots of ideas!

  3. Samantha says:

    I directed yet another person to your blog today.
    I think we have another convert/addict! LOL!

  4. Marianne says:

    I agree, that is a beautiful quilt top!

  5. merrie says:

    i’m gonna have to do one of those one of these days…may change ‘horses ‘ in the middle of the stream with my swap square quilt..i can do that with the color blocks i have done..i really do love it..

  6. Susan says:

    Congratulations on the continuing success of your swap! I am amazed at the number of sets that people are exchanging. Thanks for setting this up, and making it all work. Your website is very inspiring.

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