Last day to join the April Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap!

Yep, April is simply flying by! Tomorrow is the last day to enter the current Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap. Tell your friends, count more sets, anticipate sending and receiving lovely little treasures.

When the sign-up closes, allow me a few days to get through the matching process (it takes time!) I will be sending out emails to all as the swap partners are assigned, and the Newbie matches too. Keep watching here for my matching progress.


Alberta in GA shared this on Flickr!

While you are dreaming of things to do with your new little charms, here is some more inspiration. Newest pic on our Flickr page is shown here, Alberta in GA has added an Irish Chain touch to her PSQ. You can post pictures there too, of your charm collection, or your quilt in progress. Red Pepper Quilts is showing off a finished PSQ made in the strip style, very fresh colors! And Deanna at Wedding Dress Blue, has caught the PSQ charm bug in a big way, and has created matching “Hundred Hugs Quilts” for twins due this spring.
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13 Responses to Last day to join the April Postage Stamp Quilt Charm Swap!

  1. Deanna says:

    Oh, thank you for featuring the Hundred Hugs quilt. It is small enough for a beginner, but fun for anyone. Enjoy!

  2. Alberta in N GA says:

    love my block….

  3. GA Quilter says:

    Love it Alberta.

  4. ~ Julie ~ says:

    I’m so excited for this swap!!! Thanks for all the time and effort you’re putting into it!!! 🙂

  5. Ria says:

    I’m really looking forward to this!

  6. Astrid says:

    I’m soooo excited! Can’t wait to send off the charms to my swap partners and to receive little treasures! I have just finished a Postage Stamp quilt, a UFO from last year. Mary, even if this quilt isn’t part of the swap/qal, may I post it in the Flickr group? The fun is also that I made two small PSQ’s a couple of years ago, without knowing they are PSQuilts – LOL! That’s how it is to be a PSQ newbie, isn’t it?! 🙂

  7. Rita O'Gorman says:

    Hi, I’m a newbee. I started cutting squares the day I first came across your site. I wanted to make a small quilt for my new granddaughter. I thought, “I have lots of fabric” then I started to figure out how many charms it would take and I’m about 350 short. LOL
    How many charms are in a set? Do they all have to be different? I would like to join the swap. Please? Thanks, Rita O’Gorman

    • Rita – Click on the first link in the first paragraph above for full instructions,or click on the post Time for the April PSQ CHarm Swap. There are 100 charms in a set for swapping, all different fabrics. 1.5, 2, or 2.5 inch charms. Newbies who do not have a stash of 100 fabrics can request a Newbie Gift of 50 charms, read all about it there! – Mary

  8. Cathy Kieser says:

    I am so excited too! to be in the swap this time around. I got all my little piles all stacked, marked, and ready to send off as soon as I get the names. How FUN!

  9. Cathy Kieser says:

    So totally forgot the THANK YOU for all your hard work that goes into this. I sure hope that it goes well, and that it will not be the last time you do this. The antisipation is building!! Your such a spoty for taking this on. You GO girl!

  10. Karin says:

    I know I am a day late, but if you perhaps need one more person, I’m available! Love from sunny South Africa!

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