My New Toy

Well, perhaps I should call it an OLD toy, but it is new to me.

I have been wanting a working treadle machine for some time. I found one in my price range, and bought it on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. My new toy just for me! It came complete with manuals, bobbins, attachments, even some vintage thread in the drawer. And it works. It needs a bit of TLC and would benefit from a new belt, but that I can cope with.

Sewing+Machine+Cabinet Windsor 1914 Machine

Now, like some of you, I try to follow a rule that when I bring something new into my home, something else should leave, just to maintain balance in my small house. Does the garbage count? Worn out clothes? I certainly am not parting with any of my other sewing machines! What would you purge to make room for a fun toy like this? Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comMarch Madness, Postage Stamp Charm Swap Begins© 2013 by The Curious Quilter,, All rights reserved.


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18 Responses to My New Toy

  1. Lee says:

    congratulations on your purchase and happy belated birthday! Since it is a gift I don’t think that rule applies! wink wink! enjoy your time with her! The cabinet is gorgeous and looks in great condition.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Very exciting for you!! I can’t wait to hear of your adventures using it. You may even inspire me to uncover mine and try it. Have fun!

  3. Celia says:

    The cabinet is beautiful. I don’t know anything about the Wilson brand. When was it made?

  4. She’s absolutely beautiful! Congratulations! I’m in the process of getting the 2 treadles I have in sewing shape, and I can’t wait to use them, too!

  5. treadlemusic says:

    A belated, but sincere, Happy Birthday and congrats on your new addition!!! Will look forward to seeing your future adventures. I have my grandma’s treadle (in very good working condition). Even have a new belt for it! In this area it’s not hard to come by all that’s needed to keep such machines in tip top condition as there are many Amish families nearby. Have fun!! Hugs, Doreen!

  6. Roberta says:

    I really like your new toy. Not only is the machine pretty, but the cabinets are so nice. Wish they still did the curved wood and the drawers in the new cabinets.

  7. Allison says:

    Happy Birthday! what a beautiful machine! I recently saw a lovely & inexpensive treadle at a local thrift store, and it was so hard to leave it there, but I really don’t have any room for it. my house is also small, and I try to only keep things we truly need.

  8. Mindy Roberts says:

    Oh! She’s a beauty! My aunt has one and she taught me to sew on it! I loved it and have great memories of it! Ok…what to get rid of..if it was my house it would be one of the …yes I am ashamed to admit it..5 tv’s (that are in the house..2 more working ones in the garage…my hubby cannot get rid of something that still works but we ALWAYS need the newest one so what to do with the old!!) but…for a REGULAR person…hmm maybe the dust from the ceiling fans or the bunnies under the bed? Now if I was in the right mood I would offer up one of my 6 kids! WINK WINK! Not today but you never know about tomarrow!

  9. I have one. It needs a belt, too. Someday…

  10. Celia says:

    Oops. I thought it said Wilson, or I went to another website to look it up and it said both Wilson and Windsor. At any rate I haven’t seen any of those in Midland, TX but lots of Singers.
    I have my grandmother’s Singer treadle made in 1904, model 15 with Pheasant decals. It sews perfect stitches. Has 6 drawers. I find it very relaxing to treadle with it. I treasure it deeply. Enjoy your new gift! Thanks for sharing photos of it and the gorgeous cabinet.

  11. LaVoice says:


  12. It’s beautiful! And yes, worn out clothes do count.

  13. Lynn Hert says:

    I have one just like this. I interested in selling but unsure of a price. Any ideas of where to look or an avenue to sell it. Thank you

    • Lyn, here in MN Craigslist is the best bet. Check your local listings for other vintage machines to see what they are selling for. If you don’t have a manual with it download one from so the new owner has it!

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