Countdown to Closing the October 2016 Charm Swap Signup

A few Two Inch Treasure boxesI do not know about where you are, but here in Minnesota time just seems to be FLYING by. Tomorrow is the last day to signup for this year”s swap. When I get up on Friday morning, the form will disappear and you will need to wait until next year.  (Yes, I did say that, another swap sometime next year. Stay tuned.)

So far we have 184 swappers and a ton of newbies. That makes for a lot of little charm sets ready to go in the mail! As returning swappers know, it takes a few days to get all the swap emails out telling you where to send your charms, so patience is required for a bit.

A few common questions this year stem from the NEWBIE category. A Newbie is someone who has a small stash and cannot create a stack of 100 different fabrics with no duplicates. Newbies RECEIVE Newbie GIfts from Swappers. Newbies do not send charms to any one. All they send is their thanks! (Being new to my swap but able to create full sets of 100 still makes you a swapper, not a newbie.)

Another common question, how to change your signup info. best way is to signup again, and make a NOTE in the note section that this replaces your prior signup. It is really hard for me to keep track fo emails, blog comments, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram comments for changes.

Double check your charm sets, toss the duplicates and replace them, count out at least 100 for each swap set, and get them ready to mail. When you mail please put the mailing address on the INSIDE of the envelope as well as the outside in case it gets opened in transit.

Peruvian Arpilleras showing protest over living conditions, circa 1980.

Peruvian Arpilleras showing protest over living conditions, circa 1980.

Lest you get bored while you are waiting, let me suggest the following two old blog posts of mine. You will notice a political theme. I am certain there are few places on Earth that are not aware of our election this round.  Check out I Am The  Curious Quilter, and I Approved This Message.  If current politics are overwhelming you, try  Quilts That Communicate Politics and History: South American Story Quilts. I know many of you are faithful followers and have read these before, but there are a lot of new names on the signup list! Enjoy!Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com


october-2016-swap-signup-is-open© 2016 by The Curious Quilter, All rights reserved.


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One Response to Countdown to Closing the October 2016 Charm Swap Signup

  1. I am very glad that you got such a good response to this swap. Thanks for hosting this again.

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