March 2014 PSQ Charm Swap Sign Up Begins

2014-postage-stamp-quilt-swapWelcome to the seventh PSQ charm swap here at The Curious Quilter! The March 2014 Postage Stamp Quilt Fabric Charm Swap begins today. You can sign-up to swap, or request a Newbie Gift by leaving a comment on THIS post, anytime between March 14-24, 2014. Complete details follow, and even return swappers should read on to learn more.

Start packaging your sets and sign up to swap. I KNOW that many of you are already hooked, but I encourage you to invite a friend to join this time. The more swappers, the more variety. Returning swappers, I am glad to have you back. If you are a new swapper, you must review all the rules below carefully, look through the links included. You can find inspiration in the Postage Stamp Quilt pages on the menu bar above.

© CQ PSQ Flickr Photo SamplerYes, I am repeating my words from previous swaps, but there are new swappers out there too, so bear with me please. Even if you didn’t take part in a previous swap, you are most welcome to take part in this one. And if you have been here before, I am comforted to know that my obsession is shared. Be sure to put your collections and progress shots up on our Flickr pages! We have lots of photos, and there are a couple of really fun variations shown.

What is this all about? Postage Stamp Quilts (PSQ’s) are made with small square charms, ranging from 1″ to 2.5″ before sewing. Most quilters strive to make one with as few duplicate fabric squares as possible, but there are some really striking quilts out there that have alternating solids, or lots of repeats. A lot of people are like me, they collect fabric scraps or charms with the plan to make a PSQ sometime. The goal is to get people to actually MAKE a postage stamp quilt. Sooner, not later.

Me? Obsessed? HA! My collection of two-inch treasures reached well over 40,000 charms, and I started stitching them up a couple of years ago. I have finished seven of them, with 3-4,000 charms in each. And yes, I do keep cutting and collecting them. Every quilt fabric that comes into my house gets a few charms cut out of it. If you are new here, or just want to prove to your family that SOME people have more piles of charms than you, read more, and even more, about my journey to use my collection.

Postage Stamp Quilts Playing with Color

There are many ways to play with little fabric charms!

Help a New Quilter start a charm collection! Newbie Gifts are included in the swap this again round. I hear from new quilters who want to make a PSQ quilt, but do not have 100 fabrics to cut charms from. This is NOT a swap, it is a gift. If you are a new quilter who cannot swap, but would like to start a charm collection, sign up below. If you are a quilter with charms to spare, please sign up to donate a set or two. Details below.

Special note about newbie gifts. Many previous Newbie Gift Donors do not want to do it anymore because their Newbie Partners never acknowledged receiving their gift. Some common courtesy is absolutely required. Your donor makes the effort to cut and pack your charms, and pays the postage to get them to you. Let them know when the package arrives!

I am repeating the basic rules (updated here!) for swapping below, but also want to refer you to the main Postage Stamp Quilt 2012 Swaps and Challenge page, and the FAQ’s About Postage Stamp Charm Swaps.

One note for returning swappers: I am not a meanie, really, but if your partner(s) still hasn’t received their charms from you, I will not be matching you with a new partner this round. Fix it, and you can join!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHow to Swap PSQ Charms

Preparing your Charm Sets to Swap Sign-Up to Swap Newbie Gifts! Puzzled? Find help!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comPreparing Your Charm Sets To Swap:

Before you sign-up to swap, you MUST have your charm sets ready to mail. That saves time at the mailing week, and ensures that you actually have as many sets as you want to swap already cut and ready. Last minute cutting messes up swapping big time! Please note, for the March 2014 swap, you are limited to swapping 8 charm sets in each size that you select.

Charm Size Comparison - stitchedYou have to decide which size charms you want to swap. (My personal favorites are 2″ charms, but most beginners use the 2.5″ ones.) Check out the info in Let’s Talk Size, which compares sizes and the number of charms needed for a quilt, then pick 1.5″, 2″, or 2.5″ charm squares, get out your scraps, and start cutting. Cut some for you, and some to swap. Please use only 100% cotton fabric that is suitable for quilting. When you hold it up to the light, you should not be able to see through it. Homespuns or flannels should not be used for this swap. Yes, a few solids are fine in a set, and if you have the pinked-edge pre-cut charms a few of them can be included as well. Hopefully, your fabric has been pre-washed before cutting, but that may not always be possible. Be sure to use good cutting practices while preparing your charms, no selvages, never torn, no ripped-out stitch holes showing, and so on. No one cuts perfectly, but strive for accuracy in your cutting.

For this swap, if you are interested in one inch charms, please cut two-inch charms to swap. You will have more people available to swap with, although you will have to quarter the ones you receive.

Novelty Charms

Novelty charms are fun in these quilts!

Keep cutting. Fussy cut some fun novelties. Solids, stripes, plaids, prints, metallics, embellished, almost anything goes. Bust up as much stash as you want. Cut up strips and charm squares that you are not using.

Make sets of 100 to swap. Count them out into stacks of 100, with no duplicates in each stack. (Large-scale prints may read as different fabrics when cut into small charms, which is acceptable.) So every set of 100 charms will have no duplicates, and is a UNIQUE set. If you cut 400 squares from 400 fabrics, you have four unique sets. If you cut 400 squares, 4 each from 100 fabrics, you have four matching sets. OK, that may sound confusing, but think of it this way: with unique sets, you could swap them all to one person, but with matching sets, you would swap one set to each of four people, so no duplicates came through!* Don’t sweat it, justRed Star Means Changedholler if you are stuck. If you have 100 charms to swap, you will get 100 charms back. If you have 800 charms to swap, you can get 800 charms back. You are limited to swapping 1-8 sets in each charm size you select.

*Note: A UNIQUE set has each one different. Two UNIQUE sets have 200 different fabrics. If you only have one set, with all different fabrics, it is UNIQUE. Two MATCHING SETS means that you have two sets cut from 100 different fabrics, but each set is the same. The sets match each other. A goal with postage stamp quilts is to have few or no repeats, so ‘coordinated sets’ – say with 4 each of 25 fabrics, are not acceptable for this swap. That said, however, some duplicates are acceptable in Newbie Sets, read below.

Keep some for yourself. Set aside the number of these stacks that you want to keep for your own stash, after all, they are YOUR little treasures! Once you get started, you may want to make more than one quilt.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSign-Up To Swap!

A favorite Postage Stamp Quilt.

My classic PSQ that I made with over 4,000 two-inch charms.

Now that you have cut and counted, you are ready to sign-up to swap. I will be matching you up to one or more other swappers, and emailing you both so you can share mailing addresses. I will be getting those emails off as fast as I can, but please do not worry if you do not hear before March 31st! (Remember, I have a job and write two blogs, so it takes me a little while to pull it all together.) Once you have the swap info, you should contact your partner/s and arrange for mailing your charms and get them out within one week.

SWAPPERS! Any time between March 14-24, 2014, leave a comment below ON THIS POST ONLY, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer.)

  1. Your first name, middle initial, and the first letter of your last name. (I am asking for more info, as last time I had three people named Cathy R. sign up, two from the same state, and I messed up their swap partners.).
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. Are you willing to swap with people in other countries? (Often more variety, but higher postage rates may apply. Check out the postage rate discussion included in my 10/6/2013 post.)
  4. What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms.
  5. How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap. LIMIT 8 SETS per charm size.
  6. How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
  7. A brief comment progress report on what you are doing with your charms. Please, start sewing asap, do not just save charms!

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address in your comment below! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By joining the swap, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your swap partner/s.

Here is a sample blank SWAPPER comment, you could copy it and replace the info with your own:
1- Mary E. W.
2- St. Paul, MN, USA.
3- Yes Int’l.
4- two inches.
5- three matching sets, and two unique sets
6- two Newbie gifts.
7- After I finish two wedding quilts, I will finish my 7th PSQ this year for sure.

If you swapped in previous swaps through The Curious Quilter, an effort will be made to give you different swap partner/s this round, to help you get more diversity in your charm stash. But this will not always be possible, so please just enjoy what comes your way!

Red Star Means ChangedBefore you sign up, double-check that your charms are all set to mail! That is why we have a week to sign up, if you want to swap but aren’t through cutting your sets, do not sign-up until you finish cutting and counting them. Please do not directly point a comment at another swapper asking them to swap with you. The only sharing of info between swappers should be through me. I am not trying to be controlling, REALLY, just trying to keep it fair.
Lovely Color Sorted Charms
NEWBIE QUILTERS! Are you requesting a NEWBIE SET? Read those rules below. You can only be a NEWBIE once, though. To actually sign-up, any time between March 14-24, 2014, leave a comment below, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer, you can copy and paste sample below and type over my info.)

  1. Your first name, middle initial, and the first letter of your last name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. What size charms you are collecting, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please request 2 inch charms.
  4. A brief comment about what you are planning to make with your little squares; or share some comments about progress on your project.

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By signing up for Newbie Gift/s, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your donor/s.

Red Star Means Changed*Note: Please Do Not Share Info once you get your swap lists! I really am not a total control freak, but I work hard to keep swapping fun. So I have a firm reminder for everyone. Looking ahead to the matching, please remember that you simply can not share your swapper’s names and emails with other swappers. This is a privacy issue, as well as a swapping issue. Also, do not offer to swap with people in the comments, all matching is done behind the scenes, not by comments.

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comNEWBIE GIFT INFORMATION!

What is a Newbie Gift?

Two Inch Treasure Frames

There are many ways to use PSQ charms, even if you do not have thousands of them.

A Newbie Gift is a set of 50 fabric charms in the size requested. All fabrics must be suitable for quilting, with no homespuns or flannels. Preferably, all 50 fabrics will be different, but, since these are probably ‘overstash’ from a seasoned quilter, some duplicates will be acceptable. (After all, the new quilter can trade them with a fellow quilter.) In no case shall a set include fewer than 25 different fabrics, so two of each.

Who Donates Them?
Any quilter with charms to spare! As you probably know, most quilters are very generous people. They may be stash-busting, or have duplicates to share. Or they just may take delight in helping stash-less quilters become fabric addicts!

Red Star Means ChangedBut they are donations, not swaps, so they REALLY MUST GET an email when the gift gets to you. Sounds so basic, but well over half of our NEWBIES in the past have not acknowledged receiving their gifts. Do let your donor know!

Who Can Receive Newbie Gifts?
Red Star Means ChangedAny quilter who has insufficient stash to create a charm set of 100 different fabrics AND HAS NOT PREVIOUSLY REQUESTED NEWBIE SETS! But please note, if you sign-up to swap, you cannot receive a Newbie Gift. While you are waiting for gifts, you might enjoy my PSQ tutorial. Then, keep cutting so you can be a SWAPPER in the next round of swaps. When you GET your gifts, remember to send your donor an email letting them know it arrived safely. (I simply cannot stress that enough!)

How Do I Participate?
Follow the directions in the Sign-Up section, above! Donors, use the SWAPPER instructions. New quilters will find their own instructions there as well.

How Can I Build My Stash?
Red Star Means ChangedOur Newbie Gift Goddess from 2012, BARB K., had a few super ideas for building your own stash quickly, and moving into being a swapper.

  1. Join a local quilt group, as quilters are always willing to share the wealth. Ask for small pieces they don’t need anymore, tell them why!
  2. Check at your local quilt shops, one near Barb has a basket that people leave their leftovers!
  3. recycle or freecyle! Check online for local free-cycle sites, Craigslist, and more. Join these groups locally online and place an ad that you are looking for unwanted fabric suitable for quilting. You will have to pick it up.
  4. Buy SMALL! Buy from your local quilt shop, or the chain stores like Joann’s and Hancock Fabrics. Barb buys a 3″ piece when they are on sale and cuts it into squares. Most of the time the fabric piece is around 35-50 cents. She doesn’t know how small a quilt shop will cut but most Joann’s and Hancock’s will cut as small as 2″ BUT allow for crooked cutting and shrinking and get at least half an inch extra. (Mary says: When I find nifty small novelties, but feel broke, I treat myself to an eighth of a yard, and get as many fussy-cuts as I can out of that!)

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHave fun! Keep watching for more Postage Stamp Quilt goodness. And thanks so much for taking part!! Oh, and do not forget to start SEWING the charms together. Collecting is fun, but a finished quilt is an accomplishment. And a QUILT is the goal of all this swapping!!
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHere is the SWAP sign-up model, repeated so you can copy, paste, and change to share your own info:

Any time between March 14-24, 2014, leave a comment below ON THIS POST ONLY, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer)

  1. Your first name, middle initial, and the first letter of your last name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. Are you willing to swap with people in other countries? (Often more variety, but higher postage rates may apply.)
  4. What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms.
  5. How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap. LIMIT 8 SETS per charm size.
  6. How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
  7. A brief comment progress report on what you are doing with your charms. Please, start sewing asap, do not just save charms!

Newbie request? Please scroll up for your sign-up directions.

Matches will be made after sign-up closes, and it takes a few days to a week to get that accomplished. Do be patient, please! Will there be another swap after this one? Probably, but I have not set any date yet.

Happy swapping, and have fun drooling over little fabric charms!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comMarch 2014 PSQ Charm Swap Sign Up Begins © 2014 by The Curious Quilter,, All rights reserved.

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Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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142 Responses to March 2014 PSQ Charm Swap Sign Up Begins

  1. Susan Schroderus says:

    1- Susan E. S.
    2- Negaunee, MI, USA.
    3- No Int’l.
    4- 2 inches.
    5- 8 Matching
    6- 3 Newbie gifts.
    7- I have just finished my 1st PSQ top. The batting I’ve chosen is back-ordered. When it comes in, I’ll be working feverishly to get it finished. I can’t wait to start on another!

  2. mbers to answer.)

    1. Becky A. G
    2. Florissant, MO, USA
    3. yes
    4. 2″ and 2.5
    5. I have 8 sets of 2″ and 8 sets of 2.5 ready to mail! They don’t exactly match but not unique.
    6. I have 1 NEWBIE GIFT made up in 2.5 and could make up a few more quickly as I keep a bin of both sizes cut and handy.
    6. Working on a rainbow hued scrappy many trips around the world in 2″, making all kinds of things in 2.5 including a purple zigzag 9.

  3. jfruehwirth says:

    S. Jane F
    Brandon, SD USA
    Yes, international
    8 matching sets
    1 Newbie …100 squares
    Hand piecing 2 Double size quilts for kids one in college, one going to college in the fall…one @ umn twin cities, daughter heading to unm Duluth. Need warm quilts stitched with love!

  4. Anne Rhoades says:

    1. Anne L R
    2. Grapevine, TX USA
    3. yes, international
    4. 2.5″.
    5. 3 matching + 3 matching + 2 matching = 8 sets
    6. None this time
    7. I haven’t done a PS quilt since my year 2000 millinium quilt – looking forward to making one with some white space to set off the small squares!

  5. Cheri says:

    1. Cheri C. M.
    2. Hesperia, CA USA
    3. USA only please
    4. I have 2.5″ charms and want to swap for 2.5″ charms
    5. I have 8 MATCHING sets…8 sets of 100 charms each, and all 100 charms are different Hope I got that right! They would need to go to 8 different swappers
    6. I am a newbie..this is my first swap, but not asking for a newbie gift.. I think I have a good start!
    7. The reason I am participating is I have one started, but ran out of charms! 800 would probably finish it!
    Looking forward to the swap!

  6. Kim M says:

    I’d love to receive a Newbie gift!

    1. Kim M M
    2. Duluth, GA USA (suburb of Atlanta)
    3. 2.5″ charms
    4. I’m a pretty new quilter (~6 months) and have very little stash to speak of at this point. But I love the look of PS quilts, especially those made with bright, modern fabrics. I’d love to work on building a collection of 2.5″ charms so I can make one for myself! Thank you in advance!

  7. 1. Patricia F Mc
    2. Lake Hills, TX USA
    3. International
    4. 2″ charms
    5. 2 MATCHING sets
    6. No Newbie Sets this time. Sorry : )
    7. I have completed 4 PSQs using the 2″ charms from the previous swaps and have another quilt started but need the additional charms to finish it up!
    Thank you for coordinating the swaps!

  8. Carrie says:

    1. Carrie D. B.
    2. St. Charles, MO, USA
    3. Yes international!
    4. 2 1/2 inches
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 3 newbie gifts
    7. I’ve finished a PSQ throw for myself. Next up is a scrappy Irish Chain using these charms as leader/enders.

    • Carrie says:

      Mary, I just wanted to thank you for hosting the swap again. You have certainly shared the obsession with me!

  9. Vicki says:

    1. Vicki I. W.
    2. Iowa City, IA USA
    3. Yes international
    4. 2.5″ / 2″
    5. For each measurement (2.5″ and 2″), I have two groups of 3 matching sets. That makes six sets total in each size or twelve sets all together.
    6. Two newbie gifts, one in each size (2.5″ and 2″)
    7. I’m trying to gather enough charms for at least two quilts. One (or more) will use bright modern prints while another will use more traditional ones. First in the queue will use brights in the Tokyo Subway Map pattern designed by Elizabeth Hartman (for my son who loves everything Japanese). A “Trip Around the World” and “Irish Chain” are probably in my future too.

  10. Aldi says:

    1. Aldi R.L.
    2. Miami, FL, USA
    3. 2.5″
    4. Newbie quilter. I’ve made a couple of small/lap quilts for my boys and a twin random pattern for my son’s bed. Have always loved colorful PSQs. My oldest one is leaving for college in the Fall so I’m planning to make a PSQ for my own bed.

    Thank you!!

  11. twistedquilter says:

    1. Beverly
    2. Pontiac, MI USA
    3. International…YES, please
    4. 2 1/2″
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts, US only
    7. I finally bit the bullet and started putting my postage stamp quilt together. At the moment I’m working on row 4, but had to take a break due to eye strain 😦

  12. Holly Harvey says:

    1. Holly J H
    2. Verbank, NY USA
    3. International – yes
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 7 matching sets
    6. 1 Newbie set
    7. After I finish a double wedding ring quilt for my daughter I plan to start a 16 patch alternated with wonky stars.

  13. Pam Losely says:

    1.Pam J.L.
    2.Culpeper VA
    4. 2.5″
    5.4 unique
    6.1 newbie
    7. I just finished a cute kids quilt where I fussy cut some rectangles and bordered them with
    charm squares thate were flowers. I just started an Irish Chain variation with some of my charms.

  14. Jayne LaLonde says:

    A newbie set please.
    1. Jayne A. L
    2. Groton, CT
    3. 2″
    4. I am a very new quilter (-6 mos) and am so inspired by all these blogs! I am so excited to one day have my very own postage stamp quilt. I have made quite a few quilts by now and am improving with each one but, guess what? Haven’t made myself one. This may take me years, but, darn it, I will have a postage stamp quilt. I have read this blog at least 5 times through. Great inspiration and ideas! I can see myself becoming OCD about squares and scraps and take solace in knowing there are millions more of you out there! So darn happy to be here!

  15. Michelle Gibson says:

    Michelle S. G
    Hammond, Ontario, Canada
    2″ charms requested
    I recently moved from Oklahoma back to Canada and had to De-stash before my move. One of the things my husband didn’t know was the shoebox FULL of different 2″ squares was NOT supposed to be loaded with the rest of the fabrics that I sold. Unfortunately, when I found out it was gone, I was already back here….so now I start again with collecting for my first PSQ.
    signed heartbroken in Hammond

  16. Debbie Heckert says:

    1. Debbie GH
    2. Cedar Rapids, IA
    3. 2.5 or 1.5
    4. When I was younger, I saw a Postage Stamp quilt and it fascinated me–all those little squares! I’ve recently learned to piece; I think I’ve finally conquered the 1/4″ seam! I saw (what I thought was) an easy design in a magazine and just imagined the little squares were about an inch and the larger ones 2 inches. Thinking I could handle that, every time I buy fabric, I cut some 1.5″ and 2.5″ squares. Silly me, I didn’t consider how long it would take to amass a variety of fabrics. I did come across this blog and was so excited. I could swap! Alas, I still don’t have enough variety for 100 different fabrics for the swap. 😦 So, I’ll keep cutting and, hopefully, by the time there’s another swap, I’ll have several to exchange.

    Thank you for providing this opportunity!

  17. Colleen G says:

    Newbie Request please.

    1.Colleen MG
    2. Syracuse, New York.
    3. 2.5.
    4. PSQ is on my “I want to make one of those” list. I am thinking that I will start small and do placemats for my dining room table as sort of a warm up project and continue collecting towards a full size project.

  18. Anne M.P, says:

    I would love to receive a Newbie Set 🙂 While I am not a new quilter, I have never done anything with such small squares. I look forward to a new challenge. I would like 2″ squares. Thank you to all you generous quilters.
    Anne M.P
    North Babylon, NY

  19. 1. Jessica L Barlow.
    2- Knoxfield, Victoria, Australia.
    3- Yes Int’l. (but if there’s some Aussies I’d prefer to swap with them first as this is my first swap anyway and postage will be cheaper)
    4- two inches.
    5- 8 matching sets.
    6- I’m a newbie myself and saving every square I can find! Hopefully next time I’ll have more to give.
    7- I’m working on my first ever postage stamp quilt! I’m collecting fussy cut animals and sewing them alternating with white squares. I’ve got about 300 fussy cut animals for it so far but I need a LOT more! It looks very cute though so I can’t wait to see the eventual finished product. I’ve been watching this blog for four months waiting for this swap to come around – so excited it’s finally here!

  20. 1.Donna R G
    2.Hudson, FL USA.
    4.I am a new quilter after retirement. My stash isn’t very large yet. I want to use the 2.5 to help with my 1/4 in seam sewing. Hope to make a lap quilt.

  21. Karen Chee says:

    Thank you for hosting this. I would like to request a newbie gift, please.
    1. Karen GC
    2. Adelaide, South Australia
    3. 2″ squares please
    4. I sew, but this will be my first quilt. I love the mosaic look of psq and figure it’ll be a good way for me to practice my scant 1/4″ seams! Have been wanting to start one for ages, and have started cutting squares from my scraps, but I don’t have enough different fabrics yet.

  22. Nancy Robinson says:

    Wheee! So excited that swapping time is here! I discovered your blog about 20 minutes after the October swap closed.
    1- Nancy L. R.
    2- Bridgewater Corners, VT, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5 inch charms
    5- 8 matching sets
    6- 5 Newbie gifts
    7- I’ll be starting my 1st postage stamp quilt.

  23. Nancy Robinson says:

    Thank you so much Mary for hosting this charm swap!

  24. Willie Loudermilk says:

    1.Willie L.
    3.-yes Int`l.
    4.- 2 inch charms
    5-8 unique sets
    6-No newbies
    7-have made 1 quilt and collecting for another.

    Thanks Mary.

  25. Lydia W. says:

    1. Lydia A. W.
    2. Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2 inch charms.
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. Two newbie, US only, please
    7. I was a newbie last round and since then I have been able to cut many squares to swap this round. I have all of my own from cutting and from other generous quilters sewn together into blocks and have also invited my friend from Ohio to join in. Thanks!

  26. djmat says:

    Broken Arrow, OK
    Yes Int’l
    1.5″ 8 sets
    2″ 8 sets
    2.5″ 8 sets
    Newbie sets:
    1.5″ 2 sets
    2″ 2 sets
    2.5″ 2 sets
    Have been busy working out of town but brought charms to sew together in the evenings & looking forward to PSQ#2!
    Mary, Thank YOU for hosting again!

  27. Sharon Bass says:

    Sharon B.
    Auburn, AL, USA
    Yes, international
    2.5 inch charms
    3 matching sets
    no newbies this time
    Working on my second PSQ

  28. Erin M. McNally says:

    1. Erin M. Mc

    2. Virginia Beach, VA USA

    3. Completely new to this, so the bigger the better for now.

    4. I am brand new to this and it sounds so fun to create a quilt this way. I have no “collection” so I am starting from the very beginning with whatever anyone can offer me.

  29. Frances W C
    Elm City NC
    Yes International
    1.5″ -8 matching sets
    2.0″- 8 matching sets
    2.5″- 8 matching sets
    5 matching newbie sets any size

  30. Kim c. says:

    1. Kim Collins
    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2″ charms 8 matching sets x 2 so 16 in total but each set of 8 is unique.
    5. 4 newbie sets in 2″
    I am completing my very first PSQ. It’s a king size quilt and I have over 4,000 squares in it. I’m working on completing the border and the binding both of which are made with charms as well. I sashed some of the blocks in a dark cream and some have a centre of dark cream. The border is 3 charms deep and is alternating between the dark cream and charms. So far it’s looking good! I showed it to my quilt group this month. This swap might allow me to finish up!!!

  31. Kristina C says:

    1. Kristina L C
    2. Holton, Kansas
    3. Yes
    4. 2 inches
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 0
    7. I swapped once in 2012 and finished a 100 patch charm quilt for my Grandpa’s 90th birthday gift. He’s still using it every night and makes sure everyone who comes to his apartment knows that I made it for him! I recently ran across a big pile of duplicates that I didn’t use on his quilt so I’m ready to start on a new PSQ project of my own.

  32. Nancy Smith says:

    1. Nancy L S
    2. Pittsburgh, PA, USA
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 1.5″, 2.0″ and 2.5″.
    5. 8 matching sets 1.5″
    8 matching sets 2.0″
    8 matching sets 2.5″
    6. 1 newbie 1.5″ set
    1 newbie 2.0″ set
    1 newbie 2.5″ set
    7. Still collecting. Am thinking that I will start with a scrappy Irish chain quilt.

  33. Marion Yates says:

    1. Marion. M. Y
    2. NSW Australia
    3. Yes but would make it cheaper if someone from Australia
    4. 2.5
    5. 2 matching (they are not exactly the same but very similar)
    6. 20 2.5″ squares
    7. I am making a hand pieced quilt for my first grandaughter. I have 3 boys and lots of ‘boys’ material so I would love lots of pinks if available. I am sooooooo excited! Thank you 🙂

  34. 1. Sheila D.
    2. Demorest, GA
    3. Yes
    4. 2 inch charms
    5. unique 8 sets
    6. no newbie
    7. Making a traditional postage stamp quilt, no square alike. This is taking a lot of charms. I think this will be my fourth swap and I love it.

  35. Marion Yates says:

    1. Marion. M. Y
    2. NSW Australia
    3. Yes but would make it cheaper if someone from Australia
    4. 2.5
    5. 2 matching (they are not exactly the same but very similar)
    6. 20 2.5″ squares
    7. I am making a hand pieced quilt for my first grandaughter. I have 3 boys and lots of ‘boys’ material so I would love lots of pinks if available. I am sooooooo excited! Thank you
    ****please note this is my second time of posting this information because I accidentally hit the ‘unfollow’ during the confirmation process and wasn’t sure whether it would be posted – sorry

  36. leann nance says:

    LEANN K. N


  37. Denise Woollard says:

    4.1.5 inch and 2.5 inch
    5.8 matching 1.5 inch & 4 matching 2.5 inch
    6. Not this time around
    7. Traditional charm postage stamp quilt for 1.5 inch squares, undecided for 2.5 inch

  38. Melissa L. W. says:

    1- Melissa L. W..
    2- Texarkana, TX, USA.
    3- No Int’l.
    4- 1.5″ and 2.5″.
    5- 8 exact sets of each
    6- two Newbie gifts one of each of these sizes
    7- I am collecting over 11,000 1.5″ squares for a postage stamp quilt and the 2.5″ for a quilt for charity.

  39. Sharon Jones says:

    1. Sharon E U Jones
    2. Cloncurry QLD Australia
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2 inch
    5. 8 sets of matching
    6. Four sets of 2 inch newbie gifts.
    7. I am collecting (still) for my queen size PSQ, have started sewing it together, but have a long way to go. This is my fourth or fifth swap, and I am EXCITED 🙂

  40. Patti Hacker says:

    1) Patti Lynn H.
    2)Salem, Wisconsin USA
    3) I am requesting a newbie gift. I would like to receive 2.5 ” squares.
    4) I am a new quilter and don’t have much in the way of scraps. There is an old quilt that I remember as a child made from scrap squares that I just loved to look at the individual fabrics. I would love to make one. I will be “inheriting” my Moms fabrics this summer as she recently passed and used to make her own shirts. I look forward to remembering her through her fabrics. Thank you so much to all who so generously make this possible.

  41. Carolyn in NC says:

    1- Carolyn B. W.
    2- Pittsboro,NC USA.
    3- No Int’l.
    4- 2.5 inches.
    5- 1 set
    6- no freebies – this is the first time for me, too
    7- I’ll add these to all my other projects including I SPY quilts, and making stacks of four patch leaders and enders blocks

  42. Melissa Wickline Williamson says:

    1. Melissa W. W.
    2. Ferris TX USA
    3. No International
    4. 2 inch
    5. 8 sets matching
    6. 4 newbies please
    7. Still using my charms as a leader ender project, queen sized quilt

  43. Laura says:

    1. Laura J. D.
    2. Airdrie, Alberta Canada
    3. Yes
    4. 2 inch
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 0
    7. Will start sewing in 2014!

  44. Bonnie Sharpe says:

    1. Bonnie L S
    2. Culpeper, VA USA.
    3. USA only please
    4. I am collecting 2 inch charms.
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. 0
    7. Will start sewing this year or as soon as I have 800. Have a pattern picked out!

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  45. Shannon Billingsley says:

    1 – Shannon E. B.
    2 – San Antonio, TX USA
    3 – Yes International
    4 – 2 inch charms
    5 – 5 matching sets and 2 unique sets
    6 – 1
    7 – Working on a traditional PSQ.

    Looking forward to this!

  46. Debbie Meade says:

    1. Debbie L. M.
    2. New Carlisle, OH USA
    3. International OK
    4. All 2 inch charms.
    5. 3 matching + 3 matching = 6 sets
    6. 1 newbie (2 inch)
    7. I have 200 charms sewed so far….not sure what the finished project will look like.

    This is my second swap (sewed everything I got in the fall) – excited to be watching the mailbox again! Thanks for all your work with organizing this swap.

  47. Bunny Eisele says:

    1. Bunny E
    2. Arvada, CO
    3. No international
    4. 2.5 in charms
    5. 8 unique sets
    6. no newbie this time
    7. Still collecting, have several ideas but nothing concrete yet

  48. Lora Lemons says:

    A newbie set please.
    1. Lora A. L.
    2. Rodeo, CA
    3. 2″
    4. I’m new to quilting and sewing. I’ve made about a dozen mug rugs and one strip quilt. I’m ready to move on to something bigger. I’ve seen several different patterns using postage stamps that I like, just haven’t decided which one I want to try.

  49. Nancy Robinson says:

    I have a 2nd set of 100 2.5 inch charms x8, all matching. They are completely unique compared to my 1st set. If this helps, good. If not, I’ll save until next time.

  50. Gilleesa Lane. says:

    I have begun collecting 2.5 inch squares.I would live a newbie set this time around.I will begin putting pieces together, happy to swap once I get a stash built up.So happy to find your blog was trying to swop on my own.Doing well but this should really get my collection moving.
    Thanks Gilleesa

  51. Jeannie Dubbelde says:

    1. Jeannie D.
    2. Garretson, S.D.
    3. yes, international
    4. 2.5 in & 2 in
    5. 8 matching sets of each size
    6. 3 sets of 2 in for newbies.
    Could give more if you need them.
    7. Finished my 2 in charm quilt and just collecting for something in the future. The 2.5 might
    end up into a cathedral window.

  52. harriett says:

    1. Harriett V. B.
    2. El Cajon, CA USA
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 2 inches
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. 1 newbie gift
    7. Starting my first PSQ with this swap.

    Thank You! I’m so excited to do this swap.

  53. Lisa S. says:

    1. Lisa S.
    2. North Tonawanda, NY
    3. No Int’l
    4. 2.5″
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie
    7. I am starting my first PSQ quilt

  54. James S says:

    1. James L. S.
    2. Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
    3. 2 inch
    4. I would like to make a Postage Stamp Charm Quilt with as many pieces as possible.

  55. Stacy McCaw says:

    1. Stacy M
    2. Manassas VA
    3. No Int’l
    4. 2″
    5. 5 matching
    6. No newbie this time
    7. Finished first postage square quilt in Feb. Need to start collecting for the next one.

  56. Patricia De George says:

    1 . Patty D
    2 . Southlake Texas
    3 . Yes International
    4 . 2.5 inches
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. None this time
    7. Working on a psq, still need a few hundreds charms

  57. Thanks for organising this great event again.
    1. Mimi K.
    2. Bratislava, Slovakia
    3. International
    4. 2″
    5. 5 matching sets (I don´t mind swapping with the previous partners)
    6. two 2″ matching newbie sets
    7. last summer I finished my first 1000-piece charm wall hanger, made 2 Christmas table runners and I´m working on 2 new projects — waiting to fit in some “new arrivals”

  58. JLVerde says:

    This snuck up on me! Good thing I always have charms handy.

    1. Jenny G.
    2. Pittsburgh, PA USA
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2.5″
    5: 3 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts (it’s actually one extra set of 100 but it could be broken into 2 50 packs for two different folks)
    7. Confession time, I haven’t played with my postage stamp quilt project in FOREVER. So I’m going to make it the month of April’s “personal project”. I actually do keep a calendar page for creative pursuits (charity sewing, swaps, etc) and I strive to do one “personal sewing” per month. April is the PSQ! Heaven knows I have enough charms waiting to be put together (and some mini blocks that need to come together to finally make a quilt top!).

    Thank you for continuing to host this swap.

  59. Jeanette N says:

    1. Jeanette M N
    2. Livonia, MI. USA
    3. 2″ squares
    4. Love the idea of a PSQ but never tried one. I’m going to start cutting charms now for the next swap! Thanks in advance!

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  62. Barbara Fisher says:

    Yes international swap. My preferred size 2.5. I have eight matching sets.

  63. Cecilia R. says:

    Thank you for coordinating this swap. I’m a first-timer.
    1. Cecilia RR
    2. Miami Beach, FL, USA
    3. 2 ½”
    4. Putting together fabrics for my first postage stamp quilt. Will probably do an alternating color/white checkerboard pattern so I only need half of the different charms. Thank you generous donors for helping me on my way!

  64. Valerie Winebarger says:

    1. Valerie R. W.
    2. DuBois, PA, USA
    3. 2.5 inch
    4. I have the instructions for a Fading Charms Quilt that I would like to attempt. This month I made a Carpenters Quilt as my first quilt. Am excited to continue on, although I am limited on my fabric assortment. My sister told me about this and am so thankful that you have given me this opportunity.

  65. maramooo says:

    I’m so excited to participate fully this time! I signed up last March as a Newbie and I was really touched by people’s generosity in donating squares to a new quilter – so thank you again to my generous gifters and to Mary for organising this! I couldn’t participate last time as I was literally in Siberia but I’ve been building up my stash and I’m ready to swap.

    1. Marama D
    2. Auckland, New Zealand
    3. Yes to International!
    4. 2 inches
    5. 5 matching sets
    6. Just one 2 inch newbie gift
    7. I’m still working on a paper pieced, hand sewn hexagon quilt – and wishing I’d started with much, much larger hexagons. Also hoping to make a rainbow toned postage stamp quilt but still adding charms to that project.

  66. 1. Lorene H
    2. Mesa, AZ, USA
    3. No to international
    4. 2″
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. no newbies at this time
    7. I am done with 42 blocks using 2″ sqs. now to make the sashings and borders with more 2″ sqs.

  67. bayoustitcher says:

    1. Theresa Ann S
    2. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
    3. International swaps are fine
    4. Working with 1.5″ charms
    5. I have four MATCHING sets and one UNIQUE set
    6. One newbie gift
    I have been collecting squares for about 2 years now but haven’t sewn any together yet. I am planning on making mine into 10X10 blocks so this swap should get me five finished blocks which I will sew upon receipt!

  68. linda newamn says:

    1. Linda J N
    2. Dallas, Texas USA
    3. international are okay
    4. 2 ” charms
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. none
    7. I’ve done lots of 4 ” novelty (I spy) swaps, but not postage stamp (although I made a 2″ I spy mini quilt last year). I have a thirties era postage stamp flimsy that belonged to my aunt (perhaps made by my grandmother who was a quilter). It needs repair and perhaps a backing. I’ll post a photo of it. Look forward to my first postage stamp quilt.

  69. 1. Linda M D
    2. Coralville, Iowa USA
    3. Yes matching
    4. 2″
    5. 5 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie
    7. I finished one queen size and am currently working on my second one patterned after Bonnie Hunter’s Dancing Nine patch.

  70. joanne says:

    Joanne P.B.
    Brisco BC Canada
    yes Int’l
    3 matching
    using my charms to make house blocks

  71. Christine Thomas says:

    1. Chris E T
    2. Southampton, UK
    3. 2.5 in please
    4. Inspired by reading your blog! I’ve done some blocks in the past and want to get back into quilt- making now I’ve left full-time work. Would like to make a PSQ as these look such fun.

  72. merrymaybee says:

    1. Merry L W
    2. Conway, SC USA
    3. No Intl.
    4. I have 2 sets of 2″ sqs, & 1 set of 1-1/2″ sqs. to swap
    5. all my sets are unique
    6. I have a (1) 2″ set & a (1) 2-1/2″ set for newbies
    7. I am still working on my queen quilt using the 2″ sqs.

  73. mego98125 says:

    1- Megan J. W.
    2- Seattle, WA, USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- four matching sets
    6. I am still working on my first PSQ quilt

    • mego98125 says:

      I saw that Michelle Gibson’s box of 2″ charms got sold accidently. I don’t have a full newbie set of individual 2″ but I have some that I would gladly send her!

  74. Melissa A. Q. says:

    1. Melissa A. Q.
    2. Endicott, NY, USA
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 1 Newbie Gift
    7. Initial collection. Would love to do a rainbow stamp quilt, but @imaginegnats posted this beautiful quilt a couple days ago of an ampersand (made up of postage stamp bloicks) on a background of similar sized squares in varying shades of blue and green that I adore. I may try to mimic that, but with a Q (for obvious reasons 🙂 ).

  75. Iris says:

    1. Iris
    2. Koeln, Germany
    3. Yes, international
    4. 1.5″ and 2″
    5. 1.5″: 4 matching sets and 2″: one set
    Still working on my first PSQ – lots of lovely charms, hope to finish it one day … Thank you Mary for organizing these swaps, they are really fun!

  76. Jennifer Robertson says:

    1. Jen L. R.
    2. Freeport, PA, USA
    3. Yes, International
    4. 2-inch squares
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 3 newbie sets in 2.5-inch size
    7. I had good intentions to start sewing my squares together, but the only thing I got accomplished was organizing them according to color. I am undecided if I want this quilt to be a rainbow quilt or if I will relinquish my control and throw the squares in a paper bag and pull at random. Either way, I have participated in all but one of these swaps and it’s addicting collecting these squares. Thanks Mary once again for this swap. It was one of the things I was looking forward to all winter!

    • Jennifer Robertson says:

      Correction – I have 5 matching sets in the 2-inch size, not 4. I cut them so long ago that I forgot. Please update, thanks 🙂

  77. says:



  78. Rene' Trahan says:

    1- Rene’ M. T.
    2- Waddell, AZ, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- eight matching sets
    6- none this time
    7- Currently working slowly on a couple of different PSQ Quilts, along with other different projects in different stages. I have to fit it in with working the full-time job and working the full-time job at home when not at work!

    Thank you Mary!

  79. Sue L Rushton says:

    1.Sue L R.
    2. Pakenham, Ontario, Canada
    3. International
    4. 2″
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. None this time.
    7. Still collecting at this point, but definitely getting closer to starting that project since now I’ve found a pattern I want.

  80. Lynn H. McCord says:

    1.Lynn H M
    2. Chehalis, Washington. USA
    3. US or Canada
    4. 2 inch
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. 5 newbie gifts
    7. This is my second swap. I have a graduation quilt and a wedding quilt to sew. Then I will be ready to start my postage stamp quilt. I want to make Film at Five with a blue batik background.

  81. Bobbie Machart says:

    Bobbie G. M.
    The Woodlands, TX
    2 inch squares
    This sounds like fun and I do already save squares that I make into 4 or 9 patches but I don’t have enough right now to swap. It is the 20th and I don’t think I can get enough by the 24th. But I would really appreciate the newbie gift. I think I will take the 4 patches and put them all together to make the PSQ. I saw a lovely bed runner that was postage stamp squares that I definitely want to try. Thanks.

  82. Brooke Lindenman says:

    Brooke A. L.
    Grinnell, Iowa, USA
    Yes to international.
    2 inch charms
    8 matching sets
    No newbie gifts this round
    I just finished my first scrappy postage stamp quilt, and am very excited to use this round of swaps to begin my second.

  83. LoriTN says:

    1.Lorraine S. H.
    2.Oak Ridge, TN, USA
    3.I think I’d like to try 2″ charms, but I’d be delighted to receive any size available. I’ve never tried this before and really don’t know for certain which size I’d like to work with.
    4.Again, I’m really too new at this (quilting only about six months) to know for sure, but I’m thinking a throw would be a great way to try PSQ-ing.

  84. Linda J W
    I am a newbie!
    Riverview Florida USA
    2 inch squares
    I have not made a postage stamp quilt and want to make one for my mother in law’s new house

  85. Rhi H says:

    1. Rhiannon. J. H
    2. South Wales, UK
    3. Yes, International
    4. 2” charms
    5. 8 matching sets of 2”
    6. None this time
    7. Still collecting but think they will end up becoming a rainbow themed quilt since I seem to be sorting my squares by colour!

  86. Eve Roth says:

    Eve Roth
    1. Eve M
    2. Airdrie, Alberta Canada
    3. Yes international
    4. 2 inch squares
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. No newbies this time
    7. This is the first time I have tried this. Would love to make a quilt!
    Thanks for all the hard work you are putting into this for us!!!

  87. Angie says:

    Angie M. M
    Purcellville, VA
    Yes, Intl
    8 matching sets
    0 newbie sets
    I am sewing blocks together for matching throws.

  88. Louise says:

    Louise A G
    Des Moines, IA, USA
    8 matching
    1 newbie 2.5
    This is my first swap & quilt

  89. Alberta in N GA says:

    1. Alberta L. P.
    2. Martin, Georgia, USA
    3. No
    4. 2″ squares
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. None at this time

  90. Tami L. Moore says:

    1- Tami L. M..
    2- Greenwood, IN
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- three matching sets (more or less)
    6- 2″ newbie gift
    7- Just found this blog on Friday 🙂 Didn’t have any squares cut, but I have been quilting for over 8 years and save anything at least 1 1/2″ wide. I can’t make myself throw away anything. Paid off. I got out my boxes of scraps and but a few sets today. Haven’t done a mail swap before, but I am sure it will be fun.

  91. Astrid says:

    1. Astrid
    2. Mauritius – Indian Ocean)
    3. Yes – Int’l
    4. 2 inch squares
    5. 10 matching sets
    6. Newbie: 4 sets 2 inch
    7. This year I have finally started adding the 2.5 inch charms together and I hope to have a finished quilt before the end of the year!

  92. Billie says:

    Billie J. S.
    Phoenix, AZ
    I am a newbie and would like to make a scrappy quilt

  93. Bernie Hall says:

    1. T. Bernie Hall
    2. Hesperus, CO, USA
    3. Yes, Int’l
    4. 2.5″, 2″ and 1.5″
    5. 8 matching sets of each size and most of the fabric is different than what I sent out lat swap – may have a few duplicates from last swap.
    6. One newbie 2″ charm set.
    7. Have sewn a couple of blocks together in each size to see what they look like in random pattern. Plan to really get going after this swap. Really enjoy seeing the various ideas you post of what you have made and what others have and are making.

  94. Karen Long says:

    1. ktlong
    2. Herndon, Va
    3. No, Int’l
    4. 2″ squares
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. None this time
    7. making a lap quilt

  95. Nina Talbrant says:

    1- Nina T
    2- Boraas, Sweden.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2 inches and 2½ inches.
    5- 2 inch – 8 matching sets, 2½ inch – 2 matching sets
    6- 6 sets of 2 inch and 6 sets of 2½ inch to newbies
    7- Have done several small projects, but waiting for courage to quilt the 2700 pieces. They all are shown at Flickr. I have had such fun swapping and giving to newbies in earlier swaps, thank you Mary.

  96. Victoria Osborne says:

    1. Victoria
    2. Battle Creek Michigan
    3. 2 1/2 blocks, one set
    4. I would appreciate a newbie set
    I’m most excited to try to work on a star block

  97. Ada M Dalley says:

    1 ADA M Dalley
    2 Newfoundland, Canada
    3 No Int”l
    4 1.5 ins [ Matching} & 2. ins.{ Matching}
    5 6 sets 1.5 ins.from USA & 5 set 2 ins. from Canada
    6 2 newbie sets, [1.5 or 2 ins.]
    7 Only need a few more sets of 1.5 ins. to finsh my frist postage stamp quilt
    and all the fabric from US quilters. Thanks to all the US ladies. Now I am collection 2 ins.
    from all my Fellow Canadian Quilters . Many Thanks to The Curious Quilter for all the time
    she has put in those Swaps Hope there is another one

  98. Bonnie Jourdan says:

    Bonnie L. J.
    Old Station, CA USA
    Yes to International
    1.5″ & 2.5″
    8 sets of 1.5″…….8 sets of 2.5″…..all matching sets
    1 Newbie gift…..I just hope she responds this time.
    Still procrastinating!! 😉

  99. Shirlene says:

    1. Shirlene C
    2. Colorado
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2.5 inch squares
    5. I have four matching sets
    6. One 2.5 inch newbie gift
    7. I have been making picnic quilts by sewing the 2 1/2 squares around a 6.5 inch denim square. They are very easy and turn out really cute.

  100. 1- Ellen M. B.
    2- Key West, FL, USA
    3- Yes Int’l. How exciting!
    4- Two inches!
    5- 4 Matching Sets of 2″ (Not exactly matching, but lots of overlap)
    6- One Newbie gift
    7- This will get me on my way to starting my first PSQ! I’m thinking a large lap size.

  101. Sharon Coates says:

    1. Sharon R. C.
    2. Des Moines, IA, USA
    3. Yes, Int’l (kind of nervous about this, but will try it…)
    4. 2.5″
    5. 2 unique sets of 8 matching (1 set of 8 the same as last (first) swap and 1 set of 8 that are fabrics not in the first set.)
    6. Two newbie set: 2.5″ charms
    7. I have been arranging and re-arranging my little squares. I am still really short of the squares I need for my quilt, and plan on choosing my color pattern after the swap. I am torn between totally random, color gradient, and multi colored chains (16 patch.) I am embarrassed to admit that I still have 2 laundry baskets of fabrics not cut yet. (I don’t even remember the original quit plans for many of them…)

    Mary… Thanks for making my stash more “useable!”

  102. Peg Roen says:

    Peg D. R.
    Parker, CO, USA
    No International
    8 matching sets
    This will be my first attempt at building material for a PS quilt. I’m so excited! I plan to make blocks as I gather more.

  103. auntymagpie says:

    Newbie please
    1. Tilly S
    2. Taupo, New Zealand
    3. 2″
    4. Just started quilting. Love the idea of PSQ – might start with a large floor cushion cover

    Have just found this and would love to be a swapper next time round, and will certainly be a newbie donator. Fantastic idea. Thanks so much for your time and effort to make this happen for us all!

  104. Shari says:

    1. Shari-Lei A. G.
    2. Rawdon, QC Canada
    3. Yes International
    4. 2 inch
    5. 8 matching sets of 2 inch squares
    6. 2 newbie sets of 2 inch squares
    7. I was going to make a lap quilt for my mother, but she has since passed away. Am going instead to make a twin quilt or throw to use on my couch. At a standstill as I am still trying to decide whether or not to alternate squares with white squares or do just PSQ all mixed. Maybe I will have to aim to do one of each LOL

  105. Belinda B Johnson says:

    1. Belinda B J
    2. Scotland, PA USA
    3. No to international
    4. 2.5 inch
    5. 4 sets on 2.4 unique sets
    I have a PS quilt underway, anxious to continue with more variations in fabrics. Hope to make large enough to use on my King size bed.

  106. Nina Muller says:

    1. I Nina M
    2. Pawling, NY, USA
    3. no international
    4. 2 ” squares
    5. 1 unique set this year
    6. I love fabric and will enjoy exchanging.

  107. Snow Wildsmith says:

    J. Snow W.
    Mooresville, NC, USA
    Collecting 2″ squares
    I would like to make a queen size quilt for my bed. I’ve only been quilting since 2013, but I’m loving it. My husband thinks I’m crazy for wanting to do a postage stamp quilt, but he also likes what I’ve made so far, which is great since he’s usually not much for crafts (outside of wood-working).
    As I build my stash and work on projects, I’m cutting my scraps, so I’ll definitely be able to be a full swapper in the future!

  108. 1.Donna M. C.
    2. Wickliffe, Ohio, USA 44092.
    3.What size charms you are collecting, 2.5
    4.I’ve been looking at you charm quilts for a few years and reading about the swap also but have been chicken to signup so far. I would love to be a newbie for this swap. I’ll start cutting up squares for next year this year so I will be ready to swap next year.

    Donna M C (dmc)

  109. Melba says:

    1 Melba T.H.
    2. Atlanta, Ga USA
    3. Yes to International
    4. 2.5
    5. 4 matching sets, 3 matching sets, 1 unique set
    6. No newbie
    7. Still collecting – will negin to sew after the next swap 🙂

  110. Chelsea Foos says:

    1.Chelsea A F
    2.Richwood, Ohio, USA
    3. YES
    4.2 inch
    5. 3 Uniques Sets
    7. At this point I am collecting because I envision a rainbow PSQ. Not sure how it will work out yet, but I am hopeful.

  111. Deb Lovejoy says:

    1. Deb S. L.
    2. Central City, NE
    3. 2 inch please
    4. I have just begun to quilt making Christmas presents this last Christmas although sewn for many years. I would love to eventually have enough to make a big quilt like those pictured. I have only 87 fabrics in my stash but completed my first block with 64 of them tonight.

    I would love to receive however many newbie packages I get. Thank you sooo very much! 🙂

    • Deb Lovejoy says:

      I typed up my sign up comment late last night before bed and when I double checked today to make sure I did it right I realized I didn’t put the country on there on line 2. Sorry, I am in the USA.
      Thanks again for organizing swaps and I hope to be able to contribute to swap next time!

  112. Jan Wolf says:

    Jan Wolf
    Davis , CA, USA
    Yes! International.
    2.5 inches
    7 matching sets
    4 newbie sets to share
    I have pieced all of my PSQ squares from the last ( my 1st) exchange using them as leaders and enders a là Bonnie Hunter. Looking forward to sharing my stash and putting together some more 16 patch blocks. I’m glad I was finally able to finish my cutting in the nick of time!

  113. Elizabeth Carter says:

    Am I in time? I’ve been cutting like crazy!
    Elizabeth S C
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    Yes international
    2 inches
    2 matching sets – 2″ + 2 matching sets – 1.5″
    Newbie sets- 2 2″ sets and 1 1.5 set
    Currently working on a scrappy 4 path X’s and O’s. I haven’t got enough yet to start my PSQ project but I take out my newbie gifts from last swap and gaze at them fairly often

  114. Kim Fagin says:

    Will you be organizing another one? I missed being able to sign up for the Newbie gift. I never knew there was such a thing as a fabric swap.

  115. wookieelocks says:

    Hello! 🙂 I’m looking for a current swap (newbie would be great!) is this one still open? If not will there be another soon? Thanks! 🙂

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