Small Glitch . . .

There I was tonight, churning out the last of the email merge that sends swap partner matches out to all of my patient swappers. Suddenly, I was booted from my account, with a pop-up screen telling me that it was being frozen because of “a suspicious level of activity.” sleeping_cat_clip_art_6205_all_freeAll but about 20% of the swapper/donor emails went through, but the last few swapper/donor emails, and all the Newbies, are on a 24 hour hold.

At first I was irritated, but then I realized that it means I can just go to bed instead of staying up to finish. Probably a good idea, since it is 2:00 AM CDT and work awaits in the morning. I am saying Good Night to you all, and I will get the remaining email merge out tomorrow evening when I can get back into my account. Sweet dreams!
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9 Responses to Small Glitch . . .

  1. Melissa W. says:

    Mary, How long do we give our partners to get back in touch with us once we have emailed them asking for their information? Just a question I was wandering as I still have two of my eight who have failed to email me back after I have politely sent them two messages once in the morning and once late in the evening trying to get their information from them. I know I need to allow some patience but I don’t know what your standard is before you have to step in and take action on a situation since I have taken the time to cut these sets. Just let me know and I will be more then happy to follow your lead. I can simply put these two sets back in my box for the next swap as well or fill in for two others that don’t fulfill their obligation if that is what needs to be done. I am very flexible just let me know what my next move is to be. Hope your computer issues ease up again to day as one of my partners had not gotten her list and I told her very calmly to just contact you via email and I was sure there was an explanation for why she had not received her list but that I was certain we were partners and that we needed to go ahead and swap mailing addresses then she said I was the first person to have contacted her about it at all. I did my best to calm her nerves and help you out with that situation as I know some things are just out of our control and I knew you had gotten right back to me about my question yesterday.

    God Bless,
    Melissa W. – AR

    • Patience pays off! Since they may not have received their match yet, they may hesitate to respond until they see my match email for themselves. Or they may be on th

      Many swappers work and have a family, etc., so it can take a few days. We have had people who are dealing with illnesses or family emergencies. People might be away on a work or family trip. Or, especially with swappers in the parts of Europe that had the devastating storm this week, their email access may be limited at the moment.

      That’s why I warn swappers in their swap email to be patient and give people done time.

      If you do not hear in a few days, email ME rather than them, please.

      • Melissa W. says:

        I totally understand! I did not even know about a storm in parts of Europe because we just had out cable turned off in an effort to cut our expenses.. Guess I need to look that up.

  2. Shari says:

    Curiousquilter, sorry to bother you when you are “glitched” and probably swamped in this swap, but could you please email me privately. I just wish to confirm my email partner receipt with you. A newbie 😉 who received an email prior to your glitch. Thx!

  3. JLVerde says:

    Thank you for this update.

    I haven’t received my swap email yet and now that I know there was a glitch I can stop fretting over it. I did hear from two partners, so I’ll at least get to swap two of my four sets if nothing else (which is great).

    Thanks for doing this. Now I’ll just wait patiently until Monday. That should give all the glitches time to work themselves out.

  4. djmat says:

    Very willing to wait for my partner list!
    Mary, Thank You for all of your efforts, blessings be upon you!

  5. jfruehwirth says:

    Mary….you ate a gracious wonder woman! This will be my first swap and I can’t thank you enough for this generous donation of your time and efforts to delight us quilters with our little squares. Thank you, thank you. Jane in South Dakota

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