Emailing hiccup…but almost done

The challenge of matching 1962 charm sets and getting out all the emails and making as few errors as possible—well things don’t always go as planned.   I set up the matches, they were double checked. That is a human process so bound to have a few mistakes in it which are easy to fix once found.

Two Inch Treasure Quilt #1

You don’t have to be crazy but it helps.

Then I set up the mail merge, and actually pre-screened every email quickly to see if it looked like what the giant spreadsheet showed. Triple checking might be a great idea there but too time consuming. Besides by now all the names are a jumbled in my head…

Off the emails went, trickling out over a couple of days. I could sleep!

Next night though, with 75% out, i had a serious failing of my brain power and turned off my computer before I went to bed. That stopped the mailing. and made for a funky hiccup when I restarted. But it was back on,. until I saw more problems from the hiccup. So I stopped it last night before bed. I had my 16 month old grandson with me, and opted for sleep after that. I am fixing the rest now. The last bit will be manually done emails today.

And yes, the usual little errors have happened, but not too badly. Of the 87% now out, so far I have only had 6 little charm sets assigned badly. At least as far as people have told me! That means about 1750 little sets have been correct so far, and that is not all bad. If you have one of those wayward ones ,please do EMAIL ME HERE.

Again, sorry for the delay but THANK YOU for your patience.

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2 Responses to Emailing hiccup…but almost done

  1. Jacque T says:

    Thank you for the update! I know I have been scanning my e-mail looking forward to my charm matches!! Don’t knock yourself out, it will all work out in the end. Thank you again for your diligence. Have a happy Sunday and enjoy that 16 month old grand-baby! I had the joy of spending yesterday with my 15 month granddaughter and they make life wonderful! Hugs!

  2. Mary D says:

    Thanks for the update. Yes this is a monumental task for anyone. I am still waiting patiently. I am hoping I am one in the last 13% you will still send out.

    Keep getting the rest you need and enjoying the other parts of your life as you address the throngs of waiting swappers.

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