Quilt for a Baby Boy

I have a FINISH!  Can you hear me cheer? It has been a while . . .

Baby Boy Block Quilt from The Curious QUilterThere are three babies coming to friends and family in the next two months. So there are three baby quilts, or “comfies” coming up to share with you. But not until they are given to the families, of course.

The first is for a baby boy, and it started with a set of Kona solid charms. Add the delightful Michael Miller Tara’s Fireworks fabric to the back, and you have  a simple but adorable reversible quilt.  Finish it with the silky satin binding that babies and toddlers so love–heavenly!

Flip Side Quilt for Baby Boy from The Curious QullterIn my family we call these Comfies. A Comfy can be a safe resting place on the floor or yard.  A Comfy can keep a toddler cozy right up until they move to a big bed, and beyond. A Comfy can be  a super hero cape, or a tent, or a great place to lay in front of the fireplace or TV.  Roll up in a Comfy, and you can unroll as a butterfly. Comfies are slightly larger than a baby quilt batt, and have lasted decades sometimes, even with regular use.

There will be more Comfies coming in the next couple of weeks.
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5 Responses to Quilt for a Baby Boy

  1. mego98125 says:

    Absolutely darling! I, too, have been putting together baby quilts lately. This pattern will be a great addition. LOVE the satin edging…I remember my son loving to rub the satin against his cheek when he was a toddler!

  2. LOVE that backing fabric. A great choice for a lovely quilt.

  3. knitnkwilt says:

    I like the “comfy” concept, and the quilt. I must find some satin for binding; I like that idea.

  4. djmat says:

    Cannot decide if I like the front or back best, way to go, Mary! Yippeee!

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