Giveaway Continues, Housecleaning Begins (again)

Book Giveaway

Heather Ross Prints book and CDHave you entered the giveaway for the book Heather Ross Prints yet? Be sure you do, the book and CD not only have great projects, but the artwork and instructions for using her fun designs on paper, fabric, and more. Hop over here and enter by midnight CDT on Sunday, August 11, 2013. You can read more about the book there too.
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Act Quick, Bargains for Quilters

I hate to see any fabric store close its doors, be it a local storefront or an online shop. Each closing represents the loss of more than access to fabric, but jobs and more. For some, it is the end of a dream, but for others it is the start down a new path.

Craft Conn bargains

Five 2-yard pieces, averaged out to $3.00 a yard!

Very soon the curtain will come down on Craft Connection, one of my long-time favorite online fabric stores for quilting and apparel selections, as well as wools and fleece. I built a ton of my copious novelty stash there, they even used to let you by a single 2.5 inch strip of a fabric. While that was great for building PSQ charm stash, now they are down to yardage only. Check out, select FABRICS then SALE FABRICS. You can still find two-yard lengths of fabrics for as low as $2.50 for 2 yards, but some are priced higher (like @$6.00 a yard). There is a large variety–many are designer fabrics by people like Amy Simms, Tina Givens; others are blenders and novelties. If you are looking to build stash, take a look. Their newsletter says only a few days left before they close.
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Not That I Needed More Fabric!!

A couple of weeks ago I did a mystery quilt-along with an online guild. (I will post it when I finish assembling it, I am behind!) I decided to do it scrappy, as I really wanted to do the project, but did not intend to spend any money on it. So out came the stacks of fabric tubs. After rummaging through them to get at least 8 pieces of fabric in each of the colors I needed, I had a mess on my hands.

I go back and forth on deciding how to store my scrappy goodness so it is useable. Do I go simply by color and ignore scrap size? Or do I have small, like envelope size, medium, perhaps FQ or smaller, and yardage piles? How do you manage this in your stash? Do I separate novelties out, or leave them in the color sets? Inevitably, now matter how nicely I have it all put away, I find myself messing it up when I suddenly really need a bit of the right shade of yellow, or the right little gem for a project.

Well, I have a new helper with sorting! A friend of the family, who is actually helping me put together a new set of tutorials while she learns, had her 13 year-old daughter with her the other day. The young lady spent hours sorting and folding and resorting. She asked her mom when she can come back. Yippee!!

(Of course I think she is ready to learn to sew too, but she seems more interested in playing with the fabric for now. Time will tell.)

No big finishes, my pile of UFO’s is growing nicely instead of shrinking. I have blog UFO’s too, posts and tutorials in progress. This weekend is a sewing weekend. My soul and sanity need it. Maybe I will get something finished so I can share it with you soon.

Cross your fingers.
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2 Responses to Giveaway Continues, Housecleaning Begins (again)

  1. Cheri says:

    Wow…you are so lucky! What a wonderful “spot” to be in! Not only getting your stash organized, but encouraging a 13 year old to do a craft that has value and history! Kids these days don’t do much of the crafting anymore. I have a 13yo GD and I can’t get her to do any sewing craft. I have a 7yo GD and I have taught her to quilt a charm quilt, but she lives to far away to do much more with! My statsh? I do by color, then by theme. I have FQ’s and similar size pieces in a drawer by color and anything bigger on the shelf and anything smaller is a bucket to cut for scraps. Other than color stacks, I have one for holidays and one for other themes. I do love organizing my stash!

  2. Rachaeldaisy says:

    When I’m being organised I try to keep my scraps in their colours because I mostly plan my quilts around colours. Other times I just throw them in the scrap bucket under my cutting board. You are so lucky to have a helper and know you are inspiring a new quilter too.

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