This and That, and a “Road Trip”

Mossy tree

Moss is getting more common in the Twin Cities!

Minnesota is starting to feel like a rainforest over the last few weeks, as it seems to be gray and rainy for five out of seven days. After a long winter with excessive cold and snow, I was so looking forward to some nice Spring weather. Well, it is getting very lush, but there is moss growing where I want to plant my Impatiens, and mud where the tomatoes are supposed to be. I know, it will pass, nothing changes faster than the weather. With nights still in the low 40’s though, my itch to get out in the garden is feeling very stifled!

What’s this about a “Road Trip”?
We are all going on a road trip together this summer! American Made Brand Fabrics (AMB) from Clothworks has a great new line of solid colors out in their quilting collection. They are cleverly introducing it with a trip to 50 bloggers in 50 states. Each of us is designing a license plate using the new fabric line, and there will be giveaways at every stop. You will have access to every pattern , and can create your own License Plate Quilt. States are being visited in the order they entered the Union, and the tour starts on May 19, 2014.

AMB Road Trip Button

Click to see the tour list!

The colors in this fabric line are wonderful, as are the sneak peeks I have had at some state designs. Being chosen to represent Minnesota has me thinking hard about my design. With such varied terrains, and so many stellar landmarks, choosing something for this mini quilt is a happy challenge. The finished 6 by 12 inch blocks will be assembled at AMB, and hopefully on display at the quilt show in Houston this year. Watch for more info here soon!

Half Million Hits Celebration
500000charms makea big quilt trivia from The Curious QuilterFunny how things like being asked to create a license plate, or a sister visiting from out-of-town, can divert your attention from other things! The next giveaway is starting May 16th, and the “Little Scraps” projects tutorial is hopefully getting finished up this weekend.

I have been having trouble getting my mind around having a half-million hits. So I translated the quantity into something that I can understand–two-inch treasures!

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One Response to This and That, and a “Road Trip”

  1. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    Okay, that is a LOT of hits! Congractulations!

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