Time for the April2012 PSQ Charm Swap – Sign up now!

Charm Swap BannerSomehow, I have the crazy idea that people are just waiting to hop into the next Postage Stamp Charm Swap. Well, the wait is over. You can sign up to swap, or request a Newbie Gift, anytime between April 6-22, 2012. THIS SWAP IS CLOSED.

If you didn’t take part in the January Swap, you are most welcome to take part in this one! There will be four swaps altogether this year, so lots of opportunities to grow your own collection of unique little charms.

A favorite Postage Stamp Quilt.

My favorite picture of a PSQ that I made with over 4,000 two-inch charms.

What is this all about? Postage Stamp Quilts (PSQ’s) are made with small square charms, ranging from 1″ to 2.5″ before sewing. Most quilters strive to make one with as few duplicate fabric squares as possible, but there are some really striking quilts out there that have alternating solids, or lots of repeats. A lot of people are like me, they collect fabric scraps or charms with the plan to make a PSQ sometime. The goal for this year is to get people to actually MAKE a postage stamp quilt.

Me? Obsessed? HA! My collection of two-inch treasures reached well over 40,000 charms, and I started stitching them up a couple of years ago. I have finished six of them, with 3-4,000 charms in each. If you are new here, or just want to prove to your family that SOME people have more piles of charms than you, read more, and even more, about my journey to use my collection.

Postage Stamp Quilts Playing with Color

There are many ways to play with little fabric charms!

Something NEW! Help a New Quilter start a charm collection! Newbie Gifts are included in the swap this round. I hear from new quilters who want to make a PSQ quilt, but do not have 100 fabrics to cut charms from. Many of the experienced quilters who took part in the January Charm Swap have expressed an interest in donating sets of 50 charms to them. This is NOT a swap, it is a gift. If you are a new quilter who cannot swap, but would like to start a charm collection, sign up below. If you are a quilter with charms to spare, please sign up to donate a set or two. Details below.

I am repeating the basic rules for swapping below, but also want to refer you to the main Postage Stamp Quilt 2012 Swaps and Challenge page, and the FAQ’s About Postage Stamp Charm Swaps.

One note for returning swappers: I am not a meanie, really, but if your partner(s) still hasn’t received their January charms from you, I will not be matching you with a new partner this round. Fix it, and you can join! Email me if you have lost your January swap information.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHow to Swap PSQ Charms

Preparing your Charm Sets to Swap Sign Up to Swap Newbie Gifts! Puzzled? Find help!

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comPreparing Your Charm Sets To Swap:

Pick your size, 1.5″, 2″, or 2.5″ charm squares, get out your scraps, and start cutting. Cut some for you, and some to swap. Please use only 100% cotton fabric that is suitable for quilting. Homespuns or flannels should not be used for this swap. Hopefully, it has been pre-washed before cutting, but that may not always be possible.

For this swap, if you are interested in one inch charms, please cut two inch charms to swap. You will have more people available to swap with, although you will have to quarter the ones you receive.

Novelty Charms

Novelty charms are fun in these quilts!

Keep cutting. Fussy cut some fun novelties. Solids, stripes, plaids, prints, almost anything goes. Bust up as much stash as you want. Cut up strips and charm squares that you are not using. Keep cutting, as charm swaps will also be offered in July and October.

Make sets of 100 to swap. Count them out into stacks of 100, hopefully with no duplicates in each stack. (Large-scale prints may read as different fabrics when cut into small charms, which is acceptable.) So every set of 100 charms will have no duplicates, and is a UNIQUE set. If you cut 400 squares from 400 fabrics, you have four unique sets. If you cut 400 squares, 4 each from 100 fabrics, you have four matching sets. OK, that may sound confusing, but think of it this way: with unique sets, you could swap them all to one person, but with matching sets, you would swap one set to each of four people, so no duplicates came through!* Don’t sweat it, just holler if you are stuck. If you have 100 charms to swap, you will get 100 charms back. If you have 1,000 charms to swap, you can get 1,000 charms back. But remember, there will be more chances to swap later this year!

*Note: A UNIQUE set has each one different. Two UNIQUE sets have 200 different fabrics. If you only have one set, with all different fabrics, it is UNIQUE. TWO MATCHING SETS means that you have two sets cut from 100 different fabrics, but each set is the same. The sets match each other. A goal with postage stamp quilts is to have few or no repeats, so ‘coordinated sets’ – say with 4 each of 25 fabrics, are not acceptable for this swap. However, some duplicates are acceptable in Newbie Sets, read below.

Keep some for yourself. Set aside the number of these stacks that you want to keep for your own stash! After all, they are YOUR little treasures!Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSign Up To Swap!

Now that you have cut and counted, you are ready to sign up to swap. I will be matching you up to one or more other swappers, and emailing you both so you can share mailing addresses. With a little help from a friend, I will be getting those emails off as fast as I can, but please do not worry if you do not hear before April 28th! Once you have the swap info, you should contact your partner/s and arrange for mailing your charms and get them out within one week.
Rainbow CharmsSWAPPERS! Any time between April 6 and April 22, 2012, leave a comment below, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer) THIS SWAP ENDED 4/22/2012.

  1. Your first name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. Are you willing to swap with people in other countries? (Often more variety, but slightly higher postage rates may apply.)
  4. What size charms you want to swap, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please swap 2 inch charms.
  5. How many UNIQUE sets or MATCHING sets of 100 you have to swap.
  6. NEW! How many NEWBIE GIFTS you have to share.
  7. A brief comment about what you are making with your little squares. Please, start sewing asap, do not just save charms!

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By joining the swap, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your swap partner/s.

If you swapped in January, every effort will be made to give you different swap partner/s this round, to help you get more diversity in your charm stash.

NEW QUILTERS! Any time between April 6 and April 22, 2012, leave a comment below, stating each of these items: (it will be helpful if you use the numbers to answer)

  1. Your first name.
  2. Your City, State or Territory, and Country.
  3. What size charms you are collecting, 2.5, 2 or 1.5 inches. If you are doing a 1 inch project please request 2 inch charms.
  4. A brief comment about what you are planning to make with your little squares.

Please DO NOT include your email address or your mailing address! You email address is held privately when you submit the comment form. By signing up for Newbie Gift/s, you are giving me permission to share your email information with your donor/s.

Here is a sample SWAPPER comment, you could copy it and replace the info with your own:
1- Mary.
2- St. Paul, MN, USA.
3- Yes Int’l.
4- two inches.
5- three matching sets, and two unique sets
6- two Newbie gifts.
7- my seventh PSQ.
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comNewbie Gifts!

What is a Newbie Gift?

Two Inch Treasure Frames

There are many ways to use PSQ charms, even if you do not have thousands of them.

A set of 50 fabric charms in the size requested. All fabrics must be suitable for quilting, with no homespuns or flannels. Preferably, all 50 fabrics will be different, but, since these are probably ‘overstash’ from a seasoned quilter, some duplicates will be acceptable. (After all, the new quilter can save them to swap in July!) In no case shall a set include fewer than 25 different fabrics, so two of each.

Who Donates Them?
Any quilter with charms to spare! As you probably know, most quilters are very generous people. They may be stash-busting, or have duplicates to share. Or they just may take delight in helping stash-less quilters become fabric addicts!

Who Can Receive Newbie Gifts?
Any quilter who has insufficient stash to create a charm set of 100 different fabrics! But please note, if you sign up to swap, you cannot receive a Newbie Gift. While you are waiting for gifts in late April, you might enjoy my PSQ tutorial.

How Do I Participate? THIS SWAP ENDED May 1 2012.
Follow the directions in the Sign Up section, above! Donors, use the SWAPPER instructions. New quilters will find their own instructions there as well.

Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comHave fun! Keep watching for more Postage Stamp Quilt goodness. And thanks so much for taking part!!
Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSignature©2012 by The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com. All rights reserved.

About thecuriousquilter

Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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189 Responses to Time for the April2012 PSQ Charm Swap – Sign up now!

  1. 1- Kelly
    2- Boston, MA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- three matching sets, and two unique sets (set of 200)
    6- one Newbie gift
    7- my first PSQ – halfway done, just need a little more variety!

  2. Patricia Faye says:

    1. Patricia Faye
    2. Lakehills TX USA
    3. Yes, willing to swap with people in other countries.
    4. 2 inches
    3. 1 UNIQUE & 2 MATCHING sets of 100 to swap.
    4. This is my 1st SWAP & 1st attempt to make a PSQ. I would like to make King size bed quilt. I’m busy cutting fabric so I can get started. Hopefully this will reduce my stash & I can buy more fabric!

    • Any NEWBIE sets to share?

      • D J Matulewicz says:

        I think I have 2 sets of 50 (no repeats). Started my stash last fall, gosh, those fat quarters are expensive! Thank you for organizing this! The gentleman from down under goes way above the call of helping newbies get started, wow!

        I am a new quilter & crazy me, decided on a PSQ right off the bat. It looked so easy, but it is quite a challenge, even for a math teacher. The charms are so cute I hope my budding addiction to them provides a useful product for my family.

        I think I can put together one more newbie set this week too.

        D J

    • D J Matulewicz says:

      1. D J Matulewicz
      2. Broken Arrow, OK USA
      3. Yes, to international.
      4. Collecting 2″ squares
      5. To Share: 1 unique set (100) & 2 matching sets (50 each). All sets are 2″ squares.
      6. I am a Newbie (been quilting since November 2011)
      7. My first quilt. Need about 900 more 2″ squares.

  3. Martin says:

    1- Martin.
    2- Kingsport, TN, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- three unique sets
    6- four Newbie gifts.
    7- two more baby quilt for my anticipated neices.

    Thanks for doing this, Mary. Just writing a POST that detailed must take hours!

  4. patp. says:

    YIPPEE!!!! No I wasn’t looking forward to this again-much! The newbie gift is a wonderful idea! I wish I knew how to make my layout nice like Martins but I’m afraid that ability hasn’t been bestowed upon me yet but here goes: 1. Pat 2. Earl Park, In. U.S.A. 3. Not this time 4. 2.5″ and 1.5″ 5. 2 unique sets each 6. 4 newbie gifts each size 7. at least 2 more baby size { but the month is young!} and 8 twin size Is it just me or are many of you soothed by the sound of the scissors crunch crunching thru lovely cotton fabric that has just a hint of that wonderful dye smell wafting about ? Just wondering…….

  5. ~ Julie ~ says:

    Happy to be a newbie in the quilting world! 🙂

    1. Julie Anderson
    2. Fairview, Utah, USA
    3. 2.5″ (The others seem soooo tiny!!!)
    4. A Fading Charms quilt as shown on the Wedding Dress Blue blog.

    Thank you for organizing all of this!!! I can’t imagine the hours you put into such a HUGE project!!! Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to make such a beautiful quilt!!! Quilters really are the most generous and kind people out there!!! Hugs!!! 🙂

  6. Astrid says:

    Hi there! I’d love to join this time too, but give me 1-2 days to sort the charms. And yes, I have NEWBIE sets too. I’ll be back in 1-2 days!

  7. Alberta in N GA says:

    1. Alberta
    2. Martin, Georgia USA
    3. 2-inch squares
    4. 14 matching sets (I have been busy cutting)
    5. 5 matching newbie sets
    6. queen size… have done 2 blocks already (196 squares per block)

  8. Alberta in N GA says:

    I forgot to say that I am also willing to ship internationally for this swap


  9. Pam says:

    1. Pam
    2. Liberty Lake, WA, USA
    3. Yes, international
    4. 2.5 inch
    5. 5 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets
    7. My first PSQ, but I am a seasoned quilter. I love patchwork! I love puting “whatever” together and seeing how beautiful it turns out! Thank you for hosting this swap!

  10. Allison says:

    I’ve been waiting to sign up! Actually, I was a day early & showed up yesterday by mistake 🙂
    1. Allison
    2. NH, USA
    3. Yes to international swapping
    4. 2.5″ charms
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. not this time
    7. My postage stamp quilt is going to be for my Dad (full/queen sized). He says he likes scrappy quilts best, and you can’t get scrappier than a postage stamp quilt 🙂

  11. Raelene says:

    1. Raelene
    2. Victoria, Australia
    3. Yes
    4. 2.5″ charms
    5. 6 MATCHING
    6. Yes to Newbie ( I have some 2″ charms) 1 or 2 will let you know.
    7. Continuing with my King Size PSQ.

  12. Brinda says:

    Bay City, Mi. USA
    2 inch squares
    New collector of these charms and hope to join the next swap. I’d love to make a queen size quilt.

  13. Denise says:

    1. Denise
    2.Victoria, Australia
    4.1.5 inch charms
    5.5 Matching
    6.Just a newbie myself
    7.Just cutting at the moment- want to make a King size eventually

    • frykwoman says:

      Hi Denise! I’m pleased to see that you are also using 1 1/2 inch squares. I’d love to swap with you. I’m about half way through hand piecing my own king sized postage stamp quilt!

      Here are my particulars:
      2.Vashon Island, Washington, USA
      4.1 1/2 inches
      5.one 100 square set
      7.first PSQ, king sized, hand sewn

      • Denise Woollard says:

        Hi Melissa, I would love to swap with you in the future, I see you weren’t one of my swap partners this time around. Maybe we could be put in contact with each other via “Curious Quilter”

  14. 1- Linda
    2- Coralville, Iowa
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 7 matching
    6- two Newbie gifts.
    7- this is my first PSQ, I’m starting by making chain gang blocks with 64 charms and then decide on whether to frame them.
    Thanks, I’m excited to get some new charms to play with!!!!

  15. tiffangel03 says:

    1.Tiffany Z
    2.Alta Vista, KS USA
    Im a newbie requesting the newbie sets!!! I would love 2″ or 2.5″ sets!! I hope to be able to build a stash large enough so I can participate sometime!!
    My sister-in-law is having a baby in May and I would love to make a quilt for her from the postage stamps!! Thanks for giving newbies like me a chance to make something even though our stashes are small!!

  16. christine horlbeck says:

    1. Christine
    2. Rehoboth, MA, USA
    3. Yes, Intl
    4. 2 inches; 1 1/2 inches
    5. 2 sets unique of 2 “; 1 set unique of 1 1/2 ”
    6. One Newbie gift. Can send: 1 1/2″, 2,” or 2 1/2 ”
    7. 2nd PSQ

  17. mandy weaver says:

    1- Mandy
    2- Princeton, TX, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2-1/2 inches.
    5- 4 matching sets
    6- two Newbie gifts; 2-1/2″
    7- first PSQ

    • mandy weaver says:

      My friend Beck and I both signed up to swap. she has received an email from you about her partners. I haven’t received anything yet. Did I miss it or are you still matching people?

      • Nope! No one has received any matches. As stated above, no matching is done until a few days after the swap closes. That way I have the largest possible pool of swappers to match up!

        Perhaps she is thinking of some other swap online…

        Hang on, the notices will be out a few days after April 22, and I will post about it when they go out.

  18. Barbara Kibler says:

    2.Ypsilanti Mi USA
    I’m a newbie requesting the newbie sets!!! I would love a 2.5″ sets!! I hope to be able to build a stash large enough so I can participate sometime!!
    Thanks for giving newbies like me a chance to make something even though our stashes are small!!
    I am so looking forward to working on this quilt!

    • Barbara Kibler says:

      I have gone through my stash and I have plenty to share…so please change my request from Newbie to:
      1- Barbara
      2- Ypsilanti MI, USA.
      3- Yes Int’l. (only 1 or 2 please)
      4- 2.5 inches.
      5- four matching sets
      6- two Newbie gifts.
      7- this is my first PSQ.

      • Barbara Kibler says:

        Made my first 12 x 12 square…and it is darn adorable! I started cutting all this fabric and thought…”I hope I like this with all the work I am doing…..” very cute!

      • He he he, my master plan to create PSQ junkies seems to be working!!

      • Barbara Kibler says:

        Mary I will be able to do more then 4 matching sets…been working hard…I will let you know by the end of the week. thanks

      • Barbara Kibler says:

        I have been very busy cutting and I have my trades ready…so please (once again) change my request:
        3) Int’l yes ( 3 or 4 only)
        4) 2.5 still
        5) 10 matching sets of 100
        6) 2 newbies set of 50 (2.5 only)
        Looking forward to the trade!

  19. Donna DuMouchel says:

    1. Donna D.
    2. Hemet, CA, USA
    3. No, USA only please
    4. 2 inch
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets
    7. I have projects already underway that use 2 inch squares. Most of the blue squares will go into “Big Blue” and the rest will go into “Scrap Vomit.”

    • Scrap Vomit??? What an image THAT makes, LOL!! Love it, Donna.

      And here I look at mine like wildflower gardens, or how the crowds at football games look when you see the pictures from a blimp.

      • Donna DuMouchel says:

        You can find pics of the original “Scrap Vomit” quilt-along at:

        I would like to come up with a more appetizing name but since I only have a few blocks done so far, I’ve got time. My blocks have a north/south “cross” of batiks in the center, surrounded by solid white, surrounded by solid black, surrounded by scrap squares in a single color — say green in one, red in another, etc. Helps give a tiny bit of continuity for my husband’s comfort — he gets overwhelmed by “too much input” in something totally scrappy with no rhyme or reason, although I like them …

    • Re: too much input – my ex used to have that issue. I remember so many occasions where the protest was “too many colors! too many colors!” I wasn’t quilting yet, if I had been, it would have probably caused a fight! I love colors!

  20. Janet says:

    1. Janet.
    2. Yukon Territory, Canada.
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2 inch charms
    5. Four unique sets.
    6. Four Newbie gifts (2 inchers).
    7. Just sewing them into pairs so far. Time to start making them into four patches though.

  21. Sam says:

    Well it’s not like I’ve been planning for this since the last swap or anything but here goes…and no there are no typing errors!!!
    1. Sam
    2. New South Wales, Australia
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2″ charms & 1 1/2″ charms
    5. 20 matching sets of 2″ PLUS another 20 matching sets of 2″ (40 altogether)
    6 matching sets of 1 1/2″ PLUS another 6 matching sets of 1 1/2″ (12 altogether)
    6. 5 Newbie Sets
    7. I am making two king sized quilts. I have sewn 1000 x 2″ charms into pairs for one of them. The other one I have sewn 1400 x 1 1/2″ charms with a neutral partner.
    Mary, I think you may have created an addict! But I don’t care, I’m loving it and really want to be able to finish them this year so hopefully there are enough swappers out there!!!

    • Perhaps I have UNLEASHED another addict, whom I will gladly enable in any way!

      40 sets to swap! WTG Sam! I am sure there will be enough swappers for the 2 inchers, but you may hit repeat peeps on the 1.5 inch charms, we shall just wait and see.

  22. merrie says:

    1. Mary
    2. Akron, MI ( just 18 miles east of Brinda up above!!!)
    3. USA only
    4. 2″
    5. 4 unique sets of 2″ and 6 matching sets of 2″
    6. i have 4 matching sets of 2.5″ and 2 unique sets of 2.5″ and 4 matching sets of 2″
    7. i have just completed the Fading Charms quilt from Wedding Dress Blue..751 different 2.5″ fabrics!!!! and i have several blocks started from this swap in jan…want to make that one totally out of the squares i get on this swap this year..

    and no i haven’t been the least bit anxious about when this one would get going again!!!! cutting cutting cutting!!!! what fun to see what we get this time..last time was so much fun…

    • merrie says:

      after all my cutting the last couple of weeks i would like to add to my newbie list 4 more unique 2.5″ sets of 50….would like to see all the newbies get started…have as much fun with fabric as i have over the years….would like to “adopt” one and send to her regularly…would that be possible???… i would love to…

  23. Cathy Kieser says:

    Yes I want to join, but like another lady, I want to sort to make sure I got the amount and size I want to swap before I put the info up. But got a question, if you put 4 matching, does that mean you will get some other ladys 4 matching? or will each stack I get be different? I have been cutting and sorting and waiting for this, I missed the last one by one day!

  24. Marianne says:

    1. Marianne
    2. Florida, USA
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2.5″ charms
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. Not this round
    7. My first PSQ

  25. Sheila Davidson says:

    1. Sheila
    2. Demorest, GA. USA
    3. Yes to International
    4. 2 inch squares
    5. 10 matching sets
    6. not this round
    7. adding to my first quilt from January

  26. Stacey Kibler says:

    1. Stacey K
    2. Delavan, WI
    3. 2.5″ Newbie gift 🙂
    4. This is an amazing way to help me get started, and hopefully I’ll have a great stash to join in the swapping soon!!.

    • Barbara Kibler says:

      Hey Stacey…so happy you are joining in! Barb

      • Hmm I wonder, suddenly I am hearing…

        Sisters? Sisters! Never have been such devoted sisters,
        Never had to have a chaperone with her, no sir….

        OOPS pardon me, did I say that out loud???

        I may be wrong… just thinking…

      • Stacey Kibler says:

        Thanks! I’m so excited too!! Barb is my Aunt-in-law? lol Does that make sense!?? I can’t wait to get started on my first PSQ. And for me to be able to join in the swap at some point!! I just started sewing this year and can’t wait!

  27. Becky Greene says:

    1- Becky G
    2- Milford, PA, USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5″
    5- four matching sets
    6- one Newbie gift
    7- my first PSQ


  28. KatieQ says:

    1. KatieQ
    2. South Salem, NY USA
    3. No to international
    4. Four 2 inch newbie gifts (novelties not fussy cut)

  29. wandaspn says:

    1. Wanda
    2. Clear Lake, SD
    3. I think 2.5,
    4. I want to make a quilt
    5. I am a newbe,

  30. wandaspn says:

    I signed up for newbe gifts, I forgot to say thank you for the chance to get all the different collection of material. I stated 2.5 blocks, but as this is my first king size quilt made with this size should I have requested 2 in blocks? Thanks

    • It is your choice! While 2.5 in charms go slightly faster and take fewer pieces, 2 in charms give a more traditional effect. The quilt in my garden, above, is two inches, 8×8 feet finished.

      You might want to do two things to help you decide. One is to read the SIZE section (click on the SIZE link above.) The other would be to cut 16-25 of each and sew them together, so you could see which you prefer.

      Me? I decided long ago that I adore the look of one inch charms, but 2 in more suited my patience level. And it’s hard to showcase novelties at a size smaller than two inches! I love my novelty treasures, ya know.

  31. 1. Caryl
    2. Austin, TX
    3. Yes, International!
    4. 1.5 in squares
    5. 2 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts
    7. I’m not sure yet. This is my first PSQ but have always loved the look of the tiny squares. I am don’t mind some duplicate squares. Currently I am piecing nine-patches alternating prints with off white. I may make an irish chain style quilt alternating my 3 1/2 in nine-patches with 3 1/2 in solid squares.

  32. Hueisei says:

    1. Hueisei
    2. International, MY
    3. 2.5″ Newbie gift
    4. I don’t have the stash to join the swap but love the PSQ idea. I will add some solids to make the quilt. I don’t mind duplicate squares. Thanks!

  33. becky meclock says:

    1- Becky
    2- Farmersville, Texas, USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2-1/2″ inches.
    5- 4 matching sets
    6- not at this time
    7- my first PSQ

  34. Rockgranny says:

    1- Stanislava
    2- Croatia
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2,5
    5- 4 matching sets
    6- two Newbie gifts.
    7- Already started my 1 PSQ, 8 block (6×6) done

  35. 1.Dawn Lee
    2. Tempe, AZ
    3. Yes International
    4. 2.5 inches
    5. This is my first psq. I am excited!
    6. I am a newbie, no stash yet to share. Will next time around.

  36. Juliet says:

    Hi and hurrah! I’m totally new to patchwork but have been collecting fabric (mainly via ebay sellers of 4″ squares) and am now ready to join your swap 🙂

    1. Juliet
    2. Wales (UK)
    3. Yes I’d love to swap with international partners!
    4. 2″
    5. Sixteen (more-or-less-)matching sets
    6. Four newbie sets
    7. I’m busily sewing 1/2″ hexagons, hoping to make a king-size duvet cover (one day) 🙂

    Thanks so much for organising this – it must take simply HOURS and HOURS of your (and your helpers’) time. It’s fantastic for those of us starting from scratch and aiming to make something with no duplicates – you are a star.

  37. Cath says:


    Thank you for being welcoming to newbies.

    1. Catherine
    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3. 2″ Charms
    4. Your favourite psq is my background on my desktop, thus my inspiration. I would love to do a lap psq backed in corduroy for camping.

  38. Ria says:

    I really appreciate the idea of the newbie gift stash. It’s a wonderful way for those of us who have smaller stashes to make something beautiful like this.

    1. Ria
    2. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
    3. 2 inches, please. 🙂
    4. I’m hoping to make a start on a PSQ! Failing that, some postage stamp coasters might be a good backup choice. 🙂

  39. Lucy says:

    Thank you for setting this up. I’ve been cutting and expectantly checking for this.~ I have 5 young daughters who sew, so I am setting up their newbie stashes. We can’t get enough thread and fabric. We teach other homeschoolers to quilt too. We’ve been fussy cutting GALORE for this…takes so much time, but FUN!!!
    1. Lucy
    2. Kokomo, IN
    3.Yes, International.
    4. 2 inches and 1.5 inches.
    5. 6 sets of 2″ matching charms. 6 sets of 1.5″ matching charms.
    6. No newbie.
    7. PSGs. And, the girls want to make some purses.

    • Wtg, Lucy & the kids!! Quilting is so fun with kids. I had a group once, all about 8-9 yr old, who were surprised to have to use math to calculate how to cut their fabric supply to make the best use of it. They loved their finished lap quilts.

  40. GA Quilter says:

    2.Cornelia,GA ,USA
    4.2 inch
    5.10 matching sets
    6.2 newbie, 2 inch sets of 50 each
    7.I have finished 1 top with Jan.and my own PSQ,taking it to my LA soon.
    Started my 2nd.and need more,for variety.It is so much fun getting these little pkgs and looking at them.
    Thanks Mary for all you do.

  41. Judy says:

    1. Judy
    2. St. Paul, MN
    3. Yes, international
    4. 2 inch
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. I have many 1 and 1/2 inch squares cut – no particular sets but there are hundreds of squares and about 10, 5 x 5 blocks made up. I will give all of it to anyone who wants it/them.
    7. 12 – 12 ” blocks completed!
    Thanks very much!

  42. Donna DuMouchel says:

    Mary, I do have one question that I don’t think has been covered in the rules — are solids okay?

  43. Shari says:

    1- Shari
    2- Perth, Western Australia.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2 1/2 inches.
    5- not swapping this round
    6- 4 Newbie gifts of 50 pieces (matching sets).
    7- Just trying to share the love.

  44. amdewitt says:

    Yeah!!! Finally time to swap again!!
    1. Angela
    2. Atlanta GA USA
    3. Yes to International
    4. 2″
    5. 3 matching sets plus
    2 matching sets plus
    2 more matching sets for a total of 7 sets
    6. 2 Newbie Sets
    7. Lap quilt

  45. For anyone who is on Seamed Up (or wants to be, it’s a great site) – I started a PSQ Challenge group where people can post their projects, chat, and offer tips to newbies:


  46. Pam says:

    1. Pam (from Hip to be a Square)
    2. Atlanta, GA, US
    3. Yes, Int’l.
    4. 2 inch
    5. 2 matching sets (not exact, but enough overlap that they are not unique)
    6. No newbie gifts this time – will probably have some next time!
    7. I’m pairing my colored squares with a neutral as leaders & enders, and putting those into 4 patches to use in a variety of quilts

  47. Turtle says:

    Port Orchard WA USA
    2 inch
    3 unique , 1 matching
    will have to check my stash
    i have been working the squares together for a quilt as i received them (we moved from overseas 7 years ago and i have had to restart my stash so you may want to assign me to folks i did not swap with last round, thanks!!)

    • Whenever possible, I will be assigning new partners every swap. Sometimes it may not be possible, though, especially for the people wanting to swap 1.5 inch charms.

      Love to share the CHARM love! I love my tw0-inch treasures!

  48. Heather says:

    1. Heather McCaffry
    2. West Virginia, USA
    3. Yes to International
    4. 2 inchers
    5. 13 matched sets
    6. not this round

  49. Narelle says:

    1. Narelle
    2. Queensland, Australia
    3. Yes – International
    4. 2″
    5. 3 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie sets of 2″ charms
    7. I think I’d like to keep the sets together from each swapper as 1 block and have sashing between each block for a lap quilt or wall hanging or however big it gets.

  50. macbeaner says:

    Hi there!

    I’m a newbie! I have some charms cut up from scraps, but not much to do anything with!

    Washington, PA USA
    2 inch charms
    I’d love to make a lapsize quilt or something at some point!

    Thanks so much!

  51. Astrid says:

    Mary, I don’t know if you have started matching the swappers? I’m not done with the 2.5″ squares, but the 2″ squares are ready. I’ll get back to you about the 2.5″ squares, I’m attacking them today! 🙂

    1) Astrid
    2) Mauritius
    3) yes to intl.
    4) 2 inch
    5) 11 (eleven) matching sets
    6) 2 (two) newbie mathing sets
    7) have to get going piecing the squares together and I hope I’ll get enough squares for a bigger quilt.

    Thanks for organizing the swap! Love you for that! 🙂

  52. Lyn Smith says:

    Eight Mile Plains, Qld, Australia
    Yes intrenational
    3 matching sets
    1newbie gift
    My 1st PSQ

    Hi Mary, Thanks for organising all of us ladies with yummy squares.

    Typed on teeny, tiny keyboard on my phone.

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  54. Jqluo says:


    I am Newbie and I do not have many stash for this swap. Thanks for the newbies gift.

    1. Jqluo
    2. Penang, Malaysia.
    3. 2.5 inch
    4. Planning for a mini quilt.

  55. Sue Fender says:

    I’d love to swap 1-1/2 inch squares.
    1. Sue
    2. Kalamazoo, MI USA
    3. USA only
    4. 1-1/2 inch charms
    5. Two unique sets
    6. no newbie gifts
    7. Want to make my third PS quilt

  56. rutigt says:

    1. Gun Adrian
    2. Alunda, Sweden
    3. Yes, internationel
    4. 2 inches
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 1 newbie gift
    7. My purpose was to make a watercolourquilt, but know I´ve second thouhgts. It might just be an “ordinaire” PSQ.

    I promise to check the “right” email this time! LOL!!
    Gun, Sweden

  57. Shelbi Goble says:

    I am a newbie and a LOT nervous!!!
    1.Shelbi Goble
    2.Hixson, TN
    4.Would love to make a small throw with the mini squares. I am learning about quilting and think this is a GREAT way to improve my lack of skills and have some fun.

    • Welcome, Shelbi! Nothing to be anxious about here, just quilters having fun. PSQs are great starter project, they go together quickly, and have such strong visual impact that imperfect corners don’t show.

      I encourage all newbies to visit the LINKS page under Postage Stamp Quilt page, above. Lots of tricks and tips.

  58. Barbara Walsh says:

    2- St. Paul, MN, USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5″
    5- 3 matching sets, and another set of 3 matching sets
    6- hoping to have at least 2 newbie sets, most likely matching, will update you
    7- my first charm quilt and build a charm stash

    • Saintly City? Well, hello neighbor, and welcome to the swap!

      • Barbara says:

        Actually a northern suburb, but mail will get to me marked Saint Paul. Updating my list now that I am done cutting for this round. I have 4 sets of newbies 2 matching of each. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for orgainzing this event. I missed the first round and so glad I am in on this one.

  59. Susan says:

    I am a newbie, and would love to receive a gift of charms.
    1. Susan
    2. Portland, OR, USA
    3. 2.5″ charms
    4. a throw or lap quilt
    Thank you!

  60. Lisa McGriff says:

    1. Lisa
    2. Dothan, Alabama
    3. 2.5 newbie plz
    4. I intend to make a lap quilt for my father for Christmas (he is 88 yrs old and always COLD!)

  61. Michele Levenite says:


    1. Michele
    2. Richland, Washington
    3. 2.5 inches
    4. I so want to make a PSQ, this will be a great start

  62. Grettchen Hopkins says:

    1. Grettchen
    2. Gold Coast, Qld, Australia
    3. Yes to international.
    4. 2 inch & 1.5 inch
    5. 10 matching sets of 2 inch & 6 matching sets of 1.5 inch.
    6. No newbie gifts
    7. My first PSQ.

  63. coloradolady says:

    1- Suzanne
    2- Ft. Worth, Tx
    3- No to international
    4- two inches.
    5- 5 unique sets
    7- working on my second.

  64. Karen says:

    1- Karen
    2- Northern Virginia
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- one set
    6- no Newbie gifts.
    7- my first PSQ.

  65. petra says:

    1. petra
    2- Stonington, CT
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 1 1/2 inches.
    5- seven matching sets
    6- one Newbie gift
    7- my first PSQ – a clourwash

  66. Astrid says:

    Hi! Finally sorted the 2.5 inch charms.
    1) Astrid
    2) Mauritius
    3) Yes, Int’l
    4) 2.5 inch
    5) 13 (thirteen) matching sets
    6) 4 (four) newbie matching sets
    7) want to make a big size quilt

  67. Katie says:

    1. Katie
    2. Manitoba, Canada
    3. Yes, Int’l
    4. 2.5 inch charms
    5. 2 matching sets
    6. 1 newbie gift
    7. I am making a hexagon charm quilt

  68. Alison Nevin says:

    1. Alison
    2. Cleves, Ohio
    3. Yes, Int’l
    4. 2.5 inch charms
    5. 4 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts
    7. future PSQ charm quilt

  69. kimr says:

    2.Uncasville, CT
    3.Yes to international
    4. 2 inch charms
    5. I have 6 matching sets
    6. I THINK I may have two newbie sets–have to check numbers
    7. I haven’t started making anything yet–though I know I want it to be queen size–so I have a ton of charms to go! I have been playing around with them though, laying them out by color. I do like the faded charms idea, and I have a couple other designs I have seen that I like….

  70. Barbara Kibler says:

    Today I went to my local quilt shop. I asked them if they sell small scraps of material leftover from their cutting…they said no but they do give them away! I got to go through a big basket of scraps it was fun and now I have more to share!

  71. acdrescue51 says:

    1- Bunny
    2- Roggen, CO
    3- no, usa only
    4- 2.5″ squares
    5- 20 unique sets
    6- 10 newbie sets
    7- want to make a spq for my queen sized bed.

  72. Marcia says:

    1- MARCIA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- 2.5, 2 AND 1.5
    5- SIX unique sets, TWO OF EACH

  73. Marcia says:

    Update: I currently have 5 for the 1.5″. Will work on the 2″ and 2.5″ tomorrow night and update as well. Thanks for hosting this charming swap!

    • Marcia says:

      LOL, is there such a thing as an update on an update? I have 8 MATCHING SETS of the 1.5″. I dug a bit deeper and found my boxes of the little charmers. NOT unique as stated previously. I found that I could make a few more. My 2″ and 2.5″ have left the house I am afraid. It does not look like there are many sets there, but will do what I can to make them! But that is what I thought about the sweet little 1.5 charmers. I have a bunch sewn up already but I won’t be sending them in. : ) Sorry ladies!!!!! I have a couple of drawers I need to go through for the bigger squares. I have bins of strips, but don’t feel like cutting unless I really have to. Gotta save the pocket change up now for sending these beauties on to new homes. Yeah!

      • Pocket change well spent. Isn’t it amazing the amount of joy that some fabric bits and a dollar or so in postage can give to another quilter!!

      • Marcia says:

        I have proven the knowledge of my stash to be wrong. Oops. Guess it’s bigger than I had imagined. Is that so wrong? Can one have too much stash, especially if it involves charms? I have been swapping and trading for quite some years now and I guess I had forgotten about some of the boxes I already had saved up. Silly me. But as it goes for now, I have 8 MATCHING SETS for the 2″ as well. Mix them up, move them out and now, finally to sew them up! Where’s that like button?!?
        So I currently have 16 sets ready to mail out. Now on to the 2.5″ squares. Yes, it is a good feeling to share my stash with others. For me, it’s like Christmas opening a package of squishes that comes from another quilter.

      • Sounds like its time to SEW some up!!

  74. I’m a newbie trying to get my squares together.

    1. Irene Vigil
    2. El Paso, Texas, USA
    3. 2.5″ – I’m going to try this size to begin.
    4. I plan to make a Postage Stamp Quilt with my squares.
    Thanks for organizing this. I hope to have enough squares to enter your next swap 🙂

  75. Rene says:

    1- Rene
    2- Glendale, AZ, USA
    3- Yes Int’l
    4- two inches
    5- four matching sets
    6- not this time
    7- hope to make my first PSQ later this year

    Thank you for hosting!

  76. Yvonne says:

    1. Yvonne
    2. New South Wales, Australia
    3. Yes, International
    4. 2 inch
    5. 7 matching sets
    6. 2 newbie gifts
    7. My first psq

  77. Sharon Wood says:

    Christchurch, New Zealand
    Yes to international
    2″ charms
    2 unique sets
    1 Newbie gift
    I am making a king sized quilt with alternating white and patterned squares.

  78. Diane says:

    1. Diane
    2. Gilbert, AZ
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2.5″
    5. Two sets of 6 matching sets. Total of 12 sets.
    6. 4 newbie gift
    7. I am making two matching quilts for my children, my goal is to have the same squares in each quilt, but both with a totally random pattern. I would love to receive matching sets, if possible?

    Thanks so much for setting up the swap!

  79. Angel Read says:

    1. Angel
    2. Okotoks, AB Canada
    3. yes Int’l
    4. 2.5″
    5. 5 matching
    6. none
    7. Not sure as this is my first time.

  80. Sharon Moran says:

    1. Sharon
    2. Preston, Idaho, USA
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2 inch
    5. 6 matching sets
    6. 1 newbie set
    7. Was saving for one big postage stamp, but seeing the color blocks is nice, too, so I might change my mind.

  81. Grace Miller says:

    1. Grace
    2. Stevens, Pa. 17578
    3. Yes, International
    4. 2.0 inch squares
    5. 15 matching sets of 100
    6. 2 newbie gifts
    7. Undecided on what to do, so many choices LOL

    • Grace Miller says:

      Sorry, my 2.5 inch squares are wrong. I would like to swap 2.0 inch squares. All other information remains the same

  82. Evelyn G says:

    I thought I already signed up, but I must have missed pushing the last button because I don’t see my name on the list. Anyway, please don’t pair me up with Sharon Moran. We are already trading this time at home.
    1. Evelyn G.
    2. Weston, Idaho, USA
    3. I will do international.
    4. 2″ squares
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. 4 newbie gifts
    7. I just can’t decide what to do, but I plan to start right away.

  83. Susan Carson says:

    I am a newbie quilter, and am still trying to build my stash. I have fallen in love with the postage stamp quilt.
    1. Susan
    2. Snellville GA USA
    3. 2.5″ charms
    4. a twin size quilt
    Thank you! I hope to be able to donate charms at an exchange later this year.

  84. Kathleen says:

    Sourcing and swapping little squares from all over the world! Fantastic!

    1. Kathleen
    2. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    3. 2 1/2″ please
    4. I teach young girls and women to sew (just simple skirts) but am quite new to quilting. I would love to be able to put together a few kits to ignite their interest in the art and demonstrate light, medium, dark and colorwash concepts. We will be making charity quilts – the first a ‘Memories’ one for the Altzheimers charity fundraiser in Adelaide, Australia this year:


    Thankyou in advance to all the generous swappers. Hope we can swell your numbers for the next round.

  85. Wendy says:

    I am in too!! Still collecting for my PSQ projects this will be my 3rd swap this year!

    1. Wendy
    2. Lake Villa, IL USA
    3. Yes to International
    4. 1.5″ and 2″
    5. 5 Sets each Unique
    6. No newbie gifts yet! maybe next swap
    7. Queen Size a gift for my daughter one day

    Thank you!!

    • Wendy says:

      I need to switch mine to matching sets, while the are not identical the “100” count is requiring to have more duplicates across the sets.

  86. Ann Testroet says:

    1. Ann
    2. Seattle, WA
    3. Intl – Yes
    4. 2″ squares
    5. 1 matching set
    6. 1 newbie set
    7. I’m just getting started on a postage stamp quilt

  87. Mindy Roberts says:

    1. Mindy
    2. Sherman, TX
    3. Intl- Yes
    4. 2″
    5. 7 matching sets & 1 unique set **This set is PERFECT for Teresa from Jan. swap who needs masculine fabrics**
    6. 2 newbie sets
    7. A watercolor wall hanging as well as a PSQ

  88. quiltyinid says:

    MRuth; I thought I was signed up, but don’t see my name on list; I’m a NEWBIE
    Would like to make Single size Quilt, a Tote, Wallhanging or whatever strikes my fancy (LOL)
    1. MRuth
    2. Rigby, ID, USA
    3. Int’l No
    4. 2″

  89. 1. Mamie (newbie)
    2. Lake City MN
    3. 2.5
    4. My 1st PSQ!

  90. 1- Mary
    2 – Zumbrota, MN, USA
    3 – Yes to international
    4 – 2 1/2 inches
    5 – 1 unique set
    6 – 1 Newbie gift
    7 – I’m ready to start the “Fading Charms” by Wedding Dress Blue. Plan to make it for our grandchildren’s room in our house. I got a late start on this swap, but plan to have many more charms to swap in July.

  91. Kristina Callison says:

    1. Kristina
    2. Holton, KS USA
    3. Sure! I’ll give it a shot …(sounds fun)
    4. 2 inch squares
    5. 5 (mostly) matching sets for my first round
    6. 0 Newbie sets until I get some more squares cut LOL
    7. I fell in love with the 100-Patch Quilt over at Wedding Dress Blue blog. I had just been discussing a scrap swap with some friends (and friends of friends) on FB. When I went to share the tutorial link with them, I found your swap link. Kismet I think!

    • Kristina Callison says:

      I’ve come up with four more mostly matching sets of two inch treasures, for a total of nine (9) to swap.

  92. katiad says:

    1. Katie
    2. Billings, MT USA
    3. Collecting 2″ squares
    4. Trying to collect squares for my first charm quilt! I do not yet have enough stash to participate fully in swapping but hope to later this year!

  93. Julie Clarke says:

    1- Julie
    2- Tasmania, Australia
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 2 matching sets
    6- One Newbie gift of 2 inches
    7- Collecting squares for my 1st charm quilt

  94. Sue Rushton says:

    1. Sue
    2. Ottawa, ON, Canada
    3. Yes
    4. 2″
    5. I have 4 matching sets
    6. 1 Newbie set (2″)
    7. I am trying to build up a stash to make a full-sized quilt. Am only about 600 squares towards … OMG way many needed! … let’s just say that it is a future project lol

    Thanks so much for organizing this, it’s greatly appreciated! 🙂

  95. Michele Graves says:

    Vancouver, WA USA
    I am a newbie. I have never made a quilt before or have done much sewing for that matter. I want to make a baby postage stamp quilt for my first project.

  96. Renee Smith says:

    trying to build my stash my frist charm quilt

  97. Cathy Kieser says:

    Yes, you are making us all addicts, I love the postage stamps. This is my first time doing this, and cant hardly wait. Here goes, and like Sam, this is not a typing error. I can be a cutting maniac.

    1. CATHY
    2. East Peoria IL USA
    3. YES
    4. 2 inch and 1 1/2 inch
    5. 10 matching sets of 2 inch,
    8 matching sets of 2 inch
    3 unique sets of 2 inch
    6 matching sets of 1 1/2
    1 unique set of 1 1/2
    6. 5 matching newby sets
    1 unique newby set
    7. This is my first attempt, I would love to make a BIG HUG, but also would maybe like to try to color coordinate in each block. OH, so many ideas dont know where to start, but maybe a HUG first. Thanks so much for doing this. I will keep cutting and be ready for the next swap!

  98. Dianne Pickens says:

    1. Dianne Pickens (Newbie)
    2. Cantonment, Florida, USA
    3. 2 inch
    4. MY first Charm quilt

  99. Heather McCarthy says:

    1. Heather
    2. Raleigh, NC
    3. No
    4. 2 1/2″
    5. 10 matching sets
    6. 1 newbie set
    7. Collecting squares for my first charm quilt

    Thank you sooooo much for organizing!

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  101. 1. Shawn
    2. St. Matthews, South Carolina
    3. 2 in.
    4. My first postage stamp charm quilt. I’m so excited.

  102. Linda Burch says:

    1 Linda
    2 New Jersey
    3 Yes to international
    4 2 inch
    5. I have 20 matching sets ready to go. (Hope to cut an additional 20 matching sets using different fabrics)
    6 4 newbie gifts
    7 I am making my first postage stamp quilt but have already made many scrap quilts with 2″ squares. So glad I found this swap. It’s great to know that others are hooked also!

  103. Geneiveve says:

    1. Genevieve
    2. Foley, AL, USA
    3. I prefer just USA, but if you need to put me with a swapper from another country, that will be fine.
    4. I would like to swap with two swappes for 1.5 inch and 2.5 inch.
    5. I will have matching sets. 2 of 1.5in and 2 of 2.5in
    6. 1 NEWBIE GIFT.
    7. I am trying to obtain enough 1.5 squares to make a postage stamp quilt. The 2.5 in are used alot with Bonnie Hunters quilts so I am trying to build up a stash of them!!

  104. Doreen Hanrahan says:

    1. Doreen
    2. Newfoundland, Canada
    3. Anywhere
    4. 2.5″
    5. 2.5″
    6. 1 newbie gift 2.5″
    7. PSQ

  105. Lee says:

    ya for another swap.
    1. Lee
    2. Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    3. yes international
    4. 2.5″ squares
    5. 2 uniques sets
    6. just sewing them together until I I think it is big enough!! I just love the process of ‘no mind’ sewing that PSQ have.

  106. strangemodegirl says:

    1. Amy
    2. Santa Cruz, California
    3. Either 2 or 2.5″ newbie gift.
    4. I am excited. I just found this through a pin on Pinterest. I am just getting started with quilting. My great, great Aunt was a quilter and I have a few of the wonderful patchwork scrap quilts she made. My goals for this year are to start a crazy quilt and a Postage Stamp quilt. No plans on what size they will be, but I am beginning by making smaller sized ones. I just love the beautiful chaos of these quilts compared to ones with defined patterns and colors.

  107. Pat L in NY says:

    1- Pat L
    2- Rochester NY USA.
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 4 matching sets each of 3 unique groups – total 12 sets
    6- one Newbie gifts.
    7- I plan on making a postage stamp quilt for my bed.

    Thank you for offering this swap!

  108. OMG! I almost forgot about signing up for this swap. Glad I made it in time.

    1- Jen
    2- Freeport, PA, USA
    3- Yes Int’l.
    4- two inches.
    5- 5 matching sets
    6-Either a twin sized or throw-sized quilt – still undecided

  109. Carolyn Mullins says:

    2—Daniels, WV
    3—Yes Int’l
    4—2″ squares
    5—20 Matching
    6—My 1st postage stamp quilt

  110. Cara says:

    2portland or
    3 no intl
    4 2″ squares
    5i am a newbie
    6 trying to build my first quilt ever
    Thanks for the wonderful posts!!!,!

  111. Sarah Wright says:

    1. Sarah
    2. Marion, IN
    3. Yes Int’l
    4. 2′ squares
    5. 5 Matching
    6. 1 Newbie Gift
    7. My 1st PSQ

  112. Valerie Messina says:

    1). Valerie
    2) Lowell, MA
    3) Yes
    4), 2
    5) 5 Matching.

    I have not yet started making anything, but hope to make a king size PSQ once I get going

  113. roberta wilson says:

    1. Roberta
    2. Louisiana, USA
    3. Yes intl
    4 2.5 in squares
    5. I unique3 matching ( 4 total_
    6. yes newbie gift
    7 started for a king we shall see where it stops

  114. Susan Martin Hanley says:

    1. Susan
    2- Easthampton, MA
    3- 2.5 in. squares
    4- A pattern from the Wedding Dress Blues Site

  115. Debbie Reyer says:

    2. Roswell, NM USA
    3. 2.5
    4.My mom has always wanted a quilt made for her bed but has never had the time, so I’m trying to go behind her back and make one for her.

  116. 1. Karolina
    2. Motala, Östergötland, Sweden
    3. Yes to international
    4. 2 inch
    5. 8 matching sets
    6. Not this time
    7. I´ve made one postage stamp quilt with a combination of string piecing and the use single squares that I just finished. Now I´m working on a small quilt together with my kids, a really great beginner quilt!

  117. Melissa Williamson says:

    1- Melissa
    2- Ferris, Tx USA.
    4- two inches.
    5- one unique set
    7- my first PSQ.

  118. Kim says:

    1. Kim
    2. Van Buren, IN
    3. yes int’l
    4. 2 inch
    5. 5 matching
    6. one newbie gift
    7. no plan yet, still gathering

  119. 1. Barri
    2. Woodmere, NY
    3. yes int’l
    4. 1.5″
    5. 5 matching
    6. no.. maybe next time.
    7. I’m making my first stamp quilt

  120. Angie says:

    1. Angie
    2. Purcellville, VA
    3. Yes, Intl.
    4. Both 2.5″ and 2″
    5. 3 matching sets each size
    6. one 2″ newbie set
    7. making a quilt for guest room with 2.5″, making smaller items with 2″

  121. Alexis says:

    London, Ontario, Canada
    2.5 inches.
    I’m planning on making my first postage stamp quilt, and my second quilt ever. I’m a newbie to quilting, and I just started working on a string quilt. I would be very grateful to receive charms to start a postage stamp quilt. Thank you!

  122. Sonja Doyle says:

    1. Sonja
    2. Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
    3. Yes, Intl
    4. Both 2.5 and 2 inches
    5. I would like to make my first post stamp quilt for my bedroom and a 2nd one for my living room.

  123. Phyllis Davis says:

    1. Phyllis
    2. Beckley, WV USA
    3. 2 in charms
    4. I’m 70 years young, recently retired, and new to quilting. I’d love to make a queen size quilt. Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. Sue Dodge says:

    1. Sue
    2. NE, USA
    3. Not this time
    4. 2.5, 2, and 1.5 inch
    5. 7 matching sets of 2.5″; 9 matching sets of 2”; 12 matching sets of 1.5” and another 8 matching sets of 1.5”
    6. Not this time
    7. I’m working on a Queen size quilt and have about 700 4-patch sewn.

  125. Twila Harder says:

    1. Twila
    2. Pocatello, ID
    3. domestic trades only
    4. 2″ charms
    5. 3 unique sets of 400
    5 matching sets of 100
    6. 2 donations of 50 2″ charms
    7. My first psq, which I’ve already started.
    Thank you so much for doing the swap…looking forward to trading.

  126. carol Tipton says:

    Hi I’m A newbie Am looking forward to the next swap . I am looking forward to my first postage stamp quilt.

  127. I’d like to join the July swap.. I don’t know if I should be signing on here..
    1) Barri Hoffman
    2) Woodmere, NY
    3) will trade international
    4) 1.5″ squares
    5) 10 matching sets
    6) 3 newbie packages
    7) tryiny to collect enough squares to make a queen size quilt..

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