April 2015 Postage Stamp Quilt Fabric Charm Swap Sign-up is Open

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Welcome to the ninth PSQ charm swap here at The Curious Quilter! The April 2015 Postage Stamp Quilt Fabric Charm Swap begins today. You can sign-up to swap, or request a Newbie Gift by leaving a comment on THIS post, anytime between April 15-22, 2015. Complete details follow, and even return swappers should read on to learn more.

Cut b4 signup reminderStart packaging your sets and sign up to swap. I KNOW that many of you are already hooked, but I encourage you to invite a friend to join this time. The more swappers, the more variety. Returning swappers, I am glad to have you back. If you are a new swapper, you must review all the rules below carefully, look through the links included. You can find inspiration in the Postage Stamp Charm Swap pages on the menu bar above.

© CQ PSQ Flickr Photo SamplerYes, I am repeating my words from previous swaps, but there are new swappers out there too, so bear with me please. Even if you didn’t take part in a previous swap, you are most welcome to take part in this one. And if you have been here before, I am comforted to know that my obsession is shared. Be sure to put your collections and progress shots up on our Flickr pages! We have lots of photos, and there are a couple of really fun variations shown.

What is this all about? Postage Stamp Quilts (PSQ’s) are made with small square charms, ranging from 1″ to 2.5″ before sewing. Most quilters strive to make one with as few duplicate fabric squares as possible, but there are some really striking quilts out there that have alternating solids, or lots of repeats. A lot of people are like me, they collect fabric scraps or charms with the plan to make a PSQ sometime. The goal is to get people to actually MAKE a postage stamp quilt. Sooner, not later.

Me? Obsessed? HA! My collection of two-inch treasures reached well over 40,000 charms, and I started stitching them up a couple of years ago. I have finished seven of them, with 3-4,000 charms in each. And yes, I do keep cutting and collecting them. Every quilt fabric that comes into my house gets a few charms cut out of it. If you are new here, or just want to prove to your family that SOME people have more piles of charms than you, read more, and even more, about my journey to use my collection.

Postage Stamp Quilts Playing with Color

There are many ways to play with little fabric charms!

Help a New Quilter start a charm collection! Newbie Gifts are included in the swap this again round. I hear from new quilters who want to make a PSQ quilt, but do not have 100 fabrics to cut charms from. This is NOT a swap, it is a gift. If you are a new quilter who cannot swap, but would like to start a charm collection, sign up below. If you are a quilter with charms to spare, please sign up to donate a set or two. Details below.

Special note about newbie gifts. Many previous Newbie Gift Donors do not want to do it anymore because their Newbie Partners never acknowledged receiving their gift. Some common courtesy is absolutely required. Your donor makes the effort to cut and pack your charms, and pays the postage to get them to you. Let them know when the package arrives!

I have updated the basic rules for swapping below, but also want to refer you to the main Postage Stamp Charm Swap pages and the other pages ounder that tab, above.

One note for returning swappers: I am not a meanie, really, but if your partner(s) still hasn’t received their charms from you, I will not be matching you with a new partner this round. Fix it, and you can join!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHow to Swap PSQ Charms

Preparing your Charm Sets to Swap Sign-Up to Swap Newbie Gifts! Puzzled? Find help!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comPreparing Your Charm Sets To Swap:

Before you sign-up to swap, you MUST have your charm sets ready to mail. That saves time at the mailing week, and ensures that you actually have as many sets as you want to swap already cut and ready. Last minute cutting messes up swapping big time! Please note, for the April 2015 swap, you are limited to swapping 8 charm sets in each size that you select.

Charm Size Comparison - stitchedYou have to decide which size charms you want to swap. (My personal favorites are 2″ charms, but most beginners use the 2.5″ ones.) Check out the info in Let’s Talk Size, found on . . . The Basics page, which compares sizes and the number of charms needed for a quilt, then pick 1.5″, 2″, or 2.5″ charm squares, get out your scraps, and start cutting. Cut some for you, and some to swap. Please use only 100% cotton fabric that is suitable for quilting. When you hold it up to the light, you should not be able to see through it. Homespuns or flannels should not be used for this swap. Yes, a few solids are fine in a set, and if you have the pinked-edge pre-cut charms a few of them can be included as well. Hopefully, your fabric has been pre-washed before cutting, but that may not always be possible. Be sure to use good cutting practices while preparing your charms, no selvages, never torn, no ripped-out stitch holes showing, and so on. No one cuts perfectly, but strive for accuracy in your cutting.

For this swap, if you are interested in one inch charms, please cut two-inch charms to swap. You will have more people available to swap with, although you will have to quarter the ones you receive.

Novelty Charms

Novelty charms are fun in these quilts!

Keep cutting. Fussy cut some fun novelties. Solids, stripes, plaids, prints, metallics, embellished, almost anything goes. Bust up as much stash as you want. Cut up strips and charm squares that you are not using.

Make sets of 100 to swap. Count them out into stacks of 100, with no duplicates in each stack. (Large-scale prints may read as different fabrics when cut into small charms, which is acceptable.) So every set of 100 charms will have no duplicates, and is a UNIQUE set. If you cut 400 squares from 400 fabrics, you have four unique sets. If you cut 400 squares, 4 each from 100 fabrics, you have four matching sets. OK, that may sound confusing, but think of it this way: with unique sets, you could swap them all to one person, but with matching sets, you would swap one set to each of four people, so no duplicates came through!* Don’t sweat it, justRed Star Means Changedholler if you are stuck. If you have 100 charms to swap, you will get 100 charms back. If you have 800 charms to swap, you can get 800 charms back. You are limited to swapping 1-8 sets in each charm size you select.

*Note: A UNIQUE set has each one different. Two UNIQUE sets have 200 different fabrics. If you only have one set, with all different fabrics, it is UNIQUE. Two MATCHING SETS means that you have two sets cut from 100 different fabrics, but each set is the same. The sets match each other. A goal with postage stamp quilts is to have few or no repeats, so ‘coordinated sets’ – say with 4 each of 25 fabrics, are not acceptable for this swap. That said, however, some duplicates are acceptable in Newbie Sets, read below.

Keep some for yourself. Set aside the number of these stacks that you want to keep for your own stash, after all, they are YOUR little treasures! Once you get started, you may want to make more than one quilt.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSign-Up To Swap!

A favorite Postage Stamp Quilt.

My classic PSQ that I made with over 4,000 two-inch charms.

Now that you have cut and counted, you are ready to sign-up to swap. I will be matching you up to one or more other swappers, and emailing you both so you can share mailing addresses. I will be getting those emails off as fast as I can, but please do not worry if you do not hear before April 31st! (Remember, I have a job, and family, a life,  and I write two blogs, so it takes me a little while to pull it all together.) Once you have the swap info, you should contact your partner/s and arrange for mailing your charms and get them out within one week.

SWAPPERS! Anytime between April 15-22, 2015, leave a comment below ON THIS POST ONLY, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer.)

  1. Your first name, middle initial, and the first letter of your last name. (I am asking for more info, as last time I had three people named Cathy R. sign up, two from the same state, and I messed up their swap partners.).
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. Are you willing to swap with people in other countries? (Often more variety, but higher postage rates may apply. Check out the postage rate discussion included in my 10/6/2013 post.)
  4. What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms.
  5. How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap. LIMIT 8 SETS per charm size.
  6. How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
  7. A brief comment progress report on what you are doing with your charms. Please, start sewing asap, do not just save charms!

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address in your comment below! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By joining the swap, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your swap partner/s.

Here is a sample blank SWAPPER comment, you could copy it and replace the info with your own:
1- Mary E. W.
2- St. Paul, MN, USA.
3- Yes Int’l.
4- two inches.
5- three matching sets, and two unique sets
6- two Newbie gifts.
7- After I finish two wedding quilts, I will finish my 7th PSQ this year for sure.

If you swapped in previous swaps through The Curious Quilter, an effort will be made to give you different swap partner/s this round, to help you get more diversity in your charm stash. But this will not always be possible, so please just enjoy what comes your way!

Red Star Means ChangedBefore you sign up, double-check that your charms are all set to mail! That is why we have a week to sign up, if you want to swap but aren’t through cutting your sets, do not sign-up until you finish cutting and counting them. Please do not directly point a comment at another swapper asking them to swap with you. The only sharing of info between swappers should be through me. I am not trying to be controlling, REALLY, just trying to keep it fair.
Lovely Color Sorted Charms
NEWBIE QUILTERS! Are you requesting a NEWBIE SET? Read those rules below. You can only be a NEWBIE once, though. To actually sign-up, any time between April 15-22, 2015, leave a comment below, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer, you can copy and paste sample below and type over my info.)

  1. Your first name, middle initial, and the first letter of your last name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. What size charms you are collecting, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. See Let’s Talk Size, found on . . . The Basics page. If you are doing a 1 inch project please request 2 inch charms.
  4. A brief comment about what you are planning to make with your little squares; or share some comments about progress on your project.

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By signing up for Newbie Gift/s, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your donor/s.

Red Star Means Changed*Note: Please Do Not Share Info once you get your swap lists! I really am not a total control freak, but I work hard to keep swapping fun. I have a firm reminder for everyone. Looking ahead to the matching, please remember that you simply can not share your swapper’s names and emails with other swappers. This is a privacy issue, as well as a swapping issue. Also, do not offer to swap with people in the comments, all matching is done behind the scenes, not by comments.

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comNEWBIE GIFT INFORMATION!

What is a Newbie Gift?

Two Inch Treasure Frames

There are many ways to use PSQ charms, even if you do not have thousands of them.

A Newbie Gift is a set of 50 fabric charms in the size requested. All fabrics must be suitable for quilting, with no homespuns or flannels. Preferably, all 50 fabrics will be different, but, since these are probably ‘overstash’ from a seasoned quilter, some duplicates will be acceptable. (After all, the new quilter can trade them with a fellow quilter.) In no case shall a set include fewer than 25 different fabrics, so two of each.

Who Donates Them?
Any quilter with charms to spare! As you probably know, most quilters are very generous people. They may be stash-busting, or have duplicates to share. Or they just may take delight in helping stash-less quilters become fabric addicts!

Red Star Means ChangedBut they are donations, not swaps, so they REALLY MUST GET an email when the gift gets to you. Sounds so basic, but well over half of our NEWBIES in the past have not acknowledged receiving their gifts. Do let your donor know!

Who Can Receive Newbie Gifts?
Red Star Means ChangedAny quilter who has insufficient stash to create a charm set of 100 different fabrics AND HAS NOT PREVIOUSLY REQUESTED NEWBIE SETS! you will receive one or more Newbie Gifts depending on how many donors sign up! But please note, if you sign-up to swap, you cannot receive a Newbie Gift. While you are waiting for gifts, you might enjoy my PSQ tutorial. Then, keep cutting so you can be a SWAPPER in the next round of swaps. When you GET your gifts, remember to send your donor an email letting them know it arrived safely. (I simply cannot stress that enough!)

How Do I Participate?
Follow the directions in the Sign-Up section, above! Donors, use the SWAPPER instructions. New quilters will find their own instructions there as well.

How Can I Build My Stash?
Red Star Means ChangedOur Newbie Gift Goddess from 2012, BARB K., had a few super ideas for building your own stash quickly, and moving into being a swapper.

  1. Join a local quilt group, as quilters are always willing to share the wealth. Ask for small pieces they don’t need anymore, tell them why!
  2. Check at your local quilt shops, one near Barb has a basket that people leave their leftovers!
  3. recycle or freecyle! Check online for local free-cycle sites, Craigslist, and more. Join these groups locally online and place an ad that you are looking for unwanted fabric suitable for quilting. You will have to pick it up.
  4. Buy SMALL! Buy from your local quilt shop, or the chain stores like Joann’s and Hancock Fabrics. Barb buys a 3″ piece when they are on sale and cuts it into squares. Most of the time the fabric piece is around 35-50 cents. She doesn’t know how small a quilt shop will cut but most Joann’s and Hancock’s will cut as small as 2″ BUT allow for crooked cutting and shrinking and get at least half an inch extra. (Mary says: When I find nifty small novelties, but feel broke, I treat myself to an eighth of a yard, and get as many fussy-cuts as I can out of that!)

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHave fun! Keep watching for more Postage Stamp Quilt goodness. And thanks so much for taking part!! Oh, and do not forget to start SEWING the charms together. Collecting is fun, but a finished quilt is an accomplishment. And a QUILT is the goal of all this swapping!!
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHere is the SWAP sign-up model, repeated so you can copy, paste, and change to share your own info:

Any time between April 15-22, 2015, leave a comment below ON THIS POST ONLY, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer)

  1. Your first name, middle initial, and the first letter of your last name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. Are you willing to swap with people in other countries? (Often more variety, but higher postage rates may apply.)
  4. What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms.
  5. How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap. LIMIT 8 SETS per charm size.
  6. How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
  7. A brief comment progress report on what you are doing with your charms. Please, start sewing asap, do not just save charms!

Copy and paste this blank into yoru comment to ensure you get all the fields right:

1- First, MI  LI
2- ST or Territory, COUNTRY
3- Yes/No Int’l.
4- Charm Size/s
5- Number of sets:
6- Number of newbie gifts:
7- How you are using your charms

Newbie request? Please scroll up for your sign-up directions.

Newbies can copy this into the comment and fill it out:

1- First, MI  LI
2- ST or Territory, COUNTRY
3- Charm Size/s
4- What you plan to make.

Matches will be made after sign-up closes, and it takes a few days to a week to get that accomplished. Do be patient, please! Will there be another swap after this one? Of course!  The tenth swap will be held September 16-23, 2015.

Happy swapping, and have fun drooling over little fabric charms!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com

March 2014 PSQ Charm Swap Sign Up Begins © 2015 by The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com. All rights reserved.


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126 Responses to April 2015 Postage Stamp Quilt Fabric Charm Swap Sign-up is Open

  1. Thanks to the 18 people who emailed me nudges to get up this morning and post this – you are all too funny! It was coming!

  2. Kelly B says:

    1- Kelly B B
    2- Texas, USA
    3- requesting 2″ charms please!
    4. hoping to eventually make a quilt

  3. Sharon says:

    1. Sharon G. B.
    2. Auburn, AL, USA
    3. International–yes
    4. 2.5″ squares
    5. 5 matching sets
    6. No newbies this time.
    7. Working on my 3rd PSQ.

  4. Jayne says:

    1. Jayne L.
    2. Groton, CT, USA
    3. Yes, yes, yes to international!
    4. 2″
    5. 8 unique 2″
    6. 8 newbies 2″
    7. I am still plugging along on my postage stamp quilt. I am actually seeing an end to this one and I am sure there will be more in my future. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work that goes in to organizing this swap. It is just soooo much fun!

  5. Sarah Barnes says:

    1- Sarah Z. B.
    2- Linthicum, MD USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two and a half inches.
    5- three matching sets
    6- two Newbie gift any size
    7- finished one lap quilt – starting on another a little bigger if those squares don’t make me crazy

  6. Paulina says:

    1. Paulina A H
    2. Goleta, CA USA
    3. sorry no International
    4. 2″ charms
    5. 3 x 100 matching sets
    2 x 100 unique sets
    6. sorry no newbies sets
    7. charm quilt for guest bed, have 5 12″x12″ 2″ charm blocks put together but need more charm fabrics!

    Thank you very much for organizing this charm swap!

  7. Deb Lovejoy says:

    1- Deb, S, L
    2- NE, USA
    3- Yes International (but not all have to international to help shipping not add up to be too expensive)
    4- 2 inch
    5- 8 matching sets
    6- 4 matching sets for newbie gifts
    7- I am currently progressing towards my queen size PSQ, probably about 1/3 of way done

    PS this is my second swap (third if you count when I was a newbie) but my email is different now because my email account had been hacked – not sure if you use email records to not match to same swappers etc but this is new email address for me.

  8. Samantha G says:

    1. Samantha G. G.
    2. San Rafael, CA USA
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 2″ and 1.5″
    5. 2″: 3 matching sets, and 3 matching sets (6 sets total, could swap 200 squares with 3 people. Make sense?) and 1.5″: 4 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts (can do more of these if you need them)
    7. I am a little more than half way thru making my first Big Hugs. I am making 100 square blocks (10×10 square blocks) and it will be 5 blocks x 6 blocks (3000 squares). I also used some to make a Trail Mix quilt (pattern by Mabeth Oxenrider). I will post some photos of these.
    Thanks so much for managing these swaps. I love them!

    • Samantha G says:

      Realized I didn’t specify Newby Sizes: they will both be 2″, but can make some 1.5″ newby pkgs if you need them as squares are already cut in both sizes.

  9. Jessica says:

    1- Jessica A G
    2- Florida, USA
    3- Requesting 2″ charms, please!
    4- I want to make a fun quilt for picnics or laying out in the yard with my daughter.

  10. Rene Stoiber says:

    1. Rene S.
    2. Denver Colorado, USA
    3. Not so much International, but flexible
    4. Two inch sets
    5. I have 4 100 all don’t match and 1 100 set that would match the original…. also one set of dark red ( 100) all different, if anyone is interested….. these don’t match each other and it is DARK red.
    6. one half set (50) newbie a gift with 2 inches
    7. have started a larger postage stamp and need some to finish

  11. Rebecca Berry says:

    1- Rebecca G. B
    2- Auburn, AL, USA
    3- Not this time
    4- 2.5 squares
    5- 3 matching sets
    6- 0
    7- I am a fairly new quilter and plan to make a postage stamp quilt. As my stash grows I will be happy to help newbies. Thanks to friends, I had enough stash to make 3 matching sets!

  12. Carrie says:

    1. Carrie D. B.
    2. St. Charles, MO, USA
    3. Yes international!
    4. 2 1/2 inches
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. none this time
    7. I’m still working on my scrappy Irish Chain as leader/enders.

    This is my fifth swap!! Mary, thank you for hosting this again.

  13. Eve Roth says:

    1- Eve R
    2- Airdrie, Alberta Canada

    3- Yes International
    4- two and one half inches
    5- Number of sets: 8
    6- Number of newbie gifts: O
    7- Wnating to do a quilt♥️

  14. Karen says:

    1. Karen M
    2. Chippewa Falls, WI
    3. If needed but no preferably
    4. 2.5″
    5. 5 sets semi-matching, there are several fabrics that match but not all match
    6. If needed I can do 1 set of 2.5″
    7. My 4th postage stamp quilt ❤️

  15. jfruehwirth says:

    1. S. Jane F.
    2.. Brandon, SD
    3. yes to international
    4. 2 and 2 1/2″
    5. 8 sets each matching sets
    6. No newbie this time
    7. Working on 3 psq quilts for family.

  16. Sandra Gross says:

    1- Sandra L. G.
    2- Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2″
    5- Number of sets: 8 matching
    6- Number of newbie gifts: 4
    7- How you are using your charms: collecting enough to make a PSQ.

  17. Pam in KC says:

    1. Pam C. A.
    2. Kansas City, MO, USA
    3. Could do one International
    4. 1.5″
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. not at this time
    7. I’m working on my PSQ as a long term leader/ender (started spring 2011). With only 12 8 x 8 blocks made, I’m a long way from finishing this quilt (I need 64 8 x 8 blocks unless I rethink my plan.) The timing of the swap is right — I had to pull out my fabrics to cut more squares for my quilt.

  18. MARILOU says:

    NO INT;L
    1 NEWBIE

  19. Mike P. says:

    1- Mike D. P.
    2- Plainfield, NJ, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 4 matching sets
    6- two Newbie gifts (matching)
    7- After I finish the 15 UFOs in my sewing closet 🙂 but I might work on it off and on throughout the year 🙂 have to get hexy sometimes

  20. Joanne says:

    1. Joanne T. J.
    2. Vancouver area, BC, Canada
    3. 2″ or 2 1/2″ please (would like to try 2″ but I can trim 2 1/2 inch if that’s what is available)
    4. Hopefully will get a twin-bed sized quilt top made for my one and only grandchild due end of June (YIPPEE!!!). I have had a serious illness that has many implications for everyday life, so I hope to at least manage to leave him whatever I can manage (wallhanging?) as a memento.

    Thank you in advance. J

  21. 1. Jacque C.T.
    2. Durand, WI. USA
    3. Yes Int’l.
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 8 – semi matching sets
    6. Sorry, not at this time.
    7. I have started piecing my first PSQ. Thank you so much for running this swap! It is my second time and so nice to see some familiar names here!!! Yay! So excited! Thanks again!

  22. Yvonne M says:

    1- Yvonne, Y. M.
    2- Chesapeake, Va.
    3- 2″ or 2 1/2″
    4- I would like to make a postage stamp quilt. I have only recently started quilting. Just finisted a baby quilt and am working on a quilt for my friends son. Have wanted to make a quilt for a long time. My grandmother made some and I always wanted to learn.

  23. julierose says:

    Julie L. H.
    Old Lyme, CT USA
    I want to make a novelty postage stamp quilt kind of an I spy for my granddaughters. .
    .thanks for the offer…

  24. Billie J S says:

    Billie J. S.
    Phoenix, AZ USA
    No I am unable to swap with people in other countries.
    8 matching sets
    3 newbie sets
    I would like to make a king size quilt using all 2.5 size charms.

    Thank you.

  25. Merry Walkner says:

    1. Merry L. W.
    2. North Myrtle Beach, SC, USA (I’ve moved since last swap)
    3. NO
    4. I want to swap all sizes
    5. 4 unique sets of 2.5″, 2 unique sets of 2″, 2 unique sets of 1.5″
    6. I set of each size for Newbies
    7. This is my 5th swap. I missed the one last Fall because I didn’t have internet. I’m working on a 2″ charm top right now.

  26. Elizabeth Carter says:

    1- Elizabeth S C
    2- Nova Scotia, Canada
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- Charm Size/s- two inch
    5- 8 matching sets
    6- 2 newbie sets of 2 in, 1 set of 1.5 in
    7- I’m working on my second Film at Five quilt, queen size this time (the first was a lap quilt). I inherited a tub full of scraps from a retired quilter so I’e been cutting square like mad!

  27. FarahLin says:

    1. Nur Farah Adlina A
    2. Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia
    3. Yes, Int’l
    4. 1.5″ and 2″
    5. 2 sets each (unique sets)
    6. 2 newbie sets of 2″
    7. I’m working on a psq using scraps from my previous projects and thought it would be fun to have a little piece of other people’s spirit/memory stitched into it too also.

    This is my 1st swap and thanks so much for organising this!

  28. Stephanie R Wagner says:

    1- Stephanie R Wagner
    2- Nebraska, USA
    3- No Int’l.
    4- Charm Size/s — 2.5 inch
    5- Number of sets:8
    6- Number of newbie gifts:not at this time
    7- How you are using your charms– want to start a garden gate quilt

  29. Mary Jo Mosier says:

    1- Mary J M
    2- Olive Hill,Kentucky, USA
    3- 2 or 2.5 inch charms
    4- I really want to make a postage stamp quilt. Still new to quilting, and am SO excited!

    • Mary Jo Mosier says:

      Also letting you know this is my first swap, so hope I did the above information right!! Am so excited to start my PSQ

  30. Salley says:

    1. Salley M.G.
    2. Sydney, NSW, Australia
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 8 Matching sets
    6. No Newbie Gifts
    7. I have not sewn any charm quilts yet. This is my first swap!

  31. 1- Patricia F M
    2- Lakehills, Texas , USA
    3- Not this time
    4- 2″ Charms
    5- Number of sets: 5
    6- Number of newbie gifts: 5
    7- I believe I’ve participated in 8 of the swaps & have made 5 quilts of varying sizes. Last month I made a pretty baby quilt for my new great-grandson using all of the blues I had on hand. I keep my charms in a bag by my sewing machine & use them as leader & enders as I sew. Bonnie Hunter has a pattern I’m working on using them.
    Thank you so much for coordinating the swaps!

  32. Melba says:

    1- Melba T H
    2- Atlanta, Ga USA
    3 – Yes to intl
    4- -2.5 inch charms
    5 – 8 matching sets
    6- 4 newbie
    7 – Still collecting. I am narrowing down the designs that I like

  33. JLVerde says:

    1. Jenny L G
    2. Pittsburgh PA USA
    3. Yes international
    4. 2.5 inch
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. No newbies this time
    7. Getting ready to make bigger blocks for my quilt. Think I’ll try the quilt as you go method.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    1- Elizabeth A B
    2- Columbia, MD, USA
    3- Yes international
    4- 2 inch
    5- Number of sets: 8; matching
    6- Number of newbie gifts: 4; matching
    7- Once I finish the 3 quilts that I have in process/planned, I would like to do a postage quilt. I recently made one with some of my 2″ squares but in 16 blocks with sashing. Would like to do a traditional PSQ.

  35. Vonn says:

    Yvonne D M
    Tyler, TX USA
    2.5 inch
    I am a “Newbie” not only to The Curious Quilter but to this fabric swapping stuff in general. However…..I can already tell you that since I LOVE scrappy quilts, I will definitely become a regular at participating in future swaps. I have been spending money here and there every wknd trying at our best fabric stores trying to accumulate the over 400 different fabric prints that I need for my upcoming quilt project. Needless to say I am so thrilled to have discovered this site at this perfect time! I have held on to a quilting magazine from 2012 that has a quilt design I fell in love with. Was waiting until I had a better sewing machine, and thanks to my sweet husband, I’m good to go now. The quilt I will be making is called “Charming Addition” and no two plus signs in the quilt are the same. I will be making it in the Queen size, hence the need for so many assorted small prints.

  36. voicebetty says:

    Betty A M
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Yes, International
    2 inches
    2 matching sets
    No newbies this time
    This is my first swap but a tea cozy might be good!

  37. Brenda Roth says:

    1. Brenda R
    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3. Yes, international please
    4. 2″ squares
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 4 newbie gifts
    7. I want to make a quilt for my son with as many countries/states represented as possible.

  38. Shannon says:

    Shannon D, Newbie
    Seattle, WA USA
    My first preference is 1.5 inches but also interested in 2 inches.
    I am a newbie and so excited about being able to start with this and then get ready to trade sets for the upcoming swap in September 2015. I wanted to cut furiously until I realized that I would not have enough time before this swap closed.
    My planned project is a postage stamp quilt with finished 1″ squares. I saw finished quilt blocks this last weekend at a quilt retreat and was smitten. Even though it is a lot of sewing, it is fascinating how much character these little charms can have. I have started pulling out fabrics and getting ready to cut squares for the next swap in September 2015.

    I have found a postage stamp quilt design I want to try out on Pinterest. I plan to do some trial blocks this weekend.

    I may make it a large lap quilt. I will also be working on another postage stamp quilt for my bed which is why I will be swapping the 2″ squares as well in September. It is exciting to see how fabric takes on a different dimension, literally, when represented in such a small sample.

  39. jenetamasson says:

    1- Jeneta C. M
    2- Australia
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5″
    5- Number of sets: 2 matching sets (if possible, please don’t pair me with my friend Salley G (Australia) – we have already shared all our charms!)
    6- No newbie gifts this time
    7- I have made one charm square quilt for my (now) five year old. I am currently working on a snowball quilt top like Terry’s from her blog at Terry’s Treasures.

  40. Nina Talbrant says:

    1- Nina T.
    2- Boraas, Sweden.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2 inches and 2-1/2 inches.
    5- 2 inches – 8 matching sets, 2-1/2 inches – 4 matching sets
    6- 2 inches – 8 newbie gifts, 2-1/2 inches 4 newbie gifts.
    7- Think this is my 5? swap, just addicted and I have met such wonderful quilting friends here. Have made 1 big psq and several smaller objects. They can be seen on Mary’s Flickr page. Can I brag a little and thank you Mary who made this possible? My big psq has actually been published in the Magazine of Swedish quilting association “Rikstacket”.

    • Oh Nina, How exciting! Congratulations!? Do they have an online view to share with swappers?

      • Nina T says:

        The ohoto that is published in the Magazine is also on your Flick page. But unfortunately nothing online with the magazine. I can try to scan the pages and send you by e-mail and you show?

        And all this has happened (the obsession, joy, creativity) thanks to you, Mary.

      • Aw…tack sa mycket! du ar for snall!

        Oh dear I can’t find my umlauts in here! (My memories of my mother’s few Swedish phrases are probably bad anyway!)

  41. Susan says:

    1- Susan M Y
    2- Maryland, USA
    3- 2 1/2 or 2 (I’m new and don’t know what size is best for me)
    4- a quilt. I found this site and just fell in love with all the photos.

  42. Marion Yates says:

    1- Marion M Yates
    2- NSW Australia
    3- Yes Intl
    4- 2.5
    5- 2.5 x 2 matching
    6- 8 (2.5 charms)
    7- Scrappy

  43. Lavinia N. Clogg says:

    1- Lavinia, N.C.
    2- Norfolk, Va., USA
    3- Charm Size/s 1 1/2″ 2″ 2 1/2″
    4- I have just recently learned to sew. A friend was teaching me and working on a quilt. It has been fun and I want to start working on making a quilt.also.

  44. armymom2011 says:

    How many people usually sign up, I am a first timer? Mary has literally had to hold my hand and walk me through this whole process.

    • The number every swap is different, but usually we swap between 1100-1400 charm sets (or more) and each newbie gets multiple sets. Hard to predict how many swappers and newbies. I always encourage people to get a friend to commit every time so we can grow, or hold our own as some people are buried in projects!

  45. Jaime says:

    1- Jaime M B
    2 – San Francisco, CA; USA
    3 – no international swapping
    4 – size – 2.5 inch and 2 inch
    5 – 8 matching sets for 2.5 inch, 8 matching sets for 2 inch
    6 – 2 newbie 2 inch charms
    7 – Working on a queen size scrappy quilt that uses 2,500 squares – still collecting squares for it.

  46. Ronda says:

    1. Ronda A C
    2. KC, Missouri
    3. No
    4. 2 inches
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 4 newbie gifts
    7. I made my mom a PSQ with 1.5 squares and would like to try another a little bigger. Thank you for organizing the swap!!! This is my first time to swap here.

  47. LoriTN says:

    1- Lorraine S H
    2- Tennessee, USA
    3- Yes
    4- 2″ & 2.5″
    5- 5 matching 2″ & 2 matching 2.5″
    6- 4 2″ newbie sets
    7- Some previous 2″ charms became 3.5″ “thrifty quilting” four-patches. Now, I’m ready to begin a PSQ or two.

  48. djmat says:

    1- DJMat
    2- Broken Arrow, OK USA
    3- Yes, please
    4- Charm Size/s – 1.5″, 2″, & 2.5″
    5 –
    1.5″ 8 matching sets
    2″ 8 matching sets
    2.5″ 8 matching sets
    6 –
    1.5″ 3 newbie sets
    2″ 3 newbie sets
    2.5″ no newbie sets
    7- Working on many projects using 1.5″ & 2.5″ charms, nearing finish of PSQ in 2″. All sets packaged & ready to mail. Thanks for hosting again, Mary!

  49. btdean042863 says:

    1. Beverly D
    2. Gorham, ME, USA
    3 Yes, international
    4. 2″ charms
    5. 6 matching sets
    6. 4 newbie sets
    7. Still working on first PSQ – Last year Newbie!

  50. Carolyn in NC says:

    1- Carolyn B. W.
    2- NC, USA
    3- No Int’l.
    4- 2.5 inch
    5- 4 matching sets
    6- none this time
    7- Lots of four patch, nine patch, and Irish charm square quilts

  51. Barb Kissell says:

    1 barb R K
    2 Macungie, PA, USA
    3 no to international
    4. 2 inch
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. have 5 newbie 2 inch sets
    7 working on a color block PSQ

  52. Vicki Walch says:

    1. Vicki I W
    2. Iowa City, IA
    3. Yes international
    4. 2.5″
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts
    7. I’m using them for a king size quilt that will be a 40th anniversary present for my husband. Fortunately I’ve got until June 2018 to finish!

  53. Shannon B says:

    1- Shannon E B
    2- San Antonio, TX, USA
    3- Yes International
    4- 2 inch
    5- 8
    6- 1
    7- I’m in the process of putting my 1st one together. My 2″ squares are now all 4-patches so I’m making progress!

  54. Ruth K says:

    1 – Ruth M K
    2 – Alma Mi USA
    3 – not international this time
    4 – 2 inch squares
    5 – Three unique sets
    6 – one newbie gift
    7 – would like to make a PS quilt, not having made one before.

  55. Marie says:

    1. Marie A D
    2. Anchorage, Alaska, US
    3. Yes international
    4. 2.5 charms
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets
    7. I chose 2.5 charms because moda makes mini charms in this size and it makes it easy to stock up! I’m a bit of a modern quilter, with traditional values. Fare warning, my charm sets are very colorful, being in alaska, you need bright. I’m planning a queen sized traditional PSQ to enter in the state fair. This is going to be fun!

  56. 1- Linda M D
    2- Coralville, IA USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 5 matching sets
    6- one Newbie gifts.
    7- I’m hoping to start my third PSQ this year, I’m leaning toward a rainbow or colorwash layout. We’ll see what happens! Thank you for hosting another swap!!!

  57. Bernie T H says:

    1- Bernie T H
    2- Durango, CO USA
    3- Yes
    4- Charm Sizes – 1.5″, 2″, & 2.5″
    5-Eight matching sets in each size (all are packaged and ready to mail) of:
    6 –2 newbie 2.5″ sets (if you need a couple of other sizes I can probably pull some together for you)
    7- I haven’t been able to decide on a pattern yet or if it will be just solid postage stamp charms for my quilt. Due to my indecision I have dumped all the 1.5″ charms into a basket by my sewing machine and as I sew I pull out 2 charms and sew them together as a tag before and after piecing on other quilts. Consequently, while I am narrowing down how I will put together my PSQ I have many already pieced together and have built about 20 16 patch blocks.

  58. Melinda says:

    1- Melinda R. H.
    2- Nashville, Tn
    3- 2.5″
    4- requesting newbie gifts for my first PSQ project. I’m having fun collecting vintage fabrics & may do something with all vintage & reproductions. But I love modern too & have a small stash of them too 🙂

  59. Bunny E says:

    1. Bunny E
    2- Arvada, CO
    3- No
    4- 2.5″
    5- 8 unique sets
    6- none this time, sorry
    7- I’m hooked and keep collecting. Eventually I’ll make something

  60. Judy I says:

    1- Judy E I
    2- Reston VA USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 1.5″
    5- 6 matching sets – not exact matching sets but there are matches of some fabrics
    6- 2 – 2.5″
    7- Working on my first PS quilt and trying to be sure it is all unique squares

  61. Astrid says:

    1) Astrid
    2) Mauritius, Indian Ocean
    3) Yes to Int’l
    4) 2″ and 2.5″
    5) 5 matching sets each 2 and 2.5 inches
    6) 2 newbie sets each 2 and 2.5 inches
    7) I have 3 sides left to hem on my first PSQ made with charms from swaps. Hope to finish it one of the first days. Love how it turns out. Have another one in mind and hope start working on it later this year.
    Thank you Mary for hosting this swap. I think we all are hooked! 🙂

  62. armymom2011 says:

    how should we expect to receive them? in bubbled envelopes?
    Sorry Mary, more hand holding for the newbie! 😀

  63. Salley says:

    1 – Salley M G
    2 – Sydney, NSW, Australia
    3 – No Int’l
    4 – 2 ”
    5 – 3 matching sets
    6 – No Newbie gifts

    7 – Yes yes!! . . I signed up earlier in the feed! . . But I started looking at lots of 2 inch PSQ’s in the flickr groups etc . . . .and got excited . . . they look amazing . . . so decided to attack my scrap pile again and found I could make several hundred 2″ squares.
    Have been cutting all weekend and cant believe I was able to get so many squares from scraps I had been ignoring! Sorry to put my name up in two separate slots Mary. Hope it doesnt cause admin problems.
    Thankyou for organising this and I have @amateurquilter to blame for getting involved 🙂

  64. Angela says:

    Thank you for organising such a wonderful opportunity, I would love to nominate myself to receive a newbie pack please
    Angela M H
    Canberra Australia
    2 inches squares
    Thanks to a vintage store discovery of some 1 inch squares I have attempted one postage stamp cushion however was disappointed by my effort as I rushed through and didn’t appreciate the level of detail required. I would like to make another small cushion but this time not rush through the process. Kind regards Angela

  65. Lee says:

    1- Lee D
    2- Calgary, AB, Canada.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5″.
    5- 2 matching sets
    6- none
    7- my rainbow twin size PSQ is ready to go on the frame. Love this swap. Thanks Mary!

  66. pattiann13 says:

    1. Patti A. B.
    2. La Verne, CA, USA
    3. int’l OK (some USA and some int’l would be awesome..to keep down shipping costs)
    4. 1.5 inch charms
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 1 Newbie set
    7. Beginning my first !!! PSQ 🙂

    This is my first PSQ swap and I am so excited to see what happy mail I will receive! Thanks for hosting this swap…I’m so happy to joing this group!!!

  67. brandy says:

    1. brandy l y
    2. bluffton, sc usa.
    3. no int’l
    4. 2.5″
    5. 2 unique sets and 2 matching sets
    6. no newbie sets this time
    7. collecting for my second ps quilt (this one is for me:)

  68. Merete Vatshelle says:

    1- Merete V
    2- Bergen, Norway
    3- 2″ or 2,5″, whatever I can get the most of 🙂
    4- Starting to collect for my first PST – I really love the look of these quilts, and I need at least one!! Thanks for this opportunity, I will join the swap next time 🙂

  69. Jeannie Dubbelde says:

    1) Jeannie J. D.
    2) Garretson S.D. USA
    3) Yes to Int’l
    4) 2.5
    5) 8 matching 2.5
    6) 1, 2.0 newbie (more if need in 2.5 or 2.0)
    7) collecting for my next PSQ

  70. Bonnie Sharpe says:

    1. Bonnie L S

    2. Culpeper, VA, US

    3. no int’l

    4. 2 inch charms

    5. 4 matching sets

    6. 1 newbie gift

    7. I am still thinking/ planning what I want to do – between other quilts that I am making for grandchildren. Soon……Thanks for all the ideas and encouragement.

  71. Alison Saunders says:

    1- Alison L. Saunders
    2- Pleasang Hill, MO, USA
    3- Yes to 1 international
    4- 1.5″ Charm Size/s
    5- Number of sets: 4 matching
    6- Number of newbie gifts: none at this time
    7- How you are using your charms? I have started a PSQ in the last swap as a newbie. I am using it as leader enders as I sew. It will adventually be a twin slze quilt for a day bed. I have a lot more sewing in my future.

  72. Bobbie G. Machart says:

    1-Bobbie G. M.
    2- Texas, USA
    3- No Int’l.
    4- 2 inch
    5- 3 matching
    6- None
    7- I have almost completed a bed runner.

  73. Laura Finkel says:

    1- Laura B F
    2- North Rhine-Westphalia Germany
    3- I’d love to get 2.5 inches, if possible
    4- Thank you very much, Mary, for the organisation. Must be lots of work for you! This is my first time, did not participate at any swap before and as a newbie I’m soo exited to make a PSQ. I already started a (sort of) watercolor quilt, but am still collecting, cutting and sorting – this is what i like most with the tiny charms – feels like a treasure chest filled with bountiful colors. But it’s a long way to go, I hope to participate swapping next time. My dear Grandmother gave me her Pfaff 30 sewing maschine with foot treadle, so i’m looking forward to even manage the quilting. Happy quilting to everyone
    yours Laura

  74. 1. Frances Cooley
    2. Elm City NC
    3. yes International
    4. 1.5″, 2.0″, 2.5″
    5. 8 matching sets of each size
    6.Halfway thru a king size Irish Chain and full size Postage stamp. I can’t work on just one! lol

  75. Virginia Berghuis says:

    Virginia B
    2. Saugatuck, MI
    3. Yes, international!
    5. Two matching
    6. Two newbies
    7. Being kind of a new quilter, I never DREAMED I would have 100 different scraps! It sure happens fast, doesn’t it?

  76. Sharon says:

    1- Sharon M D
    2. ?, Australia
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- Charm Size/s. 2.5″
    5- Number of sets: 7
    3 swap partners please
    1st to receive 3 sets
    2nd to receive 2 sets
    3rd to receive 2 sets
    (Ie 3 x matching sets, + 1 unique)
    7- How you are using your charms
    Stash building but will be queen size postage stamp quilt with only 1 duplicate, a bit of a twist on the eye spy theme.

    • Sharon, are you saying that you have some matching and some unique sets? I cannot guarantee that you will only have three partners, as that requires someone else signs up with three unique sets of 100 that can all go to one person,. Each set of 100 has 100 different fabrics. If you have two sets with the identical 100 fabrics, they are matching and have to go to two swappers. if you have two sets cut from 200 fabrics, they might got to one swapper, if someone signs up that matches that criteria, but they might go to two swappers.

      Also please let me know what AU Province you are from. Thanks!

  77. Karen Long says:

    1. Karen L
    2. Virginia
    3. no int’l
    4. 2 inch charms
    5. 2 matching sets
    6. no newbies this time
    7. making a bed size quilt

  78. Susan Schroderus says:

    1- Susan E. S.
    2- Negaunee, MI, USA
    3- No Int’l.
    4- 2″
    5- 8 Matching
    6- None at this time. I have before and will hopefully get to next time.
    7- I have made 2 PSQ and gave them away. Next one is for myself!

  79. lindybigd says:

    1. Linda J. N.
    2. Dallas, TX USA
    3. yes – but only 2 swaps
    4. 2.5. 2, 1.5
    5. 2.5 – 8 matching sets
    2.0 – 4 matching sets
    1.5 – 4 matching sets
    6. none
    7. I’m still accumulating; thinking about a triple IRish chain, but last summer I made the Rhubarb Pie quilt with 2.5 inch pink and green squares of all shades.

  80. roseinmn says:

    Rosemarie A. M.
    6 sets of 100 matching 1.5
    6 sets of 100 matching 2 inches
    I dont mind Int’l but cannot send them out til May 1st…
    I would like to start a postage quilt,was so excited started cutting as soon as last swap(my first) was mailed out. I would also like to do an Irish Chain quilt one day.

  81. Iris R. says:

    1. Iris R.
    2. Koeln, Germany
    3. Yes, international
    4. 1.5″
    5. 4 matching sets
    When my classic PSQ is finished I might choose a certain pattern – there are so many beautiful examples out there. This means more charms, and more swaps … ;-))

  82. I´m glad I´ve just made it between my two trips (hopefully the swappers´ names are designated by May 1, otherwise my packedges will be late — again. Sorry, for the trouble, Mary, but this swap is just great and I could not resist the temptation:

    1- Mimi Kočanová
    2- Bratislava, Slovakia
    3- Yes int’l.
    4- 2″ charms
    5- 8 matching sets (I don´t mind swapping with my partners from previous swaps)
    6- Sorry, no newbie sets this time
    7- I´m getting obsessed with charms and recently I´ve made 2 big quilts (a window view of an autumn garden and a full size rainbow quilt) and a couple of smaller projects. Also, I´m very proud to say that my first charm quilt was featured in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting blog in March this year. And I´m planning to start more charm quilts this year.

  83. Nancy Robinson says:

    1. Nancy L R
    2. Vermont, USA
    3. Yes, international!
    4. 2.5 inch charms
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 6 matching 2.5 inch sets
    7. Sorting, matching, and playing with my charms!

  84. Lyn Smith says:

    1. Lyn R S
    2. Brisbane, Qld. Australia
    3.Happy to post international
    4. 2 inch
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. Newbies 5 2inch & 2 1.5 inch
    7. Currently making a Christmas mini PSQ. (obviously I don’t expect Christmas fabrics in the swap) Also started on a single PSQ.

  85. 1- Sharon R C
    2- Des Moines, IA, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5
    5- 8 matching sets
    6- two Newbie gifts.
    7- I’ll finally have enough squares to put together my first psq. I have been looking at patterns, and will either be doing a roygbiv or laundry basket pull. Any other ideas will be considered!

  86. Lea J. says:

    1. Lea M. J.
    2. Gardiner, Maine, USA
    3. Yes, International
    4. 2-inch
    5. 2 Matching Sets
    6. 0, sorry
    7. I have just begun to sew squares together for a someday quilt. It may take me awhile to get there, but get there I will!

  87. Holly Harvey says:

    1. Holly H
    2. Verbank, NY
    3. Yes Intl.
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. 7 matching sets
    6. 1 Newbie Gift
    7. For right now I am just sewing 4 patches as a leader ender, and will eventually incorporate them into a Queen sized quilt.

  88. Kelly Radler says:

    1- Kelly, A, R
    2- Florida, US
    3- 2.5
    4- I would like to add these to a quilt I am working on for my oldest daughter (6) that has a kitten theme.

  89. nancie b says:

    1- Nancie K B
    2- Perkasie, PA, USA
    3- prefer no Int’l. this swap
    4- 2.5 inches, 2 inches, 1.5 inches
    5- 1 unique 2.5inch, 2 sets of 3 matching 2inch (6 total), 1 unique 1.5 inch
    6- 1 newbie 1.5 inch, 1 newbie 2 inch
    7- I’m new to swap, but not to quilting and I’m excited to see how this works! Thanks for organizing. I’m gathering for my first psq!

  90. Nicole says:

    1- Nicole A H
    2- BC CANADA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5″
    5- 4 matching sets
    6- 0 newbie this time
    7- finishing the layout for an amazing scrap quilt!

  91. 1. Connie J. G
    2. Boise, ID USA
    3. Yes, International
    4. 2 ”
    5. 7 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets
    7. Still working on my first PSQ quilt, but I made a lot of progress this last weekend. I’m also collecting photos of different layouts so I can make more!

  92. Brooke Lindenman says:

    1- Brooke Lindenman
    2- Grinnell, IA USA
    3- Yes International.
    4- 2 inch charms
    5- 8 matching sets
    6- 0 newbie gifts
    7- Working on my second random/scrappy postage stamp quilt 🙂

  93. Pam L says:

    1. Pam J. L.
    2. Culpeper VA USA
    3. Yes Intl.
    4. 2.5
    5.2 unique
    6. 1 newbie
    7. Just got a new pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co I am dying to try.

  94. Tami Moore says:

    1- Tami L. Moore
    2- Greenwood, IN
    3- International, yes, for one set
    4- 2″ only this time.
    5- 6 sets
    6- 4 newbie, 2″
    7- I am still collecting to make a queen sized. Hope to start piecing in the fall. Too many other things to finish before then. A quilters work is never done, you only add to the to-do stack.

  95. Ada Dalley says:

    1 Ada Dalley
    2 Newfoundland Canada
    3 No Intl this time
    4 3 sets 1.5″ USA
    5 2 sets 2″ Canada
    6 2 Newbies 1.5″ and 2″
    7 Have about 5000 1.5″ sewn for my American postage stamp Quilt
    Thought I had enough the last swap. Hope to have it finished with these 3 sets
    and post a pic before the next swap Thanks to all the ladies for those beautiful charms
    i am having great time sewing them together, it is great fun and I love

  96. Rhonda Thistle says:

    1- Rhonda
    2- Whitby, Ontario, Canada
    3-Yes Int’l.
    4- 2″ Charms
    5- 5 matching sets
    6-no newbies this time
    7-Almost have enough to make a twin size quilt, after this swap I’m finally going to start sewing them together! Yay!

  97. Valerie says:

    1. Valerie B K
    2. Loveland, CO USA
    3. No international
    4. 2″, and 2.5″
    5. 2″ 8 matching sets
    2.5″ 4 matching sets
    6. 0
    7. Working on my first charm quilt, have collected/cut about half of what I need.

  98. Jeri says:

    1- Jeri D. A.
    2- Idaho, US
    3- No
    4- 2.5″ charms
    5- Number of sets: 8 matching sets
    6- Number of newbie gifts: 4 (2 of the sets match and the other 2 match)
    7- I am using my charms to slowly put together a postage stamp quilt with no repeats. This is my first swap, last time I was a newbie. I am excited for this swap and to begin building further on my quilt.

  99. Tina M. Cox says:

    Tina Cox

    1. Tina M. C.
    2.Mesquite,Tx. USA
    3.Yes (any Country)
    4.two inch
    5.8 matching sets
    6.2 newbies gifts
    7.Make a quilt size quilt for my bed using off white fabric squares with it also

  100. Tina M. Cox says:

    I hope this went through

    • Tina M. Cox says:

      1.Tina M. C.
      2.Mesquite,Tx. USA
      3.Yes (Any Country)
      4.Two Inch
      5.8 Matching Sets
      6. 2 Newbies Gifts
      7. This is my first swap would like to make a quilt with the Postage Stamps adding off white fabric with it. Not sure about the size yet since this is my first swap.

  101. Rebecca says:

    1.Rebecca a D.
    2.Middlesex , Vt
    3. Yes
    4. 2 inch
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. Newbie gifts, one 1.5″, one 2″ and one 2.5″
    7. This is my first real swap, I received newbie gifts last time and am looking forward to starting my project.

  102. Mindy Roberts says:

    Oh no!! I was just checking to make sure my
    Swap info went thru and I dont see it! Can I pretty
    Please still join? If so:
    1. Mindy L R
    2. Sherman TX USA
    3. Yes to international.
    4. 2″
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie 2″
    7. I have been in several of Mary’s swaps and am
    Saving up to start my 2nd PS quilt.

  103. armymom2011 says:

    This is my first swap experience since I am a newbie, and I am overwhelmed at the generosity and kindness. I hope to sew these little buggers together and make something beautiful. Thank you so much, can’t wait till next one I am trying to recruit some of my friends!
    Kelly B, White Oak, TX

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