A Mystery Becomes a Baby Quilt

Lime baby quilt frontDo you like to do Mystery Quilts, where you get the clues in steps but have no idea what you are making when you start? I do, and this summer I was really looking forward to one through the Fabricaholics Anonymous group. When the fabric requirements and cutting instructions came out, I read the “Dark, Medium, and Light” selections, and decided to go scrappy. My light became my assortment of lime greens, my dark were blues and purples, and my mediums ranged from yellow to deep red. Not traditional, maybe, but I was committed to not buying any fabric for the project.

The night before the swap directions came out, I laid out my cut pieces, wound bobbins, popped a fresh needle in the machine, and was all set to go. Mother Nature had other ideas, as overnight a storm blew out our power. That lasted three days, during which I looked at the mystery project and thought wistfully of how other quilters around the country were already done with their toppers. I suppose I could have peeked at the results on my phone, but did not want to cheat on the mystery.

photoAfter the power came back, I dove in for a bit of time every day, working through all the clues. Soon I had a a flock of flying geese, and an inkling of an idea where we might be going with this. The colors were great, and immediately I knew this would become the baby quilt gift for a soon-to-arrive little girl.

Finally, I finished the topper. Because I downsized it to a baby quilt, I actually have enough blocks for another little quilt (next baby in the crowd?) I love how it turned out! I pulled out my last large lime green chunk for the backing, and an old scrap of funky flamingo fabric to spice that up. Of course the baby girl was born, the mom saw the unfinished quilt, and I realized she actually preferred the back to the front. So I took a cue from the tropical birds and went with bamboo stalks and leaves for the quilting. I bound it with satin blanket binding, the kind all babies and toddlers seem to love.

lime baby quilt bamboo quilting Lime baby quilt back

A finish is nice, even if the weather delayed the fun of doing the mystery with other quilters. And this is a mom who I know will use her new baby quilt, not tuck it away in a drawer. That is always a happy thought!

Fabricaholics Anonymous is now a Facebook group, Fabricaholics Anon, open to all quilters.

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com A Mystery Becomes a Baby Quilt© 2013 by The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com. All rights reserved.


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6 Responses to A Mystery Becomes a Baby Quilt

  1. Janet says:

    Wow, it looks great! So does your garden.
    How many fabrics did you wind up using (if you counted)?

  2. That is such a perfect quilt for a baby. Very cheerful!

  3. Cindy says:

    This is absolutely stunning!! I love the color choices:) Where would I find the pattern for this?

    • Thank you!

      It was from a group swap and it copyrighted, sorry. But stars and pinwheels are the base. Most people use one color for all the stars, another for the pinwheels, and the third for the background.

      Me? I not only live scrappy, I simply must use up what I have!

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