A milestone: 200,000 hits, and counting

Mary, The Curious QuilterWhen I first started The Curious Quilter I was simply looking to share some thoughts on quilting and fabric with a handful of my friends. I am absolutely amazed to say that, after 19 months, this blog has received over 200,000 hits! That’s nearly the same number of hits as there are people living in places like Boise (Idaho, US) or Magdeburg (Germany) or Puerto Vallarta (Mexico). I thank each and every one of you for coming to visit.

Being curious, I often ask myself, “Who are all these people? Where are they from?”
I can tell from my statistics, and my nifty flag counter, that they come from 151 countries. That is flabbergasting, as the general consensus is that there are only 196 countries in the world. The latest countries to have someone view The Curious Quilter include Fiji , Guernsey, and Montenegro. Thankfully, there are good maps online so I can see where people are from.

Where Readers AreFrom,  MapIt is also amazing that 47,270 people have visited my blog since I started counting unique visitors on January 25, 2011. I am not surprised that the United States has the most, with 33,043 viewers from 50 states and the District of Columbia. Canada comes in second at 3,174 viewers. While Canadians from twelve territories and provinces are reading my blog regularly, no one from Nunavut has managed to find The Curious Quilter yet. Perhaps I need to offer a Inuktitut translation. (Personally, I have a dream of visiting Hudson Bay one day, which is just as close to me as the Atlantic Ocean, as the bird flies.)

My readers from the United Kingdom total 2,526, and there are 1,482 from Australia, 760 from India, Brazil boasting 385, and even 28 views from China. Every country in the European Union is well represented, with Germany being the most active at 463 unique visitors. The traffic from strife-worn areas like Afghanistan and Iraq surprises me, I wonder how many are armed forces or support personnel stationed there. Antarctica is the only continent where readers have not found The Curious Quilter.

Mug Rug with Wine and CrackersMug Rugs and other tutorials attract the most traffic.
Make a Basic Quilted Mug Rug has been viewed 23,319 times, but my Fusible Appliqué and Classic Squares tutorials are second and third. The Lady Bug Mug Rug template is downloaded an average of 84 times a week. I personally know of 28 readers who have started making, or collecting fabrics for, their first Postage Stamp Quilt, and hope to get updates from them to share with other readers. The CQ ‘Cotton We Love’ Chronicles get lots of traffic, despite the fact that I am totally remiss in getting the next installment posted.

Curious Quilter Glee Club, a chorus of quilters.But humor is close behind! From my earliest months, Secret Dealings and Thoughts from a Fabriholic. No Obsessions HERE! have continued to draw readers. The Curious Quilter Glee Club tunes are now being sung at guild meetings, and the timely Attention Quilters, Your ‘To-Do’ List Has Given Me Nightmares is being reprinted in newsletters. An email from a quilter who works at a pharmaceutical company told me that Taking Up Quilting May Make You A Happier Person was read aloud at a staff meeting. As I have often said, how can we not laugh at the idea that we are obsessed with cutting large pieces of fabric into small pieces, just to sew them back into large pieces.

All of you send me lots of emails and comments. Published on the blog are 2,224 comments, and they are 100% appreciated! (Bloggers love feedback.) Your emails tell me that youth groups are learning to quilt from my tutorials, and that people are very interested in the history of the old quilts they own. Thirty-five pastors or wedding officiates have requested permission to use my Wishes for All Couples from Weddings, Quilts, and the Gift of a Wish.

I never expected any of this when I started out, and I am blown away. I want to thank each and every one of you for coming, for sharing, and for supporting The Curious Quilter.

And this 200,000 hits milestone is inspiring me to come up with a nifty giveaway, so stay tuned! Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot comSignature ©2011, The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com.


About thecuriousquilter

Quilter, sewer, writer, gardener, mother, sister, friend, always learning, always curious.
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12 Responses to A milestone: 200,000 hits, and counting

  1. Martin says:

    WTG!! Kudos!!

    Actually, that is a lot of traffic, well done, Mary.

  2. Gill says:

    Wow – congratulations from one of your followers in the UK!!

  3. Nancy Sue says:

    Congrats on all the numbers. I loved reading all the stats! You’ll soon need to change your blog name to The Curious (and oh so Popular) Quilter. Kudos beaucoup!

  4. cindy says:

    Congratulations on your numbers. You share so much with the quilters of the world. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Gretchen says:

    What a remarkable record! congratulations, Mary Here’s to the half-million mark. Love, Gretchen

  6. Congratulations! I am pleased to be a tiny part of your success.

  7. KatieQ says:

    Very cool Mary! It’s amazing to think how many people from around the world have found their way to your blog and enjoyed it.

  8. piecedgoods says:

    Congratulations! That’s a whole lot of reading around the world!

  9. Marilyn says:

    I just found you recently and am ohh so happy to be among your 200,000 readers!! Congratulations! I also have recently started my own blog and will be pleased to gather a small following.

  10. Donna says:

    Congratulations! I regularly visit your blog. I enjoy your mixture of historical info, tutorials, and humour. Keep it up!

  11. Barb Colvin says:

    A great accomplishment! Want to learn a little more about those countries? Check out the CIA’s website. One can find The World Factbook in the Library under Publications. This a great resource for school kids, too.

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