October Charm Swap Signup Window Opens Today


It is time to start signing up  for the October 2016 Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap! Please review these simple rule reminders, which includes several changes from prior swaps. Check out the complete rules under The Basics:


  1. 2016-postage-stamp-quilt-charm-swaps-buttonYou can only be a NEWBIE once. After that, start gathering for the next swap.
  2. You can request which size charms you are interested in. Every attempt will be made to get that size to you.
  3. You must agree to send a Thank You email to your donor/s once the charms are received.
  4. You understand that your signup information will be shared, but only with your swap donor/s.
  5. You agree to not share your swap partner/donor contact or other info with anyone else and to respect their confidentiality.


  1. You may swap sets of 100 DIFFERENT charms in these sizes: 1.5 inch, 2 inch , or 2.5 inches. Charms must be cut from quilt-quality cotton fabric, not flannel or homespuns. ALL SETS MUST BE CUT and ready before you signup to swap.
  2. You may swap up to 8 sets in each size. US quilters please note: for every 5 sets (any size) you swap, you must accept at least one International partner but more is appreciated, see below..
  3. You are asked to share sets of 50 charms for Newbies, which is a gift, not a swap.IF YOU ARE SWAPPING FIVE  or more sets of 100 charms, you MUST put at least one newbie set of 50 charms up for donation. More is even better!
  4. Mailbox common licenseOver half our swappers are not in the United States, which makes for a terrific variety of fabrics. Everyone is expected to accept at least some International swappers (remember, our swappers who live in Malaysia or Germany always have to ship internationally, so it is fair to return the favor.)  This year I have changed the rules to require every swapper  to accept AT LEAST one international partner for every 5 sets they swap. Obviously, swappers from countries where there are few participants will need to do all international, asking swappers in countries with larger participation, especially US, Canada and Australia, ensures that everyone gets a great variety of partners. If you package your charms in a legal size letter envelope, postage rates are often just the “oversize first class rate” Bubble mailers run the cost up significantly. If you are not certain which to do, talk to your swap partner about their mail service before you mail your packet.
  5. You understand that your signup information will be shared, but only with your swap partners and Newbies.
  6. You agree to not share your swap/newbie partner contact or other info with anyone else and to respect their confidentiality. This is a big deal here!
  7. Angels needed! Please leave a note in the comment section at the end of the signup form (not on this post) if you have some extra sets in case I need “angels” to help round out a swapper’s sets, or replace a lost one.

I am serious about the confidentiality factor, so no sharing info about one swap partner with another. People are banned from future swaps if they do so.

Likewise, failure to get your packets delivered to your partners in a reasonably timely fashion can get you blocked from future swaps. If you have a problem, please let me know, or your partners. I appreciate you trying to work things out between partners first, last round I was buried with complaints that were beyond my control – about quality of fabrics, cutting accuracy, and missing  swappers. I can only do so much, but I ask you all to be gracious and kind in yoru exchanges.

Novelty CharmsAnd FINALLY: The point of the swap is to have fun and build the variety of your stash on your way to creating a postage stamp quilt. Everyone has different tastes, budgets, and cutting skills. Please accept your charms with a quilter’s grace, and leave the quilt police out of it. People also have lives outside of the swap and those lives can get in the way (for any of us!) HAVE FUN!



Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comoctober-2016-swap-signup-is-open   © 2016 by The Curious Quilter, maryeoriginals.com. All rights reserved.


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19 Responses to October Charm Swap Signup Window Opens Today

  1. Iris says:

    Mary, your new sign up form is great!! Thank you for doing this swap!
    I have just one question: Do you need to know whether my sets of 100 charms are matching, or unique? I can’t find this in the sign up form.
    I hope for a lot of participants, and I do wish you a smooth swap,
    Iris, Germany

    • Iris, and others, I am just sending one set to each partner these days – so the unique and matching requirements of bygone years are gone. Hopefully it is simpler. SO few people want to swap more than one set with another swapper, I had to cut that off.

  2. Jane Quilter says:

    Mary, I have never done this before, so I assume this makes me a newbie. But I have preped and pre-packaged 8 sets of 100 , 2.5″ charms: and pre-packaged 4 sets of 50. I am willing to send one internationally.

  3. Virginia says:


  4. Michelle says:

    I used the form to sign up for the swap. Is there any sort of confirmation?

  5. Lois Olsen says:

    I wish you smooth sailing with this swap and THANK YOU SO MUCH for continuing to do this for us.

  6. Jacque T says:

    Mary, thank you so much for doing this swap again!! I am truly grateful and looking forward to another fun round of swapping with everyone!! So excited, had so much fun cutting my sets too!! The sign up form was great, easy to do. Thanks again! 🙂

  7. Just signed up. The form is great — though with the previous system I could see how many swappers were in my group and also it was nice to see again people from the previous swaps. I´ll keep my fingers crossed, so that everything works smoothly.

  8. helenmarie says:

    I signed up on day one as a newbie with two unique sets. (set C & D)
    Since then I have gotten together with a friend and have two more sets… uniquely different fabrics from the first two, but with some repeat fabrics between these two sets (sets A & B)…. So today I added these new sets as a swapper and also included an extra set of 50 that have some repeat fabrics. I hope that is a clear as mud and not too confusing for you! LOL

    • You can be either a swapper or a newbie but not both newbies do not cut prep or send charm sets, the just receive them as gifts. I would suggest the your friend also sign up as a swapper and you two let me know by email how many sets of 100 different fabrics (that’s each set of.100 charms has no fabric repeats in it) you each have and in which size.

  9. Sylvia McLean says:

    I already signed up, but I’d like to inform you I have a newbie set ready also.

  10. I too am a newbie. I have 8 envelopes of 100 squares to trade and 2 envelopes of 50 to donate to newbies. Can’t wait to start mailing mine out and receiving others back. I will sent to one oversea person

  11. Madeleine says:

    I only have enough to send to a newbie, not enough to swap. How do I fill that in on the form?
    Regards from Madeleine in South Africa

    • Please just sign up as a newbie. Newbies do not swap-they RECEIVE gifts from other quilters (swappers). It gives you the chance to start on a postage stamp quilt, and if you grow your stash you can swap next round. If you make a habit of cutting a few charms for swapping every time you cut something out of suitable fabric, you charm pile can grow fast.

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