Wandering Wednesday a Wee Bit Early

OK, I admit it. My mind wanders. Frustration does not help. Having my hard drive crash, eating a fully scripted fusible appliqué demo, has not helped my frustration level, so my mind is wandering a lot this week. The good word is that the drive is being recovered as I write, and will be restored to me soon.

Since my wandering mind is keeping me so busy, I thought I would invite you to join me on a little field trip. I would like to hop over to two different blogs today, and hope you will enjoy the visits.

Wandering Wednesday Visit to Driving Miss Stacey

Take a Wandering Wednesday visit to Driving Miss Stacey and check out the Orphan Block Give Away.

First stop is over to Driving Miss Stacey, where Stacey from Sew Far Sew Good Quilt Shop in Raleigh, NC has a great idea. She is asking her bloggy friends to join her in an Orphan Block Give Away. Watch her blog the next couple of weeks, she will be posting links for it! I have already had all my orphan blocks adopted, so have none to share, but think it will be a blast to see what others have!

Wandering Wednesday with Driving Miss Staceys Place Cards

Check out Stacey's tutorial for fun place cards!

While Stacey has a great studio to show you, and some fun quilting project too, her food offerings are sure to get your attention. And her Thanksgiving Place Card Tutorial features delightful crafted and stitched placecards that may motivate you to crank some out and invite dinner guests over!

Wandering Wednesday visit to Free Motion Quiting Project

Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project is the next stop for all Wednesday Wanderers.

Then, for a real change of pace, let us wander over to Leah Day’s great Free Motion Quilting Project blog! If you are not yet familiar with Leah Day, she is a simply stellar quilter, teacher, and author. Last year she got it in her head to start a blog featuring one new free motion quilting design every day for a year. She hit day 243 yesterday, and is still churning out patterns from from intriguing to gorgeous! Be warned, you will find something that you are just itching to try!

I hope you enjoy your Wednesday Wanderings, but remember to come back and enter my giveaway too! With any luck, the fusible appliqué demo will finally be coming up this week too!


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Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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2 Responses to Wandering Wednesday a Wee Bit Early

  1. Martin says:

    The Free Motion QUilting Project site is Very Fun!

  2. marilyn w says:

    Wow, I sure could use a video on applique. Thanks!


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