Wandering Wednesday: CoopCrafts of West Virginia

There are so many creative people in the quilt world, and Sarah Cooper of CoopCrafts is certainly one of them! Her blog’s tagline says a mouthful: “I gotta eat, i gotta sleep, i gotta make stuff.” When I think of Sarah, I imagine a light bulb of inspiration shining brightly over her head, and her creative engines working full speed to make the ideas happen.

Stars Courtesy of Sarah Cooper of CoopCraft dot comI have been looking at Sarah’s work for quite a while, quilts and other endeavors, and was certainly not surprised when she was selected to create the West Virginia block for the AMB Road Trip License Plate Quilt. You can see it on her home page summary of 2014’s creations. You will also find painted tables, her hand-crafted kitchen full of personality, and lots of other inspiration. Her Quilts page shows some superb examples of her use of color and her creative nature.

There are lots of Tutorials on CoopCrafts, and ideas that will make you look at your own home, fabric stash, furniture, and more in new ways. Some of these tutorials are unexpected, like her Homemade Laundry Soap.

Chevrons Courtesy Sarah Cooper of CoopCraft. dot comCurrently she is working on a stunning quilt for her wedding anniversary, and when she posts it on the blog, I will send you back for another look! There are more great photos of her work on her Flickr pages. And if you use Instagram, check her out at @coopcrafts. You can see how stitching a chevron quilt inspired the chevrons painted on her dining room wall, among other things. There are marvelous pictures of the new anniversary quilt in progress there as well.

Please be sure to leave Sarah a comment telling her how much you enjoyed seeing her work!
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2 Responses to Wandering Wednesday: CoopCrafts of West Virginia

  1. Janet J. says:

    Wow, she has talent! Love the Ombre quilt too, and just might have to try that laundry soap- looks great!

  2. Samantha G. says:

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for the link to CoopCrafts site (tho I just spent the last two hours browsing around there). Love so many of her projects, and can’t wait to try some of them, tho I am slightly obsessed with a Big Hugs quilt I started after the last swap. Can hardly wait for the next one. Hope you are feeling well and warm (not to rub it in, but it has been in the 60s and 70s here in Northern CA for weeks all January. We are still hopeful for some winter rain soon).

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