Sewing in the News

It is not very often that any story relating to sewing makes it into broadcast news. Imagine my delight last night when our local station reported about a new sewing class being added to the curriculum of a local trade school. Local businesses are in dire need of sewers, and the school is training people as fast as it can.

Sewing in the NewsGranted, this is industrial sewing. But sewing, fabric and clothing manufacture, and all the related industries–these were a big source of employment in the United States and Great Britain until a few short decades ago. Knowing that a new generation of local workers is proud to be learning to sew–even for specialty industries like handbags and luggage–that is happy news to me.

The explosion of fashion design reality shows has had a positive impact on the home sewer. In addition to showing people turning designs into real items, the fabrics designed on some shows are now being marketed in fabric stores. Those of us who sew clothing as well as quilts have often commented that we can’t ind the same interesting fabrics in the stores that we find in ready-made clothing. Any media exposure that textiles and sewing get is great as far as I am concerned!

Sewing tidbits do hit the ‘softer’ news from time to time. Quilting as a past-time has been reported, as have stories of a new generation dusting off their mother’s machines and learning to sew. As people who love fabric, our radar may pick up on these stories, and we nod our heads. While I love my hobby of sewing, I am also glad to know that the manufacture of sewn goods is once again growing here at home.
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4 Responses to Sewing in the News

  1. Ria says:

    I wish my local trade school would have sewing classes like that. I’d be all over those classes in a heartbeat. Heck, there’s even a warehouse here that specializes in making and applying custom logos to clothes and uniforms for corporations, and it’s a pain to even get an interview there because they’re so selective and require so many skills. If the trade school here would have courses on how to handle those machines, it would be easier even for locals to get jobs!

  2. treadlemusic says:

    I have noticed a higher (serious) interest in home sewing and sales of sewing/quilting machines are really soaring around here (S.E. MN). These are interesting times indeed! Hugs, Doreen

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