October 2016 PSQ Charm Swap is Now Closed

The waiting begins…

morethanjustquilts-a-great-quilt-by-beverleyThe last signup actually came in over night, at the deadline!  Now the matching begins, and this takes a bit of time no matter how lovely the signup form is. Bear with me a few days here so I can do it, have my bashful helper double check it, and get all the swap and newbie assignments ready to email back to you. My goal is to have that all set by Wednesday, but I will keep you informed on that front.

Some inspiration to enjoy while you are waiting! The photo shown is was not done by a swapper in this round, but a talented quilter with a great eye for color and design. I love how the use of two simple blocks—pinwheel and 16-square checkerboard of charms—come together in a pattern that looks ornate and fabulous, but is pretty straightforward to create. Beverley’s use of color and a traditional white background make for  a real classic from this Australian quilter. Check out her Etsy store to see more lovely quilts, or follow her on Instagram @morethanjustquilts.Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com


   @2016 The Curious Quilter, Al Rights Reserved. maryeoriginals.com


About thecuriousquilter

Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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4 Responses to October 2016 PSQ Charm Swap is Now Closed

  1. I never get tired of seeing charm quilts. Here is a link to my latest large one: https://weddingdressblue.wordpress.com/2016/07/29/the-hundred-patch-quilt/

  2. Tina M Cox says:

    Was not able to do it at this time due to moving, would like to do it next year. Please keep me posted. If I change my email address I will let you know. Thank You
    Tina M Cox

  3. Lynne Hogan says:

    I m very excited!!!!

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