September PSQ Charm Swap–Where Has Summer Gone?

Attention all you lovers of Postage Stamp Quilts, and the PSQ Charm Swaps! Watch for the post on September 16, 2015 that will open the sign-up window for the next swap.

2015-postage-stamp-quilt-charm swaps-buttonKeep in mind that, as swappers, you MUST have your charm sets all cut and ready before you can sign-up to swap. For complete information about the swaps, and the rules on preparing and participating, read my Postage Stamp Charm Swaps . . . page. Be sure to check out all the related links included there. Even returning swappers should take the time to review this info. Newbies, you can receive charms as gifts! Read the NEWBIE section on the Basics page.

Now go track down your quilting friends, and get them to join the fun this round as well. The more people, the better the swap! Remember, sign-up will begin on September 16th. You must sign-up via the link on that post, and sign-up will close at midnight CDT US on September 23, 2015.
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Where HAS this summer gone? It has flown by!  I am in the process of moving from my house to an apartment, and doing serious downsizing. It is rather liberating, actually, but a huge job, as I have lived here 37 years. Not moving for a bit yet, but it has consumed most of my free time. And I have packed up all my sewing save for some hand work, and that third baby quilt I have been telling you is coming. Eventually.

Baby Quilt Three detailThe purging and packing have contributed greatly to me being largely silent on the blogging front recently as well.  I have lots of drafts just waiting to be cleaned up, so the dam will break one day, I promise.

And the third baby quilt? Here is a snippet of a detail. A bunny tucked into a snowbank under a pine tree. This one is for my first grandchild, an adorable boy now two-months old! It is a cozy winter weight so not needed in the humid heat of a Minnesota summer, fortunately. Exciting times, and yet another major distraction!
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com

Back to the swap. When I did the first one I thought it would be a fun little project, sharing my love of postage stamp quilts and helping even beginners build a stash full of a wide variety of charms. And it has been, but it can wear me out as well. It is not the volume of swappers, the more the merrier. It is the wrangling of wayward quilters, the managing of comments about the style or quality of charms shared,  and the myriad of other complaints that come through. I have even had to prepare a special instruction sheet to inform some smaller post offices in the US that there really is a country called Mauritius  and it gets mail very nicely if you just let us send it!

After a while it gets to be too much, and leaves me rather fried on the blog upkeep! I miss sharing other things with you.  So in 2016 I will commit to ONE swap, date to be determined. If any blogger out there is interested in talking to me about doing a partner swap, email me and let’s talk about it.
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3 Responses to September PSQ Charm Swap–Where Has Summer Gone?

  1. mego98125 says:

    You are the BEST!!! This is a huge job and you have been great! ONE is doable. Thanks for EVERYTHING!

  2. Lea says:

    The last swap was my first. I just wanted to let people know how affordable it is swapping internationally. I paid less than $2.50 to mail mine to Slovakia. And I could have paid less had I shipped them the same way as one of my swappers shipped them to me (stagger the charms across the length of the letter’s envelope, so that there is no bump of fabric in the middle, wrapping two rows of 25 squares in plastic wrap). This allows the letter to be run through the machines at the post office, and in turn, costs less. I will be swapping again in Sept. Thanks for setting these swamps up for us.

  3. Suzie says:

    What an amazing idea! I love small piecing! As a newbie I will start collecting charms for the 2016 swap now!

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