A Swapper’s Postage Stamp Quilt Gets Published

Have you traded postage stamp quilt (PSQ) charms with Nina T, one of our swappers from Sweden? I know many of you have, as Nina has taken part in several swaps. She has posted her progress on our PSQ Flickr pages, but this time her finished PSQ got a bit more attention.

The magazine Rikstäcket, published by Swedish Quilting Association, shared this striking PSQ with its members across Sweden. I am so happy for Nina that the magazine chose to feature her quilt!

Nina T quilt as featured in Rikstäcket, Swedish quilting magazine (c)Nina writes, “Quilting is a small hobby in Sweden. We have 10 million residents, but only 2600 members in the national quilting association. But we have many small guilds connected to the nationwide, approx 80.

“It took me 2 years to sew as leaders/enders and quilt and half (1120 pieces) of the charms are from swappers and half from my stash. I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration from your blog and help of my swappers.”

Congratulations Nina–on a beautiful finished quilt, and the well-deserved recognition. Perhaps more Swedish quilters will be inspired to join the next swap.
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11 Responses to A Swapper’s Postage Stamp Quilt Gets Published

  1. Tina Cox says:

    Yes she is in my swap this year. That is great news . Proud of her.
    Tina Cox

  2. Lydia W. says:

    Yay, Nina! She was lovely to swap with.

  3. julierose says:

    Lovely finish–isn’t that terrific that she got published!! Hugs, Julierose

  4. Lea Springer says:

    Hearty congratulations to Nina! As a newbie 2 or 3 swaps ago, I received 50 charms from her and what a surprise it was! Not only was I thrilled and grateful to receive them (as well as some from quilters in the U.S) but as Nina lives in the Swedish city where I was born and lived for 7 years, it was truly a wonderful coincidence! If all goes according to plan, I hope to travel there in the near future and have the opportunity to thank and congratulate her in person! Well done, Nina!

  5. Lea Springer says:

    I also want to thank “The Curious Quilter” for creating this fortuitous opportunity to meet Nina!

  6. Pam J L says:

    Such a beautiful charm quilt! Congratulations on the article!

  7. Lea says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations.

  8. mary jo mosier says:

    Congratulations!! That is a very beautiful quilt!!

  9. Astrid says:

    Congratulations Nina! Love your quilt!

  10. Salley says:

    NIna and I have already had some email sharing . . as she and I are “partnered” this round of swaps . . I am so lucky . . and Yes! She is warm and Lovely!.
    Congratulations Nina..on being published. This quilt is such a beautiful creation.
    I too find it a tragedy to throw away any tiny piece of fabric that can be used in a new way.

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