Wandering Wednesday: The Amateur Quilt has a swap

AmateurQuilter scrappy Charm SwapThere are so many interesting quilters and fabric lovers in cyberland these days. Sometimes you meet one that motivates or inspires you to try something different. About the time that a friend gave me a Fiskar die cutter for 1″ hexagon English Paper Piecing (EPP) papers, I found Mike at The Amateur Quilter on Instagram (IG). His IG feed is full of pictures of his adventures while creating hexies on the commute to work every day. What a great way to spend time on a train! Check out #hexyinpublic on IG to see some of his daily stitching.

Seeing his progress helped push me to spend some time every day putting together a few little hexagons, slowly starting on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt. And so I started on y new obsession, and posted some on IG under #justplainhexy The EPP/Hexie community is quite large in IG, and soon lots of people were following each other’s progress.

So I visited Mike’s blog, and discovered that he just started quilting in 2011. When he told his aunt that he was interested, she took him under her wing and launched a life-changing obsession. His journey from first time quilter to learning about long arm quilting was fun to read.

scraps for hexies sent to me by Mike

Mike sent me all this to make hexies out of!

When I announced the last PSQ Charm Swap, Mike was curious, but decided it wasn’t for him (this round at least). However, he did suggest that the two of us privately swap out some stash for our hexie projects. We sent each other enough scraps to create about 80 little flowers using the one inch per side size of hexagons. What fin! there was not a single repeat between our sets of fabrics, and the new variety is making me want to spend more time making flowers. It will be fun to watch each other’s progress on IG!

But back to Mike’s blog. He is doing a Scrappy Fabric Charm Swap! To join you must have two one-yard pieces of fabric that you cut up, giving you 56 five-inch charms from each yard. Following the directions in his sign up section, you will send them off and get back a stack of 112 different charms. Pretty nifty! You can turn two yards of surplus fabric into 112 charms instantly! Complete information can be found through a link to Flickr on The Amateur Quilter. If you do not have a Flickr account it is easy to get one, but Mike has alternative ways to sign up listed on his blog as well.. If you join the fun, please let Mike know that The Curious Quilter sent you on over!

Instagram is host to many quilters, fabric companies, giveaways, and designers. Follow Mike on IG at @amateurquilter. Follow me @thecuriousquilter. If you are on IG and want to share with us, feel free to leave your IG name in the comments.
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3 Responses to Wandering Wednesday: The Amateur Quilt has a swap

  1. Mike Pearson says:

    You’re sew awesome! I don’t deserve all the credit for your hexiness 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word on the swap. I have 4 spots left as of now! That filled up fast!

  2. djmat says:

    Tried to sign up, hope I’m not late! Thanks, Mary, for posting the swap! Thanks, Mike, for hosting the new swap!

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