Feel free to chat amongst yourselves…

closed signThe July Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap Signup is closed. Quilters everywhere, start cutting and saving up charm sets for the October Swap.

Now I am going to bury myself in the matching process! I know that you all the swappers are eager to get your matches, mail your sets, and get new ones in return. Bear with me for a few days while I sort it all out!

Two Inch Treasure Frames

Frame fabric with charms.

Newbie donors, and people getting newbie gifts, you will be getting emails from Barb Kibler, who has graciously volunteered to shepherd that process along. She will also need a couple of days to get it all ready to go.

One of the unusual things I have noticed about this blog is that you, the readers, often chat with each other via the comment sections. I am delighted! Before you start to chat amongst yourselves today, please do go to our pages on Flickr and share pictures of your charm sets, or your PSQ quilt progress! Then come back and tell people what you posted, and what you saw there that inspired you.

Two Inch Treasure Four Squares

Oh, and, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, this swapping is not just about collecting charms. Start SEWING! Even if you do not have enough, you can chain pairs and begin to make your Postage Stamp Quilt grow. If you are not motivated to colorwash or use a fancy design, the classic random look is still stunning, and blocks can be built over months, or even years.

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31 Responses to Feel free to chat amongst yourselves…

  1. merrie says:

    looking at Flikr i see so many great ideas…i will finish my original idea for mine then i am going to do something different..i have hundreds—probably thousands of 2″ and 2.5″ cut…i love sewing them together and seeing the finished results..thanks for this great way to have fun with tiny pieces of fabric..can hardly wait for my swap partners..good work mary and barb!!!!!

    • Barbara Kibler says:

      Hey Merrie…I see you are a fellow Michigander…where are you? I am in Ypsilanti (near Ann Arbor). I go every Wednesday evening to a local quilting group in Canton(MI)

      • merrie says:

        i am up in the thumb—Akron…18 miles east of bay city!!! i have been near ypsi but not for sure if i have actually been there..been to ann arbor lots of times (hubby had cancer)…our quilt group closed a few years ago..no one coming so we stopped but i quilt with friends on occasion…good to meet you….

  2. Janice says:

    I came across your blog by chance when I was doing a search on the internet to give me some kind of idea what to do with 2″ squares. About 10 years ago a friend of mine was going to teach me to quilt, but she passed away before she could. Her sister gave me a lot of things from her quilting room including 4 large pizza boxes that had 3 layers of 2″ stacks of squares. They have moved with me 4 different times and I have done searches before, but when I found your blog, I was hooked with line and sinker. I had 1 month to start going through the 4 boxes and get my charms ready for the July swap, which by the way if my very first swap. I have made it through 2 of the boxes, so I will have 2 more boxes to go through before the next swap. Then there is the big tub of scraps that I have still to go through and start cutting. My big question for you Mary, is, do you have any plans to continue this swap next year since I just found you. I do hope and pray that you plan to continue these swaps from year to year. I have so much scrap fabric to go through and would love to make more than 1 quilt. I am so looking forward to getting started on this project. I don’t know how to tell you how thankful I am that you are doing this. You are my inspiration.

    • People are asking!! I am considering it, but probably not four times a year. Perhaps annually, or twice a year.

      • Samantha says:

        I was too afraid to ask! but wouldn’t it be great! I also have several different ones in my head after looking at the flicker pages. Thanks again Mary!

      • Alberta in N GA says:

        I think twice a year would be just about right… that would give it enough time between swaps for people to cut for the next one and still keep the interest going… cause not only is it for the swapping but also the interest in 2″ charm quilts. Four times is a much for cutting… since we are swapping in October maybe next April and then October again….

    • You are way hooked.. There is no way of turning back.. I think the postage stamp quilts are very forgiving for a newbie.. I’m doing the 1.5″, and am having a hard time collectung enough.. I don’t want duplicates..

      • It takes time! Remember, large scale print fabric will not read as duplicates with these little squares, so that is a bargain for collectors. Consider alternating with a solid color if you are impatient (there is one like that on Flickr!). The 1.5 inches are GORGEOUS, and frankly, I do not think duplicates would matter, as long as there are only 3-4 of each.

        To spread duplicates out, consider keeping your charm stash in 3-4 baggies, placing one duplicate in each. Then, be sure that those go in different blocks and areas of your quilt, to hide the dups. Or embrace them and make a memory game of it, find the matches!

        After all these are THE MOST FORGIVING QUILTS you will ever make. Unless you want to create a masterpiece. Not me, imperfections are great!

      • Hi Barri – I have lots of small scraps left over from cutting my 2.5 inch charms. If you don’t mind cutting your own 1.5 inch squares, I would be happy to send them to you. Let me know & welcome to the PSQ craze!!

  3. Andi says:

    But, but, but…… Im addicted! And what am i going to do with all these extra squares?? Oh yeah they are going in the other 12 bazillion projects that pop into my head every time i look at my little 2.5″ treasures! Lol! Mary, thanks for getting me started on this path, i think i finally found a way i can quilt that will titally work with my add/ocd! Now to get to the fabric warehouse for a ‘quilters grab-bag’ before the next swap! (its the bolt ends, they stuff a bag so full it stands at about 6 ft tall!! And its only $10!!!!! I should get plenty of sets from that huh? Lol)

    • Perhaps it is time to consider cutting smaller scraps into 1.5 inch squares! Maybe a table runner? LOL!

      • Andi says:

        Oh i dont think i could do 1.5in squares! I tried cutting some of each size and 2.5 is th best for me! 1.5 is just too tiny f

      • Andi says:

        Grrrr stupid phone!! 1.5 is too tiny for me! Although i would be willing to trade someone some 1.5 for 2.5!! Lol!

    • Barbara Kibler says:

      Hey Ladies…I am also addicted to these little charm squares…I do the 2.5 size. I have 4 projects that are in the “working on stage”….and one completed project from the April swap.

  4. caroltipton says:

    Well I’m a Newbie so all I can do is be jealous and wine and snivel… How am I doing.Thanks so much for doing this and all the quilters who share they’re treasures and info and advice. I SPEND WAY to much time looking at blogs for inspiration..Again thanks so much…

  5. D J says:

    You are doing fine Carol! Do watchout for wine & needles, yikes! Drink the wine after you finish your daily PSQ goal! Don’t whine that you haven’t enough charms because it won’t be long before you will have to find new places to store your little treasures & think of the possibilities for putting them into quilts for others and yourself. So glad you posted!

  6. barri says:

    Hi Mary Ann..
    Without a doubt I’d be thrilled to get your scraps. I would love to pay the postage on them, and if you would like, I can send you scraps big enough to make 2.5″ squares.. I was emailing back, and forth with a friend, and we were thinking of getting into the 2.5″ swap, and cutting what we get down.
    Let me know..

    • I can email you each others addresses.

      Love how you all talk to each other here!

      • Thanks Mary.. I sent an email.. I am having soooo much fun.. I’m just laughing about how many I need to make the quilt.. I am really patient, and I don’t plan on starting the sewing part, as I am working on four scrap quilts for my staff, and it’s taking me longer than not.. the dog is having issues with me sewing.. It’s weird, but he never did.. I think there is something that is making noise in the machine that I am not hearing.. He was always a great companion.. Now I’d like to drop kick him..

      • naw, don’t do it…

        After all, ya might hurt the foot you need to work the sewing machine floor control with!

  7. GA Quilter says:

    Hi Mary,I love the swaps,but I think twice a year would be good.Oct. and April sounds great.

  8. djarhorne says:

    I was wondering if you would consider creating a yahoo group. we could have signups in the database, be able to chit chat with each other and ask questions, we can even post photo’s. You could have some help with people running it for you and helping with the swaps in the different sizes, so you don’t have to do it all yourself. Just an idea.

    • Odd that you should ask. Along with a couple of hard-core PSQ swappers, we have this in the works for the end of the year. I hope that it will ensure people who are creating these can stay in touch with each other, and get inspiration. Details to come later!

  9. Robin Harvey says:

    I’m excited to have my list of swap partners and have had contact with three of them already! All three have their charms ready to go, which amazed me. This is my first time swapping 1.5″ charms, so I am starting cutting from scratch, but am making good progress so should have them ready to mail within the week.

  10. barri says:

    I’m happy to report that all my swaps went out.. I had three to Australia. One Canada, and nine US. I’m just thinking of the smiles on the recipients faces when they open the mail box, and there is a squishy..I feel like it’s Chanukah in the summer.. Now I have time to put them in color order, as i have to check for duplicates..
    I think I’m having a lot of fun..
    NO.. The dog did not get drop kicked.. He got sent into the bedroom, and came back with his tail between his legs. He didn’t peep after.. If he was bored. There was no excuse as we went for a nice walk before, and he got a treat.. Attitude is not tolerated.

  11. D J says:

    Mailed all my swaps (1 exception) & all newbie gifts (1 exception). Met a quilter at the Post Office who was amazed how far & wide the charm sets go across the globe, & wants to swap 500 with me. Standing in long lines CAN be beneficial! I encouraged her to sign up in October. I am having so much fun & hope to meet Mary’s challenge in 2012, too close to call right now!

    • D J says:

      Mailed all my swaps & all but one newbie (no response to e-mail but Barb is aware). Still waiting for about 600 charms from four ladies. Some were/are on vacation, others have made arrangements or have e-mailed me they are in the mail. I’m looking forward to laying out the different colors for the drop sides of the PSQ! This is so exciting!!!!

  12. Amy Kinard says:

    I mailed and have received all of my sets from all my swap partners. I do still have a newbie pack left because one person never responded to multiple emails. But I have to say I have gotten some wonderful charms and met some even more wonderful people!!
    Tomorrow I begin the sewing! I will post pictures of my progress on the flickr group. 🙂

  13. Barbara Smith says:

    I just received 3 newbie gifts this week and I want to thank each of you for sharing your charms with me. If was such fun seeing all the different charm patterns, now I have to decide what kind of PSQ I am going to make. I just finished making a quilt for my grandson with LeMoye stars using 2.5″ charms, I don’t think I will do that again.l0l
    Mary and Barb thanks again for all of your hard work in getting this together.
    Happy Quilting everyone,

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