Yes! There will be a PSQ Charm Swap in October 2016

Hello all you Postage Stamp Charm Quilt Lovers out there!

2016-postage-stamp-quilt-charm swaps-buttonThere will be a charm swap coming up with signup October 6-10, 2016.  Start cutting charms, if you do not already have your stacks ready!

Check out the complete rules HERE and note there are some real changes this year, particularly with guild and household swappers.

The last swap almost did me in, it has taken a year to get my fortitude up to take on another one. Of course there have been several other things going on in my life as well this year, more on that in another post.

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22 Responses to Yes! There will be a PSQ Charm Swap in October 2016

  1. Gramma Bonnie says:

    I’ve been cutting, collecting and waiting hopefully. Thanks for taking it on again! Meanwhile with no real hope in sight, I completed putting together the pieces I have been collecting for the past 3 years. Just have to sandwich and quilt. Am looking forward to seeing it on my bed!

  2. You are a brave woman. I recently finished a long-term postage stamp project. 5700+ pieces, but worth them all.

  3. MARY D says:

    Mary I have a question per this comment: “For every five sets of 100 charms you are swapping, please include at least one International set”. Are you talking about swapping 6 sets here or are you really talking 5 sets and to be willing to ship 1 set internationally? The 2nd option I have no problem doing.

    Also this swap is requiring us to gift a set to new quilters if we want to exchange 5 sets or more. I want to ask if we would be required to ship the gift set internationally. The postage internationally has exploded in cost. I know from the online block swaps I was in. I would only be interested in shipping the gift set within the USA and limited to a certain size. Would that be an issue?

    I have participated in this swap before and would look forward to participating again.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • I will email you but to give a simple reply – I am asking that people be willing to at least make every 6th set (or more!) international.

      And mailing a newbie set anywhere is low cost – you spread them out on paper to firing a legal envelop and it goes at twice the usual first class rate in U.S. Or twice the intl. letter rate elsewhere. One ounce letters from US to 150 countries is only $1.50.

      I am asking this of all as many of our swappers are not in U.S. And do not have the option to decline Intl. I am trying to spread the expense as fairly as I can.

      Do remember that if you have 6 sets to swap and only one goes abroad – that partner is most likely paying to send all six of their sets at higher Intl postage rates!

      And quilters everywhere are all fun to share with!

  4. Ada Dalley says:

    I am so glad you are doing another swap I have on my sqs cut and ready to post. Thanks for doing it again Ada D

  5. Mary D says:

    Ok I think I understand. Signing up to swap 5 sets (or more) is actually agreeing to swap 7 sets (or more), including 1 designated international & 1 newbie which could go international. I assume that even some of the 5 sets could also be international.

    If we sign up for 4 or less swap sets that will not include a mandatory newbie set & a mandatory designated international set, but again I assume any of the 4 sets could be international. Let me know if my understanding in correct.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • Mary D says:

      FYI I have packaged all of my swap charms and checked the international postage rates (from the USA) at the post office yesterday. For the 50 charm newbie set (2″) my package weighed 1.10 ozs and the first class postage was $2.13. For the 100 charm set (2.5″) the package weighed over 2 ozs (forgot exact weight) and the first class postage was $3.30. Now these are just postage rate estimates to give some idea as I know we will be shipping different size charms and packaging them different ways. I packaged my charms in a card sized envelope (think birthday card, holiday card), stacked in 6 stacks by 2 rows on a postcard wrapped with Glad Cling wrap. The postcard gives stability to the envelope as it goes through the postal machine process and keeps the envelope from getting mangled.

      I also have shipped using the polyethylene bags that I have often received when I ordered items especially from China. These poly bags are not machine readable and must be hand cancelled (in the USA) which is why the post office charges additional postage when mailing with these. I have found these envelopes to be practically indestructible (though anything can get mangled when mailing right) and they don’t require any extra card stock to be sturdy. I may consider using these envelopes for any international swap packages I send. I will check postage rates for these and post later.

      Here is a link to the bags if anyone is interested poly bgs

  6. Iris R says:

    Oh Mary, so glad to see you are back with us postage stamp charm enthusiasts – and with a new swap! I have been sewing and cutting, and I am looking forward to mailing my charms – all of them internationally if there isn’t another swapper from Germany!

  7. Nina Talbrant says:

    So glad to hear from You again. So brave of you to do this again, though the difficulties you were up to at last swap. Most grateful for the time you have spent joining us swappers.

    You have given me joy over the past swaps. I have found many quilting friends all over the world (only International for me since I come from Sweden) and I have also met very grateful newbies. Definitely going to give to newbies again.

    A tip about packing squares. I slide/displace my squares aside a little bit enaugh to fit the envelope so it gets as flat as possible and just use plastic foil as wrap (= light weight) to keep squares from getting wet/keeping them together.

  8. Lyn Campbell says:

    Having been a newbie last year I was extremely grateful for the three sets of charms I received, two from the U.S.and one from Sweden, the generosity shown to me by this group is outstanding. I have been collecting and cutting pieces of fabric ever since waiting for the next swap so I can return the favour. I am happy to post them anywhere and I guess as I live in the UK all mine will be international.

  9. Great to hear about the new swap! And your courage to do such a thing is admirable (I think each participant should send you a set of charms as a thank-you gift.) Not sure if I manage to participate, as I´ll be away from home (AGAIN!) at the planned time. But I´ll do my best.

  10. Welcome back! Glad to hear things are going better for you. Also glad to hear there will be another swap 8)

  11. Joanne O. says:

    Thank you so much for giving this swap a go again. I have Ben busy cutting and prepping my packs and checking your blog monthly for past year to see if you were going to do it again. I will be and is on this upcoming swap..can’t wait! Kudoos to you!!!!

  12. Salley Govey says:

    Hi Mary . . . I know what a debacle last year’s swap was . . and am very thrilled you are putting on the armour for another Swap this year.
    Thankyou so much.

  13. jfruehwirth says:

    Dear Mary….my friend who introduced me into the marvelous world of PSQ texted me yesterday to say there was an email saying sign ups on 8th. Yeah, but I did not get that email. So wondering if others are in the same boat. Can’t wait until the swap, so I know others feel that way too. Maybe, need to resend just in case. Till swap time, your friend, Jane Fruehwirth.

  14. jfruehwirth says:

    Dear Mary….my friend who introduced me into the marvelous world of PSQ texted me yesterday to say there was an email saying sign ups on 8th. Yeah, but I did not get that email. So wondering if others are in the same boat. Can’t wait until the swap, so I know others feel that way too. Maybe, need to resend just in case. Till swap time, always your friend, Jane Fruehwirth.

    • Jane – perhaps your friend subscribes to follow my blog? I did not send a separate email but announced it here a few times and on social media. Hope you are on board !

      • Shirley Fruehwirth says:

        Well, I think I am!!!! I certainly wouldn’t miss the swap and I have sent the first notice to some possible newbies in KC area. I will double check my settings thank you for all your generous hard work here!!!

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