Back to Blogging, and the next PSQ Charm Swap!

Yes, I have run away a good part of the summer, and I need to thank you all for patiently putting up with my unusual silence. But that is over. Today I am sharing a quick announcement.

Sept-Oct 2014 PSQ Charm SwapThe next Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap signup will run from September 20-October 5, 2014. This will be the 8th swap! Only comments left on the post that will be put up on Sept. 20th will be in the swap. Click here to go to that post.

Why am I mentioning this a month early? Because you MUST have your charm sets all cut and ready to ship BEFORE you can sign up to swap! So start cutting and counting today!

The rules are the same. A set is 100 charms, all one size, with no duplicate charms, cut from 100 different fabrics. Quilting cottons only, no flannels or homespuns. We swap in three sizes, 1.5″, 2″, or 2.5″ squares, and you can choose one size or do all three sizes.  You can swap up to 8 sets in each size. Or you can swap just one set if you want!

© CQ PSQ Flickr Photo Sampler

Click the photo to visit our Flickr group to see some things swappers have done with their PSQ charms.

Newbie quilters who do not have a stash of 100 fabrics can ask for a Newbie Gift. This is a donation of a set of 50 fabric charms in the size requested. Swappers, please donate at least one Newbie Gift in the size of your choice (2.5 is most popular, and 1.5 is the least.)

Go to the FAQ & Basic Swap Info pages to get all the details. Please read that carefully before you start cutting your charms to swap. You may find it helpful to read all the links on the FAQ and Links pages under Postage Stamp Quilts on the menu bar above.

There will not be a spring swap in 2015, but there will be a late summer or early fall one then.

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23 Responses to Back to Blogging, and the next PSQ Charm Swap!

  1. djmat says:

    Hotdiggity dog! Looking forward to the swap!

  2. Yay!!!! My second quilt is ready for quilting, time to start another one!

  3. Deb Lovejoy says:

    Yay! I was a newbie last swap. I have my squares all cut,in baggies ready to go and have newbie sets ready also to pay it forward! I so appreciated receiving newbie gifts last time 🙂 I am so excited 🙂

  4. Mike Pearson says:

    I’m thinking of doing it, but I’m leary because I’ve never done a swap like this before. Making them all unique will be quite the task!

    • I know you’ve got the variety! Easiest way is to pick a size and cut five or so charms every time you use a fabric. Drop them in 5 baggies. Then stack and whack through scraps to fill it out!

      • Mike Pearson says:

        Hmmm… I think I might do 2.5. I’ve got 5 inch charms galore/coming out my ears! I could quarter them. I don’t know. I like big quilts. I don’t know that 800 2.5 inch squares would be enough 🙂 I like a nice throw size at 60 x 72 in. Hmmmm… but I really like the idea of doing smaller squares for the effect …. Oh my, I can’t decide. My mouth is watering as I write this 🙂

      • **twisting Mike’s arm**
        Well 100 5″ charms will give you four sets to swap. Be brave, make them 2″! There is a chart among all the various posts — 4096 2″ charms make a queen size quilt. I don’t do long rows, see my PSQ demo for my square/rectangle/square method!

        The effect of a 2″ charm is surprisingly nicer than a 2.5!!

        **i will quit twisting now!**

  5. Mary D says:

    I certainly am thinking about participating. I have some time to make up my mind.

  6. Elizabeth Carter says:

    Hey hey hey!!! I wasn’t sure I would be home for this swap but I cut and packed up my charms months ago (just in case). These little 2 inch squares have become vey addictive . I couldn’t imagine having enough charms to make an entire quilt but I now have two lap size quilt tops done, a baby quilt in blues and greens that I am hand quilring now and two more double size under construction. And my collection of squares keeps getting larger thanks to all your tips.
    And to think…2 yrs ago I thought postage stamps were just for letters!LOL

  7. Carolyn in NC says:

    I tried to participate last time, sent off my 100 squares to somebody in Texas (as a newbie swapper myself) and got nothing in return. I would LOVE to have an even trade this time. Can’t wait to sign up.

  8. Jean Tuthill says:

    I am ready…have my charms all bagged up and a newbie pack ready. Can’t wait, this is so exciting!

  9. Lydia W. says:

    This will be my third swap with 2″ squares! I have four sets all ready to go, probably won’t get around to all 8 again. Thanks to finding your blog a year ago I now have 20 unique blocks of 64 2″ squares sewn together so far. I am trying to get to the over 4,000 different squares to make a queen size. Have a ways to go even if I’ve been at it for a year, but I knew it would be a long term project, just like the Farmer’s Wife Quilt I’m also working on. At least they are all blocks so far and not just laying around as 2″ squares anymore! I’m putting them together randomly, but recently thought why not set duplicates off to the side that have a distinguished color in them and after this first random queen sized one make a smaller color designed one? So yeah, I’m hooked plus I’ve inspired two friends to join me- one is doing 2″ the other is doing 2 1/2″. 😆

    • You hit on one reason I encourage stitching blocks instead of long rows. You can save them up for ages and the don’t get stretched out. And when you have enough blocks you can choose how to lay them out! Keep collecting and stitching

  10. Liane says:

    I’m so excited to have run across your site right before a swap! I decided to do a PSQ to try to use up scraps and ‘uglies’, including a bunch of vintage fabrics I inherited from my great-grandmother. I love how fabrics I couldn’t stand at 4″ become a wonderful part of a whole when reduced to 2″! I’ve started a rainbow Trip Around the World, but even though a queen requires thousands of charms, I have too many! (Not that you can ever really have TOO many.) At least too many repeats. So the swap will be a great way to spread the love. Addiction. Whatever. 😉 And knowing that some of my great-grandma’s fabric could end up in quilts all over the world is really touching! Thanks for organizing this. My first two beginner gifts are done, and I hope to have 4 or 5 sets for swapping or gifts.

    Is it acceptable to put in a handful more than one hundred since there are some looser weave (not homespun) charms among the vintage ones that people may not find useful?


    • Of course! Some people do, some don’t. And you are right on–while many swappers are happy to get older fabrics that have a different feel others are not. I suggest you keep the vintage to a low percentage.

      Welcome to the addiction! Several swappers set up 8 sets in each size – we all love these little charms.

  11. djmat says:

    packaged & ready to swap, wahoooooooooo!

  12. Nicole says:

    Are you accepting everyone who comments on the 20th?, or do you cap each group at a particular number?

  13. Nancy Robinson says:

    Holy smoke! The suspense is killing me! I think I’m almost as excited as DJ!

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