Saturday House (and Blog) Cleaning

Housecleaning BucketCleaning is a never-ending chore, repeated far less often than it should be at MY house. Sometimes I have to take time to clean up my blog a bit too. Today I decided to do a little bit of both. I won’t bore you with the house-work parts, but have a few blog-upkeep things to share with you.

Sweeping UpTime to sweep up some loose threads from the JANUARY CHARM SWAP. What is a loose thread? A set of charms not yet accounted for. Or even a swapper who is AWOM (Absent With Out MAILING!) While most swap transactions seem to have gone very smoothly, there are some exceptions. I have an ongoing trickle of emails from people who have finally gotten their parcels. And I have a few swappers who are still waiting to get theirs.

Are still waiting for your charms from a swapper? Please contact them directly by email and ask about it. Hopefully that will clear it up. If not, let me know the details by email (no naming names here on the blog, please.) If I can’t resolve the issue, I may have to bar some people from the next swap, which I really do NOT want to do! If you have lost their email info, let me know.

Are you wondering if your swap partner got their charms? Please email them directly. If you have lost their email info, let me know. Hey, I am also guilty of not remembering to let a couple of my partners know when mine arrived safely (Bad Me.) We are a busy bunch. If you haven’t had complaints from swap partners or an email from the hall monitor (Good Me) chances are that your charms have arrived. Heck, they are probably well caressed, sorted, and perhaps even chained into pairs!

Lost and FoundA bit of The Curious Quilter’s history was lost but now is found. Over time, I have been a guest blogger at some sites. One of my favorite sites to visit was always Stash Manicure, which has evolved into Sew We Quilt. With changes, old posts were removed, but I was pleasantly surprised to find my original drafts of two favorites on my old computer. They are now restored here on my own pages, and I hope you will check them out. Perhaps they are repeats to you, but they might be new to other readers.

The hills are alive… In the summer of 2010, The Curious Quilter Glee Club shared My Manicured Stash, sung to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. “Jelly rolls in baskets, and yardage in piles. Fat quarters stretching for miles and miles. I have saved everything, none’s in the trash, and now I find myself buried in stash.” Dance over to read the rest and sing along!

Stash Mismanagement 101: Now where did I put that bit of fabric? We have all have those moments. We KNOW we have a certain piece of fabric, but it seems to have gone invisible. I am a Master at Mismanaging My Stash! This post appeared in 2010, and quickly garnered over 200 comments (alas, lost) from other forgetful, oops, I meant equally organized quilters.

Polishing UpThe Other Quilty Giveaways list has been polished up and updated. Scroll down the right side-bar to find it. While it is current, it is sparse! I have not been getting as many emails from bloggers or their readers lately, letting me know about giveaways. If you have one, tell me, please. If you come across one, I hope you will let me know. Such a fun way to find interesting blogs, see what people are doing, and perhaps win some fabric.

Enough with the cleaning! I am ready to go chill out and read. Or watch TV. Or, just maybe, sew! Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSignature ©2012, The Curious Quilter,,


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14 Responses to Saturday House (and Blog) Cleaning

  1. J. Johnson says:

    “I feel no guilt.
    I love to quilt,
    Love to stitch and press.”

    I may be singing all night! Thanks for finding this gem, one of the BEST of the Glee Club!

  2. Turtle says:

    cleaning…. ugh! It seems to always be a pile larger than i am… neverending, lol. Been getting things re-organized though which always feels good. Lol, was hoping to get out in the garage doing some things but got cold again! Been sewing squares while watching corny movies instead…

  3. rutigt says:

    I want say I love cleaning, but in this bigger house we live in now, it´s so much easier……..
    My swap was a “succes”. My charms was recieved “over there” and I got theirs.
    Gun, Sweden

  4. pat p. says:

    A very dear late aunt used to regularly lament that it seemed such a waste to spend so much time working so hard to remove the dirt form our homes and lives,because when all was said and done and we left this mortal plane there was guaranteed to be 6 feet of said dirt thrown right back in our face! Wise,wonderful woman was my auntie Ellen!! As far as my swap experience goes, I have to say it was a rousing success! I was shocked to find it took less time to get to Australia than it did to get to Canada- go figure……I’m amazed at all the varieties of fabrics there are on this spinning blue marble,I swapped a total of 800 charms in 2 sizes and only got 7 that matched what I already had. Amazing!! Looking forward to the next one !!

  5. circlephoto says:

    If you need a “swap fairy” to step in and send out a set – I missed the first go, but have 100 2″ bagged up and would gladly send them out to someone whose swapper bailed on them. It’s a yucky feeling to participate in something with such good intentions on your part and then have your partner not follow through.

  6. Turtle says:

    got all 500 squares sewn into 6×6 squares… till the next swap!

  7. GA Quilter says:

    When will you be posting Mary for the April swap?I have mine all cut and bagged.Thank You for starting this,of course Now I have stopped working on other projects to work on this.

  8. Sam says:

    I’m wondering when we put in for the April swap too…mine are all cut and bagged too! This is sooo much fun!

  9. Alberta in N GA says:

    okay all you overachievers in the cutting squares…. I am NOT all cut and bagged… some are done though and I will have 14 bags ready in April… but I have been sewing and I have 2 large blocks sewn together… so I am happy with them and ready to make some more blocks

  10. Sue Dodge says:

    I hope to participate in the April swap but still need clarification on how to label my squares. I used 100 fat quarters and cut 11 2” squares from each strip—11 sets of 100 2” squares each stack identical. Do I label these as matched sets? So when it come time to trade I will be looking for 11 different swappers? And in order to make Unique sets I can only use each fabric once per 100 squares and these fabrics are to be different from what I used in the other group. In order to make more than one Unique set I would need 200 different fabrics to make 2 sets to swap. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks for hosting this swap. I too would fill an envelope with squares for someone who was unable to fulfill their commitment. SueD

  11. merrie says:

    if you are starting to take down the info on our swaps i have 4 unique sets of 100 and 4 matching sets of 100 to swap..does it sound like we are getting anxious to get on with this??? lol..

  12. circlephoto says:

    Ditto the anxious! Can’t wait for another swap – and have posted to my blog and SeamedUP’s forum about it – so hopefully there will be lots of swappers! 🙂

  13. True, every time I start thoroughly cleaning, something old and forgotten pops out! 😀

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