July 2012 Charm Swap Still Has Loose Ends!

Yep, there are still a few loose ends in that inbox!

For three weeks, I have been juggling the (nearly 1,000) emails, positive comments, complaints, and angst created by having all these people trying to get their little parcels in the mail. One more week, and I will declare the July Swap closed, and have to let loose ends fall off to the floor. My sanity and UFO pile require that!

Many thanks to all of you who have already mailed all your swap matches their packages. It makes me happy, them happy, and probably feels good too! And I am excited for each person who has already received all their swap matches too.

Something tells me that many, many, many of you, however, have only sent charms to or received charms from some of your matched swappers, but not all. If you have not yet emailed me to tell me about it, please do so NOW: EMAIL MARY!!

I am happy to run interference for you if you are sick or have a good reason for not mailing yet. People get sick, have deaths in the family, etc. Let me know and I will ask all your swappers to wait. But if it just keeps slipping your mind, well, consider this a swift kick in the you-know-what to get you motivated! Then let your swappers know when to check their mail.

A handful of the emails are complaints about swappers saying that “they will mail them when they finish cutting them”. Really? I need names! You cut BEFORE the swap, you mail the week after the swap closes. That gives you the three months in between to cut. And to save stamps up so you can mail things!

In April we wound up with two total deadbeats, people who sent out their addresses, got charms, and never mailed any back in return. They were not allowed to swap this time, despite their begging for forgiveness. I hate to be the MEANIE here, but it is simply fair! A new issue this round is people sharing swap lists and emails with others, and that can get you restricted too, so please restrain yourselves.

happy sunNow that was hard! It really is NOT in my nature to bitch, despite what my sons thought when they were teens. Thanks for letting me share. Please, no comments telling me that it is OK, etc., but, seriously, let me know if you still have issues with fellow swappers.Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSharing Another (FUN) Distraction

Yep, life has been VERY full of distractions this summer. My kid’s group of friends is very close-knit, and all the parents are very good friends too. Despite living in a large metropolitan area, it is like a small town, and all the various kids who connected throughout their school years have become a richly diverse family of their own.

This summer one of the girls in the group married a young man from California. When he first visited here, he watched the gatherings of these ‘kids’ and finally said that it is like a family reunion–a bunch of cousins. Well put!

Girls in the Hood At White Castle

The bride with some of the bridesmaids ham it up in front of White Castle.

So when that wedding was coming up, guess who volunteered to do all the alterations and management of bridesmaids dresses? Don’t ask me what I was thinking! This is an unwritten rule that the bridesmaid who has to fly into town the night before the wedding will need the most alterations. And that it will be the only day in six weeks that it pours rain by the bucket.

This was a very interesting experience. The lovely Eboun, my DIL whose mom just became a citizen, was one of the bridesmaids. The bride and groom are both Vietnamese, and there were several other ceremonies during the week–gifts from the bride’s family to the groom’s family, from the groom’s family to the bride’s family, and some I can’t remember. Actually about ten days of daily parties, with tons of interesting (and sometimes scary) food. Weddings and food are universally understood, it seemed that the language barriers did not get in the way at all between the non-Vietnamese speakers and the families!
Wedding Dress Collage
Well the rain cleared, it hit 99 degrees in the shade. We wrestled the bridal party through three dress changes, and the Catholic mass was well-officiated by a set of eleven priests, including the Archbishop of Vietnam. The dinner reception featured eleven courses served to over 500 guests. My favorite was the Lobster in Garlic Chili Sauce. The fathers toasted this first generation of “born in the USA” Vietnamese as they start building their life together. An amazing wedding, for a delightful couple.Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com
Signature© 2012 by The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com. All rights reserved.


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24 Responses to July 2012 Charm Swap Still Has Loose Ends!

  1. Alberta in N GA says:

    another note concerning the newbies… it would really be nice if the newbies who are receiving charms without returning anything in exchange (and some of these were very expensive to mail – between 3 and 4 dollars each) would at least acknowledge the fact that they have been received and a thank-you would be nice… out of the 5 newbie names I received… one of whom never replied to the initial email and out of the other 4, (3 of them overseas and expensive to mail)…only 2 of them sent return emails saying that they received them and thanked me… and no, I dont intend to send newbie charms in October….

    • I’m with you! When it isn’t an exchange, an acknowledgement is required! Hey, even when it IS an exchange, it is nice.

      Stay in touch, folks, and let people know when you get them!

      • Cathy says:

        I agree with Alberta. That is the reason why I did not choose to do the newbies this round. Here I thought people would think that was a big deal for me to get a thank you, but hey, it does mean a lot. I also have a lady from Texas that I have not heard from. Will send you and email. I have so enjoyed this! thank you!

    • Evie says:

      This was my first swap in this forum so I didn’t want to get too crazy. I only swapped three sets and asked for one newbie. My newbie was a delight, we exchanged several fun emails and she sent me a lovely thank you note once she received the charms. Will probably ask for another newbie come October.

  2. GA Quilter says:

    Hello Mary I am surprised you have any hair left after all this.1 of my swappers in Texas replied to my e-mail and said she was starting her cutting and would get mine out within a week.I haven`t heard anything since and no squares.I have sent her 2 e-mails just asking very nicely if she had received my charms,no reply.The other 9 I swapped with were very prompt and nice.I also received an e-mail wanting to know if I could send 1 of the people who did not get all their swaps a package.,I just ignored it.

  3. Amy Kinard says:

    I am lucky to have had relatively no issues. I just have one newbie that never responded to me, so I have an extra newbie set that needs a home.

  4. Sarah says:

    What a blast that wedding must have been! OMG that green dress is pretty on her!!

  5. D J says:

    The lavender dresses are beautiful, of course I’m partial to the color! Mary, you need skates! Thank you for all that you do for us! I don’t think you are a meanie about tardy swappers.

  6. Astrid says:

    So far – no issues! All my 7 newbies have sent me a ‘thank you’ note. I have heard from my swap partners too and most of them have received my charms – (if you haven’t informed me, PLS let me know!) I have received charms from some, and I know the others are on its way. For example from the US to Mauritius, letters/parcels take up to 3-4 weeks before they land in my mailbox. I do send out emails as soon as a letter/parcel is received.
    Mary, you are doing a fabulous job!

  7. Thanks for all the work you have done with this swap! I had two great swap partners and I am already cutting and looking forward to the next swap. I think my obsession is growing with these little squares.

  8. My eleven swappers were wonderful and responded and mailed their swaps promptly and my two little gifts to newbies got rave reviews and thank-you’s. Thank you Mary, for a very well-run swap!

  9. merrie says:

    the wedding looks gorgeous..i have 2 of those next year–my grandaughter in march in KS and my grandson in may here in MI so i am reading all about tips for making them the best for them…i would be out of my ever-lovin’ tree if i were you…i can’t handle all those things at once..good for you…i will send you an e/mail about the few who have not responded to my swaps..thanks for all the trouble you have gone to for this swap..i have 58 squares done..my ‘throw’ is turning into a quilt!!!!!!

  10. Andrea says:

    I took part early on in the swap and mailed out and received but due to other personal comittments I have not taken part in subsequent months. Perhaps some people should think more carefully about signing up for anything like this in the first place rather than letting people down. I am watching carefully and hope to join in again in the months to come. I can not wait to see some of the outcomes made from the little charms!

    • merrie says:

      nobody but a true quilter understands all that goes on with a swap like this..some people get overwhelmed and the thing they know how to do best is put their head in the sand and forget about it…i just want to spread the ‘charm love’ around but sometimes it doesn;t work…but it is fun..and i am loving it and i am here for the next one..

  11. Pam Losely says:

    This was my first swap and it went very well. All exchanges were made and emails sent. I feel very lucky and appreciate being included. Can’t wait to start sewing!

  12. Cathy says:

    I am loving all the little charms that I have recieved! Thanks to all and especially to Mary and the other lady(sorry cant remember her name). I so enjoy this swap and getting the packages in the mail is like Christmas. I have been cutting with some new fabrics and getting ready for the next swap! My granddaughter is turning into a great help with this! Thanks again to all who had my name and to Mary!

  13. kimr says:

    Kind of a mixed experience this time. I received one person on my list and apparently I wasn’t on her list-so we didn’t swap. Another I sent to Australia a couple weeks ago and she emailed me today that she still hadn’t received them. (I need to pull out the customs form to doublecheck the date) I am still waiting on one sent coming from Canada –so that may take longer? And hers also went out a little later-since I was unable to check mail while visitors were here–so it took me awhile to find hers with the address.

    I also will not be participating in the newbie swap next round. I find it offensive that someone receiving free items “reported” me a week and a half after the lists had gone out. Especially since we HAD communicated and I had told her it may be a week before I was able to send them out due to company arriving for the week. Now that I think of it, I don’t think she even let me know when she did receive them.

    I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that goes into sorting all of the swappers, trying to avoid repeats etc. Thank you so much for hosting this!

    • Australia and Canada vary – some of our swappers there are urban but some are quite remote!

      Sorry you feel that way about the Newbie swap, but I understand your frustration. I hope you will reconsider participating later, after we post some of the success stories from April Newbies! Yes, it is a gamble if people will thank you, or enjoy them. But for the people who get them and start on a new project it is sheer joy.

      – Mary

  14. Iris says:

    So happy my first PSQ swap went well, thank you to my swap partners, and thank you Mary – it was great swapping worldwide!
    Now I can start playing with my new charms – oh, and maybe start sewing :-)))
    Iris, Koeln/Germany

  15. GA Quilter says:

    Received a very flowery e-mail 2 weeks ago from TX.till nothing in mail.I will just let it go and hope she enjoys what she received..Thanks for all you do Mary.

  16. Bonnie Jourdan says:

    My last 2 swappers ps got sent tues. One went to indiana (newbie) & the other to canada. The only one i have not received is from In TX. i have received from (names removed). I love there swaps. Getting closer to starting my (queen size) ps quilt.

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