Rainbow Maker or Chain Gang? Last day to choose…

February 2012 Postage Stamp Quilt Mini-ChallengeAttention Postage Stamp Quilters! Today is your last chance to comment on Mini-Challenge Number One Begins and enter to win a set of PSQ charms. There are four sets up for grabs, why not make one yours?

Are you starting to sew? Join the Chain Gang!

Are you still planning your design? Become a Rainbow Maker!

Are you still just cutting and collecting? Once again, I encourage you to jump in and start to sew.

Two Inch Treasure Frames

There are many ways to use PSQ charms!

Why do I think it is important to start sewing before you have all your charms collected? Over the years, as I have made these quilts, people look and say that it must take forever to make one, or imagine that it is hard. Sure, there are a lot of pieces in a Postage Stamp Quilt, but squares stitch up fast, and the quilts are easy to make. If you have more than 100 charms, I encourage you to turn them into a work in progress. Why wait?Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com Signature©2012, The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com.


About thecuriousquilter

Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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12 Responses to Rainbow Maker or Chain Gang? Last day to choose…

  1. Rockgranny says:

    Last Friday I’ve joined FNSI and have finished 5 blocks with 36 squares which could be seen on my blog

  2. merrie says:

    right away when i got my squares i sorted them by color then i sewed the ones together of like color..i am making my squares 6 x 6 which means they should turn out to be 9″ x 9″..have not got enough yet to finish even one block but have several of them started…what fun..i am only using the ones i received in the swap..when i have all of them at the end of the year i will finish with my own squares..so i am looking forward to the next swap and it would be great to ‘win’ one of the sets….

  3. pat p. says:

    What do we call ourselves when we fall into all 3 groups? I have started sewing my squares into blocks, and I don’t have a definate plan for them as of yet. I also have a laundry basket full of fabric that still needs to be cut into stamps. Winning a set would be wonderful, but it already seems like I have won something great as the first round of charms I swapped for have come in!I will certainly be in on the next swap,it is too fun and easy to pass up.

  4. Turtle says:

    Chain gang… though still collecting as well! 🙂

  5. Astrid says:

    Hi there! I have received the 2 and 2.5 inches jewels (charms) from all my four swap partners now. I’m not ready to start sewing, but I sure will, very soon! 🙂

  6. Raelene says:

    Hi Ho
    Over the weekend I chained 264 charms. I now have 2 x 12 charm blocks and 20 x 4×4 chains to put together. All the while whistling and sing “Working on the Chain Gang.
    I will post a picture onto my blog now.

  7. KatieQ says:

    I’ve started to sew so I guess I am a member of the Chain Gang.

  8. Deanna says:

    Still cutting. It was a nearly-no-sew week. YUCK! But, hopefully, this week will move along more productively when it comes to sewing.

  9. So I’m confused. When you talk about a 2″ charms, is that 2″ finished or cut size?

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