To my patient PSQ Charm swappers!

4/29/2012: Two inch swap emails are all emailed. Some mistakenly said TEST in the subject line, but they are the real thing!
4/30/2012: 2.5 inch swap emails are all emailed.
5/1/2012, 1:00 AM CDT: The 1.5 inch matches are in the email.
5/1/2012 evening, some Newbie Gift notices have been sent to donors, but severe lightning is moving and and I am going offline.
5/2/2012 The rest of the Newbie Gift emails have been sent to donors. Now, on to answering all your emails! – Mary

Hello, quilty people! Here’s a quick update on the swap notices (4/28/2012):


  • The TWO inch charm swap partner notices will start going out today. Most will be out this weekend, but a few may not get out until Monday.
  • The 1.5 and 2.5 inch charm swap partner notices will start going out Sunday. They should be mostly out by the end of Monday.
  • There are still a handful of people out there who have personal emails from me asking for clarification of what they are swapping. If I haven’t heard back from you yet, your matches will be delayed until I do!


  • GIFT GIVERS should expect a separate email from me with info on where their Newbie Gifts will go. These emails will start going out on Tuesday.
  • NEWBIES waiting for gifts, you will get your donor info AFTER the gift givers get their emails, as they will contact you directly for mailing information.

Mail Coming Your WayThe emails will contain all instructions for swapping or gifting. Please refrain from emailing me to say you do not have matches yet until after Wednesday, so I can get some sleep! Please respond to your swap partner’s email quickly. But, if you do not hear back from your partners immediately, give them a couple of days please! Some may be on vacation or busy, please give them a week.

Thanks for all your patience. Very soon, over 500 little charm packs will be flying all around the world, from Canada to South Africa to Malaysia and beyond. What a lovely thought!
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25 Responses to To my patient PSQ Charm swappers!

  1. patp. says:

    Gadzooks! I read your post and then tried to picture just what it takes to pull off something like this in a timely and coordinated fashion- and now my head hurts!! Don’t know how you manage but you do,with a fair amount of humor,style and ingenuity. Take the time you need-we will all wait! In the meantime it seems to me we should all send you a little something-rather like a hostess gift. Why not tell us a few sizes,strips,etc you would like to play with and let us run with it from there? I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking a token of thanks is more than due! Think about it!!

  2. I was thinking the same thing as patp! You definitely deserve a hostess gift – let us know how we can repay you for all your hard work. It will make this swap even more special!!

  3. merrie says:

    i agree totally with patp and mary ann…let us know what we can give you for all this work…it would make me feel so much better knowing you were having as much fun as the rest of us for all your work..strips would be good, or squares or rectangles!!!! anything..please…thank you so much for all your work…i really appreciate it…what funnnnn!!!!!!!!

  4. Cathy Kieser says:

    Well, I guess I am going to chime on in on what the ladies have to say above. I think you are collecting or working on a green something? Mary. How about some greens to finish your project? Thank you so much for your hard work. By the time the last swap comes you will be a pro. You better agree to something, because we are going to send you something anyway! I am so looking forward to this! I check my email and this post like every half hour in anticipation! Sure wish you pleasant dreams sooooooooonnnnnnn!!!!

  5. Cathy Kieser says:

    On another note….Can anyone who has done this before tell me how is the best way to send these? as in the packaging? I want mine to get to my swapper in good condition and expect the same. Thanks!!

    • J. Johnson says:

      A bit of plastic wrap or a baggie, in an envelope works pretty darn well for the lowest cost of postage. A small bubble mailer is the strongest. If sending to remote places, I would go stronger!, at least that is what I found last round. Postage from US to anywhere was not pricey at all, mine ranged from 90 cents to $2.80.

  6. Sue Dodge says:

    patp, you said it all! Organizing this has to be a lot of hours and we should send a thank you squishie. Mary, if you would like to do a shades of green charm quilt, send me an email. I will start cutting green 2” squares for you. If you would like 2”ers, any color, I will do that too. I recently inherited my moms fabric collection and she had over 800 fat quarter plus yardage plus my collection which amounts to way too much fabric. Next swap I will have packages for Newbies if you do that again. Cathy K, the only suggestion I have for mailing is to include an address label inside your zip lock bag. That way if the packaging should come open the PO knows where it was going. I’m coming thru the cities next weekend on my way to North Branch, I’ll honk and wave. 🙂 SueD

    • Sam says:

      I would just be in heaven if I inherited 800 fat quarters! Lucky lady!

      • Sue Dodge says:

        We have a storage room in our garage that my husband put 7’x9’x15” closet to hold all that fabric. What a guy! All my extra space in the house already was spoken for! LOL I worked in a quilt store for 10 years. I’m sure I never actually took home “money”! LOL SueD

    • OK folks, if I do a green quilt, it will NOT be a PSQ! I need SOME variety in my life, after all!

      • Sue Dodge says:

        OK not a shades of green PSQ in the near future. What are you wishing for? Strips, nickles, layer cakes……I think a number of us would like to say thank you for organizing this swap. Although I think a shades of green PSQ would be awesome. You might hate green by the time you finished however. 🙂 SueD

      • In reply to Sue and all of you…

        Hmm, I wonder just what an odd collection of green scraps could be found out there? That would be interesting. Got me thinking…

      • Cathy Kieser says:

        Maybe you could arrange the PS’s so they are shaded into a landscape like you seen the other day. How fun is that? Oh I better go dig out some greens for you!

  7. Awesome!!! Thanks for your hard work organizing it! Can’t wait to get swapping and sewing!

  8. Sam says:

    Mary, It sounds as though your mighty collection will keep growing. I thoroughly agree with everyone else, please let us know where we can send a “pressie” to you!

  9. ~ Julie ~ says:

    Amazing . . . you are simply amazing!!! 🙂

  10. Rockgranny says:

    Aren’t you curious about fabrics from Croatia? I’m pretty sure you have never seen them before. And I would be honoured to send you any size or colour you like.
    Thanks again for this wonderful swap

  11. rutigt says:

    Thank you for all your hard work on this. I´ve already got my swapingpartners and they are contacted. This is so exciting. I must go and fix the packages right now 🙂
    Gun, Sweden

  12. Lee says:

    you are amazing to pull this all together again. thank you so much. After this next swap I might have enough to get my single quilt together!!! I am slowly sewing 2.5″ squares into big blocks to then sew those together. I love the no thinking type of sewing, just grab and sew!

  13. moonhonu says:

    I did a “duh” when i signed up this time but want to thank my swap partner Merrie-Mary (who is wonderful) for being so wonderful! 🙂

  14. Pam says:

    I didn’t get an email from you yet with my swappers info. I’m trading 2.5″ squares. Thanks, Pam

    • Please recheck your email, the original email address you sent bounced back! I think you have it now.

      IF not, please use my EMAIL link and send me your correct email address, Pam. Thanks!

  15. Susan Carson says:

    I’m one of the newbies receiving a gift and have heard from more than one generous “gifter”. Is that possible? If there’s a limit I want to get it corrected so someone else doesn’t go without. If it IS possible, then…wow, and thank you! I’ve started what I think will be a twin sized PSQ and will love having those wonderful additional charms to add to it! Thanks so much for organizing this–you’re the BEST!

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