More Scandinavian Inspiration

Scandinavian Stitches Book CoverSince I am currently holding a giveaway for the great quilting book Scandinavian Stitches by Kajsa Wikman, I thought it might be fun to look at some vintage Scandinavian holiday ornaments, and explore some sites with ornament ideas you can make at home. They may not be quilted, but many are stitched, even the traditional straw ornaments are stitched together. (Giveaway entries accepted through 10/22/2011.)

There are dozens of Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian ornaments in my own collection, as well as ones from other places around the world. Some are passed on from my Mom and are at least 40 years old and getting pretty fragile. Others I have purchased; when I travel I often look for ornaments as keepsakes from a trip. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures below. There are also two links to sites with directions for making some traditional Scandinavian ornaments yourself.

Kakelungar porcelain tile stove at ASI

One of the Kakelungar Porcelain Stoves at the American Swedish Institute.

A note to the readers who emailed me with questions about the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Turnblad Mansion, which houses the Institute, was built by a Swedish immigrant in 1908, and many Swedish craftspeople helped to make the ornate building and all the woodwork. Twenty years later the family donated the structure and contents to the community. The Institute website has very few actual photos of the many rooms, and none of the large ballroom, but the dining room is prominently featured. The imported fireplaces are porcelain tile stoves, made in Sweden and shipped here to be installed. There are eleven, each unique, and all gorgeous. They are called Kakelungar stoves, the one pictured here has sailor statues at the sides.

Braided Straw Heart Wooden Bird Cornhusk angel
St. Lucia Felted Dala Horse Gingerbread Snowflakes Felted Dala Horse Great tutorial at Gingerbread Snowflakes Blog.
Carved Wooden Bird Swedish Punched Foil Heart Wooden Apple
Danish or Swedish Woven Paper Hearts Danish or Swedish Woven Paper Heart Directions at Twilight Bridge.
Foil Ribbon Teardrop Round Wooden Bird

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5 Responses to More Scandinavian Inspiration

  1. Mary says:

    Pretty neat ornaments. I do have one like the straw angel that hangs each year on our Christmas tree.

  2. LaVoice says:

    Love seeing these Swedish ornaments. I have twowvery special blogging friends from Sweden, So it makes it nice seeing what they be using.

  3. Elizabeth McDonald says:

    I so appreciate the links for making ornaments — the little horse is a must for this year’s tree! Thank you! (I read the post first in my email and it was quite a treat!)

  4. KrisL says:

    Enjoyed seeing these ornaments. I have several old straw ornaments that were my mother’s and grandmother’s, one is a little angel and one just looks like a sheaf ? of grain, tied together. I also have a red Dala horse, and several of the woven hearts, all red and white. One of my best holiday memories was going to church with my grandmparents for the St.Lucia celebration. My Norwegian grandmother was married for 55 years to my Swedish grandfather. How’s that for 2 hardheaded Scandinavians getting along ??!!

  5. lee says:

    I just love the felt dala horse! great pictures thanks!

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