Thoughts on a Very Snowy Day

Here in my part of Minnesota we have been patiently awaiting snow. Eagerly, really, as we only had about 20 inches over all of last winter, when 60+ is typical. Add to that the fact that we remain on drought status for most of the state, and we NEED snow to help keep things growing next year.

Snowy Yard at NoonIt came overnight. That amazing quiet of a snowy night, the new blanket of white muffling all sounds. No wind, just lots of snow. That wonderful brightness of a dark snowy night, making the world look magical. I woke up to four inches of it this morning, shimmering like glitter, the neighborhood disappearing in a veritable fog of snowflakes falling. As evening approaches we are near 12 inches, and it is still snowing. It is beautiful, piling up high on the branches and cars, clinging to the draped branches of the evergreens. My son and I have been shoveling off and on, between football plays of course. The neighbor’s kids are out with sleds on the front hill, laughing excitedly. The first snow is always lovely—once you are home from your first snowy commute of the year! Glad this was on a weekend.

Tonight the snow will stop, the wind will rise, and the temperatures will fall to nearly zero. In our part of the world we call this an Alberta Clipper, as the jet streams brings us this Canadian express of nasty wind-chills and crisp (but pretty) days. After most heavy snows, we know it is coming.

Snowy Holiday LightsLast night found me outside putting up our Christmas lights before the snow came. And now, with billowing piles of snow around, my holiday spirit has finally been kindled.

Until I realize that there are only 16 days before Christmas. Oh dear. Panic button time! I am NOT ready. Even though I am not sewing much for the holidays, the list of things to do is awesome, and probably very unrealistic. This, of course, is something most quilters understand. We have laughed about it before, notably in my epic “Mad Quilter’s Ball” parody of “The Night Before Christmas”. If you missed that November 2010 offering, or just want a repeat chuckle, do hop over to Attention Quilters: Your ‘To-Do’ Lists are Giving me Nightmares and enjoy the tale.

f8 water skippingI have been sorely neglecting you, my readers, and I apologize. The snow made for cancelled sewing classes, which gave me the afternoon to putz around the house and shift gears. After four years of three part-time gigs, going back to a full-time job is a blessing, but a challenge too. I really like my new job, and the people I work with. Late November found me on the All Staff National Retreat, which meant a trip to New Mexico. A lovely place to go, with activities to balance the long days of meetings and task forces. At the end of the retreat, we all took to the skies in hot air balloons! What an amazing thing, on the 4th week of a new job.

Now I am in the process of working my last commitments to teaching sewing and quilting classes, and then I hope life settles in to a simpler routine. Last week I got a flu bug, which didn’t help. But that is behind me now. Before you know it, we will be wishing people a Happy New Year!

Is it too early for a resolution? I resolve to SEW more next year. I love the swaps, but my sewing time has been very limited because of them. (Never fear, the will be at least one swap next year, maybe two. Definitely not four, though.) I have quilts to finish, a pile of mending, and some fabric for some new work clothes. I intend to sew a lot this coming year.

But tonight, I will enjoy the snowy scenes outside. I will listen to Christmas music. Then I will snuggle in under my favorite flannel quilt and watch a holiday movie. Getting to work tomorrow may involve an icy adventure, but tonight the snow has created that marvelous sense of peaceful home life that we all value. Did I mention that my son is busy cooking dinner? How lovely.

Let me know what you are working on for the holidays, please!
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20 Responses to Thoughts on a Very Snowy Day

  1. Janet J. says:

    It is already very cold here, 300 miles north of you on the Minnesota-Manitoba border! But I too love the snow. I asked Santa for new snowshoes for the holidays.

    I am sewing charming little dresses for my granddaughter, but not quilting this month. Too much going on. Thanks for linking back to the “Mad Quilters Ball” — I still love the image of your attic filled with frantic quilters!!

    And do not sweat it for “ignoring” us! Personally, I am happy for you with your new job, and suspect it WILL simply your life but probably not until after the holidays! Now I am looking forward to pictures of things you sew next year!

  2. Sharon Jones says:

    Oh your snow looks heavenly, here it is approximately 36-43 degrees C – very hot. My new years resolution is to do more sewing as well, though I am considering starting my Masters, but may wait until the mid-year intake – oh decisions, decisions. Actually going to go and sew a cushion for my grand-daughter so i can post it to her in time for Christmas.

    Wishing you and your family love and blessings for the coming season and the year ahead filled with spare hours/days to sew.

    Sharon xo

  3. Sarah says:

    Wow. Now I want snow for Christmas too! You are such a great writer, I want to help you shovel and sing holiday songs with you!

    • Aw, shucks… thanks! I have a spare shovel, come on up!

      • Sarah says:

        OK I read the Mad Quilter’s Ball and I LOVE IT! – you are funny…

        “Now, Singer! now, Brother! now, Janome and Elna!
        On, Kenmore, Bernina, on Pfaff and Gammill!
        Each machine in its place, Though we know it’s still Fall!
        Just stitch away! stitch away! stitch away all!”

  4. Allison says:

    I’m not planning on much Christmas sewing – hopefully some fabric covered journals for my sons and some progress {a finish is unrealistic} on a PSQ for my Dad. I like your blog snow 🙂

  5. Cheri says:

    It really looks like winter and christmas at your place! I just looked at the temp on my tool bar and here is it ….16 days into December and still 71*!!! I’d love to have some of your snow! I sure miss the season changes here in CA… I am from Ohio…the fall and winters there were gorgous!

  6. I can really use a nice storm, but I have to be fair to others on our island. There are too many people without heat. Therefore I will not pray for it. We had a couple of inches after Sandy hit, and it added insult to injury. We got hit pretty hard.

  7. Angie says:

    How lovely! I wish it would snow here in VA! It’s makes me so happy and peaceful! Love snow!!!

  8. Astrid says:

    It looks so lovely! I do not miss the winter much from Norway, but it had been nice skiing on a beautiful winter day! Here in Mauritius we have +30-33C these days, that’s about 84-86F, if my calculation is right…. Enjoy your winter! In spite of the heat, I’m sewing like crazy… no Christmas gifts, I just want to ‘get rid of’ some blocks that have been sitting there for almost one year… New Year’s resolution; start working on the charms! Can’t wait now! 🙂

  9. debbymc says:

    Its good to hear that you are settling into your new job, may it bring you peace and financial secutiry in the coming year. Would you please, please, please consider doing 2 swaps next year ? My first one was November and I didn’t trade many sets. After calculating how many charms I need to complete a quilt, I am worried that it won’t be possiblewith just one swap.

    • I am leaning towards March/April and October, but not willing to commit to actual dates yet. One for sure. Also, I am talking to some other bloggers about doing some swaps as well.

      Welcome to the addiction! New swappers every time keep it working well, so invite yout friends people!

      • Oh, and check the calculations showing how many charms in various sizes, for various size quilts (link below). There’s a lot of great info there, but I personally will not be doing a king sized quilt from one inch charms (calls for almost 60,000 charms!)

  10. Fran says:

    You are very blessed to have a new job…this curious quilter wants to know what you do? Any company that sends you in a hot air balloon on a retreat has to be very special and interesting

  11. White Christmas (season). Nothing better!

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  13. Ieonaa says:

    It already snowed here but I didn’t dare to poke my nose outside much. Hope ya having fun. 🙂

  14. dezertsuz says:

    It’s lovely to look at, but I hate the cold, and the two things do go together! Hot air balloons in New Mexico – what a great memory to make.

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