What colors are in your stash?

Making scrappy quilts from my stash, which is extensive, brings home to me the fact that I have strong color preferences. I suspect we all do.

My stash goes way back. Remnants from making shirtwaist dresses with Liberty cottons. Blouses galore, things for my mom. Not many quiltable cottons from clothes I made for my sons, who lived in striped tee shirts. Then there is the history of nearly every quilt I have ever made, saved by cutting into various size squares and stashing them away.

Stash quilt in progressI needed a speedy quilt for a gift, so I pulled out a couple hundred charms from my 5″ stash. It is handy to have them already cut. I sat and chained them up, careful to not get “matchy-matchy” but keep it random. Pairs are fine, they don’t matter what is next to each other. Just like postage stamp quilts, only larger, you see more of the pattern of each fabric. There are novelties, batiks, calicoes, designer cuts and bargain rack specials in my stash.

The picture shows what came from this set, condensed. I was pressing the chains, preparing to make them into squares, when once again I realized that I like earthy colors, deep colors, and lean towards green. Actually I know I have to make myself add lights and whites to my Maple Leavespurchases, they never migrate naturally to my cart. But you just can’t make a decent maple leaf square without them! I do have other things in there, mostly leftovers from commissioned works or scraps others have shared. But look at the picture, it tells the story quite well.

I am certain that I am not alone on this. Perhaps there is some deep psychological reason we develop these preferences. But I found myself thinking of the old Popeye line. “I yam what I yam.” Yes, I like what I like, and pass it off to many others when a gift is needed!

What about you? When you look back at your stash, does it lean towards one side of the color wheel? Do you have three batiks for every one calico, or no batiks but a super-selection of large-scale florals? No modern fabrics but lots of vintage and reproductions? Or is your stash all about balance?
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5 Responses to What colors are in your stash?

  1. treadlemusic says:

    So lovely! I tend toward the warm/earthy/natural fabrics and am ‘in love’ with the Stonehenge lines. Love your stash, though, and could find my way around it just fine!! Hugs……..

    • I particularly like the Stonehenge flannels but they are hard to find! Norcroft’s organic natures palettes are lovely too.

      • DJ says:

        I love anything Americana, have to force myself to hold off buying more & am fond of fussy cuts, too. The rest of my stash is fairly balanced with lights, mediums & darks with a leaning toward blue & green. It is so hard for me to select reds & yellows. Earth tones speak my name out loud. I like your stash layout, yummie fabric there. 2″ strips are cut & waiting for October charm swap. Hope the rest of your summer is great!

      • treadlemusic says:

        So true! Unfortunately, my pocketbook isn’t keeping up with today’s rising $$$ ;-(

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