Happy Charm Swappers Everywhere!

Postal Stamps with Quilts!

It takes Postal Stamps to send Postage Stamp Quilt Charms to your new quilting friends.

I have heard from so many of you, either here or in email, about the joyous little packages that have made their way to you. It seems that almost all the 2012 Postage Stamp Quilt January Swap charms have found the way to their new homes. And aren’t they fun to play with???

I have played with my new ones too, and thank all my partners for sending me such delights. Isn’t it surprising how you can get three or four hundred pieces in the mail, and have few (if any) duplicates? That is why I think swaps are THE way to go to do a ‘true’ postage stamp quilt. If your goal is NO REPEATS, you will get there fastest by trading with others.

There are lots of types of postage stamp quilts. And there are other types of quilts made with little postage stamp charms. But to me, the ‘truest’ version is one with no fabric repeats. It can be randomly scattered charms, or carefully color-blocked, but would ideally have no duplication of charms. That is a tough thing to do, even for people with huge stashes. If you are stuck with duplicates, try to scatter them broadly through your quilt.


Historic Gees Bend Quilts on Stamps

Many people make ‘postage stamp-like’ quilts by piecing long strips of fabrics and cutting those to create rows of charms already assembled. The effect can be wonderful, and the more fabrics that are used to create these sets of strips, the closer you are to a ‘true’ postage stamp quilt. But this way of constructing the blocks makes for many repeats. That’s why I consider them to be ‘postage stamp-like’ quilts. Quilters who want the effect of a postage stamp quilt, but have a limited set of fabrics to use, will find this a great way to get a fast start on a quilt.

I often hear people say that it would take them YEARS to sew hundreds of little charms together. As I hope you will discover soon, it really doesn’t! With no triangles to cut, or diamonds to set, they go fast.

amish quilt stamps

Amish quilts on postage stamps.

In the coming week I will be announcing the 2012 Postage Stamp Quilt event for February! I hope you will all join in and have fun with it. While you are waiting to see what is next, keep thinking about your own postage stamp quilt project. Have you decided what to make yet?

I set up a new page under the 2012 Postage Stamp Quilt pages, with a lot of links to many postage stamp quilt sites. Actually, I have lots more to add, and will continue to do so, but wanted to get you links to some places to inspire or instruct. I took the liberty of putting a lot of my ‘two-inch treasure’ posts on the list first, and hope you will wander through them this week. There are some other fun and interesting sites as well. You will find an email link there to suggest other sites as well.

March will have another event, just to keep life interesting. And remember to keep cutting charms, as the April swap will be here before we know it. Tell your friends about it, spread the word. You can cut charms from the same fabric you used before if you need to, I will try to ensure that people have different swap partners this round. That will be harder for people doing 1.5 inch charms, unless you can get friends to join that group. On that new list of links, you will find a Yahoo! Group dedicated to 1.5 inch charms, and they would welcome new members. Tell them that The Curious Quilter sent you!

Happy Quilting!
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10 Responses to Happy Charm Swappers Everywhere!

  1. I’m really excited to find it what the event is! My husband took care of our son so I could have an all-day sewing spree, so I absolutely have crafting on the brain 🙂
    I’ve gotten 2 of my 4 sets so far, and it really is crazy how different they are! I never really stopped to think about how many prints there are. Especially when I follow popular crafting blogs, you start to see the same prints and designers over and over. It has also been really fun to get ahold of prints unlike what I normally gather!
    And thanks for adding me to your links page!! It is quite the honor 🙂

  2. pat p. says:

    A charm swap is a wonderful way to bust up the February gloomies! It sure makes going to the mailbox fun for a change. Who would have thought that such small pieces of fabric could give such big smiles. I will definately be looking for the Yahoo group and you can count me in for the next swap too!

  3. Ken (Gun, rutigt) says:

    After a few problems (my fault, I know LOL), my charm-swapping is done and I received 200 stamps. All fabric are new to me, that´s nice. I´m very much looking forward to the April swap!
    Gun, Sweden

  4. Lee says:

    I have received one set all the way from Australi and the second set I am sure is on it’s way. These little charmers are certainly going to boost my charm stash. So many interesting fabrics to look at. Thanks for organizing!

  5. Martin says:

    Love the Lots of Links List… looking forward to seeing it grow.

    When I first thought I would try a postage stamp quilt, I figured I would do the strip piecing way. I thought I would go crazy (crazier?) with hundreds of little pieces nagging me. Then I started to look closer at your Big Hug and compared it to the strip pieced ones. All are lovely, but the appeal of trying to use as many different fabrics as possible is, well, enticing. I have about 2200 charms with no matches, and look forward to doing the next swap.

    Your blog is so fun, but this ‘series of events” is going to be a blast. I hope all the newbies who are just finding your site start to read your older posts. Secret Dealings is still one of my favorites.

    Will the CQ Glee Club come up with a postage stamp quilt theme song?? I hope so!

  6. merrie says:

    what fun…i got hundreds of those little squares from my 3 swappers and only a few were the same..i want to be in on the next swap please..and i enjoyed checking out most of the links..hope to get to the rest of them later today…thanks for all the info and all the work you put into this….

  7. Sam says:

    I am so pleased I found your blog (quite by accident) when I did…this swap has been the most fun. I have all my swaps now and have lots of sets ready for next swap already. I think I may have gone “charm” crazy actually!
    Looking forward to the in between activities even though I work full time I’m really going to try to “play.” How do I find secret dealings in your older posts so I can get an idea of what we might be in for?

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