Swap emails coming out Oct 18-21

Yeppers. I know that’s later than I expected. But there is a very good (and unavoidable) reason for that.

Late in July, a job listing showed up for my nearly ideal job. I applied, got the perfunctory note saying “we got it” and heard nothing. If you have been in the job market lately, you know that you must do a lot of letting go and moving on . . . so I did. Then I caught a nasty cold. Life goes on.

The day the swap started, they called me. Quick interview process, and just before the swap closed, I started my new job. My cold shifted down to my chest. Work was fine, as the first couple of weeks would involve tons of reading and learning, mostly online. Birch Tree In FallActually, my new boss was wonderful about the whole thing, even when the chest cold turned into “walking” pneumonia. Sitting still was good, moving around and sleeping were horrid. Learning new stuff while feeling that way was tiring! Missing out on long walks in the lovely Minnesota Fall has been hard too.

I kept plugging away on the swap matches, and DJ on the Newbie assignments. Actually we are pretty close. The thing is, I hit a wall mid-week and had to let myself crash for two days. I did, and it has worked wonders towards my turning the corner for feeling like ME again!

So the weekend is dedicated to swap matches, lots of fluid intake, and more rest! About 500 sets of charms are looking to head to their new homes, it is always a fun thought. I love doing this, and knowing what delight these little packets bring people.

Thanks for your patience, I really appreciate it! And please do not comment about me getting better, etc, because I am healing well and getting my usual energy back! I just thought you all deserved to know why I have been moving in slow motion here.

Watch for your emails in the next couple of days . . .

– Mary
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13 Responses to Swap emails coming out Oct 18-21

  1. Elizabeth Carter says:

    Congrats on the new job AND a great boss, Some times we get “tested” in the weirest ways. Glad to see you’re coming out on top!!

  2. jfruehwirth says:

    So sorry you caught the “p” in the middle of such tremendous changes
    In your life. Please take it easy and do not get a relapse. Been there and done that and it takes a long time to feel good. I sure I speak for others, we love what you are so dedicatedly doing for all of us. We are quilters…if we have not learn patience by now…? Get 100 %…we get our swaps when when get them

  3. btdean042863 says:

    We can all understand that these things happen. The swap and all of us will be there when you are strong and healthy. We all have other projects to keep us occupies until then.

  4. Sharon Jones says:

    Who cares if swap details are late, your health is more important. Congratulations on the new job. Please look after yourself, Mary, I have seen far to many chest infections/pneumonia turn very nasty and how quickly people can deteriorate, then they become inpatients (I am an RN). So rest and take it easy; patience is a virtue and I am sure ALL quilters are patient and virtuous.
    Sending warm quilty hugs from Australia. xoxo

  5. neyenhs says:

    Welcome back (to the hectic life), but be sure not to overdo it! Quilters, even Newbies like me, are very understanding and patient people!!
    Deep breath, relax, repeat!
    Regards, Sue N

  6. JzLBetde says:

    Thank you. This swap means a lot to me and the energy you (and your friends) put into it mean a lot.

    Thanks to all of you.

  7. Carolyn in NC says:

    Congrats on the new job. Can’t wait for my assignments to mail out and get new squishy packets.

  8. Take care of yourself. Pneumonia is nothing to joke over, and do not take it lightly. I tried very hard (accidentally) to die of pneumonia this summer and am still getting over it. It has been nearly four months and my energy is mostly back but not my endurance or strength. So, “late” swaps are fine. “Never again” swaps would be very sad. Take care and enjoy your perfect job.

  9. roseinmn says:

    I never got a date or address to mail my 600–100 matches 6 times to you.. my cell is xxx I will be home this evening, have to go to a wifi room at apts to use my laptop..my squares are merrily waiting to go……

  10. Tami says:

    The later date works better for me. My Dad has been in ICU for almost 2 weeks and unfortunately he isn’t going to get better. Hopefully I will be able to mail my stuff by this weekend.

  11. Peg Roen says:

    Hi! Looking forward to my matches!

    Just FYI – I wish now I would have signed up for the 1.5″ size also! If you find yourself in need of a swapper for that size, I can provide up to 8 sets. (I’m already signed up for 8 sets of 2.5″.)

    Thanks! Love, Peg

    Sent from my iPad


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