Dreams of Flying Fabric Charms

colorful flying fabric birdsLast night I dreamed that the sky was full of little two-inch fabric charms, flying like birds. They were everywhere, even winging over the oceans and tall mountains. This was no nightmare of scary birds attacking–this was a colorful delight.

I know why I had that dream. This week there are hundreds of postage stamp quilt fabric charms flying all over the world. Quilters from Australia to Croatia, from Canada to the Indian Ocean, are all awaiting their little parcels from their swap partners.

I am really excited to see this first swap succeed. Not without a few bumps along the way, though. I goofed up on a couple of people’s lists, for which I apologize. One swapper had to drop out after the partners were assigned–she is recovering from unexpected surgery and I know we all wish her well.

All of you are amazing! There were twelve swappers trading 40 sets of 2.5 inch squares. Another seven swapped 26 sets of the tiny 1.5 inch squares. And 68 swappers are trading almost 200 sets of two-inch treasures.

Looking ahead to the April swap, I welcome comments and email suggestions for making this work even better. Also, I am curious, are there any folks out there seriously looking for one-inch squares to swap? Let me know! Meanwhile, many thanks to all of YOU for taking part!Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSignature
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39 Responses to Dreams of Flying Fabric Charms

  1. coloradolady says:

    All of mine are shipped and I received one envelope already…FUN!! Thank you so much for all your hard work….and I KNOW it is HARD WORK to get this organized as I have done the same!!

  2. Anastasia says:

    I have already received my little charms!!! How awesome it was to get them in the same week we were assigned partners!!! Thank you for setting this up and thank you to Suzanne for getting them in the mail so quickly! Hope you got mine!

  3. merrie says:

    mine are on the way to my gals and they have said they sent mine so it will be fun ….they are passing in the mail as we speak…thanks for all your work…so good at organizing and i thought it went well..i intend to start working on my quilt as soon as my squares start coming..want to make it entirely of the swaps…thanks again for doing this..

  4. There are sure to be many happy quilters out there. What fun!

  5. CM says:

    So disappointed that I’m too late for this one, but I will be setting aside time to do my cutting for the April swap. All the swappers in this one have fun!!

  6. Thanks so very much, Mary, for this very successful swap. My two-inchers went out on Tuesday and all three of my swapmates have responded to me. I’m having a ball just waiting for the goodies to arrive in my mailbox. Thanks again!

  7. GA Quilter says:

    1 of mine received hers today.I am so excited about mine coming.This is like Christmas for all of us.Thanks for organizing this.When can you give us a hint about the next swap.
    Still have 1 who hasn`t responded to my 2 e-mails yet.

  8. Roberta says:

    i am so sorry i missed this one and looking forward to April’s Any special twist decided yet so i may start cutting my 2 inch squares/

  9. Janet says:

    Thanks Mary for all your coordination efforts. This is a super fun swap! My only comment is that I am still getting responses back that my e-mails to you are undeliverable and I haven’t been sure whether you have got the e-mails I’ve sent or not. It would be great if you could get that glitch fixed before March.

  10. kimr says:

    I have been in contact with all three of my partners. Two sets went out the day I received their addresses….the other will go out on Monday. Thank you for setting this up!

  11. lee says:

    I haven’t heard back from one partner yet. The other one’s package is on its way to Australia.

  12. Narelle says:

    I’ve sent both my sets and can’t wait till my little bundles arrive.
    Thankyou so much for holding this swap … the numbers involved are amazing!

  13. Sam says:

    I’ve sent all of mine and looking forward to the mailman delivering my little envelopes. I wouldn’t mind having a go at 1″ charms if anyone else is game! This is so much fun and my odd bags/drawers of leftover fabric bits and pieces are disappearing fast with my cutting, it’s a bit like “spring cleaning”. I’m actually surprised / embarrassed at how much ‘scrap” I actually have!
    Thanks again Mary.

  14. GA Quilter says:

    Hi Mary,thanks again.If I don`t hear from my 1 remaining partner by Mon.will send you an e-mail with the name.

  15. Astrid says:

    Mine will go in the mail today – Saturday 28th. Needed to confirm an address and hope that is OK today. Since I’m sending overseas, please allow 2 weeks for the shipping.

  16. GA Quilter says:

    Hi Molly,received yours today.Thanks they look great,also received an e-mail from my last 1 and will mail that 1 Mon.

  17. Lyn Smith says:

    Hi Mary, I’ve sent 1 lot off last week, but still haven’t heard back from another. Thanks for organising this swap.

  18. GA Quilter says:

    Received my beautiful charms from Anne today.It has been so nice swapping with her.She e-mails when she sends and also when she receives.Was also so prompt about returning with her info.If she is your swap partner you are blessed.I did not receive hers first,but the communication with her was fabulous.I think this is 1 of the things that make a swap an enjoyable experience.I have been in swaps of different things before(blocks,charms,layer cakes,Birthday blocks etc) and the communication is the top most important thing.
    Thanks Mary for letting me have my say.

    • I am happy to let you have your say! Me? I have been not such a great communicator as a swap partner this round, while putting out “Missing Swapper” fires, but all mine were mailed last week.

      Next round I am considering putting a one week maximum time for mailing, from the end of the swap signup. Comments on that idea are welcome.

  19. GA Quilter says:

    I think that is a good idea,but of course Life happens as we all know,but if we communicate if possible,we can all deal with it.
    Thanks Mary for all your hard work,this is really fun.

  20. Rockgranny says:

    I’ve recevied my first envelope a. today, I’m going to play with little charms whols afternoon.Would you beleive It needed only ONE week from Austraila to Croatia,wow.
    My charms are on the way to their new homes for a week now, hope they would be likes as I like mine. See you in round two!
    Thank you Mary, you’ve done a big work for all of us

  21. Martin says:

    I love the thought of little tidbits of fabric freely flying from Australia to Croatia! So much more fun than just running to the same old fabric stores.

  22. Karen says:

    Yea! My charms made it to Sweeden. Only took 1 week. Just got the address to my last partner and will have them out in the am!!!

  23. GA Quilter says:

    Hi Mary,receivd my little package today,Thanks so much.3 down,2 to go.

  24. turtle says:

    mine are all shipped as well and also received one back already from another swapper! Can’t wait!

  25. Teresa says:

    Mary, THANKS a million times over. I have sent my two packages out and have received one already. It’s so much fun to see such a different variety of fabrics from what is available here and also different from what I normally use. It’s sort of a jolt out of one’s color rut. A push to use/see other colors. THANKS for organizing it. I’m looking forward to more swaps this year.

    Happy cutting! Teresa

  26. merrie says:

    i’ve gotten all my swaps and what fun!!!!! i cannot believe that i only found 13 that i had seen before out of 500 squares!!!!!…so many prints so much fun!!!! now to start my project..thanks for coming up with this..i am looking forward to the year of fun!!!!!

  27. Alberta in N GA says:

    I have mailed out all of my packs and have received 4 sets back so just have one more set to be received. Have been very happy with this swap and looking forward to the next one… Still tossing ideas around in my head as to how I want to put them in a quilt.

  28. Sam says:

    I got 2 sets today, being in Australia I was quite surprised they got here so quickly, one from USA and one from UK…what a fabulous surprise when I got home from a long day at work. This is so much fun!

  29. GA Quilter says:

    Hi Sam,received yours from Australia today.Love them and yes,my heart is singing.

  30. GA Quilter says:

    Only 1 to go.I am already cutting for the next one.I have started my quilt.I am doing a pattern from 1 of Bonnie Hunter`s books.It is 9 patch in the middle.I can use the darks and lights,Also pulled the rectangles from my stash and the sashing also.The mediums that I can1t use from this swap,I am placing in a basket and thinking about combining them with a deep red that I have.Will see.

  31. Karolina says:

    Recieved one of my fabric packs this week and are eagerly awaiting the other. The person who sent me the pakage I recieved has gotten mine as well. This is so fun. I’m playing with different designs in my head and trying to deside how to put this quilt togheter.

  32. GA Quilter says:

    Received my last package today,now will have to wait till April to do this again.

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