Here there be Daleks

Yes, this is a post about quilting! But some of you might appreciate a little background first.

The Curious Quilter make a Dalke table runnerI admit it. I grew up loving the British television show Doctor Who. If you are not familiar with the show, it is a sci-fi classic. The first ones are extremely campy, and the newer ones, while the graphics and effects are better, well, they still have their moments of being a bit hokey. Doctor Who himself is a Time Lord, he travels in time in his TARDIS ship which is supposed to change its appearance to blend with any background. This one, however, has gotten stuck and always looks like  a British police box.

Loving the show as I do, when a friend on Instagram announced a new mini quilt (or other creation) swap, I said count me in. And so I joined the Make a Dalek, Make a Friend Swap (#makeadalekmakeafriend on IG). Rae from Rae’s Making It blog got it going.Over 100 crafty people signed up and were assigned someone to send their creation to in a few weeks. It could be a quilt, a painting, a purse, anything made by hand.

dalekThis is a Dalek – from the current version of the television show. Daleks are one of Doctor Who’s original nemesis’ from the original show in the 1960s. Without going into a lot of detail, their favorite word is Exterminate, and they are annoyingly vicious despite the fact that the first ones looked like garbage cans with plungers and whisks attached.

tardis2And this is the TARDIS, which many crafter chose to create instead of a Dalek, and that was certainly allowed! Actually many of the characters and creatures form the series showed up by the end of the swap time. Some were funny, some very serious, and some quite beautiful.

stitching on the backThe info about the person I was sending my Dalek to told me she had tons of “Whovian” stuff at home – so much so that her hubby had said No More! However, when they saw this swap, they both thought it would be a blast. Her favorite episode was also the scariest; upon reading about her young children though I opted for a simple version of Daleks that might not terrify the kids. I decided it had to be useful and easily enjoyed by  the whole family.

Table Runner by The Curious QuilterAnd so I made a table runner. I used fabrics found on Spoonflower, mostly created by fans of the show. I did fusible applique Daleks, with lots of stitched details. When I finished the first one, I got a pleasant surprise–the back was even cooler than the front! The sashing between the Daleks is miniature TARDIS’s. It was a lot of fun to make, but each Dalek took more time than I expected (of course!) I heard from her later saying that the whole family loved it.

Tiffanys TARDIS for MaryAnd I received a mini quilt in the mail from another swap member–this great rendition of the TARDIS! I am delighted with it, as personally I much prefer the TARDIS to a Dalek any day. Thanks to Tiffany, this now adorns my sewing room walls.

The creative and crafty people on the internet share so many great things, and a funky swap like this really brought out some unique items. Dalek by Julie PersingerKnitted Dalek tea cozies, TARDIS Swoon blocks, cross stitched Doctor Who characters, great little satchels with fab Whovian fabrics, and lots more. One of my favorites is this great Dalek close up created by Julie.

If you want to see more of these fun items, hop on the Instagram app, and search for #makeadalekmakeafriend today!
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One Response to Here there be Daleks

  1. djmat says:

    Fabulous Dr Who quilting ideas, goodness, hubby loves them! Bucket List!

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