A quick note about the last swap…

Coming back from running away all week, I have an abundance of emails from swappers with the same issue. They haven’t heard from one or more of their swap partners and are wondering if the email address is correct.

Spam in mailboxI have tested all those email addresses, and none bounced back, so I am thinking mail is winding up in people’s junk mail folders.

If you have not yet heard from a swap partner, or found your swap list, please check your junk or spam folder!

And if you are waiting to hear back from someone, yes, email me and let me know.

Thanks! – Mary, The Curious Quilter


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Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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8 Responses to A quick note about the last swap…

  1. Evelyn H. says:

    Hi, Mary — I copied you on two emails I sent to those who haven’t responded (one was a newbie). Neither message bounced back. I’m not totally concerned, but thought I’d keep you in the loop. Evie

  2. Narelle says:

    Just checking in 🙂 I’ve been chatting with all 3 of my swap partners and they’ve each received my parcel of charms. I have received one parcel and the other 2 are in the post.
    Thankyou for all your time and effort … I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the swap!

  3. merrie says:

    i have one swapper and one newbie yet to hear from but i will give them another week…have most of my charms from my swappers and the rest are on their way…this has been so much fun..hate to see it come to an end but i just cannot imagine the work involved..thanks mary and barb…

  4. JLVerde says:

    I want to thank one of the folks who gave me a newbie gift but I accidentally deleted their email address. *headdesk* Now I’m off to scan through the comments on the sign up post to see if I can back track so I can properly thank them!

    Thanks to everyone for this swap. I can’t wait for the next one so I can be a swapper and not just a newbie.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that all of my charms have been sent and received on both sides, so I am completely done. The final one arrived just week. Huge Kudos to you for hosting this huge swap! Just a suggestion for next time. Can you please ask people to NOT send plain solid charms? I mean seriously people, you don’t think we can’t find solid fabrics on our own? I got solids from more than one person. The reason I joined the swap was to hopefully get charms from fabrics that I have never seen or would ever buy for myself. Also, I know you encouraged us to try out fussy cutting on the novelties. I am the only person in my group (I had 4 swap partners) who took the time to fussy cut. Please everyone, rethink this. The charms are so much more interesting when you can see what the actual print or theme is. Am I being too picky or what?

    • Merry, no, I don’t think you are being too picky, but I have always let people include solids. I do exclude flannels and homespuns though.

      As with ALL types of charm bundles though, the BEST sets are full of variety: calico, floral, stripes, dots, novelties, batiks, and yes, even a couple of solids. A balance is wonderful, but I would not deny a newer quilter the chance to swap just because he or she had less variety. I have received sets that are all blue tones, or all vintage, and they all meander their way into a quilt and blend in very well.

      I will continue to allow solids, since many people have huge quantities of those, but fewer prints. Personally I think they add to a quilt, but if you do not want to use them, you can trade them away, use them on a backing or a potholder, or some other creative endeavor. My own stash has very few solids, and often I get individual charms of a color that I would not have chosen myself (which is a good thing, I love the switch-up!) – Mary

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