Random Thoughts: Teachers, Newbies, Loose Ends

Elem Bully Giveaway Set April 2012

Hop over to enter this giveaway.

Off the quilting topic, but a quick note to share with any teachers out there:
In my “real” life I manage and write for a blog for Free Spirit Publishing, and there is a great giveaway going on. There are two different “Bully Free Bundles” up for grabs, one for elementary and one for middle school teachers. Anyone can comment for a chance to win. Free Spirit publishes books for kids, and even more for teachers, dealing with topics from autism to differentiated instruction, depression to gifted ed, and lots more. Hop over to the Free Spirit Publishing Blog and enter to win one of these great book bundles for your classroom, your school, or to share with a teaching friend.Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com To all the NEWBIE QUILTERS out there:
Your donor partners have been sent contact info, and will be emailing you for mailing instructions. If you requested 2.5 inch charms, you have two or three donor partners, spreading the donated wealth as evenly as possible. If you are a lucky Newbie seeking two-inch charms, you have five to six donors assigned, as it was the most common size to donate. No brave Newbies asked for 1.5 inch charms! Pity, as the smaller sizes stitch up beautifully.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comI am working to tie up the loose ends, and fix a few errors, on the entire April swap. And to answer the 142 emails you all have sent me this week! Thanks for bearing with me, this madness shall pass soon. Then I will get back to doing a little SEWING myself.

Thank you ALL for taking part, putting up with the pace, and coping with a few hiccups along the way. May you all have a great time sorting your new little treasures. And please, do not simply collect them, start chaining pairs together!

And keep cutting!!! The next swap round is in July. And later this month there are some special treats coming up that all PSQ lovers should enjoy.Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSignature© 2012 by The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com. All rights reserved.


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15 Responses to Random Thoughts: Teachers, Newbies, Loose Ends

  1. merrie says:

    how do you do it???? all this work and you mean you have another life???? i really admire you…i have gotten 2 of my swaps so far and what fun…and i have sent out all but 2 newbie packets…one will be on the way tomorrow and the other when i get her address…thank you thank you for all this fun..i hope to start sewing tomorrow..looking forward to seeing what the special treats are!!!!!!….

  2. You are such a good woman. Thank you for all you are doing.

  3. Alberta in N GA says:

    actually, Mary is a genius….I mailed all my 2″ squares swaps (except for 2 sets) and 4 of the newbie sets… still waiting to hear from one person. I have received one set of 100 back already… took 2 days to come to me… she is really eager to work on her PSQ…me, I am still trying to get caught up from being gone for a week to Paducah…happy stitching evrybody!!!

  4. Barbara Kibler says:

    Mine have all been sent out and even a few have received them. I have received 2 swap sets myself and they great! I love this fun mail!
    Thanks again Mary!

    • Barbara Kibler says:

      I have received 7 of my trades. Still waiting for my international swaps…really looking forward to receiving the charms.

  5. GA Quilter says:

    I have sent out 7 swaps and 1 giftie,Waiting to hear from my other 3 swappers and 1 giftie,I have e-mailed them,will e-mail again next week.I have received 2 swap packs also.Thanks,Mary.

  6. GA Quilter says:

    Have heard from all my swappers now except one forgot to add her zip code.Have received 4 packages.Sent out 7.Still no word from my 2nd giftie person

  7. GA Quilter says:

    All my swappers have contacted me now and the last 3 will get put in the mail tomorrow.Thanks to al my fellow swappers.Still haven`t heard from my 2nd giftie person.Thanks to you Mary.

  8. My partner & I have connected and followed thru on our swaps. So excited to get going on my quilt. My only problem now is that I have found another PSQ I want to make – cutting more charms and waiting for July!! See that quilt here: http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/quilting/Home-Decor/Royal-Squares-Quilt/12904 Thanks so much Mary for getting me hooked on PSQ’s

  9. strangemodegirl says:

    I received three newbie gifts today! I am quite excited to sort through them and get to work on my project! This is so fun! I am also excited for the next one when I will be able to send some out myself!

  10. Samantha says:

    Can you hear my heart singing over there Mary? Lots in charms arrived in Australia today! Thank you for this absolutely fabulous experience that “you” (and my gorgeous swap partners) have made possible.

  11. Lucy says:

    Thank you for the gift sets. What FUN! Wouldn’t it be neat to know how many hundreds, or thousands, of hours you’ve created with you encouragement of PSQs? And, thank you, Mary for all the work on this…this is a delight.

  12. GA Quilter says:

    Just a tip,when I swapped with Mary in Feb.she had a piece of card stock folded around her squares and this protected them when ran them through the conveyer at the postal service.I
    do this now,I spoke with a postal worker and she said you could cut up Christmas or other cards and put 1 piece down in the envelope on the address side to protect them also.

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