My In the Bag “Ugly Fabric” Challenge Fabrics

I am taking part in the In The Bag – Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge, and my trading partner is Fiona from Celtic Thistle Stitches. She is presently living in Latvia, and sent me two yards of great fabric. And some chocolate. And a tea towel. What a sweetie!
In The Bag, from Fiona
I really LIKE these fabrics, none are ‘ugly’ in my mind. The challenge with this set, it seems to me, is that there are two personalities shown in the cloth. The pink and orange floral and stripe are truly coordinated. The batik leaves and great dots share the black background and work well together. Sure, the colors in the dots help to tie them together, but there is a distinctly different mood to them. Melding these two points of view will be my challenge!

I have been looking through patterns and playing with my stash, trying to find some fabrics to tie these together. Or, perhaps, to reinforce the difference—I can envision a quilt that plays on the ‘opposites’ nature of these fabrics.

I will keep you all posted. One day I will share with you the horrid set of eight fabrics I sent Fiona! I am feeling a tad bit guilty about it. And it never occurred to me to include a sweet treat to soften the blow of just how wild my taste in fabric is. Fiona, if you are out there, I wish you a lot of luck!

Hop over to the In The Bag blog site to see several quilts in progress. I looked through all the ‘uglies’ sent to others, and found them pretty nice. Sure, some are not to my taste, but they all had virtues. Being a lover of scrappy quilts probably helps my perspective.
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7 Responses to My In the Bag “Ugly Fabric” Challenge Fabrics

  1. Ria says:

    I really love the one with the fire-coloured leaves on a black background. That’s a gorgeous piece of fabric, not ugly in the slightest!

  2. rutigt says:

    I did also send the ugliest fabrics I could find in my home and recieved beautiful fabrics in return.
    Gun, Sweden

  3. Susan says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what you will do with these fabrics!

  4. Marge Gordon says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with these, I’d have a problem with them, LOL!

  5. Sharon Camp says:

    Sometimes the ugliest fabrics put together make the best quilts – like the worst weather gives you the most gorgeous of rainbows. You just have to find the beauty.

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