July Swappers: 2.5 inch swap and most Newbies done

Swappers who are sharing 2.5 inch charms should check their email, if they haven’t yet, for their swap assignments. (If you do not see it, please check your SPAM folder as well!)

A total of 35 people are swapping an amazing 285 sets of the 2.5 inch charms. That means about 570 emails will be exchanged today, and soon all those little parcels will be heading out, from the Indian Ocean to the North Sea.

A handful of charms cuts from novelty fabrics.Barb, my wonderful Newbie Gifts helper, has been churning out emails for all sizes and looks to be down to the ‘questions’ point now.

All the two-inch swappers are impatient, I know, but I am nearly through sorting it out. There are a walloping 61 people trading 2″ charms, making the total of actual swapper (Newbies excluded) about 113. I think there were 25 Newbie Gift requests as well. Making the matches is a giant jigsaw puzzle, entering everything in a spreadsheet, double checking emails and quantities, sorting out how many sets and who will ship internationally . . . I have to set it aside from time to time to clear my head. And sleep, eat, go to work, and other distractions. Imagine that!
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2012_Summer_Olympics_opening_ceremonySpeaking of distractions, are you watching any parts of the Summer Olympics in London? My neighbor invited us over to enjoy his huge new 3DTV to watch the Opening Ceremonies. (Wow, that sure out-shone my thirty-year-old 13″ TV!) It was fun to watch it with a group, we all had our favorite moments. British pride showed so clearly, with the combo of history, modern pop culture, media, spectacle, and music.

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon was a wonderful pairing with the big fireworks display, “Bean” was a hoot, the forging of the Olympic Rings was impressive, and the new royal Bond Girl was unexpected. Did you sing along with the finale? We did, and I was wondering how many people all over the world joined Paul McCartney in singing the ending of Hey Jude. The United Kingdom put forth a fabulous showcase, and the excited athletes surely made thousands of moms and dads proud all over the world. As the nations paraded by, I annoyed my neighbors with comments like “I have seven swappers in that country!”
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34 Responses to July Swappers: 2.5 inch swap and most Newbies done

  1. Angela Bacon says:

    I AM impatient!!! Lol! But I totally appreciate how hard it is and how much work you are putting into this swap for us! Thank you!! 🙂

  2. Alberta in N GA says:

    got both my newbie list and 2.5 swap list.. have heard from 3 of my 5 newbies and 7 of my 10 2.5 swappers.. still waiting to get y 2-inch list… then to start figuring out how to pack and ship all these silly little squares so that they reach their destinations in great shape… dont forget swappers, be very careful when packing cause the post office is sometimes not too careful with our stuff…..

  3. Lee says:

    Mary you continue to amaze me being able to organize such huge swap. I look forward to swapping once again. I better get to sewing some of these charms togethter too. Thanks again for all you do.

  4. D J says:

    Mary, you and Barbara ROCK!

  5. Astrid says:

    Mary and Barb; thanks for the emails! You both are doing a GREAT job! I have the addresses to almost all my swappers and newbies so far and I hope to get the charms fly out of Mauritius at the end of the week. I’m waiting for as many addresses as possible so that I can send it all in one batch.
    Impatient for the 2″ swap partners…?! Not at all! HAH! :))

  6. carol says:

    I’m a newbie and three very nice quilters are sharing they’re precious charms with me …How nice you are to put this swap together and how nice of those who gave to newbies.. Thanks

  7. Lyn Smith says:

    Mary, you & Barbara are doing a wonderful job in pairing us all up. We 2″ girls will be patient.(I think) My 1.5″ are on their way.

  8. Samantha says:

    Mary & Barbara can I simply agree with everyone else…”Great Job! Thank you sooo much”
    I only have one swapper who hasn’t given me their address….a Mary from The Curious Quilter, in Minnesota USA! LOL

  9. Cathy Kieser says:

    I actually think the little bit of a lull should make us patient. I didnt sign up for the 1.5 or newbie this time, but if I did, I would think the little time inbetween would be great to get one set off before another round begins. I kept all my addresses in a notebook and organiszed the people and size of charms. So this time I wanted it just one size to make it a bit easier. As far as packageing. I used the small bubble envelopes from walmart and the post office told me that these were the best to use. I also had a few ladies that sent me charms last round and I had to pay the extra postage or they werent going to give me the package. Not real sure why that happened. So please be aware of this. With all the garden and yard work I have to get done, I am glad for the wait. But got the charms cut and ready for the addressing 😀 Thanks so much Mary and Barb. Spending the time getting right so you dont have the headaches later is a job well done!!

  10. Amy mccullough says:

    I have checked my email and spam folder, but I did not get a message yet. Is there something I have missed? Amy from San Angelo, Tx

  11. Barbara Kibler says:

    Amy i sent you a newbie donor letter 2.5 on7/27…maybe we should check your email address…send me an email at: barbarakibler23@yahoo.com…so I can check your address.

  12. What sweet irony – your neighbour is watching the world go by on a mega-size TV; you are connecting to real people all over the real world with little bundles of fabric! You can sign me up for the next round…. Thanks, Barb.

    • D J says:

      It is amazing how much you can get done if your worktable is in front of the TV with the Olympics on – they have soooooo many commercials.

  13. I also appreciate all of the work that you and Barbara are doing for this swap! Very exciting to receive the swappers’ emails, and I have mailed out well over half — just waiting for a few more addresses to send the rest.

  14. merrie says:

    heard from all my 2.5″ newbies and sent out their little squares,,,,,heard from all but one of my 2″ newbies and sent out their squares but one still has to contact me with an address but this is vacation time so haven;t given up on her…then i will be done with my newbies…i appreciate all the work this is..i cannot imagine such a task but sure glad you two can do it..what fun for us!!

  15. strangemodegirl says:

    I have heard back from all but one of my 2″ newbies. Getting them all packed up and ready to go out. 🙂

  16. Robin Harvey says:

    I’m currently in three swaps, one centralized and two direct… Just keeping track of those seems like a lot – how you manage to get all of this organized is mind-boggling!

    Does anyone have tips on the mailing of these little buggers? I’m thinking of putting them inside a small baggie and that inside of an envelope. Is that going to be safe?

    • Best bet is a small bubble or padded mailer, but I have had success in US only with the baggie inside an envelope routine. Post office prefers they be under 1/4 inch thick. If sending internationally, I recommend a bubble or padded mailer.

    • merrie says:

      i send mine in a brown (kraft) envelope..they are a little heavier..i put down a layer of saran or plastic wrap..stack the 2″ squares into stacks of 12, in a business size of the envelopes…i can get 8 stacks then i lay the extra 4 on top, fold over the plastic wrap, but a gummed label on top with the recipient’s name and address and seal the envelope with wide shipping tape..costs 85 cents in the U.S. and they seem to all get there..for the 2.5’s i use a 6×9 brown (kraft) envelope and lay them out in stacks of 15 and spread the last 10 on top, fold over the plastic wrap and put the addressed gummed sticker on top and seal with pkg tape..that costs a few cents more in the U.S….that is how i send mine…just a hint on how to get these little stacks in the 6×9 envelope..i have cut a piece of posterboard that is slightly smaller than the envelope..i do my stacks on it then slip it in the envelope and pull the posterboard out..they stay nice and snug in their own little piles..

      didn;t mean to write a book…lol

  17. carol says:

    Help>> I have received charms from a lovely lady in Ca. Don’t have her e-mail so will send thanks via snail mail. But I got an e-mail from someone wanting my address and it disappeared as soon as I clicked on the message. Don’t know who it was or how to reply.. Thanks for the help. Also for putting this swap together it is mind boggling…Thanks you

    • Carol, do you still have the list we sent you, telling who your donors are? I bet you can figure it out there. I will resend what I have to you.

      Just remember, you asked for NEWBIE GIFTS, so you do not have to send anything back to these people!

  18. D J says:

    I have sent out all Newbie sets but one, who hasn’t replied to address request so I’ll send again Monday. Working on 2″ers today & probably all weekend. Cannot imagine the work involved for Mary & Babara! Way to go, ladies!

  19. Soooo.. I’m in a panic.. I’ve been exceptionally busy at work, and haven’t seen an email with the names of my newbies. I volunteered to send five.. HELP…
    Thanks merrie for your instructions on how to pack.. I had a major discussions with two post offices, and got two different answers on the postage. One said it was $1.95, and if the envelope was under 1/4″ it would be $.65.. I repacked them, as I had a bunch to send out, and went to another p.o., and the guy wanted $.85.. Go figure..

    • Barri –

      I know that Barb had emailed all the people who donated 1.5 inch charms for Newbies, because our Newbies are all either very clever or just afraid of the small size. No one wants 1.5 inch charms! I will have Barb confirm with you.

      I opt for the higher priced bubble wrap mailers for international, to Alaska, and to an APO/FPO address. Otherwise they run between 65 and 85 cents a hit at my PO, which feels reasonable. Sending things overseas may vary widely, but the most I have had to spend was under $4, the least was $2.

      – Mary

  20. Thanks Barbara fro resending. I contacted, and sent out.. Everyone is sent out. I’ve been getting packages every day.. Oh what fun.

  21. Melissa Williamson says:

    Help? I have received email and sent my newbie names the squares. I have had two people contact me for my address for the 2 inch swap, but I have not received my orginal swap email. I requested 6 swaps of 2 inch squares. Will I receive an email for the other four or were there not enough people for me to get all six? Thanks!! I appreciate all your hard work, I’ve looked thru my junk folder and trash a couple of times. It is possible that I deleted it, but I have some lonely blocks here waiting for a new home. 🙂 Thanks again.

  22. Barbara says:

    I am a newbie and I haven’t heard from anyone regarding the newbie gifts and 2.5″ charm swap. I have sent a couple of emails but haven’t heard anything and I am in a panic that I won’t be in this group. I know this is a major undertaking for the both of you and I appreciate all your hard work. I don’t want to be a pest (lol) but I am afraid something has happened to my email address. Thanks in advance for lettting me know if I will be included in this exchange.

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