Busy Sewing, Nothing to Show for It


There are fifty pleats in drapes for a fourteen foot window!

Lately I have been really busy with sewing and quilting projects. The sewing has ranged from trivial things, like mending, to larger projects. Last month my son and his girlfriend bought a house, a very exciting moment in time. Their house has a fourteen-foot wide picture window, and drapery hardware, but no drapes. With their decorating budget being miniscule, it was time to shop at Mom’s. We rummaged around stash and bargain bins and came up with fabric and backing. That big project is now done–a set of full-length, pinch-pleated, lined drapes are installed on that oversize window. Certainly not a difficult project, but cumbersome. Between the drapes and the lining, there were over 22 yards of fabric involved. The final cost for purchased parts was about $50.00, so Mom’s bins, and her eagle eye for bargain fabrics, proved useful once again.

First fire in fireplaceI have started a housewarming gift for them, a quilt of course, but it is still in pieces and waiting.  Perhaps by Christmas? Helping them move has brought many distractions, and memorable moments as well.  A couple of nights ago my son sent me a photo of the first fire in their new fireplace, and invited me to stop by after teaching my class.  Walking in to their home was delightful.  The cats were by the hearth, and the happy couple was busy each doing their own thing.  I was struck by just how ready they were to move on from five years in a teeny, one-bedroom apartment, and into a real home of their own.

After the big push to get them out of their old apartment, and retrieve many items from my basement as well, they are ready to settle in to a routine. And I am ready to sew. I have LOTS of projects I want to get to, but several sewing commitments that are not really fun (but some are commissioned!) One such undertaking is to teach a series of beginning sewing and beginning quilting classes at a nearby fabric store. The store has projects in mind, and products to sell, so they are setting parameters. This last week I have been trying to finish up the examples, and verify the class instructions are Just So. I love teaching, but this stage always leaves me feeling like I have little to show for my work. I know the true result is seeing people learn how to sew, but testing patterns and making samples for two weeks straight has left me feeling unsatisfied.

Sewing womanI was thinking that the upcoming holiday weekend would leave me some time to work on a project of MY choosing. That was the plan, until someone dropped off an emergency repair project that needs to be done in the next week. I seem to be spending a lot of time stitching and creating for others, under the direction of others. Suddenly I really want some time to just finish something of MY choosing. Perhaps that housewarming gift for my kids.

As the holiday season falls quickly upon us, how many of us are feeling this way? Have you unfinished gifts that you knew you would enjoy making, but now are feeling rushed as you try to get them ready? Are you aching to create, but stuck doing mundane things like cleaning your house for company?

Race runnerTo me, it feels like I am lined up at the gate, ready and waiting for the holiday starter gun to go off. The sprint that follows will fly by, and I hope to find time to savor it all at the end of the sprint. But I am thinking that I will just ramble off that race track a few times and enjoy the view from the sidelines too. Like watching my kids learn how to make a new house into a home. Sometimes the everyday moments are better than the reward at the finish line.Needle and thread line copyright The Curious Quilter at WordPress dot com Signature ©2011, The Curious Quilter, thecuriousquilter.net, maryeoriginals.com.


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3 Responses to Busy Sewing, Nothing to Show for It

  1. TisaLira says:

    I know how you feel, Mary. I don’t sew with a machine much, but I do cross stitch and it just seems like there are so many other things to do. I just work on the things I enjoy, if and when I have opportunity and other times, I just look longingly at the box and move on to what needs to be done.

    Happy sewing, whatever your project might be!

  2. KatieQ says:

    Wow! I can’t believe you had enough fabric for the drapes in your stash. I have made drapes and curtains over the years, but never anything that ambitious. I can’t imagine making window treatments for 14 feet of windows. It’s really a wonderful feeling when we can do something that helps our children. They’re very lucky to have you.

  3. coloradolady says:

    The drapes are beautiful! Very talented lady!!

    I feel like I am running in circles, not getting anything done. I don’t like that feeling at all. So much to do and so little time to get it done. I seem to make time for the computer however!!! My downfall I am sure!!

    Have a great Thanksgiving. Congrats to your son and his wife, what a fantastic feeling!!!

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