I Have a Plan!

I am pleased to say that I now have a plan for what to do with the Ugly Fabric that my In the Bag Challenge partner sent me!!

In The Bag, from Fiona

This is what Fiona sent me!

First let me remind you what Fiona at Celtic Thistles Stitches sent me. Actually these fabrics are not as ugly as I expected, but a tough combination. Maybe you can see why I had some trouble ferreting out the right pieces to bring this all together.

If you want to see a really ugly set, take a look at what I sent to Fiona! The Hawaiian print is very large-scale. Not all the colors blend. I hope she is still speaking to me. I keep an eye on her blog to see if she has a plan yet, fearful that I may have sent her into cardiac arrest. And she was such a delightful partner, sending me chocolate and more along with the fabric.

In The Bag set sent to partner

This is what I sent to Fiona.

The challenge rules say we can pull from our stash. I have a pretty good stash, but was hard-pressed to find great selections to help bring these together and spark a real quilt idea. I found four pieces, none larger than 1/3 of a yard. Add that to the four 1/2 yard sections Fiona sent, well, it needed something.

So off to the fabric store! Quilters are allowed to add up to one yard of new fabric. I selected a great piece that really helped to bring it all together, and only bought 2/3 of a yard. This will not be a big quilt, but it will be colorful.

And here is what I have! I also have some solid white on hand that may find its way in as well. The left set of four fabrics are what Fiona sent me. The right set shows the four from my stash, and my one new piece is in the middle. Suddenly, it has that quilt feel, instead of that ‘oh dear’ sense.

Inthebag quilt challenge final fabrics

Starting to look more like a future quilt, isn’t it??

Now to start cutting and sewing. You should visit the In The Bag site and see the amazing things people are coming up with already!
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8 Responses to I Have a Plan!

  1. Alberta in N GA says:

    I actually love the combinations of the fabrics Fiona sent you plus the ones you added are perfect. Cant imagine what I would do with them but I could probably think of something…

  2. Jeff says:

    looks like someone stole my vintage collection of boxers

  3. Allison says:

    wow, that center fabric pulls it all together perfectly! you did a great job pulling fabrics for this challenge 🙂

  4. I love the combinations you have come up with Mary, the centre fabric really makes it work! Don’t worry I have some ideas of what to do with the fabrics you sent me (they are not as bad as you think!) and hope to get started on them this week.

  5. Pattilou says:

    Too funny! How is it that such well intentioned quilters end up with uglies???? We all have them!

    • Just as in gardening, where a weed is a plant out of place, some fabrics seem to have limited use and feel ugly or out of place!

      And weeds can be lovely too, in the right context.

  6. Sonja Doyle says:


    I truly enjoyed the swap! I think it’s the best idea. With so much of our lives being sent by e-mail the only mail I get are bills :(. I loved waiting for the letter carrier each day to see if I had any packages. I’m looking forward to the next swap!

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