October 2016 Swap emails are on their way…

flying-charmsThe matching of 1982 charm sets to swap is complete. That means a lot of little parcels will be heading out in the mail!  All those charms together woudl create five queen sized quilts.

The emails are set and started going out at midnight. Yes, once again, they go out in little batches over a 36 hour window. That is so my service provider does not shut me down for “suspicious activity!”  The sending order is random. You may hear from a swap partner before you get your own email. Hold on until the weekend before letting me know if you did not get one.

Check your SPAM folder. All emails are marked clearly from The Curious Quilter.

A few important notes for all swappers and newbies to read:

  1. I still have swappers/newbies Missing In Action with some info who have not replied to my emails! If you are one of the people listed here please email me fast.  — B.L. from ED******, MO — C.T. from Ham******,  UK —-  J.V. from S****, AK —- V. Y. from M*****, RUssia —- E.B. from Col*****, MD —
  2. Swap partners share personal info with their partners. Respect that and do not share it with other swappers.
  3. Newbies, you will hear from your donor/s. You do not need to send them anything, just an email of thanks once you get their charms.
  4. Some people are still confused about the term NEWBIE. you are a NEWBIE if you do not have enough stash to cut 100 different fabric charms from. Newbies do not send anyone charms, they just get gift sets of charms from some swappers. If you are new to my swaps but have sets of 100 to trade, you are a Swapper. You cannot get Newbie gift sets. No one can be both a newbie and a swapper.
  5. Despite heroic efforts by me and my proofreading helper, there WILL be mistakes in the matching. I will do my best to resolve them as fast as I can.
  6. Remember that every quilter has different taste, budgets, and so on. Please accept your swap sets graciously,  I cannot police all the swap sets. IF you get a set that has lots of duplicates r poorly cut charms, I appreciate knowing so I can have a conversation with that swapper for their next swap. Serious problems DO let me know–angels may be able to replace a really bad set. But mostly, swapping is a fun way to meet other quilters, and grow your charm stash variety very quickly. (YES, if you missed it in the rules, solids are allowed! Just not as the majority of charms). Re-read the Basics before you grumble, and talk it through with your partner in a pleasant way.
  7. Put the address of the person on the inside of the envelope as well as the outside. It stands a better chance of getting through if the parcel gets damaged.
  8. And do not even think of sending a gift to the swap manager. Seriously. I have enough stuff for my next two lifetimes.

So keep an eye on your mail and let your partners know when you mail their lovely little charms!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com

october-2016-swap-signup-is-open  © 2016 The Curious Quilter, mary@maryeoriginals.com. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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8 Responses to October 2016 Swap emails are on their way…

  1. Nina Talbrant says:

    What a job you’ve done. You have my gratitude, how can I give back a little of what you are doing to us?

  2. Deirdre says:

    Wow what a lot of work. Thank you Mary for all you do!

  3. Suzie says:

    Thanks so much for organising this! It is such a pleasure to participate!

  4. lynne hogan says:

    my excitement is growing!!!! you are a wonderful administrator! if you need something, just ask!

  5. Betty Moulton says:

    I add my thanks for all your work- it is such a fun way to share!

  6. Teri Bamert says:

    I’m so excited


  7. Looking forward to it! Thanks as always for the Herculean effort.

  8. Lydia W. says:

    Can’t wait! Any updates on emails? This is always an exciting swap. Thank you!

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