Welcome to Minnesota!

The American Made Brand Blog Tour 50 state road trip continues, and today I am thrilled to welcome you to Minnesota. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Let’s start with the Minnesota License Plate that the good folks at Clothworks, asked me to make. Here is my final design for Minnesota:

Finished License Plate Blog from MInnesota

Made entirely of AMB Cotton Solids, using fusible applique, read on to take a look at Minnesota in all four seasons.

When I started to design my license plate, I asked lots of friends from all over the state to share what they thought was the essence of Minnesota. I got lots and lots of great answers, but two themes came through in most of the responses. We have water everywhere, and Minnesotans enjoy being out and about in all four of our beautiful seasons.

There are five components in my license plate. The first is water. Then, left to right, the four seasons shine through. Winter’s beauty with a gracious snow-covered pine. Spring fields in the rolling farmlands. Summer in the North Woods, where the tall pines form cathedrals. And Fall, when the trees put on their finest show, the fields are caramel-brown with hay and corn stubble.

Boundary Waters  in Northers Minnesota

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area covers 150 miles of the Minnesota/Canada border.

Water is front and center in my license plate. We are called the Land of 10,000 lakes, but that is a serious understatement. There are over 13,000 lakes with areas larger than ten acres, and twice that over 4 acres. That does not include the 8,100 rivers that flow in three directions here–towards the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. When you add up all the shoreline from the lakes and rivers, you find we have 180,000+ miles of shore, darned respectable for a state smack-dab in the middle of a continent! Then add all the wetlands, well, we do have a lot of water in Minnesota.


The Headwaters of the Mississippi River, in northern Minnesota.

That water gets used and enjoyed. Ocean-going barges navigate Lake Superior to reach Duluth. One in six families owns some type of boat. The barge traffic on the Mississippi starts up the minute the ice is declared “out” in the spring. Lakes are full of cabin cruisers, houseboats, speed boats, canoes, kayaks, water-skiers, fishermen and women, swimmers, and windsurfers. The Mighty Mississippi starts in Minnesota, as does the chain of the Great Lakes.


Split Rock Lighthouse, Lake Superior.


Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota.

800px-Minneapolis_from_the_Central_Avenue_Bridge mississippi

Mississippi River flowing through Minneapolis.

Winter wraps our state in snow, and wraps people in cozy jackets and caps. People may be snuggling under quilts inside, but they trek out to soak up the brisk fresh air and sunshine. We play as well! Sledding, downhill and cross-country skiing are lots of fun. Cross country skiersIn winter the ice fishing is grand, ice-sailing is fun to watch, and people flock to the lakes for skating and pond hockey. Crisp, clear nights make for chances to star-gaze and watch the northern lights. In rural areas you will hear the roar of snowmobiles. You may also hear wolves and an occasional moose. Sled-dogs are very happy for the cold weather and the chance to run. The polar bears at the zoos think winter is heavenly.

Despite all our water, Minnesota is about 65% farmland, represented in the Spring section on the licence plate. arboretum_capples-thumb-500x332Corn and soy are the largest crops, but oats, barley, spring wheat, sugar beets, sweet corn and sweet peas, pumpkins, apples, grapes and berries, and many other things are grown here as well. In the Spring the new green shoots in fields are a welcome sight after the winter. Minnesota leads the country in turkey farming, but also has chickens, milk cows, goats, sheep, bison, and mink farms. Oh, and wind farms!

800px-Northwest_View_-_Lake_Calhoun,_Minneapolis,_MNSummertime, and the living is, well, often hot and muggy! We flock to the lakes. We camp in our 67 state parks, we canoe in the Boundary Waters. We swat mosquitoes with a vengeance, and love to hear the cardinals in the morning and the loons in the evening. We live in our backyards, bike the trails all over the state, and visit the vineyards and bed and breakfasts scattered about the state. Urban dwellers dine in outdoor bistros, and walk the trails around city lakes. Families all over the state frequent softball games and ice cream shops. Sure, we work, but summer is meant to be savored, and we love it!

In Fall, the harvest rules the state for some time. Once the corn is out, the pheasants and deer run in the stubble, and hunters are sure to follow. St. Croix river fallcolorsThe trees put on a spectacular show. Tamaracks turn brilliant yellow, rivaled only by the aspen forests. Maple trees don shades of orange and red, and the oaks stubbornly hold their deep red leaves right through winter. Squirrels bury things everywhere, often to the dismay of gardeners like me. The evenings are full of the scent of fire-pits being enjoyed. High school football heroes are celebrated, and pilgrimages are made to apple orchards and pumpkin patches.

Win an AMB Cotton Solids BundleTime for a Giveaway! Isn’t it amazing what a pile of fabric can bring out of you? I am happy that Clothworks is giving away a fat quarter set of selections from their new AMB Cotton Solids, and you can win one just by commenting below. (this giveaway is now closed) I am also having a fun little giveaway, featuring 30 five-inch charms of AMB Cotton Solids, and some fun little Minnesotan goodies. Winner will be selected randomly from all comments received by Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 11:59 PM CDT. Winners will be announced on Saturday. Then be sure to visit all the other states on the Blog Tour, and enter their giveaways as well! Sorry, no international entries this round.

Want to make your own Minnesota License Plate Block? Well, you can! There is a complete tutorial to be found here, just hop over and have fun.

If you are new to fusible applique, you might want to check out my Fusible Applique Demonstration and learn how it’s done. It is easy, and very forgiving! If you make the Minnesota block, I hope you will send me a photo of it to share with my readers.

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The blog tour is visiting Minnesota and California today, and you can head off to Oregon and Kansas tomorrow. Be sure to check out the complete list and visit all 50 state this summer.

Yes, I know. The license plate omitted many things like cities, the arts, the schools and universities, the famous companies that started here, and the Mall of America. But give me the great outdoors in any season, and I am one happy Minnesotan!

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227 Responses to Welcome to Minnesota!

  1. Chris says:

    Love Minnesota in the Summer. Favorite place to go fishing. Your block turned out wonderful.

  2. Stoney Monte says:

    Good morning from northern Wisconsin!
    Nice work on the license plate, using what both of our states do best—the great outdoors.

  3. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Great block. Thanks for sharing all the info about Minnesota & thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Teresa says:

    Great Block! Thank you for the tour of Minnesota!

  5. jfruehwirth says:

    My kids chose Minnesota university to go to school; one in Minneapolis the other Duluth. We all have fallen in love with Minnesota. Love the block and thanks for the opportunity to enter for a giveaway. Happy sewing!

  6. Karen Schultz says:

    Thanks for all the fun information, I think I would love to come in the fall. Thanks for the give away!!

  7. Lea Springer says:

    Great block and idea! Maybe someone in Canada will initiate something like this contest for our provinces and territories!

  8. Alberta Sue Bennett says:

    Wonderful block. I would like to visit your state one day. Looks like a great place to live.

  9. Allison Evrard says:

    I’ve never been to Minnesota but it is on my list of “must sees.” Your block is great!

  10. Beth says:

    I love how your block shows all four seasons! What I remember most about visits to your state is John Bunyan – I wonder if he is still there?

  11. joan says:

    Gorgeous and those fabrics brought it all to life!

  12. Angele says:

    Living on the north side of the Minnesota- Ontario border, I see these beauties regularly. Your license plate block captures well the spirit of your state as I’ve learned to know it. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Marj says:

    I’m with you the great outdoors is the best!

  14. Patty says:

    I’ve visited Minnesota before and your license plate is right on. The water is the first thing I think of.

  15. Jean says:

    Loved camping in MM with my kids and brothers.

  16. jean lickun says:

    Your AMB post and license plate really show your love of MN. Beautifully done!

  17. Nina Muller says:

    Your block and comments made me homesick for the joys of MN. So many memories of growing up in such a wonderful state. I’ll be out your way for Quilt MN. Funny how my trip seems to coincide with those dates!

  18. JLVerde says:

    Beautiful block. I know when I think Minnesota I think nature and you captured that perfectly.

  19. Julie B says:

    I was born and raised in MN, but live in TX now. I don’t miss the winters.

  20. Amy L says:

    My only visits to your great state are to the airport. After reading your outdoorsy tour, it’s time to remedy that. Your block celebrates Minnesota’s natural beauty perfectly.

  21. Doreen says:

    Love your ‘plate’!! MN is so diversafied it would be impossible to include ALL in one little creation!!! Well done!!!!!!!

  22. djmat says:

    We enjoyed the people, food, and sites when we went to convention in Minneapolis and couldn’t bring ourselves to leave so we toured afterward. Love the park on top of the hill in Duluth that overlooks Lake Superior, what a blast driving up and down that hill using city blocks as switchbacks, the yards were lovely! The shops on the water had many handmade things. I found a reasonably priced beaver hat for our grandson! We headed back south and stopped in Sweetwater on the La Croix River by the draw bridge. Found some wonderful antique flour sacks and light fixtures in the walkable & quaint downtown shops right on the river and watched the magnificent local birds while dining al fresco as the riverboat took diners for a cruise. Can hardly wait to go again, yeah, you betcha!

  23. Great block! Especially love the little tent. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. PB from MN says:

    Lovely block and it does capture the seasons of Minnesota, as does your commentary.

  25. PeginCO says:

    Mary, you did a great job! I’ve been patiently waiting to see what you’d come up with, and the four seasons are delightful! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  26. Vicki H says:

    I was born and raised in MN but now live in Kansas. Your block captures the state very well. I must say I enjoy summers more in MN than in KS. I am still a Minnesotan at heart and visit family each year.

  27. Sandy K says:

    Your block represents our great state very well. I am loving the hop.

  28. Carrie says:

    Great job! Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. charlottenoll says:

    Great plate and blog about your state. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. MarthaB says:

    Thank you for sharing about your state.

  31. Barbie Kanta says:

    You did a fab job on your plate! Born in Minnesota and been back several times, luv it.
    TIA! B-)

  32. Kim M says:

    We’ve got friends who live in Minnesota and they LOVE it there! Great block!

  33. Missy says:

    Thanks for the chance to win. So excited that you mentioned the bike trails. I have heard a lot about them and am planning to visit your state soon to ride them!

  34. Jill says:

    I love how you chose to highlight the seasons for your state, give me the outdoors any day!

  35. Nancy Root says:

    Minnesota is a beautiful state and camping and fishing are great there. I really like your license plate it took creativity and thoughtfulness.


  36. Your block is stunning! MN looks beautiful. I have never visited, but my hubby has and says it has some amazing fishing.

  37. 2609o says:

    All that water! So inviting to someone living in a Southern California drought. Thanks for the chance at this great giveaway!

  38. This road tour with AMB is such fun! I’d love to spend some time in Minnesota, other than at the airport between flights. The countryside looks gorgeous.

  39. Barb S. says:

    Wonderful pictorial of Minnesota, love your license plate! Thank you for your generous giveaway.

  40. Patty says:

    Your block perfectly reflects the four seasons! I live in Ohio so we don’t get as much snow as MN, but this past winter was a challenge! I have never been to MN, but now I want to come. It is so beautiful!

  41. Carrie P. says:

    I love the outdoors too. I like your “plate.” thanks for the giveaway and photos of Minnesota. One day I hope to visit.

  42. Sarah says:

    I’m also a Minnesotan, living in PA at the moment; you captured the state wonderfully in your licence plate as well as the information you gave!

  43. Liz says:

    Your state certainly has a beautiful scenery.

  44. Lori Smanski says:

    Yup I agree with you about the out of doors. Your plate is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Lyn Kaufmann says:

    Love your license plate and the wonderful tour. I want to visit Minnesota now! I love water and waterfalls, have always been a west coast baby! Thank you for sharing and for the give away.

  46. Claire Christiansen says:

    Really want to canoe the Boundary Waters but we’re probably too old now.

  47. Linda Erickson says:

    Please send some of your water to us in parched Arizona! I’ve never been to Minnesota but would love to come sometime.

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  49. Kathleen says:

    Great job on your block! This has been such a fun tour. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely fabric.

  50. kathyinozarks says:

    I am so enjoying all the state stops along the way for this blog tour-I have not been to your state-but always heard it was great for fishing. thanks for the giveaway chance Kathy

  51. dhowardvt says:

    I like that you included the four seasons on your block!
    I lived in Minnesota for 3 years when I was small. We had fun playing outside in the snow, and I went to Girl Scout camp one year in the woods (don’t remember where though).

  52. Kellie from Indiana says:

    Minnesota is on my visit list because there seems to be alot of neat wool and fabric shops there among others. The scenery is awesome as well.

  53. Jill Hicks says:

    I haven’t been to Minnesota in several years. I need to make a trip there again. It is a beautiful place.

  54. I’ve never been to Minnesota but I hope to some day. I love your pattern and really like the quilt background on this site!


  55. gussek says:

    Hello from another Minnesotan! I like to enjoy the view of Lake Phalen from my deck. Thanks for the giveaway.

  56. Cathy Romanczuk says:

    I have never been to Minnesota–I did have a couple of friends from there years ago. I love the pictures.

  57. Kay Morris says:

    Hello from Texas! My very dear friend is from Minnesota – so glad she made her way to Texas. I have never been to Minnesota but hope to visit one day – I am truly enjoying this blog tour – a little vacation twice a day!

  58. Carla says:

    It’s been years since I’ve visited Minnesota, but I remember it being a beautiful state.

  59. marta says:

    Lovely block and it does capture the seasons of Minnesota, thank you for your generous giveaway….

  60. labugaiski says:

    I have never been to Minnesota, but it looks beautiful! Maybe one day!

  61. Susan C says:

    Your block is beautiful, I love how you incorporated all four seasons.

  62. Barb Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing your story about Minnesota. Sounds like a great place to go for vacation!

  63. carol n says:

    I really like visiting your state! From northwest Pennsylvania

  64. Julie A.Boster says:

    Hello Mary, Have been enjoying The AMB Blog Tour. Thank-you for your tour of Minnesota.

  65. Janet T says:

    I have been to Minnesota for work. I remember being in the office at 12pm noon and it being pitch black outside. Someone said a tornado was coming. I live in CA, so not used to them. I also remember how green it was everywhere from the moisture in the air. Lakes everywhere!

  66. Joanna says:

    Nice idea to tell us about the four seasons in your state. Your block looks super.

  67. Quilting Tangent says:

    I like that you represented all 4 seasons and the different landscapes that your state has. 🙂

  68. Sue S says:

    I lived in Minnesota for several years, graduated from high school there, and one of my brothers still lives there. We loved summers there, and we used to walk to school even in the winter because they always say “oh, it’s a DRY cold”. Ha! It’s still cold but very beautiful! Your block is very appropriate.

  69. Marti Taylor says:

    I love the little tent and barn! Such a fun plate you made, the way you showed the seasons was great.

  70. Carol McIntosh says:

    Really enjoyed your state tour and your block is great.

  71. I really enjoyed you tour of Minnesota. Must be really beautiful in the summertime. Just love your block. You did a great job displaying your State. Thank you for being a part of the AMB Blog Tour and sharing your history with all of us.This has been a fun and a very educational tour learning about the 50 states. I am from Sonora, CA, which is the foothills as you continue go East on Highway 108.

    Sandi Timmons

  72. Penny J says:

    I have really enjoyed the blog tour so far and am learning so much about the different states. Would love to visit them all. Thanks!

  73. sunny says:

    What a great tribute to your beautiful state. I love the design of your license plate.

  74. Quilter in Motion says:

    I’ve never been to Minnesota and I have a friend who comnes from there. You both make me want to visit that state. Your license plate block came out just great! I also liked your commentary very much. Thanks for the effort you put into the post!
    Ms. Vermont

  75. bee says:

    beautiful block – who knew there was so much water in MN!

  76. Heidi says:

    Greetings from the NV desert! I am drooling /panting over all your water! Thank God for geeks, I hope they get your work restored!

  77. SarahZ says:

    I ❤ Minnesota! Your block is a super representation of the many wonderful aspects of the State! I enjoyed many summers of camp near Bemidji! I ❤ Minnesota!!!!

  78. Colette says:

    Minnesota is gorgeous. The couple of times I was through the state there was white stuff (not snow) all along the road. I found out it was from the turkey farms all along the road we were on and their big huge barns.

  79. Kat Scott says:

    Would love to visit the ‘Land of Big Sky’ sometime soon. I too enjoy the great outdoors!

  80. Pat V. says:

    Thanks for sharing all this wonderful info about Minnesota! I really enjoyed the photos. I have not yet visited MN, so will need to add that to my list!

  81. lindaschirp says:

    The license plate theme has been a fun way to do a blog hop! I’ve really enjoyed the tour through the states, and each representation of the state in a mini quilt. I’d love to try some AMB solids!

  82. Lee says:

    I love your block! thank you for being part of this blog hop!

  83. Mari says:

    We love Mineesota! It’s so beautiful. Our daughter is a Golden Gopher! Good choice to go with the outdoors for MN.

  84. Thanks for sharing some great information about Minnesota. I’ve not been there but hope to get up that way in the near future. Beautiful pics that you’ve shared with us all.

  85. paulacox7198 says:

    I have enjoyed reading about each state in these blogs. Your state looks beautiful but very cold in the winter.


  86. My great great great grandparents married here in St. Louis in 1850 and then moved to Scott County, Minnesota. After the Civil War they returned to Missouri.

  87. Thanks for the info on Minnesota I have never been but it sure looks like a great place to visit. Your licence plate is wonderful!

  88. bjday68 says:

    Great job on your block. I have not visited your state but I have a nephew who lives there, so I hope to visit soon.

  89. Annmarie says:

    Hello neighbor – I live in northern Wisconsin so I share your love of the outdoors and the 4 seasons. Love your block – thanks for the great tour.

  90. Liz Rehrauer says:

    You write so beautifully. I loved reading all about my neighbor to the west.

  91. Karen B says:

    It all sounds great, until I think of the mosquitoes! Your state looks beautiful. You Minesotans must be strong-willed not to hide from those mosquitoes.

  92. Christine P says:

    Thanks for the info on Minnesota-looks beautiful! Your plate turned out so cute-thanks for being in the tour!

  93. Your summary of the outdoors in all seasons brought back memories of 3 years I lived in New Ulm with the statue of Herman as my neighbor.

  94. Kathy h says:

    Your outdoorsy license plate is just perfect.

  95. Karen Shackleford says:

    Thanks for all the good info about Minnesota. Love your “outdoorsy” license plate block!

  96. Mary Ellen says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. I enjoyed the highlights of your state. All we hear about (in FL) is how much snow you get.

    • I think the changing seasons are one if the best things! Yeah, sometimes winter gets tiresome, but it has beauty. And on a sunny 75 degree day in June–well winter is a long ways off!

  97. Allison C says:

    Grew up in MN and all my family is still there. I miss it, but I don’t miss the long winters. I get to visit anytime I want though so it’s a good balance for me.

  98. Patty says:

    Great job. Your block captures so much abut the state!

  99. Sarah says:

    I drove through on my way to move out west and was so thrilled to get my pic taken with The Jolly Green Giant (cheesy yes, but on a 5 day road trip cross country you get excited about these things- or maybe that’s just me!). Would love to visit again an see some water (Erie and Ontario are my Great Lakes, would love to see Superior). Thanks for sharing!

  100. Tabitha Keener says:

    I love all the colors in your block, beautiful! I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for the giveaway! My ex-husband was from Minnesota so I learned it could get very cold and snowy there!

  101. Sharon Lagace says:

    Awesome pictures. I want to hit the road and see the states!

  102. Julie in WA says:

    What??? No mosquito on your license plate???!!!!
    I was born and raised in southwest Minnesota, where the crops grow, where the wind blows non-stop, where small town entertainment is the school basketball game on Friday nights… I live in the Seattle, WA area now, but I sure miss the big open skies…

  103. Glenda Britten says:

    Every blog has been so educational during this tour of the states. I like your license. Would love to visit your state.

  104. Lori Morton says:

    Have never been to Minnesota…Beautiful place!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures! They are beautiful!!

  105. Lisa E says:

    Love your description of Minnesota. Never knew that you had so much water! This blog tour has been an educational experience!

  106. maggielou says:

    Thanks for all the lovely pictures of your great state. I have never be there. Thanks for being part of the blog hop

  107. nancy says:

    I have many many happy memories from Minn…many of my extended family lives there, as that is where my mom is from, and most of her family is still there!
    Nice job with the license plate too!

  108. Maryellen says:

    I hope to visit Minnesota one day. I do have friends there, and a vintage Minnesota treadle! Thanks for the great ideas and pictures.

  109. Pat Evans says:

    Hello from western NY. We have four seasons, too, although the standing joke is “Don’t go away for the weekend or you might miss summer”. Never been to Minnesota, but it looks and sound wonderful (except maybe the winter. We get enough of that right here.).

  110. The block is great. I’m from Vermont which has lots of 4 season activities, also.

  111. Regina D. says:

    Thank you for bringing back all the great memories I have of Minnesota. Lived there for 3 years and loved it, even the snow. Minnesotan’s embrace each of the seasons and your license plate does that too. Beautiful tour. Thanks!

  112. I love your block. I live in Texas and we only have maybe 2.5 seasons – HOT – Warm – Cool

  113. Rachell R says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of water! And that many state parks? And I thought we had a lot of state parks here in Utah!
    I know Utah is a desert, but we have four distinct seasons, and there’s a reason our state slogan is “Greatest snow on earth!”
    Minnesota sounds great (except for the humidity and Mosquitos).

  114. Ashley says:

    Love MN in the summer… not so much in February 🙂

  115. Joan H. says:

    Nice job on the license plate! Have always enjoyed visiting your state when our daughter,’s family lived there.

  116. Beautiful block! And thanks for the thorough and inviting tour of your state, which I’d love to visit. Unfortunately, I’ve never been. I know many immigrants of Scandinavian ancestry settled in Minnesota when they came, and I’m first generation Danish-American, so I’ve always wanted to visit your part of the country, but always lived in the South.

    • My Norwegian grandfather was a contemporary of Laura Ingalls Wilder, living a few miles from her. In his memoirs he wrote fun tales of the old Norsk fishermen adapting to Minnesota. My other grandpa was a Swedish immigrant. I relate well with Danes!

  117. I really like all the details in your license plate especially the tent and barn!

  118. Merry says:

    Thank you for the story on Minnesota. I live in SC now, but I’m a native of MN. I tell people here all the time how wonderful it is. You made me so homesick!

  119. Sarah M says:

    Too bad you can’t include all the wonderful things your state offers on the tag.. It is a great place to live except I can’t take the winter weather.

  120. Lorri Brager says:

    Love your block and the info about Minnesota. It’s been really fun getting all the info for each state and seeing the beautiful license plates you all have come up with! Thanks for participating!

  121. Mary says:

    I really liked your license plate block. I’d love to visit MN sometime. Thanks.

  122. imakejoy says:

    I love that you chose the great outdoors for Minnesota which is what I think of too! Great block! Hats off to you!

  123. Lisa Marie says:

    Minnesota is on my list of places I’d like to visit — not in the winter though!

  124. Michele says:

    Your block is really terrific and will look great in the final quilt with all of our blocks. Nicely done.

  125. sally dixon says:

    Thanks for the information on Minnesota. I hope to visit one day!

  126. PT in SC says:

    Love your block, nice job. I’ve never been to Minnesota, maybe one day.

  127. Janie says:

    Your block is cute. Thanks for your tutorials. Thanks for the giveaway.

  128. Sherry VF says:

    As an Iowan, your representation of MN is exactly what I think of when MN comes to mind. Great job!

  129. Susan says:

    Neat block! I will have to come visit one day!

  130. Heidi says:

    Being from Eastern SD, I know Minnesota well… You did a fabulous job representing your state! I love the outdoors as well, regardless of season!

  131. dianna eickhorn says:

    So informative. And I’m from Illinois although I’ve been living in Texas for a very long time and I haven’t been to Minnesota. Didn’t know you have moose. Learn something new everyday. Love your license plate.

  132. Diann Cornell says:

    Very nice license plate block. I am planning a visit to Minnesota next year.

  133. Lucy D says:

    I have a friend who lives in Duluth and I’ve learned to love Minnesota through her love for her state.

  134. Karen says:

    What a great block. I’ve only been to your state once as a teenager. So beautiful.

  135. Trish says:

    I live in Wisconsin and every once in a while, I cross the border 🙂 Great quilt block!

  136. Jeanine Waal says:

    You did a great job on your block in depicting MN. I was born and raised there, but married an Iowa farmer so have lived in your neighboring state for over 46 years. I am originally from Pine River. Wonderful information and pictures of my home state. Thanks for the chance to win.

  137. Jessica says:

    Thanks for your reflections on your home state! Work took me to Twin Cities for nine months, and although that was by far the coldest winter I’ve ever experienced, I had a great time. I have many fond memories of life in Minnesota!

  138. Amanda says:

    Great block. My family stopped in your state when camping across the country one summer.

  139. Jen Beatty says:

    Great license plate. I did a great bus shop from IL to MN a few years ago and loved every shop in MN we went too.

  140. Carol says:

    Your photos are delightful…I feel as though I’ve been on a mini vacation to your great state! 🙂

  141. So pretty! Hope I can visit there one day!

  142. Kristin S. says:

    Hello from another Minnesotan (Buffalo.) Loved your post and couldn’t agree more with your four seasons picks. I’m constantly excited about what’s coming next in the year so now it’s swimming/cabin time and then sweetcorn will be ready, and then it’ll be the State Fair and then…I could literally go on and on. With the military, I served in many states and countries and actually liked them all but had to come back to my favorite state; life is good here!

  143. Really enjoying touring the state’s in the blog hop. Great plate!

  144. Linda Middlemist says:

    thanks for the pictures of your state. would love to visit someday. You did a good job on your license plate design

  145. Eleana Zeits says:

    Great BLOG!!

  146. LINDA says:

    HI, great block+photos too!
    Thanks for sharing in the Tour!

  147. Cheryl B says:

    Hello from one of your Wisconsin neighbors! I always enjoy a vacation in your lovely state and I agree that your great outdoors are your greatest asset.

  148. catskillquilter says:

    I loved the introduction to your state! I had no idea that you had so much water – in fact I am amazed that ANYwhere has so many, many lakes! Your license plate catches the spirit of Minnesota.

  149. Allison D says:

    I went to a wedding in MN once and it is beautiful there – so green and lush.

  150. Kelly Wilson says:

    Thanks for the state tour and hello from Wisconsin! I’ve been to Minneapolis/St Paul a few times but haven’t had a chance to travel the rest of the state.

  151. Debbi says:

    Beautiful license plate that really catches the essence of your state! I loved all of your fun facts also. Thanks for the giveaways!

  152. Brenda Hulsey says:

    I want to go there!!!

  153. Karen Thurn says:

    I enjoyed reading about your state although I know it well as it borders mine (ND) and have driven through it, camped in it and shopped it from its smallest tourist shops by the lakes to the Mall of America. Itasca state park is one of our favorite camping places. I’m glad you depicted the outdoors instead of the big city stuff on your quilt block. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway.

  154. Teresa says:

    Our oldest daughter attended college in MN. What a beautiful state!

  155. gibbspeggy says:

    I’ve never been to Minnesota, but would love to visit one day.

  156. Debra Kay Neiman says:

    Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. Beautiful Fall colors – love your pictures. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  157. Natasha Tung says:

    Minnesota is one of the states I have not yet been to! Eventually I will get to all of them! (22 so far I think!)

  158. Lovely plate! I also love you sun in the header 🙂 Thanks for hosting

  159. Chiska says:

    So fun to see all your great pictures and the fun plate!

  160. Linda Sugg says:

    Lovely block/plate. I enjoyed yourstate tour and the pictures. This blog tour has been a lot of fun and very informative. Thanks

  161. Jan and Tria says:

    I grew up in International Falls , Mn and deeply miss the clear waters and blue skies. I even miss winter! Love your MN license plate, thanks for sharing!

  162. Seamsmith says:

    Having lived in Minnesota most of my life, you really captured the essence of our state, although I think you forgot one season – road construction.

  163. Jennifer says:

    I’m sold – after reading your lovely description of your state, a nice long visit is now on top of the bucket list (once we retire and are full time RV’ers). Thanks for that special glimpse into your wonderful neck of the woods. 🙂

  164. Regina says:

    Iowa here = I love your use of color – American made is good

  165. rosa says:

    Beautiful block!!Hello from Spain.I`ve never been in Minnesota,thanks for the tour

  166. jessie hansen says:

    I love the American Made trend we have going on lately. So happy to see this line of fabric pop up.

  167. Marianne says:

    I’ve never been to Minnesota but it sounds beautiful.

  168. Donna W says:

    Love your Minnesota license place. Great place to vacation.

  169. cdahlgren2013 says:

    I was born and raised in Minnesota. Now I live in North Dakota, big move, huh?

  170. myzbarb says:

    I lived in Minnesota for a year (Eagle Bend and Wadena.) The people were very welcoming, although understanding those with a Norwegian accent took a while 🙂 Wish we could have stayed longer.

  171. DebbieK says:

    Love all the water – I’m definitely a lake girl!

  172. Mom C says:

    Minnesota is on my bucket list, I love the pictures, such gorgeous lakes. Thanks.

  173. Barb@Witsend says:

    Your seasons are very similar to ours up here in Ontario, Canada

  174. Pam S says:

    I love your intricate license plate that captures the essence of Minnesota so well. Thanks for sharing!

  175. Cynthia Knapp says:

    Great job on your license plate. I love how you show the 4 seasons.
    Cynthia Knapp

  176. S says:

    Your plate is cute. I’m so in your corner when it comes to the outdoors vs. other activities!

  177. Julie says:

    I’m your neighbor to the west South Dakota!

  178. minibea12 says:

    Minnesota is a beautiful state! Great fishing in all those lakes. Your block is awesome.

  179. Leticia says:

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  180. Juliet H says:

    Minnesota is such a beautiful state! Thanks for sharing!

  181. Deb says:

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  182. Missy says:

    Your block turned out great!

  183. diane says:

    Hi Neighbor:)
    Well I grew up in Wisconsin and now live on the Atlantic where water is abound but not quite like Minnesota. Your license plate depicts the four seasons in totality………outdoors the is thee best place for all of us to nurture our spirit. Thank you so much for the opportunities on the AMB tour.

  184. Barbara says:

    Your license plate is a great depiction of Minnesota. Except for college, I’ve lived here all my life. Thanks for leaving off the mosquitos, lol.

  185. Mara says:

    Loved the seasonal tour of Minnesota, it was so fun to read.

  186. Wendy says:

    Great plate! Beautiful pics! Have visited Minnesota for just a short time. It is very similar to Michigan and I would have to agree with you about the great outdoors.{except maybe winter}

  187. Helen says:

    We visit MN frequently for my appts at Mayo clinic and we vacationed in 2012 along the N shore of Lake Superior. The State is beautiful! Thank you for the giveaway!

  188. Lori B. says:

    My grandfather lived in Sandstone…many happy memories there!

  189. Kathy L says:

    Love your plate. Thanks for the chance to win.

  190. Zosia Koehler says:

    You did a great job on the plate! thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!!

  191. Sewing bird says:

    Now I am in lake-envy, here in Nevada!! Beautiful pics, great seasons on the license plate.

  192. Wanda Dotson says:

    Thanks for the tour. You make snow and water sound very enticing.

  193. Thread crazy says:

    What a beautiful description of your state and loved your license plate. I will have to work on one for state, Texas, which due to size, it’s like having 5 states in one. Thanks again for all the points of interest as we are planning on visiting Minnesota later this fall. Beautiful pictures also.

  194. Margaret says:

    I’ve heard that the Boundary Waters is a great place for canoeing. I’d love to check it out.

  195. Kris S says:

    Minnesota is such a beautiful state. Since we live in WI, we have come to MN many times for soccer tournaments or passing thru to all points west. You have done a great job of representing the state. Very nice design.

  196. Karen says:

    I’m a fellow Minnesotan (Twin Cities suburb) and just love your licence plate.

  197. Kim says:

    One of these days, I would like to visit Minnesota because I really want to see the Mall of America and there is a waterfall there that my friend said is gorgeous.

    • Well Minnehaha falls in Minneapolis is pretty spiffy, but there are tons of waterfalls–two of my favorites are up on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Another is south if the Twin Cities in the “Big Woods” of Laura Ingalls Wilder fame.

  198. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! We went to Minnesota for our summer vacation one year and had a great time!

  199. Cathy Remus says:

    Lovely license plate! I hope you get the tutorial link fixed soon 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway, too.

  200. Jocelyn says:

    We visited Minnesota last summer, and to our surprise it was COLD!! But what a delightful state. Thanks!

  201. Sheila Davidson says:

    I would love to make it to Minnesota, I have heard how beautiful it is there. Of course, I would also love to win the fabric package too. Maybe make a tribute to all the states.

  202. September Cluff says:

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! I would love to win these fabrics:)

  203. Emily C says:

    What a lovely block. I love how everyone really represents their state.

  204. becky m says:

    Hello from Pennsylvania! Thanks for all the great info on Minnesota!

  205. Renee says:

    Beautiful mini quilt!

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