Check your email, and your spam folder!

Orderly Two Inch Treasures

Some of my Two Inch Treasures are very nicely organized.

Despite my ornery email service provider, all the matches, donor notices, and Newbie emails have gone out, with no bounce-backs yet. So, if you haven’t received yours, or are waiting to hear from a swap partner, remember to check your SPAM folder as well. I know that my match notices sometimes end up in there.

By this weekend hundreds of little parcels will be flying around the world, and lots of quilters will have great fun sorting through their new stash. Isn’t that a lovely thought?

I know I am a fabric charm addict, and I thank you for sharing your own addictions with me!
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18 Responses to Check your email, and your spam folder!

  1. Susan says:

    All but one of mine are in the mail! I’m very excited and I thank you for creating this swap. What a fun way to share charms!

  2. says:


    • This October 2013 swap (our sixth swap) is closed now. The next swap is in March 2014. Please refer to all the information under the Postage Stamp Quilt tab at the top the page for information on how to prepare for a swap. I hope you are able to join us in March!

  3. Linda Stewart says:

    I havent received any email. Checked my spam folder but nothing. Help!

  4. Linda Stewart says:

    This is my first blog attempt and don’t know where “the About page on blog header” is located. I received your other two email about your system problem and the note you sent about having all sent out.

    • Email me at (spelled out below). Once you email me, add my address to your email address book. Then, when I reply and resend your swap partner message , it won’t go in your Spam folder!

      Or: look at the top of this blog page, under the pretty sunflower quilt. It says Home, then it says About. Click on About to find an “Email Me” link

      Have you received emails from your swap partners? Perhaps they are also in your Spam folder! If you find my email in your Spam with October Swap as part of the subject line, open it, the find the button that says “Not Spam” and click on it. That should move the message to your Inbox. While the text with partners may not show while in Spam because they are blocking it, the should show once you move it to your inbox.

      Please email me at:


  5. Patty says:

    Mary Not sure where the names and emails are so I can respond.can you tell me what to hit to find that info. This is what I found in spam. But no names. I’m also in Houston on business and won’t be back til Sunday, but I would like to contact my partners.

    Thanks Patty

    Sent from my iPad


  6. Astrid says:

    Waiting for 3 addresses. Will send off the charms beginning next week. We have 2 public holidays in a row + Sunday, so post office is closed.
    To my swap partners in the US; don’t be surprised if your post office can’t find Mauritius in their list of countries… It has happened in every swap that one or two of my swap partners had to re-email me to confirm my address… At one or two post offices my swap partners was even told ‘Mauritius does not exist’! LOL And again for this swap, one of my swap partners has to go to another post office to try her luck! We do not have zip codes yet, but the postal service is working on that….
    Happy swapping and quilting!
    Mary, you are doing a wonderful job!

  7. Bernie Hall says:

    I have not yet received an email of my swap partners. Have also checked my spam and it isn’t there. I have received emails from lots of people to swap and I am going my that but I still have 5 envelopes of charms I don’t who to send them too. I have mailed out 14 envelopes to swappers so far. Any help in getting me my swap list partners would be appreciated.


  8. Nina Talbrant says:

    Thank You Mary for the swaps You organize. What a joy to send parcels all over the world and all swappers/newbies responded very fast.
    Waiting for those treasures is like Christmas.

  9. twistedquilter says:

    Sent and received packages to all swap partners. Requested address from one of my newbie partners, but never received a response.

  10. Linda Stewart says:

    Mary, any luck finding me a couple swap partners. Thanks

  11. Wow, one of my swap partners didn’t get her package and one of my newbies never sent me her address. Who do I notify?

    • Email the details to me. Sometimes newbies sign up but never participate though. My email link is on the About page, or just reply to the swap partner email I sent you! We will see what we can do.

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